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    2021 M3 Aero wheel covers, "peeling" off

    Look at the retention clips on the aero covers see if they are uniform in how they are spread to grab the wheel. Also, potholes are not your friends, but the 18" wheels are better at handling than the larger wheel sets.
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    Delivery / Service Issues (panel gaps, delivery delays / issues / Service problems etc)

    There are rubber bump stops under the deck lid you can hand tighten or loosen to lower or raise the deck lid. That might get you what you want. Otherwise, it looks fine to me.
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    2021 Model 3 Tire Fell Off - Get your bolts checked ASAP

    The first time I saw a thread about this I went to check the bolts, they appear solidly in. After reading this thread I checked again with the above pictures as a result.
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    2021 Model 3 Tire Fell Off - Get your bolts checked ASAP

    You can see the bolts without removing the front aero shield. You'll need a flashlight to illuminate the area. Look from behind the front wheel forward, you should see the rear bolt. Looking from the front of the wheel back you should see the front bolt.
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    How long does your tires last?

    My oem michelin mxm lasted about 36000. I didn't drive them hard, but they were ready for replacement.
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    2023 Model 3 no longer has manual door release in rear [never had them], other changes

    This is from 3 years ago, so for model year 2018-19ish. His lanyard is no longer available so you'll have to manage your own setup.
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    Vehicle Range

    Man you guys are savage. 🤣
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    2022 m3 awd LR front trunk sensor, won’t go over 15 mph

    Let us know what the issue/corrective action taken. Too many threads are left hanging to float off into the ether.
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    Loud thud after M3 locks

    Contactor opening, not an issue, the car will at times make noise like that and more. I suggest the next time you get a update, sit in the car the entire time it is updating. Lots of things going on, lights flashing, contactor opening, etc., normal.
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    Port Door Broken, Made Appointment, Now Working

    I would still go, show them the video even if it works when at the SC.
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    It’s Over, Tesla is That Good!

    Watch out for those potholes, low profile tires and big diameter wheels don't mix. :eek:
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    Low Voltage Lithium-ion Negative Terminal Location?

    A jump pack is in your future.
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    Strange experience trying to drive today

    I bet these automated garage setups are prevalent in Europe and Asia.
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    Model 3: Rattling rear deck

    Download a frequency generator app for your phone and see if you can replicate the rattle while you're back there. No way you can diagnose this properly by yourself while driving.
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    Coolant Reservoir Cap

    If you were to buy one, here is the p/n 1101469-00-A Parts Catalog
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    Minor parking garage bump fixes

    I don't know what Tesla charges for the sensor, but Ebay has them for $45 used. If you're not getting any errors then it should be working ok.
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    Minor parking garage bump fixes

    The white paint should mostly come off with some paint solvent, if the retaining clips aren't broken just push the bumper back onto the clips. After removing the paint, depending on how deep the scratches are, you might be able to buff it out with some polish.
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    Tire rotation

    I do it front to back, Michelin Crossclimates 2.
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    Tire rotation

    I would add the next odometer reading for rotation so that when the date rolls around and you have not reached the odometer reading just move the date forward a little until things match.
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    New Tesla Model 3 extended range locked me out, Tesla refused to help

    That's what came to mind. OP if you come back, paragraphs are your friend.
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    How many times has your car been in service?

    2018 LR AWD, 1. A SC stay for a cracked rear windshield, manufacturer defect, no charge. 2. Mobile service, replaced hw2.5 with hw3.0 for fsd. 3. Mobile service, replaced 12v battery, one month after 3 year anniversary, no charge. Tech also put sealant on front upper control arms. 4...
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    Quarter Window Trim Clip

    I would go to the nearest SC and see if they might have some just floating around, they comp you one.
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    Battery + coolant

    Here is the video you need to see. A relatively easy fix, Tesla won't do it you'll have to do it yourself or a repair shop that will.
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    Strange Vibration after getting in, before Pressing Brake Pedal - anyone else experience this?

    Likely coming from your HVAC system, blower fan maybe.
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    Heat pump noise

    A question, I assume Tesla gets the compressor from a outside vendor, if there is a defect that causes failure of the compressor, does Tesla eat the recall or does the outside company pay for the recall or some portion?
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    8 inch crack on windshield, repair or replace?

