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  1. nime01

    Byton M-Byte

    Even if Byton should happen to join the Tesla SC network?
  2. nime01

    Byton M-Byte

    So, has anyone seen the Byton M-Byte during the Europe roadshow? I went to the event in Oslo, and have to say I'm pretty intrigued by this car. Very exciting, to say the least, and it looks very nice too. Very well made. The prototype is said to be about 90% identical to the production version...
  3. nime01

    Model X 75D Real World Range

    Similar experience here. 400km+ should be possible on a good day. 20" Michelins, fully loaded, 155Wh/km over 306km/190 miles. Started with 90% SOC at Vinstra SC, ended at Stjørdal SC with 20% SOC.
  4. nime01

    Model X: Average Wh/mile Tracker

    On a recent trip, we started with 90% SOC from SC, then drove 305km in about 3hrs 40min, arriving with 20% SOC. 155Wh/km. This included going over a mountain range.
  5. nime01

    New owner, what accessories

    Also get the rear mats, it's a no-brainer for keeping the interior nice. (at least in wetter conditions)
  6. nime01

    New owner, what accessories

    It does not work with the 5 seater trunk mat. I'd get the Weathertec mat from Tesla if it was available for the lower load floor config.
  7. nime01

    New owner, what accessories

    This one: Model X Rear Trunk Load Floor - 5 Seater
  8. nime01

    Tesla desktop supercharger

    Yes, that is the one :) Unfortunately not available in Norway.. :(
  9. nime01

    Tesla desktop supercharger

    Just wondering if anyone would be willing to buy and ship the desktop supercharger? Can pay via PayPal.
  10. nime01

    New owner, what accessories

    - Frunk mat, trunk mat, front seat floor mats, rear seat floor mats (Tesla/Weathertec) - Chademo adapter - Lower load floor if 5 seater
  11. nime01

    Reasons I HATE driving my old car

    We absolutely identify with these issues even though we are fully electric! Every time we drive the Ioniq, we put our foot on the brake and use the wiper lever to put the car in D, only to realise that we have to close the doors ourselves, and push a button to engage drive mode :)
  12. nime01

    Model X Crash on US-101 (Mountain View, CA)

    150 meters in 5 seconds is about 68mph or 108km/h. If you are distracted for even one small second, you've already covered 30 meters. Is it safe to assume that the AP/TACC was set to 70mph?
  13. nime01

    Feature Request: Subzero Mode

    I'm pretty sure my non-PUP is equipped with rear seat heaters (seems so by the amount of electrical components under the rear seat), and possibly even the steering wheel is heated? If all Xs are already equipped, open up for enabling this through purchase :) Also a great feature for those...
  14. nime01

    Testing the Tesla: Big AP 2.0 improvements in 2018.10.4

    I received the update in my X a few days ago, but have not had time to test until today. As everyone else reports, it is really smooth now. Even roads without markings seem to be a piece of cake. Most impressed by driving in direct low sunlight, on a wet, salty road, sharp right turn over a...
  15. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    If anyone is looking for a local Norwegian referral for the $500 credit and free SC, pm me
  16. nime01


    Some say the mud flaps for 2010-2016 Buick Lacrosse will fit. Just ordered a set from aliexpress.com. Figured the $14 would be worthwhile if fit is good.
  17. nime01

    Acceleration Shudder

    I have a P90DL loaner, and it has the shudder. Or it could be the Nokian R2's that can't handle the torque. No shudder present in my 75D running on Pirelli Scorpion Winter.
  18. nime01

    Norwegian Postal Service orders 1 Semi

    Posten kjøper Tesla-trailer The Norwegian Postal Service has ordered one Tesla Semi. Hopefully, they will quickly come to their senses and order several more before delivery of the first one.
  19. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    If you choose the credit instead of the PW2, does it visibly show up in your account, or is it only noted internally in Tesla's own system?
  20. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    My first referral (ordered 8/2017) took delivery about one week ago. Got the BWC option as well as the mini-Tesla.
  21. nime01

    (Preemptive) WTB: Signature Black Wall Connector

    Was able to select the Signature Black wall connector yesterday, but there was no mention of the cable length.. or maybe I missed that detail. Does anyone know for sure?
  22. nime01

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    So the lights work with AP 2.5 and PUP. Non-PUP and AP 2.5 do not, but is supposed to.
  23. nime01

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    My X is equipped with the 3-position LED lights as shown here: Adaptive kurvelys - kun med Premiumpakke på nye biler but I don't have the option to enable them under vehicle>settings. Someone mentioned in the same thread that the 3-position LED lights do not currently work with AP 2.5...
  24. nime01

    Referral Link for New Roadster?

    I for one hope to gather enough referrals to open up the possibility of buying one early. (send a pm if you need one) I'm pretty sure all things that are extra on the other models will be standard on the roadster.
  25. nime01

    Bob Lutz and his latest Tesla comments...

