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  1. wayoutwest

    Aftermarket Subwoofer Harness

    What are people using as a drop-in replacement for the factory sub on a model 3 and does it make a big difference? Now I'm curious.
  2. wayoutwest

    Advan GT Beyond, 20x10+35, Racing Sand Metallic

    very nice wheels. I'm sure someone will scoop these up!
  3. wayoutwest

    Volk Racing TE37 Gallery for Model 3

    I would assume that it would actually increase the range... my current setup saves like 13-14 pounds of unsprung weight per corner VS. the factory 20" performance wheels.
  4. wayoutwest

    Volk Racing TE37 Gallery for Model 3

    Here's my contribution. TE37 SL 18x9.5 in pressed graphite with 265 width PS4s. Stock suspension. Gratuitous shot of my garage queen too on NSX wheels. Normally you'd see the TE27s on that car!
  5. wayoutwest

    FS: Volk Racing TE37 Ultra M-Spec - 20x10.0 / Offset +30 / 5x114.3

    I always have to bump TE37 posts... c'mon someone join the crew! Also, OP you should keep these - you won't regret it 😉
  6. wayoutwest

    FS: 20" Zero G wheels and Tire

    There are 2 offsets of these wheels +34 for Performance models and +40 for non-performance. EDIT: They are +40 as you can see in the pics. sorry - glws!
  7. wayoutwest

    FS: *RARE* 20" HRE P101SC Wheels in Frozen Dark Clear for Model 3 (ALL Models) *MINT*

    WOW - if i hadn't found the set of TE37SL a few months ago these would have been very tempting!! Hope you find a good home for these amazing wheels!
  8. wayoutwest

    FS: 21' BBS LMR Wheels in 5x114.3

    oh my..... those look amazing. Would they fit stock suspension? Also, hello fellow irvine-ite! 🍻
  9. wayoutwest

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I sure did. Are you the original owner? Also - i forgot to mention Model Plus Studios for their quick service and turnaround on getting me the extra parts I needed to get these installed correctly.
  10. wayoutwest

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    I haven't posted these before, so here is my setup. I was thinking of starting a thread for only japanese wheels since that is an interesting/more rare subset of aftermarket wheels on Teslas, but wasn't sure if that was allowed. This setup saves almost 60 lbs. of unsprung weight over the stock...
  11. wayoutwest

    FREE (you pay shipping) - Model Plus Studio Performance Hub Stepped Lip Delete kit (for aftermarket wheel fitment)

    See webpage here. I just ended up not using these and would like them to go to good use instead of just sitting in my garage. This kit fills in that pesky stepped lip on Model 3 Performance hubs. Allowing you to run any regular hub-centric rings for your aftermarket wheels...
  12. wayoutwest

    Restored and Rare 5x114.3 20’ Volk GTCs with tires, TPMS SoCal

    Man those wheels bring back memories... we need to start a thread of just Rays/Volk wheels on Teslas. I'm sure you'll find a buyer!
  13. wayoutwest

    FS: 20x8.5 Model 3 Performance Wheels (Stilleto)

    If anyone is still interested, i have a set in Irvine that includes TPMS and P4s tires with 3/32 left. They are the original silver and come with lug covers and lugs. I will make a post later today, but PM me if interested.
  14. wayoutwest

    SoCal - Model 3 Performance 20" wheels, TPMS, lugs, covers, Pilot Sport 4s tires

    Tesla Model 3 Performance OEM wheels, silver from 2019 model year Tesla TPMS adapters installed (original type, not bluetooth) Original Michelin Pilot Sport 4s tires 235/35/20 (3/32 tread remaining) Tesla OEM lug nuts Tesla OEM black lug nut covers (not pictured) Tesla valve stem caps They are...
  15. wayoutwest

    FS: 19" Advan RS-DF Progressive (Fully forged) 19x9.5 +29 19x10.5 +30 Staggered

    Where in SoCal are you located? I was really waiting for a set of TE37, but might consider these.
  16. wayoutwest

    Yokohama Advan RSII 20x9 +40 with Tires and TPMS

    would these fit a M3P as they sit right now or would you need to swap out the tires?
  17. wayoutwest

    FS: Zero G Wheels for Model 3 Rims and Tires $2,500 OBO

    can you confirm if these are +34 offset? Willing to ship? I'm interested.
  18. wayoutwest

    FS: 19" Advan RS-DF Progressive (Fully forged) 19x9.5 +29 19x10.5 +30 Staggered

    damn these are tempting... do you happen to have any pics of them on a Model 3/
  19. wayoutwest

    Titan 7 TS-5 20" Staggered Wheels + PS4S +TPMS for Model 3 (SF Bay)

    Damn - if you were in SoCal i would totally buy these. Out of curiosity, why do people go with a staggered set up - is it just for looks or is there another reason?
  20. wayoutwest

    Tesla Model 3 T-S5 FORGED SPLIT 5 SPOKE WHEELs and Tires (so-cal)

