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    Weird noises while driving.

    Not sure if you had the same noise as mine. Just had it towed to tesla and fixed. It was the front upper control bar which was making loud squeaky noise when turning or going over bump.
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    Anyone in Boston Area Comment on needing winter tires?

    Survived last winter with all season 18 oem tires on my LR RWD. So far so good with 19 oem all season tires which did very well in the last several snow storms already. Just be careful and slow when driving in snow. Switching to winter tires is such a hassle and not necessary if you are a good...
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    Stuck phone conversation window

    Yes tried reset a couple of times. Actually i just fixed it with a restart of my phone. I guess it’s the phone’s fault.
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    Stuck phone conversation window

    Iphone 7 plus
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    Stuck phone conversation window

    Tried everything to get rid of this phantom phone conversation screen since i am not on the phone at all but it’s there. With that no music can be played. Only way to get rid of it is to disconnect the phone. Funny thing is that i can still make a phone call. But after i hang up this stuck phone...
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    Almost had a serious crash driving on AP

    Unfortunately not. I was too shocked at the time to realize that I could've saved the video. I always pay good attention while on AP but I will definitely be even more cautious going forward.
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    Almost had a serious crash driving on AP

    Leaving NYC on one of the highways driving my LR model 3 on AP with a cruising speed, suddenly a truck on a slow right lane veered into my lane just a few cars ahead of me and AP did absolutely nothing to slow down or brake. I had to apply maximum braking and steered left to get onto a narrow...
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    PSA: 19 in rims without black lug nut plate

    Could anyone provide a link or reference site to buy these? Thanks
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    How do I fix a major scratch on the side of front bumper

    Any body shop should be able to do it. I was quoted by the same shop for $1000 for a full paint job. But I insisted on trying a simple buffing first which turned out to be much better than expected.
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    How do I fix a major scratch on the side of front bumper

    $50 buffing fixed most of the scratch. Will try the paint kit to fix the rest.
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    How do I fix a major scratch on the side of front bumper

    Thanks. Do I need to go to Tesla approved body shop? I was actually thinking about doing nothing about it. Two wheels also have major curb rashes. The imperfections don’t really bother me that much. Who knows something really bad might happen to the car in the future.
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    How do I fix a major scratch on the side of front bumper

    Will I need a repaint at a body shop?
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    If I purchase AP thru website, how long will it take to become operational

    Confirmed there is no auto lane change on highway.
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    Did we pay more for tax incentive in 2018

    My car would cost almost 3K more if purchased today. I guess I got lucky. 2018 Pricing (June): LR + PUP: $49,000 Red Paint: $1,000 Doc Fees: $1,000 Tax: $3,200 Federal Credit: $7,500 Mass tax credit: $2,500 TOTAL: ~$54,200 AP: $2,000 (purchased 3 days ago) OUT OF POCKET: ~$46,300 2019 Pricing...
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    Who says after 0 it’s still a mostly linear loss of range. But I wouldn’t be surprised at -40 the car would be dead the same as other living things if kept outside without protection.
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    You are out of your mind if you believe these numbers are remotely true. Here is the reality of range loss for M3. 70F 0% 60F 10% 50F 20% 40F 30% 30F 40% 20F 50% 10F 60% 0F >60%
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    You nailed it. A lot of people on this forum have no idea what they are talking about and choose to live in a bubble. My experience with i3 and M3 is exactly the same in winter with 50% or worse of range loss based on the same daily commute pattern. I had to charge more than once a day for i3 in...
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    i am not saying I can’t survive the winter with my model 3. I survived last winter with my BMW i3 with a daily round trip of 50 miles. But the effect of winter on all EV is more or less the same. Just don’t expect 15-30% loss of range in winter compared to the same summer driving pattern. Expect...
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    Can you do math? I am using almost double battery capacity for the same driving.
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    This can’t be accurate. I will give you one example. Normally if I charge to 90% the previous day and drive to work for 25 miles I would have 80-81% left in summer. Now in 30-40F temperature, I will lose 3-4% battery overnight and will have 72-73% left after driving to work. I am only heating to...
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    I had a BMW i3 before and the range loss in winter is similar.
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    Don’t order SR or MR if your winter is cold.

