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  1. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    It's a fault in the battery....not the charging (which I had to have replaced in November for $1200!)....I'm just so frustrated because the numerous times I talked with them, all they told me was it had to be operating when I dropped it off....(I had been panicking since I thought the battery...
  2. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Ok....so now Tesla is really testing me....Supposed to take delivery tomorrow morning....paid for the car yesterday which also included the value of my trade-in $16,900 with the 21 miles of range...out of the blue today I get a notice on my app to pay an additional $16,900!!! They are basically...
  3. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    That's why my husband didn't love the plate at first....I was initially going for MRS TSLA.....LOL....My husband still doesn't love my plate....he refuses to drive my car...LOL!
  4. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    This pic is horrible quality but a friend invited me to a PUC event he was speaking at in SF and I happily attended just for the random opportunity to get a picture of him with my license plate :). This was in 2014.....This is how much I love Tesla and the vision of Elon....praying I don't get...
  5. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Exactly!!!! I thought they would deliver my car on a tow (like they did with our signature nearly 10 years ago!) and then tow my trade-in back....If I knew ahead of time some random was going to be driving my car to me probably maxing it out on the way, I'd say Hell NO.....so I think this will...
  6. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Thanks for the support!!!! The frustrating thing is that we've been Tesla supporters since 2008/2009....we put down the $25k for the first signature (follow on Model S in 2013 and Model 3 in 2018)....we were all in....service for first few years was awesome, acknowledging our support and...
  7. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    So I did factory reset and it charged up to 23....:( Tesla called me this afternoon to confirm my home delivery on Friday and asked about the trade-in since they had a chance to review the service history(??!!!!)...Well didn't you guys do this when you gave me my trade-in offer two weeks ago...
  8. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    What's the factory reset? I would love to try it!
  9. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Yes!! LOl...made this handle 10 years ago....but I (DeDe) am the Tesla fanatic...hence my MS TSLA license plate....
  10. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Oh no...I was just mentioning I'm the DeDe not the John...LOL! The battery is having a failure...I don't know the technicals around it....but it started with only charging to a maximum of 150 then down to max 120....all the way down now to 22....
  11. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    It's no longer charging ...Only charging up to 25 miles....BTW....I'm DeDe :)
  12. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    They quoted me $16,900....I submitted the car for trade-in and assumed they did their due diligence on service history since they have the car VIN, etc....I'm taking home delivery of my new car and assume they'll just load up my 2013 on the same tow they bring new one....When I was worried that...
  13. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Thank you! Sadly, the reason for the purchase was both of our cars are just out of warranty...in fact, six weeks after warranty, my battery (on the white 2013) suffered a complete failure and Tesla said it would cost $12-$13k to refurbish....no way! So I've got 25 miles of battery left, and...
  14. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Hi all....haven't been on these forums since delivery of Signature Model S and follow on Model S in 2012/2013....Here's some info on cars recently ordered: Order date 2/14/22 Black on Black Plaid w 19" wheels Got VIN assigned this morning 472673 Delivery to house on Friday, March 4 Hoping for...
  15. John_DeDe

    Powder Coating Wheels

    The Fremont service center knows a guy who does the powder coating in house...I'm taking delivery of my pearl white MS on September 12, and I'm hoping to have my wheels done before actual delivery...When I was in a few weeks ago, one of the service people mentioned that if I brought my car in to...
  16. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Ok...Thanks for letting me know!! One less thing to focus on!!
  17. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Just another data point here...Sig non-perf Red/tan/lacewood/pano #965 received VIN on 10/31 of 938...received email yesterday (11/7) that car was in "burn-in" and they could safely schedule delivery on Sunday (11/11) here in San Jose...Offered the factory tour, but we've been a few times...
  18. John_DeDe

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Yesterday I decided I wasn't going to look at this thread anymore because it was really bumming me out that I hadn't received my call...Well, today, I'm back on because we finally got the call and email: Sig #965 - no VIN Oct 14- 28 Red (non-performance) Tan Lacewood Pano roof 21" silver...
  19. John_DeDe

    How long have you been waiting? (when did you reserve?)

    We put down our deposit on July 17, 2010, for P2222. When final pricing came out in December, we changed our reservation to Sig965, primarily because I wanted the sig red. I sold John on the upgrade by reminding him he could get HOV access earlier.
  20. John_DeDe

    Model S demographics and surveys

    Thanks for reopening survey!!
  21. John_DeDe

    'Get Amped Tour' Email Invites

    +1 @ Transl8r!! Sig #965 hoping to get a spot for Fremont next weekend as well...
  22. John_DeDe

    Latest "Finalize your order" date

    Sig #965 received email this morning 9:01am PST...Yea!! DeDe
  23. John_DeDe

    It's Model S Weekend at Tesla Santana Row 3/17 & 18 and new Model S Design Studio

    Was in Santana Row last Friday and a "little bird" told me X will be there, too!!
  24. John_DeDe

    Solar Garage Anyone?

    We just went live with our PV solar system on November 1 (San Jose, CA). We started getting quotes in April; finalized bid with Sungevity in May; and they began installation in September. PG&E connected us to the grid on November 1, the start of lower winter rates (coincidence?). With the...
  25. John_DeDe

    Model X Tally

    P36 - us
  26. John_DeDe

    Model S Buyer Demographics: Gender

    I'm one of the anomalies here...I persuaded my husband to put down the original deposit 2 years ago (and wrote the check to move up to signature in December!)...I cannot wait for this car even thought it will be for his commute in the HOV lane from San Jose to Santa Clara and SF...I tried to get...
  27. John_DeDe

    teaser photo

    I thought the exact same thing when I saw it...Infiniti is coming out with JX this spring which is a 7 seater...
  28. John_DeDe

    Model X event e-mail sent out

    Booked at Holiday Inn Express - Hawthorne...Free shuttle to/from LAX and 2 miles from event...not fancy but only in town less than 18 hours...
  29. John_DeDe

    With no $7,500 credit, could you still afford to buy?

    I COMPLETELY agree!! Cash out to us upon purchase is really $7500 more than what is stated...
  30. John_DeDe

    World Map of Model S Reservation Holders

    Hi Robert, I updated my marker to reflect our upgrade from P2222 to S965...Love seeing the markers in the Bay Area!! Thanks for maintaining this!! DeDe
  31. John_DeDe

    Where will your Model S reside?

    Thanks for that clarification! Love this idea :smile:
  32. John_DeDe

    Where will your Model S reside?

    Just posted our location on map and while looking around to see others in South Bay, saw someone else with my same production number about 15 miles away from me....P2222...Have reservation numbers been reallocated as people drop out?
  33. John_DeDe

    If you were not getting a Model S what would you get

    In July, we traded in my husband's Lexus LS 460 for a Lexus HS250h, which will hold him over until our Model S delivery in (hopefully) September 2012...I'm currently taxiing the kids in a Lincoln MKT and incurring 20k/year, and I plan to start driving the Lexus hybrid more next year to ease up...
  34. John_DeDe

    Model X Unveil When??

    Yes...that was me...we were in Santana Row last weekend and the rep mentioned to us that December 13 was the day for the big reveal of the Model X...He didn't have any other information regarding deposits on it, but he was fairly confident that current Roadster owners/Model S reservation holders...

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