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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    most financing offers are only good for 30 days. You should wait until it gets closer to delivery..
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    with the right expectation they are probably fine. Just keenin mind they are a VERY small credit union with like 3 loan officers at most. As such things won’t necessarily move as quick as some others and they’ll be some snail mail involved with the forms. That said they seem to do a lot of...
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    button on the mobile connector charger never unlocks the handle...

    I’m late to the party here but I find if I hold the button down for about 2 seconds it wakes the car and I can remove the handle normally. If the car is already awake just a click of the button seems to do it. I had previously been using the mobile app to unlock the charge port.
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    it sounds feasible but nobody but Tesla will be able to give you the exact amount. It depends on your DMV fees, if you transfer a plate, etc. I think for SR+, and assuming the price you quoted it’s reasonable to say 42-43 all-in out the door..
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    Cameras seem wonky??

    Had the car for about 3 weeks now and all seemed fine. Noticed yesterday that the FSD visualization doesn’t necessarily accurately show cars on either side of vehicle. Sometimes even when vehicles are stopped at a traffic light they will appear jumpy and move around some. I get FSD isn’t...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    I know I posted this earlier but call Orlando Credit Union. I think they may still be able to help even if not in FL. The monthly diff between 2.94 and 2.49 isn’t much and if financing literally everything is a goal and they will do that and CCFCU won’t then think of the higher interest rate...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    When I was exploring different options they offered to finance up to 125% of vehicle cost when I spoke to them...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Did not go into a branch. I called the line and asked to have an actual loan officer call me. When they did I asked if they could offer any specials on rates beyond what was advertised. They offered the 2.94 for up to 84 months w/ credit score 730 and above. Honestly they were very painless...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    If anyone in FL needs a decent credit union Orlando Credit Union offered me 2.94 for up to 84 months w/ 60 days deferred payment. I was able to leverage this to Partners Credit Union who offered 2.29 up to 84 months and 90 days deferred payments. Not sure on exact qualification but I think it...
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    interesting you mention costs from the parts catalog. Is it likely Tesla will allow for the purchase of the new console or even parts for power trunk and provide installation? Makes sense they would...
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    Assigned Warehouse Model 3 for Delivery then Not

    Or just call your local sales team? Just because they aren’t responding to emails doesn’t mean they aren’t accessible at all...
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    Longer 14-50 adapter ?

    it’s fine. I’m just going to get a piece of wood and use it in between the concrete wall and the mount/holder for the UMC that I purchased. Prolly cheaper then another adapter would be anyway
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    Longer 14-50 adapter ?

    wouldn’t matter. The outlet casing comes out of the wall by 2-3 inches (not possible to do a flush outlet) so the cable would still bend.
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    Longer 14-50 adapter ?

    Can anyone recommend a 14-50 adapter that has a longer cable then the Tesla one? I want to use a cable organizer, however given the position of my outlet it isn’t possible to use a “mount” for the UMC brick without really bending the cable which I don’t really want to do...can’t imagine I’m the...
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    Local tesla delivery center has a model 3 in inventory, should I buy?

    I just picked up an inventory car last weekend and am very pleased with it. I did call the location it was at and asked if they could send me a few pics which they did. Pics only show so much but remember you can still refuse at delivery. mid it’s the config you want and are prepared to bring...
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    M3 incentive frequency

    It’s anyone’s guess but I don’t see any changes to the model 3 before 2021, including a chrome delete...but then who knows...
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    14-50 Adapter

    Does anyone know how long the cable with this adapter is? Couldn’t find the info on the Tesla shop website and I’m trying to order some cable organizing accessories...
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    New Model 3 vs CPO Model S?

    So figured I’d post an update here and close this out. I took delivery of my LR M3 this past weekend and honestly feel like I definitely made the right choice. Initially I wasn’t concerned about autopilot or HW versions, but now having driven the car even for a few days my opinion on that...
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    Model 3 toy car at delivery?

    Mine wasn’t sitting inside—they handed it to me with the keycards.
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    Model 3 toy car at delivery?

    Which service center was this?
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    Car Wash?

    Not sure this is the right spot for this, but just took delivery of M3 LR and know eventually I’ll want to take it to a car wash. I’ve read other places that I should only use a touch less car wash, but does anyone have other suggestions? Might just have to go old fashion and was the car myself...
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    Model 3 toy car at delivery?

    Took delivery of my M3 LR in Tampa today. They gave me 2–one for me and one for my nephew. Very nice people at the SC there!
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    Demo Car—how long for delivery??

