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    Vendor MY Lower Rear Door PPF Kits

    Any chance you'll prepare a version with black textured vinyl for folks who already have rock chips? It might wind up looking something like the optional cladding on the Macan. https://www.amazon.com/Matte-Black-Textured-Vinyl-Sticker/dp/B00HRMYTJ2
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    Confirmed Tesla Model Y 2021 Updates

    None of the Ys being delivered right now have the updated headlights. I walked through a whole lot of pre-delivery cars yesterday--almost all of the 3s had the new lights, but none of the Ys.
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    Tesla rolling out new headlights worldwide

    Kind of a bummer as I like the new lights too. I'm expecting the retrofit will be well into the thousands which isn't worth it to me.
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    California waiting room Q4

    Some have. I haven't yet, though I'm told my car is going to be built this week. Not particularly excited about getting a Christmas Eve/Christmas build car.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Supposed to have a build this week and delivery by EOY. Still no VIN.....
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    Why not buy a Mustang Mach-E?

    This is a weird review, as most of first drive reviews for the Mach-E are positive. His comments about getting oversteer and having the tires break free in "everyday turns" in particular are very hard to believe. I personally couldn't care less about criticism over the Mustang branding, which...
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    Model Y ride comfort?

    Yeah, Mini's ride quality is punishing in comparison. I had a F55 JCW for a short while and with the run-flat tires hitting a pothole felt like you just got into an accident.
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    Panasonic Cells from Model 3

    If you read the rest of the thread, they're comparing against LG batteries that only appear in China-built cars.
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    Third Row Seat Disappointing

    It will be a packaging miracle if they can pull it off. There's barely enough room in the rear hatch area for my 50 lb dog. For comparison, we have a CX-9 that has probably another 6-8" in length in the hatch space. And the third row in that is still basically "emergency only" seating.
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    Wait for 82 kWh battery?

    Found a big thread on this in the TM3 forum as well with some interesting data. Preliminary EPA Data for Model 3 AWD & Model 3 P 2021 Released
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    Model Y ride comfort?

    This is a great example of how people come to different conclusions on the Y's ride. For my tastes, the RX350 is the worst-handling car I've ever driven. I think it feels like trying to drive a marshmallow. Some folks are going to like those characteristics. For them, the Y is going to be...
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    MYP with P Zeros - Going down to 25 degrees tonight.

    Wet traction is largely about how good the tread pattern is at displacing water--I'd expect most A/S tires to be better than summer tires in that regard on truly wet roads. I do completely agree with you that performance A/S tires are a great solution. Tires have become really, really good...
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    Tesla rolling out new headlights worldwide

    The Y is going to have a flux capacitor and a Mr. Fusion by EOY 2021.
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    Wait for 82 kWh battery?

    There's nothing in the car that says what battery it has, and the difference is in the range of normal battery degradation. It's not something the average buyer is even going to be aware of.
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    Tesla rolling out new headlights worldwide

    This was previously thought to be a ROW upgrade only--curious if anybody has seen the new headlights in a recent US delivery. Tesla is upgrading Model 3 and Model Y headlights - Electrek
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    Can anybody confirm that the Pilot Sport A/S is M+S rated for purposes of CA chain laws? Would be nice to have in the rare instances I come across chain restrictions down here.
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    Colorado Springs to Ski Resorts

    Used to live in that area. I'd be worried on range. With cold and the potential to be driving on wet/slushy roads, plus the significant elevation changes, you're asking a lot of the battery.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Weird, right? Highest margin version of the Y with the lowest transport costs. You'd think they'd want to deliver as many of those as possible, as quickly as possible.
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    California waiting room Q4

    Went from Dec 22-31 to "est 6-8 weeks" this evening. Annoying.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    I'm now back to 6-8 weeks from delivery instead of Dec 22-31. Red/white MYP. Trying to schedule this all around the holidays. What a headache.
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    Enhanced Autopilot soon?

    Well that's certainly interesting... You're seeing this on the manage order page? What does it say about the EAP features if you click "upgrade Autopilot"? I ordered about a week before you and my page looks the same as ever.
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    This is liable to be an unpopular opinion, but the PS4s are such a good tire that they're overkill on something other than a hard edge sports car. I ran PSSs on a series of sports sedans and the successor PS4s on another car, but I finally came to the realization that I wasn't using more than...
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    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 on Uberturbines- 265/35 & 275/35R21

    Michelin's velvet finishing is sooo nice. Almost worth the Michelin price premium by itself.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    And a huge fraction of Tesla ownership. Tesla Model 3 Demographics: Who Buys Model 3s by Age, Income:
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    California waiting room Q4

    You'd be nuts to get that demo car IMHO. At 3,000+ miles it's probably been driven hard by at least 150 different people with hundreds of full throttle launches.
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    Upgrade from Model 3 - questions.

