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  1. gmetcalf18

    What’s a Tesla Without a Custom Plate?

    had a custom plate on mine, couldn't handle seeing every other tesla also with a custom plate so I ordered a normal plate. Weird mind trick I played on myself, but for whatever reason I didn't like the custom plate after I had it.
  2. gmetcalf18

    Issues with Glass roof and rear passengers / Kids

    My 8 year old and whatever one of his friends is with us at any given time have never complained about the sun being in their eyes or feeling hot, we get up to nearly 100 degrees in the summer so while I don't think it's an invalid concern I do feel as if it was addressed in the planning stages...
  3. gmetcalf18

    Battery degradation??

    I’ve done almost the opposite of what’s recommended (not all by choice) on my LR 21 MY. My battery has been at 0% for 3 months after an accident, I charge to 100% a few times a month, I have to supercharge 3-6x a month and with 14,500 miles I show 323 miles at 100% obviously it’s an estimate but...
  4. gmetcalf18

    New Delivery - Issues with bad buff swirl marks.

    If they try to send it to Cauley Ferarri in Farmington I would think twice. They repaired my Model Y and did a piss poor job, I still have to take it back for a third time to fix issues they left. There is a certified shop in Ann Arbor which might be a better option for you, I don't believe...
  5. gmetcalf18

    Fair price for PPF + Ceramic?

    I had XPEL full front package (hood, headlights, bumper, quarter panels, a pillars, mirrors) with XPEL Tint on the front two windows for $2400 in Metro Detroit less than a year ago, NE prices are probably higher and driving to Detroit and spending 3 days here would eat up any savings you may...
  6. gmetcalf18

    When is ultra Long Range battery coming?

    While I don't disagree with you more range could be better, for driving with my son and wife we loose very close to zero time on road trips due to charging. My son has a thimble bladder, which he got from me, and even going over the speed limit on the high way you can get over 200 miles of...
  7. gmetcalf18

    Trash Can for Model Y in Armrest storage?

    None of you have kids? No one has ever had a snack in their car or used medication while on a road trip? Wish I lived such a waste free life as everyone above me but if you’re regular parent who drives longer distances I’d suggest this option: BASENOR 2022 2021 2020 Tesla Model Y Trash Can PU...
  8. gmetcalf18


    Has anyone found a way to format a T7 for the Model Y? I read everything I could find, the car gives an error when trying to format through the car so I manually added a TeslaCam folder and the drive was renamed but still can not figure out how to get it to work with sentry 👎
  9. gmetcalf18

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Oh yeah my older son played until midget it smelled like someone threw up in his bag they’re disgusting 🤢
  10. gmetcalf18

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Thankfully he’s only 8 and I still take care of his gear for him so we air it out and wash everything religiously and believe it or not there’s little to zero stink from his gear. His gear is small still so it fit in the sub trunk
  11. gmetcalf18

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Exactly 13,476 bugs met their demise on the way home from Boston 🤷🏼‍♂️Elon the murderer
  12. gmetcalf18

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Forgot the most important part, 4 of the kids I coach for fall and winter hockey made a select team for the summer. Two of them play ball also, my little guy brought his mitt didn’t catch any balls but made a ton of memories. Awesome experience for these 8-9 year olds but I think I had a better...
  13. gmetcalf18

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Detroit to Boston was a total success! Sitting in our hotel in Buffalo currently on our way home, but wanted to update everyone as a new ev road tripper how pain free this was. I generally go between 75-90 depending on speed limit and flow of traffic, I’ve seen miserable efficiency numbers over...
  14. gmetcalf18

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Sheffield Ohio and Erie Pennsylvania both worked flawlessly, on to Buffalo then sleep!
  15. gmetcalf18

    Detroit to Boston in Model Y LR

    Starting my journey with my wife and son to Boston from the Detroit area, we've never done a trip further than Toledo and back with our EV but I'm really looking forward to the adventure and curious as to how accurate ABRP will be. I have stops planned in Sheffield, OH, Erie, PA, Cheektowaga...
  16. gmetcalf18

    Navigate on autopilot is missing

    Not any help to you other than I am experiencing the exact same thing, just subscribed Wednesday evening. No download, but the green light indicator works, the warning about stopping for traffic devices works, I also have the "blue box" pressed on navigate, but no navigate on AP. Can't figure it...
  17. gmetcalf18

    Dangerous parking brake engagement (?)

