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    At Home 240V charging Interrupts all the time

    Update to this: After not changing anything, charging worked well starting at approximately mid October (8-9 weeks ago). I went with several weeks with zero interrupts at all, charged all the way to my setting no problem. I have even been charging at 30 amps most of the time instead of the...
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    At Home 240V charging Interrupts all the time

    I did see a red light a few weeks ago, but I set this to off peak charging so I don't see it and it's a detached garage so I can't easily see what's going on with the lights when it randomly stops charging. Last night it stopped 2x for instance, 11:23 after 23 minutes, then 12:54, then it...
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    At Home 240V charging Interrupts all the time

    120V charging I have done in the past 2 months at other houses - 2 small issues on a Saturday when charging for 40-48 hours. Other house - no problem with the 120V. If my outlet works great, all electrical connections are great, what could it be? I doubt it would be grounding - I have 4 ground...
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    At Home 240V charging Interrupts all the time

    I have both a Wall Connector and Mobile Connector in my garage (14-50 Hubbell receptacle). I used to charge at 32 amps overnight no problem, almost 1.5 years later it started disconnecting so I decide to drop amps to 24, that worked fine for a bit but it slowly got worse, more interrupts - this...
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    Tesla Wall Connector Starts at 48A then Slowly Drops to 38-40A

    I have issues with mine that I will start a new thread on, but will follow yours. I have issues with both mobile connector and Wall Connector at home. For the 14-50, I have an industrial Hubbell receptacle, proper gauge wiring (6 gauge copper to 14-50, which goes to 100 amp subpanel, 4 gauge...
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    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    When I took it in to get this fixed they replaced some sensor in the charge port and swapped mobile connectors out for me. I did charge for the 10 minutes (it was pulling 40 amps I believe then) I was at the SC but it is a ways away and not local so I cannot do that again. Sometimes the...
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    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    He did for a couple of years and said he now does 40 amps. I told him yesterday to set it on the Wall Connector instead of just in the car. I'm not aware of any heat issues on that directly wired WC.
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    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    I have tried a friends Wall Connector and while it did charge with higher amps, it cut it back to 36 amps from the 48 max amps within 15 minutes. My outlet is the industrial Hubbell 14-50, -> 6 gauge copper wire -> 100 amp subpanel in garage -> 4 gauge copper wire -> 100 amp disconnect -> 2...
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    Power Conversion System (PCS) failure

    My car charging has been incredibly difficult for about 6 months now. I have a Model Y LR. It almost never stays charging until done. Most of the time it fails within 15 minutes or so on my Mobile connector on my Nema 14-50. My Wall Connector is worse and just fails right away most of the...
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    100 Amp Home Service and L2 outdoor installation

    A sub panel won't allow your main to pull any additional amperage, that would just be for room for breakers if needed or wanting extra power at another location. New service on the garage sounds good. Some utilities offer EV charging with their own meter even with low rates off peak. I went...
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    Model 3 will only charge at 32A on home charger

    I will be trying a friends Wall Connector in town at some point in the near future. I know my voltage goes between 235V and 250V (245-250V when my solar is pumping out energy) so that is a wide range but shouldn't stop charging at all. I usually charge off peak hours so no solar going and it...
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    Model 3 will only charge at 32A on home charger

    This is some interesting info. My MY used to be fine at 32amps (could have done 40 but didn't desire the extra speed and slight efficiency drop) then had a couple random interruptions so I dropped to 26ish amps... then got them again a couple weeks later so tried 22amps, got again and I'm down...
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    TSW Wheels - small holes for tightening lug nuts

    This worked out excellent. Stock lug + plastic cover never fit right and looked kinda weird but worked. 12 pt socket tight fit (6 pt doesn't fit) in second picture, the spline tool fits easily. Last pic is a wheel all finished up, worked perfect!
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    TSW Wheels - small holes for tightening lug nuts

    So, I have these TSW wheels on my MY: https://www.tsw.com/alloy_wheels_nord.php TSW Nord Rims 19" Inch 5x114.3 Wheel Rim TSW NORD 19x9.5 +40mm BLACK MILLED They fit and look great but the holes for the lug nuts are smaller - do not fit my wheel safe 6 pt 21mm socket. They do NOT even fit 6 pt...
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    Lots of refinement between 2020 and 2022 Model Y

    I'm going to keep watching closely to all of the changes on the Y. Mine is June 2020. What I am missing that I would really love: heated steering wheel (I'm in Michigan), biodefense larger air filter, better sound dampening, slightly more range. What I am going to hold out for until I upgrade...
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    Lost cruise control and Autopilot

    They messaged me in the app and sent the update again. Re ran it and now everything seems fine. I wish I could just do that myself in the service section for the car somewhere.
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    Lost cruise control and Autopilot

    I have a 2020 Model Y, software version 2021.24.11. After the update 2 days ago I no longer have cruise control, Autopilot, or speed limit detection. I tried rebooting a few times and it still works the same. It did say to schedule service, so I did that but that happens next week. I will be...
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    Model Y Perf or BMW X3M?

    lol that's great, his and her Model Y performance cars. I only had to watch and follow a few people on Youtube and see the comparisons to learn if buying a new vehicle 40K+ USD, EV is the only way to go. Otherwise buy used now if you need something and wait 2-5 years to buy the EV that fits...
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    Stuck in snow, wheels spin wildly, hub goes flying

    Dang..well if the front is floating that wheel is gonna be spinning like crazy I guess! I haven't had to use slip start yet but meant to play with it a couple weeks ago...
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    Tsportline 19 x 8.5 Wheels on the Y

    I messaged about some wheels awhile ago and they were rude to me as well. I'm looking for just some matte black flow formed 19's x 9.5 with 35-45mm offset to go with my stock tires for 3 seasons of the year. Looking to spend around $1500ish total. Currently I just have some Konig's that are...
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    Model 3 approaches Camry levels

    Off topic slightly but another good not the right car story... A friend was doing merchandising about 8 years ago and was getting help from a couple other friends (not employees) and he needed to run and go get more things from the warehouse which was only a couple miles away. He didn't have a...
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    Michigan: Plate and Registration?