    You should expect at least 50% reduction in real-world range due to decreased battery efficiency, increased need for heating, increased vampire battery drain.
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    Model S depreciation since Model 3 launch

    Have been monitoring used Model S price for the past year and the price has dropped drastically in the past few months. Especially for facelift 75 and 75D, the price went down by 10-20k in just a couple of months. Not many people are interested in used S anymore when they can buy a new 3. I...
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    Are winter tires absolutely necessary for New England?

    Never used winter tires in the past even for my BMW i3 which survived New England winter just fine. Wondering if anyone in the north already survived winter with stock 18 inch all season tires.
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    MR3 price increase and AWD price decrease by $1000

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    Do gou have indefinite extension of EAP free trial if you don’t update software?

    That’s true. But maybe the only way Tesla can disable a EAP free trial is by a software update. It’s been noted previously when people updated their software the free trial was prematurely terminated.
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    Do gou have indefinite extension of EAP free trial if you don’t update software?

    Today is day 15 of my EAP free trial which is supposed to last 14 days but it’s still active. I have not updated my software after getting two update notifications in the past two days. Just wonder if I don’t update software maybe I will have free EAP forever.
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    Anyone coming from a BMW i3?

    Quite a lot of people on this forum used to drive i3 before they got model 3. I drove my i3 for over a year and loved it. It's quick, small, versatile, solid, quiet and with adaptive cruise control offers effortless driving in heavy traffic. When I got model 3, it took some time for me to get...
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    Tremendous road noise

    Have been driving a BMW i3 for more than a year which has almost no road noise comparing to my model 3. All I hear in i3 is a slight motor whine. There was no motor whine in model 3 instead there is this ever present cabin noise. What did I get myself into?
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    Tremendous road noise

    Lowered to 42. Still the same. Will try lower.
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    Tremendous road noise

    just got my model 3. June build. There is tremendous road noise with any speed above 10 mph. I can hear the tires grinding on the road. Tire pressure set at 48psi. Should I ask tesla to look into this?
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    VIN Assignment

    Bought a reservation (from 3/31/2016) on eBay on 6/14 Configured on 6/14/2016 (red, aero) Edit design disappeared on 6/18 ISA contact on 6/19, vin 25xxx Delivery in 2-3 weeks
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    VIN Assignment

    Where to find the “edit design” button? I configured yesterday and could not find this button anywhere.
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    Model 3 reservation 4 sale including dual motor option

    The current price on ebay is between 500 and 1000.
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    Found a LOT of Model 3's in a Tesla lot - Pictures inside

    Caught a truck on I90 east heading to Dedham MA service center carrying a bunch of M3’s. Some of them were wrapped.
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    Braking distance concern by Consumer Reports

    Wow, BMW i3 60-0 distance is 108 feet
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    New CPO Policy Experiences (non-refurbished)

    I reserved a red 70D on 4/25 and attempted to take delivery on 5/14 but had to refuse the car. Like yours it was in rough shape, including deformed front bumper lip, extensively scratched rear bumper, a big din on trunk cover, extensive curb rashes on two rear wheels and scratched paint elsewhere.
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    "non refurbished" CPOs?

    I refused the delivery unfortunately. The car had multiple cosmetic defects. Not willing to pay 50k+ to buy a car in that kind of condition. I have a feeling that Tesla priced their used cars very much based on their conditions.
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    Supercharger - Framingham, MA

    not ready yet. not much progress in the last couple weeks.
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    New CPO Policy Experiences (non-refurbished)

    CPO prices are trending downwards pretty fast. Now you can get P85D in low 60s.
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    For Sale: 2015 Model S 85D - All Options Including AP1

    Not trying to sabotage your sale. Just want to point out the potential reason for lack of interest.
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    For Sale: 2015 Model S 85D - All Options Including AP1

    Tesla currently has multiple used S85 under 60k with 4-year warranty. It’s a buyer’s market now.
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    I know this car. It’s from ebay. It’s a pitty I did not grab it earlier at the buy it now price of 63k and the bidding ended much higher.
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    My CPO Play By Play

    Congrats! Do you have to pay transportation fee?
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    2015 Tesla Model S 85D $62,000 - San Ramon, CA

    Interesting. It doesn’t say on the window sticker that there is power lift gate? Is this a standard feature on 85D?

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