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    …a few follow-up questions, 1. Have you noticed any negative supercharging changes since V11? 2. Has the browser been restored to 3/4 size as in version 10? 3. Are zoom buttons back on map and are these toggles still on the left under the navigation turn by turn directions?
  2. TSLC


    …what of the other UI nightmares of the holiday release? 1. No dash cam icon 2. No one touch seat heat 3. Browser window reduced to 1/3 4 Lots of dead space on the icon bar Have these been remediated? Thoughts?
  3. TSLC

    UI Feedback & Bugs 2021.44.30.8

    17SMCU2HW3 Any feedback on user interface improvements since the holiday update problems? (browser size reduction, dashcam icon gone, seat heater one touch gone) There were numerous steps backwards. Have these things been addressed in 44.30.7 or 44.30.8? Every video is a 3/Y these days and it...
  4. TSLC

    Legacy v11

    There are a few “legacy” vehicles that have it now. Hoping for a detailed post/vid showing the changes across both screens.
  5. TSLC

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    Has anything changed with the information displayed in the IC?
  6. TSLC

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    Correct. They both do. Full agreement that a rendered vehicle turning red directly in front of you on the IC is more effective than would be looking right, and down to a small caption display of the side camera on the MCU each time I activate the blinker. I may be in the minority, but driving...
  7. TSLC

    Why no Holiday Update for pre 2021 Model S?

    No bueno. I love proactively being able to monitor it displayed as ‘car status’ on the IC. Trust me, on 265 21” wheels this is good information to have front and center. I have solved multiple flats by seeing the change immediately and checking it out. No tows or waking up on the rim to date.
  8. TSLC

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    Keep in mind a car in your blind spot rendered in the IC will turn red when the signal is activated for a lane change. There is some measure of an implementation like what you guys are describing in place now on Atom HW2+ cars.
  9. TSLC

    New UI for pre-refreshed model S? Holiday update

    Portrait is much more useful for displaying greater amounts of driving information, while having the rear camera up, which we use 90% or more of the time when in the car…oh and SkyForce Reloaded is optimal on portrait!
  10. TSLC

    Why no Holiday Update for pre 2021 Model S?

    Honestly with the added UI complexity being identified and complained about mostly by 3/Y owners, I will not download this on to my Intel Atom S75D until I can see some video examples. Some of the things like tire pressure, Supercharger location finder button and other useful information being...
  11. TSLC

    Why no Holiday Update for pre 2021 Model S?

    100% agree with this. The cars also turn red around you indicating collision risk as appropriate.
  12. TSLC

    Is Update 2021.4.18.b9447274f1b4 full of bugs?

    This is happening on this firmware to me when passing underneath overpasses on the interstate in a few spots and is repeatable. Definitely a step backwards with this update.
  13. TSLC

    Infotainment Upgrade

    Sounds about right. I believe they need these back to support MCU1 replacements with refurbished/replaced/repaired ones.
  14. TSLC

    Has anyone had issues with after getting the Infotainment upgrade?

    Sucks to read about your experience with the installation quality. Yes, there are some bugs and glitches. Backgammon for me does not work and prompts an immediate reboot when selected and never actually comes up. This worked perfectly on MCU1 prior to the infotainment upgrade. Frustrating.
  15. TSLC

    MCU2 Upgrade - Backgammon not working

    Quick question? Has the MCU 2 reboot problem only on this game been solved for anyone. S75D here same exact problem every time I select it. Ironically, this was the main game I played on MCU 1, so it feels like the world is laughing at me since it is no longer functioning. Tesla claims it is...
  16. TSLC

    What Tesla replace for mcu2 upgrade?

    Same S75D AP2.0 with EAP. They replaced the following: 1. Brand new instrument cluster 2. Brand new MCU including associated center screen and harness 3. Full Self Driving Computer installed No camera or external vehicle hardware was changed or replaced. Existing AP2.0 suite works sufficiently...
  17. TSLC

    MCU1 to MCU2 issues

    My primary oddity after the upgrade is that selecting Backgammon provokes an instant reboot every single time on 2021.4.15
  18. TSLC

    So far so good MCU2 upgrade

    AP2.0 S75D EAP just upgraded to MCU2. Lifetime Supercharging & Data retained. Super responsive. New IC is excellent since I was getting some yellowing on the old. Gained the following: 1. FSD Computer/ Preview Visualizations in IC 2. New IC & MCU w/ touch screens 3. “Real” Sentry Mode 4...
  19. TSLC

    Has anyone noticed supercharging changes with 2020.48.37?

    Same. 17’ S75D, was hit with the throttle permanerf before the 350V packs were sped up a bit. Been stuck at 82kW for the the last two years. Very pleased to see peak charge rates exceeding 100kW. 2020.48.37.1
  20. TSLC

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    Can confirm. 17’ S75D. Seeing peak charge rates above 100kW since 48.37.1. These are the highest numbers ever for my vehicle as the previous peak was 96-98kW. My vehicle was throttled with the charge rate permanerf prior to the further charging speed enhancement for 350V packs that increased...
  21. TSLC

    Range on 2016 75 RWD?

    Agreed. 17’ S75D 57K 100% is 229/230 miles Roughly 11% loss depending on if you think the 259 S75D rating was accurate. I never have seen that number even nearly new.
  22. TSLC

    Model S Trade-in heads up

    Geezus. That is truly unbelievable!
  23. TSLC

    If you had a do-over...