    Tesla is the secret sauce. Musk went ahead and started cooking, with well known ingredients, betting that it would taste heavenly once finished. Voilá, the Tesla sauce. The cookbook is there for everyone to read, and Tesla can even provide easy access to one of the ingredients.
  26. nime01

    Model X Winter Tires

    I have the Pirelli Scorpion Winter tires (255/45R20 and 275/45R20), they seem quite good so far. More snow due this evening, so will be out testing them. I have plenty of experience with Nokian R2, and also with Pirelli Ice Zero FR, so it will be interesting to see how these Scorpions work.
  27. nime01

    Another Tesla Screw-up? (Three-position dynamic LED Turning Light)

    I have the top row LEDs (A1, A2, A3 as described earlier) but no adaptive light setting in the menu. Non-PUP, ordered early August. Should be a simple software feature upgrade?
  28. nime01

    Charge Port Door will not stay closed

    I have the same problem on my Model X. What was the solution for fixing this?
  29. nime01

    Brand New 22" Turbine Wheels & Tires (Set of 4) - For Sale

    Anyone got photos of a silver metallic X with those beautiful black 22" wheels?
  30. nime01


    Gytis Autek in Norway sell mudflaps and floor+trunk+frunk mats for Model X Model X - Tesla
  31. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    Seems like my guest invite will be unused, if I have to be present. A little too late for me to make changes to my schedule.
  32. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    Not much interest... o_O Just wondering, if I don't go myself, can a guest go?
  33. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    I've got one guest invite. PM if interested.
  34. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    I received the invitation as well, and unable to go on such short notice. Depending on how this pans out, I should have a +1 to share.
  35. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    I've received 5 referrals, and using my referral code now shows a popup window notifying the buyer that all my 5 referral codes have been used. I thought you could unlock some secret loot box? My last referral was used on 09/28, so I guess I won't be getting that wallbox?
  36. nime01

    Winter Tire: Tesla shop or Local shop?

    Google Oversetter (The annual winter tire (both studded and studless) test from the Norwegian Automobile Association - NAF) I've been driving on studless winter tires for the last 25 years or so. R2 are, IMO, one of the most slippery in wet conditions of all the different studless tires I've...
  37. nime01

    Winter Tire: Tesla shop or Local shop?

    Be aware that the Nokian Hakkapeliitta R2 are very soft and wear quickly. They are very good on snow, but the downside is that they are quite slippery on salted, wet winter roads. So choose wisely based upon driving conditions.
  38. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    I've been lucky enough to get 4 by just sharing my code. Now I'm just looking for that 5th... maybe I should stalk the showroom :p
  39. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    I'm still hoping someone out there will use my referral code :) I'm missing only one to achieve a Powerwall, which would be really awesome in our old 1960s house. It would go a long way in helping us stay fully electric, and I'd really appreciate if someone out there will help us by using my...
  40. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    Hello all! I'm just one referral away from getting that highly anticipated Powerwall, which would be really awesome in our old 1960s house. It would go a long way in helping us stay fully electric, and I'd really appreciate if someone out there will help us by using my referral code :)
  41. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    Wow, that is a sweet deal! Thanks for replying. One to go... :p Btw.. Arachnids not for X, right?
  42. nime01

    Tesla Referral Program

    Ahhh.. only one referral away from Powerwall! Awesome if someone used my referral now :D This has probably been answered plenty of times, but does one get each and every referral prize?
  43. nime01

    Range Anxiety: Anyone recall the '70's gas crisis?

    Ah, the Wagon Queen Family Truckster! I wonder how my new X would look with this trim level.. who will be the first?
  44. nime01

    Going from EV back to ICE

    We've been fully electric for the past 4 years, with shorter-range EVs. Now we're waiting for our X and 3 and we're never ever going back to ICE. Can't imagine how it would be to go back... it is just outdated.
  45. nime01

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    It's been changed again today, back to late October/early November. X 75D, black textile, 5 seat.
  46. nime01

    For Recent US 75D Orders - Is your battery a BTX5 or BTX8?

    Non-US X75D order confirmed one week ago. BTX5 option code in view spec. Hoping for 85 and HW 2.5.
  47. nime01

    2017 VIN Model X Order and Delivery

    VIN 646XX Ordered 08/06/2017 Confirmed 08/06/2017 Late Dec/Early Jan Scheduled for production However, when I ordered, it said "October delivery" on the website.
  48. nime01

    Possible reservation number hint on My Tesla

    Ordered in store 3/31 @ 09:00 GMT+1, 364XXX Was first in line, but the guy behind me got his reservation done before mine, and his number is approx 50 lower than mine.
  49. nime01

    2019 Tesla Model 3 Hatchback

  50. nime01

    What type of car is Model 3 replacing for you?

    One of our Kia Soul EVs will be replaced by the M3, hoping for delivery around Q2 2018! The Soul EV has a 7 year warranty here, so the other one might be sold at a later point in time for a longer range ~60kWh EV.

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