    Interested and in OC - do you know the weight of the stock Performance 20" wheels and tires? Are these a direct bolt-on for M3P or are spacers needed?
  21. wayoutwest

    Jeda V4 Wireless Charger

    I just got mine... not happy so far. It will not charge at all on the left side (12 Pro Max w/ a thin Ridge case). I've tried different cables/ports combo and the same issue. Seems like I am not alone here.
  22. wayoutwest

    General chit-chat in "For Sale" threads

    Might want to edit the title to say non-performance. Also everyone is right most complete sets with Pilot Sport 4s go for 2700-3000 recently, so unless someone really hates the best tire on the market for this car, they are going to be eating about $1K by not going with one of the other...
  23. wayoutwest

    One brand new Tesla Powerwall 2 system for sale

    I'm interested and not that far from you ... let me know if it is still available.
  24. wayoutwest

    FS: 18.7 lbs Prodrive GC010E 19x8.5et43 black w tires 245/45

    oh man - i had these on my built STI back in the day... amazing looking wheels. These are forged, right? Do you have any better/closer pics kinda hard to see the finish in the one you posted.
  25. wayoutwest

    Model 3 20" Zero-G Performance Wheels & Tires - $3000

    same - if they were in SoCal i would have picked them up for sure.
  26. wayoutwest

    20” Tesla model 3 Zero G Performance wheels

    I assume you had these powercoated? (I think they only came factory in one finish) May be interested.
  27. wayoutwest

    Model 3 20-Inch ZERO-G Forged Performance Wheels For Sale

    Im interested and in OC. I'll PM you EDIT :oops i thought you were in San Diego based on your profile. :)
  28. wayoutwest

    Model 3 20" Zero-G Performance Wheels & Tires - $3000

    willing to ship to socal?
  29. wayoutwest

    Model 3 20" Zero-G Performance Wheels & Tires - $3000

    Can you please confirm the offiset of these? Non-performance should be +40 Performance should be +34 Let me know - interested.
  30. wayoutwest

    Vossen HF3 wheels and tire set Model 3 $3000

    Any idea of weight of these wheels vs. stock M3P 20" ?
  31. wayoutwest

    TE37 Ultra Volk Racing Bronze 5x120

    Excuse me, i need to go change my shorts. BEAUTIFUL wheels... GLWS.
  32. wayoutwest

    Model 3 Matte Carbon Fiber Dash

    Yeah, i would like to see pics. And where did you purchase from originally?
  33. wayoutwest

    TELSA OEM 20" Zero-G Non Performance (+40 offset) Wheels Track rims (NO TIRES)

    GLWS - wish they were +34. For reference, the last few +40 sets including new Pilot Sport 4S mounted and ready to go have sold between $2900-3200.
  34. wayoutwest

    20" Tesla Zero G referral wheels

    Dang - if only they were +34 :) GLWS!
  35. wayoutwest

    Model 3 Matte Carbon Fiber Dash

    looks nice - is that custom or where is it from? I'm interested.
  36. wayoutwest

    Model 3 20" Zero G Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (Set of 4 - Atlanta, GA)

    OK - GLWS. For reference, the last few +40 offset packages that have sold here unmounted/brand new went between $2900-3200. So with mileage + damage you might want to consider that.
  37. wayoutwest

    Model 3 20" Zero G Wheels with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires (Set of 4 - Atlanta, GA)

    If i had a nickel every time I asked for the offset on these sales :) Are they +34 or +40? This will help buyers as one set fits P cars and non Non-P cars. GLWS!
  38. wayoutwest

    Zero G (Referral Wheels)

    I PM'ed you an offer yesterday. let me know.
  39. wayoutwest

    Model 3 ZERO-G Performance wheels + tire package

    They are +40 (non-performance)
  40. wayoutwest

    Brand new Zero G (Referral Wheels)

    What he said, been watching these for a while - i'd be interested at $3K cash.
  41. wayoutwest

    Brand new Zero G (Referral Wheels)

    Assume these are +40 offset since you have a non P model?
  42. wayoutwest

    Model 3 G20 Referral Wheels for Sale

    Is this the +34 or +40 offset?
  43. wayoutwest

    FS: (SOCAL) Model 3 or Y - Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel Trim Replacement (not insert)

    where did you get this? I think i need to go with the same matte setup as you.
  44. wayoutwest

    Tesla's vs Jeda Wireless charger

    2nd vote for the Nomad. But i DO have the Jeda USB hub and love it. perfect combo.
  45. wayoutwest

    Model 3 Zero-G Referral Wheels, Tires and Center caps

    The Performance models need the +34 offset.
  46. wayoutwest

    Brand New Tesla Forged Zero-G Performance Wheels and Tires (4)

    Might want to change your post title then. I believe +40 offset is for NON-performance cars. +34 is for performance.
  47. wayoutwest

    Model 3 Zero G referral wheels (+40MM) for sale - $3200 - Orange County,CA

    will these fit performane models? I know there are 2 different offsets of these wheels IIRC. Interested. EDIT: nevermind - looks like M3P need the +34 offset. GLWS!

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