    Over the weekend I switched my custom order over to a demo (test drive) vehicle I found that I was able to get a solid deal on. Was told by SA I’d have to get the car as soon as was available. They made it seem like delivery would be imminent, but I spoke to them today and they said the car...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    FYI for anyone in FL. I was offered 2.94 up to 84 months with Orlando Credit Union up to 125% of value. Not sure their exact qualification terms but my credit score is over 800 with low DTI. Very painless to deal with and got approved within 2 hours. they did let me submit a rate match for...
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    M3 Homelink

    Anyone have insights on if there’s any reason I shouldn’t considering ordering the homelink module used through a site like eBay? I’ve seen some listings for more then half of what Tesla charges and as best I can tell it isn’t like anyone will ever see the unit once installed anyway. the only...
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    New rumors out of China pointing to Model 3 upgrades and changes

    I’m kind of in the same boat as I planned to order and take delivery sometime this month. With these rumors though now I am thinking of holding as the rumored features would be nice. the flip side tho that I haven’t seen mentioned is, assuming this is accurate and the first M3 batch with new...
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    Inventory stock

    Doesn’t bode well for end of quarter/fiscal incentives but you never know...
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    Buying M3. Any last advice from you'all before I jump?

    So other can say if I am wrong, but Tesla is quarter drive. So if you wait until October you likely would miss any incentives until around December. Also I think you need to take delivery in September; not order...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Partners FCU. Said they will beat by 0.25%. I just sent back the packet CC FCU sent me. Waiting for that to come through and then will formally submit the rate match to partners.
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    I am going to sign with Carolina for the 2.49 for up to 84 month term. There’s a local credit union here in FL that claims they will rate match/beat. Might put that to the test. If they do it would be 2.29 for 84. As you say like $4/month but I’ll take it if they make the process painless...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    I called SkyOne just to see before I sign with Carolina Coop FCU. Was told if you put down 30% they have flexibility on rates on terms “some of the time.” Perhaps the trade was enough equity to equal 30%? Either way I’m also a strong buyer but they gave no indication they had anything lower...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    I got my initial packet from Carolina Coop FCU today after about 4-5 days since it was sent. For anyone who has used them did you have to open an account (like checking or savings) just to find out what loan/terms they would offer? It seems like its based solely on credit score but could be...
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    About to Order

    So after much thought I am about to order a M3 LR. I was going to hold off because the lease on my current car doesn't end until December, however if I ride it out I will go over on miles (not desirable). I was able to get qualified for financing that includes 3 months deferred payments, so my...
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Thanks for all the info above. I’ll call them soon as the holiday weekend passes!
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Carolina Cooperative FCU is allowed to do business in FL? Based on the info I saw from their website (link below) I didn’t think I’d qualify to join. If I do then I’ll certainly consider based on the terms you stated. Membership — Carolina Cooperative FCU
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    Tesla loan comparison spreadsheet - auto updates hourly

    Anyone have any leads on a good credit union with competitive rates that can do business in FL? I have top tier credit and am really just looking for one that can beat the rates through Tesla (2.29 for 72). Open to 60-84 month terms. Thanks.
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    Prices Paid, Discounts, Incentives, and Upgrades Offered

    I was offered a demo car; M3 LR AWD blue w/ black interior and upgraded rims for about $2300 less then standard pricing. When I pressed they also offered to include the free year of supercharging. I wasn’t there to get a LR version of the car, but i decided to at least ponder for another day...
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    Demo car vs custom order?

    He said demo and when I pushed him further he said it was a car that was not in a show room but on a lot that was used for test drives (partially explaining the 900ish mike odometer).
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    Demo car vs custom order?

    Went down to the local Tesla place today intent on ordering a new SR+ M3. Sales person was pleasant to deal with but as I was chatting with them they offered me a demo car, a long range M3 w/ FSD for 52k. When I pushed back they said they could remove the FSD and drop the car by 7k (the price...
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    Does Model 3 come with USB-C standard?

    So I could be confused here, but if the car comes standard with the new USB-C port and wireless charging is there still a place to plug in a ssd/usb drive and conceal it? Or no?
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    New Model 3 vs CPO Model S?

    I appreciate everyone’s responses. After thinking more about this the one thing I can’t seem to get myself past is buying a used car without seeing it. I also had a conversation with a used car sales advisor from Tesla and he wasn’t able to fully answer some of the questions I had. Therefore...
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    Finance Question

    Could I just pay both? Yes. Would I? Probably not. Only incentive for me to do so is if I get to close on lease mileage. The way this has worked for me in the last is the dealer has sent a check to BMW with my account number just as if I was paying. I was shocked when he mentioned it at the...
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    New Model 3 vs CPO Model S?

    Currently debating between either getting a new Model 3 long range or a used Model S. Curious if anyone has any input or advice. Currently 50/50 on which way to go. On the CPO side I have found a few cars I like in the 47-53k price range. This includes only looking at vehicles with less...
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    Finance Question

    New to the boards here so if this has been asked before please forgive me. I have 7 months remaining on my BMW 330i lease currently and plan to either buy a new Model 3 (lone range) or a used Model S. I stopped by a Tesla store yesterday to drive the Model Y to see if I should consider that...

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