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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    After 20k miles, tires began to suck. they slip and drive nothing like new, probably 3/32 left.
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    Battery + coolant

    that's the biggest fear. Had same thing with my car & I lucked out with the $900 repair you were quoted the second time and i installed metal skid plates from ebay.
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    12v battery issues with aftermarket subwoofer amp. Not covered under warranty PSA.

    since the proper setup is it shuts off directly when car goes to sleep, i had no issues since 2019 running an amp and a subwoofer.
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    10.8 FSD

    I had random take over immediately and auto pilot crashing in 10.8. Kind of afraid to use it until next update. Twice just going straight and once just stopped at a red light. No issues with prev builds.
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    Tesla told me their Quaity control specs is protected information.

    Wow. That almost looks like it was in an accident!
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    New SR+ tire question

    The pilot sport all season 4 is all season. i am running htose.
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    Battery cracked [Tesla claims from pothole damage]

    If the car runs fine, I would not fix the pack dent. At best just sell it to Vroom.
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    Model 3 accident with deer

    that's definitely totaled
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    Aggressive tyrning

    Make sure you turn at 10mph
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    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    Got it last night too. After reset and exactly 100 99 miles
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    Any of you have 100/99 scores still not get any FSD till today?

    after the reset and oh my god careful driving i have about 87 miles at 100 and 14 miles at 99... seems like I need another 14 at 100.
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    Inspiration for the Model 3 body styling revealed

    that mazda looks nothing like the 3.
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    SR+ owners [what is your daily commute]

    60, daily.
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    No. They kept it at $620 with the same comment. I did use $450 of uber credits which helped. They did only charge $22 for hoses but on ebay they cost around 175 each.
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    exactly what happened to me.
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    I don't believe they actually removed the battery. Nothing looked off in my interior. Repair took about 10 days due to waiting on the parts. I did order aftermarket metal skid plates and will install them however the damage was in the fender area exactly where the hose runs, actually touching...
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    Safety Score

    yes to both, no safety score. edit, i see it now.... 26% unsafe following distance lol
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    I have something connected to the terminal under the seat. Hopefully they put it back.
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    From the YouTube videos you just remove the panel and it’s all accessible without doing a thing to the battery but not sure
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    It does if it all leaks out!!
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    $850 repair. Not bad
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    Yeah I will try to get that. Tesla roadside will probably charge me for the tow right?
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    True. Wonder if it’s worth even taking it to the SC. I’ll call one shop in Houston tomorrow morning
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    Getting "Charge Rate Reduced- Wall Plug Temperature High"

    I had this error few times recently Adjusted the wires a bit on the mobile charger and it went away
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    Dreaded coolant leak from debris

    Well it finally happened to me. Hit some debris at night on the highway. Didn’t even see what I hit. 25 miles from home. About 10 miles from home car went to turtle mode but drove fine. Made it home and the coolant hose is punctured. Hopefully it’s just the hose and not the nipple so the whole...
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    Break in without breaking glass?

    Maybe it wasn't locked? since Alarm didn't come on.
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    Rimetrix Orbitals vs Stock Aero Wheels

    i love them! have them since may.
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    Should I get new tires?

    michelin should get you 40% off.... I got it at 4 to 5/32 at 16k miles.
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    Anyone know what this blue liquid is?

    could be the battery cooling liquid? which is bad.
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    Unhappy with the Resale value for my 2019 Model 3

    Tesla is offering 38,900 for my 2019 SR+ with 26k miles. That's 41k with tax credit with FSD.
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    Deep Blue Metallic Help

    if you got it used, probably front bumper has been replaced/repainted.
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    Deep Blue Metallic Help

    blue always stayed the same
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    2018 m3p with fsd or 2021 Sr+

    the performance with FSD!!!!!!
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    Definitive OEM Tire Life Poll

    No, maybe.. I don't know.. Probably spirited.
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    Definitive OEM Tire Life Poll

    SR+ 16k miles on OEM... Michelin paid for new ones at 40% off
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    New tires killed my range (20-30% decrease)

    similar experience with range and it riding as on rails... 7000 miles later, it no longer rides like on rails and consumption is back to normal.
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    When is 2022 Model 3 releasing?

    by november
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    9000 miles later i feel like the efficiency has gotten better.
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    Bubble in headrest, Tesla might be caused by interior cleaner/conditioner

    I had this and never washed the headrest.... they replaced it but not under goodwill.
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    Range differences with Pilot Sport All Season 4 or CrossClimate2 vs Primacy MXM4

    Pilot Sport All Season 4 - 15-20% range hit in all driving conditions. 6000 miles on them.
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    200 miles review: Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4

    I have 5000 on these tires now. Don't drive as much due to remote work but I feel the efficiency is 15%-20% worse and I even tried 50psi compared to worn out MXM4. but yes, great grip.
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    PSA: Pirelli PZ4 sport tires - steer clear of them

    i just got the ps4 all season and they are awesome
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    Tire Recommendation - Quietest all season?

    Wow my MXM4s only lasted 15k miles. I'm planning to do the pilot sports with the acoustic foam
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    Tesla unplugged usb stick right before $20k hit and run :(

    It wouldn't have anything recorded.
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    I noticed both problems on HW3. Choppy and black screen. 2.5 was fine
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    Tesla Model 3 SR+ with 100 mile round trip commute

    Sr+ is perfect for your commute. The long range isn't that much more of a range to cost 12k more.
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    Model 3 HW3 retrofit questions, wait time, issues

    It seems in Houston they are scheduling everyone for first week of march.

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