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    Local suspension work?

    You could see if Cyril Wheeler is willing to do something for you. https://www.wheelerauto.ca/ He comes down to Ottawa periodically for a few days - next visit likely early Dec.
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    2020 M3 Warranty almost over-independent check?

    It’s worth the drive to Innerkip, I’ve done it twice from Ottawa (it does help that I have family in the general area down there though). Cyril is also coming down to Ottawa periodically, but he books up fast!
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    Still Can't Upgrade to 20" Wheels

    Just buy it with the rims you ordered and use them for the winter and get 20’s for the summer.
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    Eastern Ontario Whatsapp Group

    We have an Ottawa Facebook group. And now an Ottawa chapter of the Tesla Owners Club of Ontario.
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    Is there AM radio on the 2021 M3 LR AWD?

    No Model 3 has AM Radio. Some of the AM radio stations are available as sub channels on some HD FM channels though, or you might be able to find them via streaming.
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    Ottawa body shop recommendation

    Turpin Collision and Donnelly Collision are the two Tesla certified locations. I’ve had work done by both. I’d probably put Turpin as my first choice.
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    -25, M3 not charging at all on my 110?

    120V doesn’t cut it at -20s or lower. Even my 240V L2 is charging at significantly reduced speeds.
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    Ottawa #FillTheFrunk meetup

    Help us =AZXextR4vghEaaf8fMoRO7E8cXg8OBsVBntgz2AiVbOMphBTCrHitKxtlmDGjAsQmPL56wSLe4YfpUtE0ykqe6MK4J-9vNkFoDYEVklw79TeHQ&__tn__=q']#FilltheFrunk by donating non-perishable food and/or money to support the Ottawa Foodbank. https://www.ottawafoodbank.ca/donate/donate-food/ Bring your donations to...
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    This must be the first 4680 car?

    I’m sure it’s incorrect, whether intentional or not, who knows.
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    Why is Model 3 SR+ so popular?

    It qualifies for the federal rebate and no other models do in Canada. Tesla has limited component supply and is prioritizing the more profitable models. And Hertz ordered 100,000 of them!
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    Comparing Tesla Model 3 SR ( 151km range ) to Mazda MX30

    You really don't want the 151 km Model 3 SR, it's only intended as a compliance car. Just spend the little bit extra and get the 423km range SR+. The Model 3 will blow the pants off of either the Leaf or the i3. You can find some specs for it here: 2021 Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus RWD -...
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    Tesla Ottawa - For real this time

    No superchargers at either Tesla service location in Ottawa (and neither of them is particularly close to Manotick anyhow). There are superchargers at Bell's Corners, Casselman, the Rideau Centre.
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    How much does it cost to patch a tire puncture?

    Don't go to Canadian Tire. You got ripped off. My local garage did it for free. There is nothing special about Tesla tires.
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    Solo in HOV lane w blue plates on Tesla - anyone in Ontario ever been pulled over for this?

    Not permitted. You need green plates to solo in an EV in a HOV lane. You can and very well might get a ticket for not having the requisite number of people with a blue plate.
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    Experiences from those in Canada with 151km Model 3

    Don’t buy it! It’s a waste of money. Pay an extra $5k and get more than double the range.
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    Hitch installer - Ottawa

    Goldwing Autocare installed the Torklift stealth Ecohitch on my Model S. I believe I made them go through the hassle of becoming installers for them :->
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    Looking for simple all-in-one solution to winter tires for an SR+ (in Ontario)

    Go to Goldwing Autocare - they can get your tires, rims, tpms, and install for you. Ask for Freddy.
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    Model Y charge rate?

    same as Model 3 LR - 11.5 kW Onboard Charger
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    Trip Planning Help

    Use abetterrouteplanner.com for planning the overall trip. Then use the in-car planner for each segment depending when driving to find the next charger you’re going to stop and and know how long to charge. And remember your fastest charging will be to arrive at the charger with less that 20% (or...
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    Montreal store during Covid

    You really don’t want the SR. Just get the SR+ for the price difference.
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    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

    You forgot mileage..
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    Used Model S prices dropped by 4-8 K today

    Probably because they dropped the prices on the new ones by that much yesterday.
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    tire repair kit

    No one gets a tire repair kit with any Tesla automatically.
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    Triple bike rack on hitch anybody have it?