    My temp plate is good for 16 more days. I do have the paperwork to register it and get a plate, but looking at SOS, I cannot do this online (makes sense), I cannot make an appointment for this (only critical services and appointments are 3-4 months out! LOL), so do nothing until SOS opens the...
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    Charging my Y with a NEMA 14-50

    There would be a difference but perhaps not noticeable - if the Wall Charger uses a different gauge copper in it versus the Mobile Charger. Checking the temperature of each cable may tell this. I am probably just going to splurge for the pretty Wall Charger anyway even though I am only gaining...
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    Dirty Mobile Charger?? Black liquid.

    I'm in Michigan. There is a heatwave and it was super hot picking up the car last week, but yea it seems like this grey liquid is coming out from the car plug end. Mostly done now but I'll put it in the service request I have going. It didn't leak out from charging but possibly from the heat...
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    Dirty Mobile Charger?? Black liquid.

    Anyone have grey/black schmoo coming out of their mobile charger? On delivery day I opened the mobile charger bag and saw it so they took it and cleaned it all up. It's like a thin black/grey grease. I hope it's not liquid for liquid cooling part of it?? If so mine is leaking. It was leaking...
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    Wireless Charging Pad

    So...my phone won't charge at all and it's listed as a supported phone for the Model Y wireless charger. Samsung S9. This is without the case. I have restarted both the car and phone and it always does the same thing - starts to charge, goes for 3-5 sec then drops it. No matter what. Out of...
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    Slow Wireless Charger

    I'm not talking about lower / slow charging. No charging is my case. Starting for 5 secs and stopping means no charging.
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    Charging my Y with a NEMA 14-50

    Yea, I will probably change down even from the 32 amps a bit to reduce heat and slightly increase efficiency. I guess there could be efficiency gains with a wall charger? but perhaps it doesn't matter if the mobile charger is set to 26 or lower amps, the wall charger will just be faster at 40...
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    Stinky HVAC

    Are you saying over time the car will smell due to heat and humidity? I have only had my Model Y for 4 days but it smells just fine - in fact you can't really smell anything. The air inside is very clean and not humid.
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    Slow Wireless Charger

    I thought mine worked when I picked my car up Tuesday. Turns out it starts working then just stops. This is with or without the case. Samsung S9 phone. Any idea? I can't get it to charge at all even with moving it around a bit without the case.
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    Charging my Y with a NEMA 14-50

    I don't understand the reason to buy a $500+ charger. I will likely just buy another mobile connector which I think is $270. I have a Nema 14-50 installed and getting 32 amps off that vs 40 amps seems pointless? It's going to be plugged in over night. Maybe if I drove Uber and had to come...
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    Still expecting June Delivery?

    I understand the unknowns but don't let me pick a delivery date if it's unknown it will be there and I go forth and make tons of accommodations, get the insurance in place, friend to help, etc. If I have to take 6-8 hours to do this don't make it move on me. If it was 1 hour away I wouldn't...
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    Fit & Finish Issues Plaguing Model Y

    I will be bringing a checklist and noting everything. I am hopeful it's only a couple minor issues but hard to say.
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    On display at Petersen Auto Museum - more pics

    Thank you for the beautiful pictures!
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    Who has ordered?

    I have 3 preorders - 2 for dual motor (one FSD) and one trimotor with FSD. Depends on what I feel will fit my needs when the time comes.
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    Delivery Checklists

    I printed off a delivery checklist from Bearded Tesla Guy on Youtube.
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    BEV vs. ICE

    Nice story - gives me confidence I can go BEV solely.
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    Delivery Support Specialist: a black hole

    Tried Tesla Support, texting my delivery specialist, and calling service center - left a voicemail. I'll see what happens tomorrow I guess. Tesla chat told me I'll have to talk to the delivery location which hasn't contacted me back yet.
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    Delivery Support Specialist: a black hole

    I think I am dealing with bigger problems than OP but some of the same. I choose my delivery for this Saturday in Cleveland at 6:00pm. I have a 6+ hour round trip to pick it up since I am in Michigan and delivery center is Cleveland. My delivery advisor is terrible at communication and I can't...
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    Michigan - Clarkston Pickup, Financing through??

    My delivery advisor is terrible at communication and I can't get a hold of him or any concrete information with my vehicle. I asked if Saturday is a go (I had everything setup on my end to do the 6+ hour trip) but now on my Tesla account it says delivery appointment is Tuesday June 30th at...
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    Michigan - Clarkston Pickup, Financing through??

    My Tesla was made a couple days ago, on it's way to Chicago, I had the pickup location set to Cleveland. I did the financing through Tesla because I figured anything else would be too complicated and wanted this to be as easy and trouble free as possible. I didn't know until today Clarkston...

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