    I’ve done it NUMEROUS times. Like mentioned, no harm what so ever. Last time I was going 80+ and laughed to my wife thank God Elon is smarter than I am or we would have gone for one hell of a ride.
  18. gmetcalf18

    5700 Mile Model Y Road Trip noob style

    You convinced me to try FSD I paid for the subscription but didn’t get any download, does it automatically update or do I need to try to force an update? Leaving next Wednesday night wanted to test it out before we’re on the road for real!
  19. gmetcalf18

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Finally got my car back after my accident, insurance paid to get my PPF redone, and I had them black out the a pillars with black Xpel PPF and wrap the mirrors in satin black to match the trim. Car looks less like an egg, I dig it!
  20. gmetcalf18

    5700 Mile Model Y Road Trip noob style

    Going from Detroit to Boston in 3 weeks, and reading this made me feel a lot better. Worried a bit about waits at super chargers in New England on Memorial day weekend but I've accepted it is something we may encounter and we'll handle that hurdle if we get there. Awesome write up, thanks for...
  21. gmetcalf18

    Model Y hit and run while parked - total loss or reparable?

    This was 26k of damage and looks like A LOT less damage than yours, I’m not an insurance adjuster but I would be shocked if yours isn’t totaled. Super bummer man I hope you’re taken care of sooner than later, mine took almost 5 months to get back 🤯 now that I have it back it’s almost as good as...
  22. gmetcalf18

    "Charge stats" disappeared in app

    Not super helpful but I’m running the same version and I still have charge stats. Unsure why you don’t but can confirm this version of the app “should” have that included (and I love it, please don’t take it away uncle Elon)
  23. gmetcalf18

    Autopilot causes an accident. What now?

    Autopilot is considered driver assistance not fully autonomous, and it warns you frequently to have your hands on the wheel and ready to apply the brakes if necessary. Not trying to give you a lesson, but Autopilot is NOT 100% fool proof and there are many areas still that need to improved. It...
  24. gmetcalf18

    Washing -what do you use?

    I was almost skeptical of chemical guys, feels like a gimmick and they have what I would deem as too many products, however after trying numerous lines I do think for the price CG has some of the best options. I use the pink soap, foam cannon and two bucket with wash gloves. Pressure wash...
  25. gmetcalf18

    2021 LR Collision - Body Shop?

    I got hit on Black Friday and just went to pick up my car today, to find out it’s not repaired properly. Paint issues, alignment issues, panel gaps. I’m at a certified Tesla repair shop, that also is a Ferrari dealership so I was hoping for as close to perfection as possible and didn’t end up...
  26. gmetcalf18

    2021 LR Collision - Body Shop?

    Not going to speculate on the damage or why the malfunctions but tell your friend he needs to secure another vehicle if he doesn’t have an extra in the garage because he’s not getting that back until July or August if he takes it in tomorrow.
  27. gmetcalf18

    Model Y repair horror story

    I was hit on Black Friday and I still don’t have my car back, been 4 months with nothing. Back orders, faulty new parts, paint issues, battery issues, coolant leaks, and more. I love my car but I don’t even remember what it’s like to drive it and I’ve been considering selling it when I get it...
  28. gmetcalf18

    Help me find a way to charge!

    Well, if you don't want to super charge, and obviously will have to charge at some point(s) throughout the week I would weigh the pros and cons of having one at work or at home. Once you decide if at home or at work would be better then get to creating a presentation for your landlord at either...
  29. gmetcalf18

    It's the big fat butt!

    Phew I thought I was losing it, I’m the same way it’s not sitting at a 45 but it’s certainly not straight and I want it as straight and centered as possible drives me nuts!
  30. gmetcalf18

    New model y range issues

    MPG goes down but certainly not in half, I have a LX570 absolute gas guzzler, but it's rated at 18MPG (never gets that no matter how slow I go) but even at 85-90 I still can get 12-13 MPG opposed to my normal 15 MPG. It's less than stated MPG no arguing that but unless you're pedal on the floor...
  31. gmetcalf18

    New model y range issues

    It's a catch 22, the car is an absolute rocket ship, but if you use it's potential speed you get NO range. We have a few highways that pace at 85+ and if you're going over 85mph you're lucky to get 100 miles of range on 80% charge, drop down to 70mph and your range shoots up but driving this...
  32. gmetcalf18

    255/45R20 Tires on the 20" Inductions?

