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    I USED to own a Model S until the head-on crash.

    It was a 2013
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    Guaranteed Resale Value before 36-39 month term?

    God question. I was wondering similar thing. But I'm assuming guaranteed means guaranteed right?
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    Tire pressure app does not report

    So does your wife's S display individual tire pressures? Without FOBO?
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    Suspension software flaw

    Agree 100% - - - Updated - - - Agree 101%
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    Rock hit windshield -> Large chip/small crack -> Long crack

    Curious. Did you get the whole windshield replaced? I'm assuming you did since you went through your insurance. I just got a big chip in mine driving on the 101. Would it be worth trying Blue Chip first?
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    Tesla shows prototype of metal charging cable snake

    Ha! And just like that Tesla charging becomes R rated...
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    Tesla shows prototype of metal charging cable snake

    Future charger? I didn't see this posted yet. Looks cool. Tesla Just Revealed a Crazy, Snake-Like Charger that Automatically Connects to Your Car
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    "Consumer Reports" Again Makes The Tesla Model S Its Top Car Pick

    CR Still Loves the Model S Consumer Reports: Tesla Model S Again In 2015 | Wochit - Yahoo Screen
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    Where is the Model X Test Mule? Is there one?

    Bigfoot or Model X ? ​Tesla Model X Caught On Video At The Test Track | TechCrunch
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    BMW i3

    I realize that but then they should call it the most "revolutionary car made out of plastic since the model T" and not "the most revolutionary car." Even so, I can think of a few cars made out of carbon fiber/plastic that are more revolutionary than the i3...
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    BMW i3

    BMW I3 Most Revolutionary Car BMW i3 called 'most revolutionary car' since Ford Model T :confused: I'm baffled....
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    P85 not much faster than S85???

    "accelerated like any other premium car over $60K?" No sir. With the instant torque, even the S60 accelerates differently than any other car over 60K unless you get into super car territory...and really I think you are mixing up fast with acceleration...in any case preilly44, since the P85D...
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    Nomination no. 1 Tesla music

    A great piece to listen to in the Model S is Keyboard Milk by Röyksopp--very cool...I actually learned about it from another thread on this very forum, as I'd never even heard about it previously. My First MAJOR problem @ 10,000 km
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    Need some help figuring out my salvage model S

    Theres already been been a similar thread...in any case, I have no problem with someone buying a salvage car and trying to fix it up if they're able. More power to you. And I have no problem with the mental masturbation that occurs afterwards in trying to do so...its what the forums are...
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    Need some help figuring out my salvage model S

    Am I missing something here? You bought a salvage Tesla instead of a brand new Tesla because you were presumably trying to save a buck...and your pissed off and bad mouthing Tesla because they won't work with you?
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    Anyone bought Pirelli Cinturato P7 AS tires yet? 70k warranty!

    There's a thread about these Pirellis on tesla forums...
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    BMW i8

    I had the pleasure of driving on the Autobahn a few years back while visiting a friend....it was anticlimactic. Most of the drivers aren't driving much over 70/80mph if at all...only rarely did I see a car even hit 100mph....just because you CAN drive as fast as you want doesn't mean you...
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    Motor Trend's Head 2 Head Ep. 54: 2014 Tesla Model S vs 2014 Mercedes-Benz S550!

    Motortrend isn't always anti American cars....Model S changed that... 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ vs. 2014 BMW i8 Comparison - Motor Trend Page 2
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    Model S vs BMW i8

    What does Motortrend think? 2014 Tesla Model S P85+ vs. 2014 BMW i8 Comparison - Motor Trend Page 2
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    Another Incentive for the Chinese

    Ha! That's saying something franknesss! You're in SF
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    Another Incentive for the Chinese

    Tesla Car Owners Get $12,000 Shanghai Plates for Free - Bloomberg And I thought I got a great deal on registration with my Model S in AZ...
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    Audi RS7 Still Worthy?

    Not in my opinion! I love the Tesla kool-aid!! But ask Texex...
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    Audi RS7 Still Worthy?

    I agree with you...but it certainly doesn't hurt to have healthy competition to stoke the fire...
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    Audi RS7 Still Worthy?

