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    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    Agreed. When I wear my glasses to see better they make my vision a little worse for stuff on the screen
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    how come RWD SR+ drift and fish tail a bit while driving in straight line on HWY speed on snow day?

    well then you are driving too fast for the conditions
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    HV Controller failure on 4.5 year old Model 3 (RWD, long range). Tesla says Not covered under Battery Warranty

    I'm not sure where your confusion lays here. Seems pretty clear to me they aren't the same part
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    Key Fob or not ?

    I don't carry any keys so it would be odd to carry a fob again. I carry my key card and usually my phone and also my apple watch with the 3rd party app can unlock and remote start the car with touch screen or siri voice commands
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    Interior temperatures too high

    i've been logging my temps and graphing them in excel. Just two days of information so far. I have an atmo air quality and temp monitor that I leave in the car with historical bluetooth loggin and a professional hvac temp probe and the probe and monitor are within 1 degree of each other. It...
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    What are some wheel brands or companies to stay away from?

    Specifically customer service. Hard to have problems with wheels when they are continually out of stock of those wheels
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    Spiders in car, Help! :(

    I would carefully use glue traps along with an ozone generator treatment. I have an ozone generator so that is what I would be using.
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    What are some wheel brands or companies to stay away from?

    Good questions. Good questions. I am just asking what brands of wheels would people avoid and what companies would people avoid ordering from.
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    Vendor Titan7 - Fully Forged Street & Track-Ready Wheels - Official Thread

    Website only shows PayPal as a checkout method. Am I overlooking a method to pay via credit card? It's 2022 and all
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    What are some wheel brands or companies to stay away from?

    Besides Martians bad customer service and I'm thinking Titan also, what are some wheels or companies to avoid?
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    Rain Guard for Model 3 Windows?

    My poor review of these is in the reviews for this exact listing. I have a few pics in there also that shows what they sent me. Maybe they changed the way they made these. Glad they are working for you
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    Rain Guard for Model 3 Windows?

    I tried those $90 ones on amazon from xipoo or something like that and they were f'in garbage. They were just white plastic spray painted a gloss black with splotches of black paint overspray on the underneath side where you would see it through the windows all the time. I returned those...
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    Low Voltage Lithium-ion Negative Terminal Location?

    It's worse than that...try less than 7 amp hours on the newer lithium and about 15.3 volts nominal voltage
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    Low Voltage Lithium-ion Negative Terminal Location?

    Yeah, don't even think about doing what you plan on doing. Go buy yourself a jumper pack and keep it in your ice car. Which you should have had in the first place in my not so humble opinion
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    Service Center won't/can't fix car [suspension - aftermarket suspension installed]

    tesla will go out of their ****ing way to deny warranty claims if they even sense they can blame it on something you did with aftermarket parts. They didn't even want to fix my horns not working because I installed a light in the frunk. They said I had to return my wiring to stock. I even...
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    Unable to patch Tesla Michelin tires

    you are making this WAY more difficult than it needs to be. Just plug the damn thing with the plug kit you should have in your car anyway and fill it with air with the compressor you should have in your car
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    Tesla NEVER told you the phone was good enough. As a matter of fact, the following statements are cut and pasted directly from the owner's manual. And it appears that roadside assistance was something you would have to pay for in this circumstance since it appears it is probably a non warranty...
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    Summer is around the corner. So is this. :)

    id get the mesh "radiator" inserts to keep bugs from getting to the heat pump condenser fins and get the front of that clear coated at least
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    Vendor Titan7 - Fully Forged Street & Track-Ready Wheels - Official Thread

    I'd be more impressed if the wheels were actually in stock
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    How many times has your car been in service?

    Only once and it's 2 months old. They refused to fix the horns and the rear passenger door alignment because I modified the wiring to add a frunk light. The wiring has nothing to do with either and the horns are not accessible from the frunk. They said verbally I had to return the wiring to...
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    Cracked Main Screen = Bad Time

    And people laught at the thought of a glass screen protector.
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    The "savings" from giving up your Tesla (under Loan) for a Cheap, old car, paid off

    It is going to be a very small percentage of people that can really justify a Tesla purchase using proper math. Particularly as tesla prices continue to climb. I do like the feeling of charging at home and not buying $5 gas. But it is a feeling that isn't justified by having spent over 60k on a...
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    Would a Tesla make sense as an apartment owner with shared L2 charging?

    I honestly would not even consider an electric car if I didn't have the capability to charge at home. And by home I mean my own charger that nobody else could ever use
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    Tesla App 4.6.0 - Where is Phone Key menu item?