    Good discussion, I am of the opinion that the service and support quality concerns are very valid and should be taken seriously. I am excited for other manufacturers to enter this space and lead to an overall improvement in the customer experience. I am hopeful that their products will become...
  24. TSLC

    Model S Trade-in heads up

    Those who are coming out best on this front, are those who bought base/entry S variants with the full tax credit, including Supercharging, lifetime data and the legacy 8yr warranty. There was a purchase floor for these new at about 70-75K. If you did not enjoy an inventory discount on your...
  25. TSLC

    Burned by Tesla on idle fees. Something to know

    ...or get an older or 350V S/X. No problem with a permanently throttled pack; plenty of time to do almost anything needed. Almost no risk of feeling rushed.
  26. TSLC

    75D battery degradation

    An S, but staring solidly at 10% degradation at exactly 50K miles. Charges to 233 miles at 100%. Periodically run the pack down to the low single digits on long runs out west or in very bad headwind scenarios. My BMS is solid on reporting. For me this car is a 350 mile radius car max driving...
  27. TSLC

    To update or not?

    I now only update when it makes sense. AP2/MCU1. If things are currently working well in their entirety, there is no must have and or new features do not apply; I skip. Not interested in fighting new bugs and the premature death of my MCU. You have a newer 400V 100 pack; you are unaffected by...
  28. TSLC

    Are 21 inch wheels THAT bad on our cars ?

    I too have a brand new second set of Arachnids and tires, but am hoping to sell them; how did you get so many extra sets!? Agreed on the fit and finish; these wheels really set the car apart; the Arachnids have the bonus of being a truly phenomenal wheel, with no range penalty over the 19’s and...
  29. TSLC

    Are 21 inch wheels THAT bad on our cars ?

    I run both 19” Slipstreams 3 months and 21” forged aluminum Arachnids 9 months. The 21’s are stronger, lighter, provide sharper handling and increased curb appeal. These wheels are simply stunning. Tires cost more, high performance summers wear faster, and paying attention to curbs and road...
  30. TSLC

    Frimware 2020.12.10 MCU1/AP2.0

    Geeezus! ...and here I was contemplating the somewhat higher depreciation of my three year old S75D.
  31. TSLC

    2020.12.11.5 firmware is released.

    Wait what?! How?
  32. TSLC

    75D battery degradation

    Good data point. Last charge to 100% at 45K has yielded 235 miles. Not much additional loss over the last 10K. Have to take what you can get.
  33. TSLC

    2020 Updates for MCU2/AP2

    As a owner of a 17’ S75D AP2.0 MCU1, I have decided to not upgrade to this. I have 2020.8.x that is working fantastically and has finally made my web browser, voice commands more reliable and user interface work nearly perfectly. With a car that charges to 235 miles at nearly 50K with no...
  34. TSLC

    P100D Value Loss 70k in 1 year.

    Agreed. I would think long and hard before purchasing a 80-90K car with the rate of innovation and change. Lease it if you need to change for the latest bits. Your S90D had to be a pretty penny if you are down 50% over msrp.
  35. TSLC

    Looking for the best financing deals for CPO Model S!

    Wow things have really changed from the .99% days a few years back...
  36. TSLC

    19" wheels and tires

    I run both 21” staggered most the year that are quite wide and the factory 19” slipstreams over the colder months. Traction is a non issue in a dual motor S with either setup and there are pros and cons to both.
  37. TSLC

    P100D Value Loss 70k in 1 year.

    That depends on if you are actually selling during or near a standard lease period, your mileage and vehicle condition. If not, it does not really matter. So it depends, but Tesla historically is not competitive with respect to lease offerings.
  38. TSLC

    No navigation on autopilot after 2019.32.12.7 update

    Hmmm I don’t use it very often vs just engaging and disengaging when I want, but I will have to check this and report back. I just went to this same version this past weekend. Just checked and NoA highlights blue on the NAV same as before when a destination is entered but did not test drive...
  39. TSLC

    Alternative Rims

    What wheels are these? Are they forged? I think these work well on that car in black. Any other color combination, forget it.
  40. TSLC

    Alternative Rims

    I run 21” Arachnid wheels most the year and 19” Slipstreams for the bottom/top of the year. I think hands down the Arachnids are the best looking Tesla wheel, they are stronger and lighter than any OEM alternative, have zero range penalty over the 19’s, and can be selected in the vehicle...
  41. TSLC


    I have stayed on 2019.32.11 the first V10 iteration because it worked well on my car. There was a bug with summon overriding pin to drive after use, but I was pretty happy with it and chose to wait on susbsequent updates that were killing the browser, setting off false alarms, random headlight...
  42. TSLC

    Black 21" Arachnid wheels $4,000 Brand New Complete Set of 4

    Wow you waited a long time, those wheels have not been a referral option for at least two years. I also did not know they used the Contis on referral. Only the silver ones with PSS were most recently...
  43. TSLC

    Show me those Arachnid wheels / Spiders!

    Mine is stock...
  44. TSLC

    75D battery degradation

    Highest ever rated charge display- 252. Now at 40K and 2.5 years, 90% is 211/100% is 234. YRMV
  45. TSLC

    Update froze the MCU for days, no fix in sight.

    I am hoping an MCU2 upgrade pathway presents itself soon, to allow improved functionality and not get the same challenged hardware over again. This type of stuff makes me nervous about downloading and installing updates.
  46. TSLC

    What's your S 75 range at 90%?

    How much DC fast charging have you done over that 100K miles?
  47. TSLC

    What's your S 75 range at 90%?

    If 75’s are in your target price range and you are willing to accept the cons, (slower charging, voltage caps, range challenges, and permanent Supercharging throttling), I would not worry about it. The 350V packs are so heavily nerfed at this point, they should be very reliable as Tesla has no...

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