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    Roundtable Roundup

    Broken again or just me?
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    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    I was actively checking my order status all day and I saw the filled order and initially I thought maybe I had fat fingered an accidental buy order. I opened it and there’s a red sentence at the top “ this is a margin sell out order which cannot be canceled or replaced by the user“. they closed...
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    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    I had my first margin sell-out order from TD today on my iron condor in my Roth. They closed the short calls 15min prior to close because my limit order to close hadn’t triggered. I had sold 720/740 850/870.
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    Wiki Selling TSLA Options - Be the House

    Would anyone mind giving their opinion on which roll they would do in my situation? I’ve been lurking for a long time and making lots of money, and id like to compare my opinion with others. I’ve sold 8/6 700p and 705c in even amounts. What would you do? Close or roll to what strike and...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I’d take the other side of that bet. I’d assume most people don’t know how to pay estimated taxes
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    Model Y and Model 3 Refreshed Center Console Tray Set

    The video above you doesn’t seem to block the light, what do you mean?
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    RWD 3-row Model Y order cancelled by Tesla

    To update, Tesla says my order was canceled accidentally when someone mistyped the order number of the customer who wanted to cancel. So far, they claim they can’t fix it, reinstate it, or replace it. I also have not been refunded my deposit. I’m disappointed but I haven’t given up...
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    Lift Gate Damage

    paintless dent repair would probably charge a couple hundred for their best try. Why not try that first
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    worthless in my opinion. $599.98 max for the day. I’d sell early when still rising
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    RWD 3-row Model Y order cancelled by Tesla

    I chatted with Tesla support. They didn’t seem like they knew any more than I did so they took my phone number and said someone will call me
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I would think if the stock is >$700 by then the MM have lost control?
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    RWD 3-row Model Y order cancelled by Tesla

    It is AWD blue and white interior 7 seat with FSD. no refund on my card as of yet
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    RWD 3-row Model Y order cancelled by Tesla

    reviving this old thread. My account no longer shows my model 7 3rd row reservation. any updates from others?
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    2018 trunk can interfere with an open charge port door

    Early build with no interference here
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    Seat Belt Extenders for Rear Seats?

    I bought a unit from seat belt extender pros through amazon and it had trouble latching like some reported (20% latch rate). They replaced it with another style at no cost including shipping, which was nice. The replacement works better (95% latch rate) but not perfect. The fix was removing...
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    My Model 3 windshied wiper shaking

    I have something similar. Cleaning my blades with window cleaner and a cloth helped
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    Recommendation for seat belt plug?

    A compatible seatbelt extension will work, and be useful when the car seat rides upgrade to boosters. I bought mine through amazon a seller called grea travel I think
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    Driver side Tail Light has fog/condensation

    I'm not certain but I think the tail lights on the 3 are vented to the outside air. It would make fogging more likely temporarily but also can go away on its own.
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    Just took delivery of "non-refurbished" CPO

    Interesting that you consider salary, housing, and cars as similar discussions. I disagree. Your house cost is public information in my state, with a searchable database and clickable map even. Car prices are usually published and even captured by google or wayback machine if you search the vin...
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    Watch Autoline this week on Thursday

    I have a theory that these were early cars, possibly very early. I'd like to think the build quality has improved since these teardown cars were built. Most likely, in the experience of this teardown company, manufacturers make all of their products the same. My guess is Tesla makes early cars...
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    How good is the Model 3 HVAC in winter?

    How cold is cold? I did a one hour Model 3 trip yesterday in snow and 25 degrees F. The heat was set to 70, we had jackets on, and no one complained about anything. I didn't closely pay attention to anything about cabin comfort, and nothing caught my attention
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    VIN Assignment

    I posted that I received my Vin yesterday, 4/2 153XX. Silver, sport wheels, EAP. Today a Tesla rep called to confirm all of information I entered, delivery could be next week.
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    VIN Assignment

    Silver, sport wheels, EAP
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    VIN Assignment

    I just noticed I have a vin on my account. 135xx Invited and configured 3/22
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    Residual value in 10 years speculation

    I think standard will be worth around $8,000 and long range about $9,500.
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    Buyer Beware... Used Texas car lot selling NJ lemons?