    Good thing I have the 2” Ecohitch then ;-) But they are lighter bikes anyhow. Two adult road bikes and 2 kids bikes. The biggest problem is that it’s actually really hard to get 4 bikes on, especially when they are different styles.
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    180 Railside Rd North York/Toronto - Service only location - any reviews?

    The Tesla Lawrence location’s service department just moved there in the last few days.
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    Triple bike rack on hitch anybody have it?

    I have a quad Thule for my Ecohitch on my Model S...
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    A good way of measuring accurately KWH usage?

    I use a wireless Eyedro meter. Just clip these around your charging circuit at the panel and hook it up to your network and you get access to a monitoring site that shows you all your usage and can send you periodic reports. https://eyedro.com/
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    Calabogie Novice Day - Saturday June [email protected] (Tesla group)

    I was there for it. There were only one or two people that needed to charge. Most of us just charged up to 100% at home. That gave us plenty for the drive there, 30 minutes in the track and the drive home. Obviously if you are doing a lot longer tracking you might need more charge!
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    With all the Petro Can and CTC EV growth do I invest in a CHAdeMO?

    I just bought one for this very reason. Unfortunately we are limited to max 50 kW charging with the Tesla CHAdeMO adapter.
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    Glass roof toughness when removing ice?

    It’s at least as strong as the windshield. Tesla Model 3 shows off insane roof strength in multi-car pileup
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    Windsor & Surrounding Area for Tire Rotation

    Save your money and use a hockey puck or two. Also note that you can lift the whole side of the car from one lift point so you can do back to front swap in two lifts.
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    Road trip Ottawa to Newmarket , use Kingston or Belleville SC?

    Definitely Belleville. And you should have no problems making it there in any weather with an LR.
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    18" Aero Wheels (Montreal or Ottawa)

    Or use the Aero rims for snow tires and get something nicer for the summer (that’s what I did).
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    Registered second driver, can’t find on Tesla app?

    We just use the same account on both phones. My understanding is that you can get the car added to a second account, but presumably you couldn’t do that before you get the car. Even on the first account you can’t do anything useful until the car is marked as delivered in you account. If she...
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    Scheduled departure

    I found that the first time I did scheduled departure in each car it did this. Just plug it in later in the evening (during off peak) and let it run it’s course. Subsequent uses it seems to work better. I think it must be doing some sort of learning or calibration of your local charging parameters.
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    Traction light

    Definitely not normal to happen in dry roads. It happens for me on slippery and snowy roads only. You could try toggling the slip start option and see if that makes a difference but otherwise you should get it looked at.
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    Maxpider 3D Mats on Sale at Costco [$40 off]

    And they even arrived today!
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    Hydro Rates in Ontario from 6.5 to 10.1 per Kwh

    Yes there was an increase, but as pointed out, it's not nearly as bad as it looks. Previously the Ontario the rebate was included in the price per kWh. Now that has been factored out, and it will be applied at the end instead. More info here...
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    [Amazon] DEWHEL Jack Lift for Model 3 set of 4 for $58 (26%off)

    Hockey pucks are a lot cheaper!
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    Maxpider 3D Mats on Sale at Costco [$40 off]

    Worked this time!
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    Maxpider 3D Mats on Sale at Costco [$40 off]

    Not working for me. I get product not found (404) when it tries to go from the ugard site back to the costco site with the correct product number :-/
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    Service Mode Needed to Install Winter Tires?

    If you have air suspension (S or X) you need to put it in “jack mode” in the suspension settings. Model 3 doesn’t have this and there is no service mode needed for changing tires.
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    Kingston SC construction - 3 of 6 stalls closed (EDIT: 6/6 BACK ON-LINE)

    Are they adding more SuCs? Or just unrelated construction?
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    Youtube & Netflix

    You need MCU2 to get Netflix and YouTube. I have them on my 2018 Model 3, but not on my 2017 Model S. It’s not related to autopilot at all. All model 3s get it, and Model S & X built after March 2018.
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    Are these new V10 feature?

    They’ve been there before.
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    Ontario's System-Wide Electricity Supply Mix 2018

    You can see Ontario’s real-time demand and production as well Gridwatch
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    12v battery requires service/Parking brake functions degraded

    Add some wiper fluid?
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    Model S Trailer Hitch

    2012-2019 Tesla Model S EcoHitch Stealth I just had this one installed on my 2017 S 75D. (I’m in Ottawa so the installer probably doesn’t help you much). It is true that the early ones did have some issues with galvanic corrosion, but they’ve taken precautions to prevent that with later...

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