    Keep driving it, not an issue.
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    Cautionary Tale FSD Computer Upgrade to 3.0

    I will second what a lot of folks have stated so far, mobile tech came out to replace board only in less than 90mins. Vin 66xxx, Sept. 2018.
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    Only Tesla can do the alignment??

    If I may ask, what did they charge you for street alignment? Thanks.
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    Advice needed on waking up Model 3 [salvage car sitting for 1 year unplugged]

    You should be able to connect to your house wifi.
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    New M3LR - rattle when closing the front doors with windows down. Typical?

    Typical of frameless doors.
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    Front License Plate Mounts

    Or you could get a vinyl license plate stickon. Custom Licence Plate - Adhesive Licence Plate Replica
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    Waiting 2 months for Tesla 3 back window, no end in sight

    I had a about 5 day turnaround on my replacement, this was 2 years ago. So, your issue is likely related to supply chain disruption, unfortunately.
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    So, uh, stay away from dump trucks

    Yeah, you fix that, it's twitching my OCD.
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    NYC parking garage?

    If you can avoid it, never ever use a valet. If you have to park in a garage, self park.
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    Rear Motor Failure

    They replaced your 12v battery because it was "due to lack of support", what does that mean exactly? 🤔
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    14 day old m3 hit while parked total loss?

    Did you have Sentry mode on, any video?
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    18" vs 19" stock wheels

    Almost any place is better for 19" wheels than NYC Metro. The potholes are going to kill your wallet.
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    Rear glass cracked is tint a possible cause?

    It's hard to tell from your pictures, but I had mine replaced under warranty, 8/19. I didn't have any tint, so not exactly similar to your situation. As @stopcrazypp informed, check for any appearance of an impact along the crack outside. If you have a impact on outside, warranty will likely be...
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    Tesla Tires at Costco

    It could be next month when the Michelins come back on sale. The Cross Climates have out of stock for months at Costco.
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    Closing the front doors vs rear doors

    Adjusting the striker plate is not that hard to do, I had to adjust both the driver and the front passenger door shortly after getting my car. If you can make your own adjustment it's worth it to diy.
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    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    I have a Sept. '18 build, no issues yet, and still under warranty. If it happens under warranty I'll get Tesla to fix it, if not I think I might get the Mountain Pass Front Upper Control Arm kit. They are a little spendy, but camber adjustments and long term wear are the benefits.
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    Leaking boot / trunk

    I would suggest getting into the trunk close the lid, have someone with a strong flash light move along the lid seam. If you see light, that's where it could be infiltrating. You could also check the lid bumpers, they can be screwed in or out. One or both could be set too high, causing the lid...
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    The perfect Model 3 emergency jack?

    That's very disappointing. :( I had considered purchasing one of those.
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    Clunk with quick sudden acceleration. Any potential issues over time?

    What you are experiencing might be the parking brake releasing in hold mode, under normal acceleration you don't feel it. Try coming off the line under the same conditions without hold mode on and hear/feel what happens.
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    Pressure Stress Crack or Impact on Windshield?

    Yep, I have to agree, looks like a impact.
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    Phone unlocks door but key card needed to drive

    Yep, I stopped right there, and thought, "living the high life". :cool:
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    NEMA 14-50 is dead - all hail NEMA 6-50

    As per this video they shouldn't even be selling the cheaper stuff, just use the commercial grade equivalent.
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    Is M3 Big Enough?

    Best recommendation is to test drive under your use conditions. If going by the numbers were that easy it would be...easy. :) Example, there have been a small number of people who have found the drivers seat awful to unbearable. So, only your butt will be able to discern as well as your other...
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    New Car, Already have water leaks

    Make sure you dry out your car asap, you don't want mold and mildew to set in. I would suggest a can of damp rid.
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    Time to replace upper-control arm ball joints

    Well, reading from the description, "Sealed spherical bearings will last the lifetime of the car". The bearing is also on its own removable bracket, if you have to replace you don't have to remove the whole upper arm. Yep, if I'm out of warranty, I would seriously look into those beauties. :D

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