    Didn't even think of that, someone smashed into me on black Friday so it'll be a while before I have it back / a new one depending on what insurance says. Thanks for the tip!
  33. gmetcalf18

    Minimize Battery Drain

    That's what I don't understand, I don't use sentry mode, I don't have any apps other than the Tesla app. Before the accident I've left it at home 4-5 days and not lost a single percentage, I just checked for the first time this morning and it's all the way down to 180 miles making me think...
  34. gmetcalf18

    Minimize Battery Drain

    My not even 3 month old model Y was smashed by someone we'll call Karen on black Friday. Around my area there is exactly one shop that is trusted to fix Tesla cars, and they're booked until Dec 6 leaving my car sitting in the tow yard for another week. When I was hit my car had 261 miles of...
  35. gmetcalf18

    Model Y range estimations

    I have a long range 2021 they said when I bought the car 326 miles. I’ll never sniff 326 miles with my driving, the estimate from the epa is quite inaccurate. If you go over 80 mph you’re not getting over 200 miles on one charge, if you touch 90 for more than a few seconds I’ve had range...
  36. gmetcalf18

    Who has ordered?

    I can see my CT reservation on Tesla.com under the account tab
  37. gmetcalf18

    255/45R20 Tires on the 20" Inductions?

    255/45/20 Vredestein Wintrac Pro just installed today on my inductions. I’ve only put 30 miles on them but up to 65 mph I don’t notice a ton of road noise, ride seems slightly softer, tires certainly feel softer but it was about 50* today so a little warm for a winter compound. No rubbing...
  38. gmetcalf18

    Picture of your Model Y - Right Now!

    First time at a super charger in Toledo, Ohio
  39. gmetcalf18

    Who has ordered?

    Placed a reservation today, literally nothing to loose, we'll see if it feels right when it's available!
  40. gmetcalf18

    New Tesla Wall Charger - wire question

    I’m not an electrician, but I was looking at the same scenario, 175 feet of copper 4g was VERY expensive I believe 2200 just for the wire without labor/install. We ended up going with 100amp service line from my main panel to a 60amp shut off switch in my garage, then wired only ten feet of...
  41. gmetcalf18

    Extremely fragile top glass roof - Model Y

    Certainly not trying to dismiss you but my seven year old who has an absolute brick head smashed his head into my roof last week and I panicked thinking one he’s hurt for sure, two I remember seeing this post thinking I’m looking at a price repair but thankfully zero damage to the roof. They’re...
  42. gmetcalf18

    Best winter/ snow tires in the Colorado Rocky Mountains for Tesla model Y long range performance 20 inch

    https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Vredestein&tireModel=Wintrac+Pro&partnum=545VR0WTPXL I just got these, installing them when it’s a bit colder but all the reviews I’ve seen have been positive. Slightly taller sidewall (45 vs 40) but in stock and will fit with no issue
  43. gmetcalf18

    255/45R20 Tires on the 20" Inductions?

    Just ordered the exact same set for winter driving in Metro Detroit, I've driven in and around Denver in the winter, way more scary than around here hopefully they work well for you! Jealous I can't live out there, I really enjoyed Idaho Springs and that pizza made with honey!
  44. gmetcalf18

    The Tesla Tax: crazy PPF quotes

    Near metro Detroit going rate is about 5500-7000 for a full ppf job stealth or not, full front is around 2k but 12,5 is insane
  45. gmetcalf18

    What's your 100% charge range?

    2021 model y long range with 1720 miles shows 330 miles at 100% take that epa!
  46. gmetcalf18

    Just got vin. I need floor mats

    I've had weather tech mats in 3 or 4 cars now, and almost instantly ordered them for the Model Y but after a lot of videos and research I decided to try the 3D Max and was so impressed with the fit and finish, and I know it's crazy but the logo doesn't bother me at all! I now have 3D maxpider in...
  47. gmetcalf18

    Schizophrenic Spotify Podcasts?

    Same thing is happening with me I only listen to spitting chiclets (hockey podcast) but 8/10 times when I get back in the car it's starting a different random episode, if I click on the one I was listening it picks back up where it should but castbox has never done that before. I'm a Pandora guy...
  48. gmetcalf18

    The Tesla Buying Experience

    Just purchased one of those based on your review, I was frustrated yesterday I ended up getting the service manager to replace the tire under good will but it was a 4.5 hour delay in my day. This kit probably would have saved a ton of headache, thank you for the suggestion, this is my first car...
  49. gmetcalf18

    The Tesla Buying Experience

    Got my first flat tire at 666 miles 👍 used the sealant and pump kit I purchased, the hole in my tire is maybe 3mm and released all of the air. The sealant didn't work, and with no seal the pump was useless. Tesla has no loaner vehicles, and no loaner tires so I'm currently sitting in the lobby...
  50. gmetcalf18

    Software update

    I'm still at version 2021.11.102 from delivery, just hold on tight and wait?

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