    I don't have an iphone and don't have any phone key thing on my android app. I do know that if you want to add a phone to the car you need to do that in the car and have a key card present that authorizes a phone be added to operate the car. It is under locks in the car menu. Maybe I am...
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    Where are my other stations?

    on mine, if there is an hd2 or 3 then it shows the same station frequency on the next line but has the hd2. Then another line where it shows the same frequency and and hd3.
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    Passenger side door dent repair cost

    you should do a youtube search for tesla paintless dent repair....
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    Right side front wing collision

    just let insurance take care of it
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    Mud Flaps Recomendation

    Agreed. The rpm Tesla ones are fine. And I have ppf under all 4 on the paint.
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    Tint question

    If a tint shop tells you anything but number one then cross them off your list.
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    Model 3 Bra

    Probably the worst thing you could install in your car to guarantee your paint gets scratched and rubbed off. But I'm sure you can find one somewhere online.
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    USB-C PD seems to be upgraded! [Power Delivery]

    Yet I can't get them to charge my phone with different adapters...weird
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    Security Anti Theft License Plate Screws

    Those are easily removed with a small flat tip screwdriver. I know because I removed them, when I was a dumb teenager decades ago , from a standup payphone pedestal that I stole.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Seriously see a therapist. You know you are paranoid and that is good self reflection and at the same time it is greatly interfering with your life. I suspect there are other ocd type behaviors associated with this where you could benefit from professionals
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    How to report autosteer over reacting to certain lane striping

    I was driving in the carpool lane yesterday and it was one lane with lines on each side. The lane gets wider as it turns into 2 separate lanes. I had auto steer on with the basic autopilot and as it approached the solid white line just appearing in the middle of the lane it jerked the...
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    Has anyone had a problem with dirty door sills after driving on wet roads?

    Definitely always dirty. My Subaru outback with double factory seals does not have this issue. Subaru does many things much better than Tesla which I don't white understand given the Tesla price point and how easy it would be to make the Tesla better
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    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    I have the money invested also and took out a 1.24 loan. Most of the time though people are t even close to having this amount of money set aside plus an emergency fund and also out of debt. So they live paycheck to paycheck scrounging up the monthly Tesla nut thinking they can afford it
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    Average age of Model 3 owners?

    It's the new Honda Civic in my opinion. But I'm 50 ish and just got a new long range
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    Tesla won't replace my horns. What aftermarket horns are you using??

    new model 3 with 380 miles. Horns are not working properly. Weren't working properly the first day I owned the car. Its like one of the horns isn't working properly and I am getting different sounds when I push the horn. I took the car in for a few things like panel alignment and they didn't...
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    Uncomfortable driver seat?

    I definitely echo your thoughts. Just my left side and it is actually painful on my left foot. 6ft 210. Been driving decades and never had a car seat this uncomfortable. I can feel a ridge inside the foam bolster that I'm wondering if it is the issue. I seriously may take the seat apart...
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    Are the brakes on the MYLR crap??

    It's obvious that many people here don't actually "drive" their cars and rather they just steer them around. Well I drive mine and the brakes suck. There is no issue with bedding and all this other garbage. The brakes have a hard pedal and almost no bite to them. It is very un-nerving. I am...
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    Picked up my Tesla in early December, worst car I've ever owned.

    I know I would not buy a 60k car without researching it thoroughly before hand. That would include how it does in cold weather.
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    My first Model 3 tire rotation experience at 28,000 Miles

    Based on the first week of owning my tesla, I don't think my tires will last until the first scheduled rotation
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    Shot forward when parked [unintended acceleration - resolved by OP]

    this information can all be downloaded from the computer. It will say exactly if the brake pedal was pressed, what percent the go pedal was pressed down, what lights were on, what "gear" the car was in if any....
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    Buying a model 3 in 2022. Is it worth it?

    It's a toy for me and I'm not getting any younger so I just said screw it and bought it.
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    What I learned about the buying process from Ordering to Delivery

    I received my first Tesla delivery last week. And at least in my case the remotely unlocked the car and allowed me to thoroughly inspect it, test the lights, radio, etc. The only thing it would not do is go into gear they said. I didn't try that. After I was satisfied she told me to go ahead...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    It's been fun people but my awd was delivered yesterday. Oh my god the quickness on this is nuts. I think the fastest car I have ever owned was like a 15 second quarter mile car. I went a little crazy driving it home. getting up to 80 or a 100mph happens in no time it seems. You look at the...
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    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    Tesla delivery is kind of a circus. Delivery supposed to be 2/9, Wednesday. Today is 2/8. Was told I wasn't allowed to pick it up. They texted me and called me this morning to verify I was ready for home delivery tomorrow. 2 hours later they call me and say they can't deliver even though...

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