    It's legal to sell cars bought back under lemon law. It will be marked on the title and vehicle history reports. Lemon law can be multiple reasons, even if something is fixed. Number of return visits, number of business days out of service...
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    I'm curious if you would expect 383 again or +$10 from a Chinese factory announcement
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    SC messed with children's car seats

    My Ford dealer had to remove my car seats to complete service and they had me sign that they tried to put them back but wanted me to check them before use. Seems smart
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    2017 Investor Roundtable: TSLA Market Action

    Then it wouldn't be a gap, would it?
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    A Model S with UNLIMITED range?

    Using this technology I want to build power plants that use Model S on dynos to power the grid. Unlimited free energy!
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    $5k Delivery fee? Really?

    something to do with texas law?
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    Video: Real-Time Autopilot Commute

    Thanks for making the video, I watched the whole thing
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    Wiki Model 3 Reveal Event Coverage (3/31/16) 8:30PM PST - Discussion/Pictures/Video

    Did the tinted red car drive out on stage unmanned, or did I just miss seeing the driver get out. They seemed to focus on the other two drivers getting out.
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    A Bad Idea, Whose Time May have Come

    If I were in your situation I would not buy the Tesla right now. I would move 140 miles closer to the new job and enjoy an additional 400 hours a year doing what I enjoy. Once you have the move figured out and more than $3,000 in emergency savings I would buy the Tesla.
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    You 85kWh -> 90 kWh, me 40kWh -> your old 85 kWh pack + money to you...

    I don't believe Tesla ever produced any 40s, you'll likely find you can upgrade to 60 via software.
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    Cops don't like losing to a Model S!

    Why would you do that?
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    2013 Model S 60kWh

    An auction with a reserve will not usually bid as high as one with no reserve. Plenty of bidders will add an extra $100 if they think they can "steal" the car at the last minute. No reserve would probably gain at least 10%, in my opinion.
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    12 Model S for $60k a piece?

    I didn't think leases were available in the very beginning. So it would appear to be a very short lease term.
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    Pre approval of financing

    Groups of credit checks count as a single event, so shopping banks within one month is no change
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    Articles/megaposts by DaveT

    Awesome congratulations Dave!
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    2013 P85+ flawless condition, 4200 miles

    I don't understand why the price was firm and then you traded in for significantly less. Was it to avoid the trouble of a private sale? Tax benefits?
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    Cadillac ELR (Converj)

    Blastphemy, Could you help me understand what made you go from loving your ELR to being fed up with it? I must have missed it and I don't see it referenced on these pages.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    And fiat is rated higher?
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    2014 Model S 60 - SOLD

    There was a 60 available from Tesla with 6 or 8 thousand miles for 65,000 and you still get to take the tax incentives.
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    2013 MODEL S P85 - No Longer Available

    My local showroom has a P85 for sale with 4,500 miles and they're offering a $13,000 discount from new. Add any federal and local incentives and you're at $90,000 nearly new.
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    WTB Model S 40 or 60

    I'm bumping this thread due to the number of folks considering an upgrade. I'd be interested in a 40 or 60 with tech package, other options considered, also. Will travel nationwide for the right car.
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    P85D - Electric Mechanical Braking System

    Perhaps a dedicated isolated battery for critical systems backup and/or a capacitor feature. For fly by wire redundancy not only are the electrical systems double or triple redundant but many have hidden (from pilots) isolated backup batteries just for flight controls.
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    Short-Term TSLA Price Movements - 2014

    Can someone offer advice to a newbie who gambled on short term options for this announcement? I hold Oct 18th $300 calls. I'm debating selling them today versus holding them another day or two and hoping for a rebound. How can I calculate the expected loss due to time value compared to hopeful...
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    About time to unveil the D and something else

    Unveiling the D is unveiling two D's, Model S P85D and Model X 85D. The something else is still something else?
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    Social Chat - Short Term TSLA Movements

    I think some investors are just looking for an excuse to buy. This event might just be the right excuse.

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