    This Audi RS7 Just Drove Itself Around A Track At 150MPH
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    Supercharger - Cordes Junction, AZ

    I drove up to Sedona today and stopped by here on the way. Good news....it's live!
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    Third Row Ventilation Problem Solved

    SCDrJ...Let me know how the Noggle works out. We took a drive from Scottsdale to Sedona today and my kids refused to ride in the back (even though it's only 90°!) And I'm really jealous about the S85D! Thinking of selling my S85...
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    P85D - Insane acceleration

    But which would you pick? TOTD: Pick One - Tesla Model S P85D or Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat? The comments make me laugh...people are ignorant
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    All Discussion re: Tesla Motors Website & Forums

    Tesla Website Updating? Maybe some behind the scenes work happening while everyone is distracted by the Live event?
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    Third Row Ventilation Problem Solved

    I'm not sure what everyone else is talking about but the third row was pretty much unusable during summer in Chicago (even with the Tesla sunshade, air on recirculate, a fan, and pre-cooling) and now that I've moved to Scottsdale my kids absolutely refuse to ride in the third row in 105°...
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    Preparing car for (covered) cross-country transport: anything special need to be done

    Couldn't agree more...I was going to have my car shipped from Chicago to Phoenix but then realized that I would have missed out on a golden opportunity to drive the supercharger highway...in retrospect, one of the greatest experiences...but probably irrelevant at this point...so like dsm363...
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    Third Row Ventilation Problem Solved

    Saw this while browsing the net... The Noggle | Car AC Extension for Pets kids, is a must have travel accessory that greatly improves your automotive air conditioning and heating system. This maybe a good option...any experiences?
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    Valet Mode

    Any screenshots? That bitmap screenshot.....I'm not seeing anything...
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    Valet Mode

    Ummmm.....translation? For those of us that are not developers and don't possess SDK...
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    Valet Mode

    Yes. What are these mysterious icons that you speak of? Maybe a screenshot would help?
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    Valet Mode

    True...but I think GM should of paid attention to other things on the 2015 Corvette than valet mode... GM issues stop sales for two Corvette defects | The Detroit News Uh....yeah....I'll stick with my non-valet mode Model S for now....although I agree valet mode would be nice...
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    NanoFlowcell Quant, Quantino

    NanoFlowcell: Quicker, Faster, Better Range. Just one problem. Interesting read. This sports car runs on saltwater—but it Quartz
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    BMW I3 outselling Tesla

    All of a sudden I'm getting the feeling that the GF is going to be the Field of Dreams...
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    BMW I3 outselling Tesla

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    Destination Charging

    There you go... Tesla Rolls Out 'Destination Charging' At Resorts And Restaurants
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    Open Letter to Elon Musk

    With all the posts about hood creases, I would prefer an automatic frunk closure before an automated charge port. I also personally like the low profile sun visors. I don't want two gigantic sun shields--sometimes depending on the position of the sun, the visors are worthless anyway--that's...
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    Open Letter to Elon Musk

    Anybody see this? Tesla Owners' Full-Page Newspaper Ad Gets Elon Musk's Attention Someone on the forum responsible? I'm not sure how I feel about this...
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    Chicago to Arizona via Supercharger

    Encountered a little rain on the way to Rapid City. The SC is located in the far end of the parking lot of Rushmore Mall. There are many dining options (Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc) as well as the mall food court. The mall food court has a Fuddruckers as well as many generic copies of...
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    Chicago to Arizona via Supercharger

    The reason I'm posting is because I dug through the forums prior to my trip for others thoughts and pictures prior to my roadtrip and could not really find a comprehensive thread about a cross country trip (other than the two about the coast to coast trips but as good as they were, I wanted more...
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    Chicago to Arizona via Supercharger

    I left the MS unplugged overnight in the motel parking lot as there were not many options...or correction, no options for power. In any case, after charging at the Mitchell SC, I had more than enough juice to get to the next SC in Murdo. Although, I have to admit that I did have this irrational...
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    Chicago to Arizona via Supercharger

    @LucM the rest of the trip was great...and only slightly eventful. I'll keep posting whenever I have a free moment. @Larry93535 Thanks. As long as there are people enjoying, I'll keep posting.
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    Tesla LIED to us! (I maxed out a dyno in my car)

    Silly dyno, that Tesla doesnt have 2,000 lb-ft of torque [UPDATE] - Autoblog no other car gets as much attention by the media...
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    Chicago to Arizona via Supercharger

    Next stop, Mitchell, SD. The sun had set by the time we arrived at the Mitchell SC. Got here with 89 RR left so no worries. It's located in the parking lot of a Goodwill store (or something like it) and faces a Dairy Queen which is next door--you can see it in the last picture. I wanted to...
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    Chicago to Arizona via Supercharger

    The next stop was Worthington, MN. The SC is located in the parking lot of a Ground Round Grill and Bar. We had dinner there while recharging. Actually the food was pretty good. I remember this place from when I was kid because of the peanut shells on the floor--no shells these days. I was...
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    Chicago to Arizona via Supercharger

    I was feeling good from using my first SC so I decided to skip the La Crosse SC and went straight to Albert Lea. Again I drove anywhere between 65-85mph with occasional speed bursts (can't resist once in a while) and got to the SC with just a few electrons to spare. I'm sure it was because...

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