    That hip room thing has to be incompatible spec sheets. The bench seat is the same width between the 3 and the Y, and the Y is a few inches wider overall.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Gonna need evidence for that one, though it would be nice if it's finally rolled out. My bet is he got the metal scroll steering wheel and is assuming it's heated.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    I think you'd be surprised at how many people in that income bracket are buying Teslas. That's middle class or just slightly above in the Bay Area.
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    Difference between Model Y, Long Range & Performance

    Difference between the LR and P is "hey, this thing can scoot for an SUV" and "holy @$%*!!!" That difference isn't going to be worth the $ for everybody but it is real, even compared to a boosted LR. I've never seen a clear breakdown of how much of the difference is software versus hardware.
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    General "Should I Wait for Upgrades" Thread

    CA state rebate is no longer tied to income. I believe Biden has said that he would push to limit a renewed federal EV tax credit to $250k household income.
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    Any proof of the new M3 headlamps delivered on the 2021 MY?

    You forgot: US: Totally cool if your 8 ft tall Raptor has million watt LEDs.
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    Performance y vins are here!

    Red/white MYP with tow ordered mid-November, now scheduled for Dec 22-31. Sucks to be jammed right against the holidays--if I can't take delivery the first day of that window I won't be able to do it at all.
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    California waiting room Q4

    I just showed up as December 22-31 for a red/white MYP with tow. Ordered mid-November.
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    California waiting room Q4

    It is the randomness in production allotments that I find frustrating, combined with the total lack of flexibility on delivery timing.
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    Model Y heat failure

    I don't think it has to do with ambient humidity, it's a faulty part. I had an overnight test drive car with the same problem in SoCal--fan stuck on blowing outside air, climate controls (including away modes) totally grayed out. Sales rep was flummoxed.
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    The Anti-Ceramic coating thread

    I've done the same. IME, the Meguiar's beads water more tightly but the Turtle Wax products have substantially more gloss. I'm not sure if there's a big durability difference yet. Application comes down to whether you mind buffing something into the paint--I don't mind it so I like the Turtle...
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    Performance y vins are here!

    I'm guessing coincidence as well. The hitch can be installed at a service center, so it could easily be installed post-assembly. It's not something that needs to go in on the line.
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    This is not the right time for me to buy a new Tesla

    Haha, Simi Valley weighing in on the "cold weather" commute.
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    Model Y Heat stopped working

    I had a test drive car with this issue (no heat or A/C, grayed out controls). Don't know what the VIN was but the car only had ~600 miles on it as of November. I was amazed that Tesla is letting this garbage fly even in their test fleet.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Following up on my earlier post, I asked my SA if I could take delivery in January and he responded that they won't arrange for delivery until March unless I accept the December date. I'm inclined to walk away on general principle--by March there should be some Rivian test drive reviews out.
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    MYP Range 273??

    5% degradation in less than 4,000 miles is worrying.
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    Lifted, smaller wheels, bigger tires - update

    Love the look. Local Motors Rally Fighter vibes.
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    2021 MYP Waiting Room

    Currently have a MYP on order with an estimate of mid to late December delivery (no VIN or actual date yet). I wouldn't mind delaying until 2021 on the off chance that there's a retroactive tax break, and generally to avoid the holiday and EOQ build quality. Is there any way to work with my SA...
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    Comparison Shopping & Need Input Model Y Perf or RS5 Sportback

    Happy to help give the advice. If you're seriously looking at the RS5 you really need to TD one, and spend the time with it in "D" making turns through intersections, navigating parking lots, etc., rather than just hooning it. Shame is the transmission itself is fundamentally the same ZF8 that...
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    Comparison Shopping & Need Input Model Y Perf or RS5 Sportback

    I agree with you, and the B8 S4 does not have have the same throttle sensitivity problem as the B9 S and RS cars. The DSG in the B8 can get confused every now and then but it is so much more responsive and eager to downshift than in the B9. I also don't remember the B8 hugging low RPMs as much...
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    Model Y 40% more efficient than Mustang Mach E

    I'm just glad to see more players in the market with usable range. And TBH I think real world range is far more important to most buyers than efficiency at this point. If new entrants can consistently meet or beat their EPA ratings (see the Taycan) while Tesla continues to fall well short of...
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    Comparison Shopping & Need Input Model Y Perf or RS5 Sportback

    I'm thinking of selling an S5 Sportback for a MYP and have driven RS5s, so I can provide some insight here. I've owned a lot of cars and the S5 might be my overall favorite--it is a really excellent all-rounder. I think the MYP is better for my overall use case, but it is a close call. My...
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    Performance y vins are here!

    Looks like damage from a tie-down ratchet. Glad Tesla's replacing your wheel rather than just trying to refinish.
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    Paying for car without forking over my online banking creds?

    I paid for an S with a personal check years ago, I would be surprised if that policy has changed. It's not like Tesla will be unable to find the car if the check bounces.
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    MYP California ordered 10/13 text alert!

    I got a "3-6 weeks" message today for a MYP ordered 11/10.

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