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  1. MrRandyB

    Supercharger - Claymont, DE - Philadelphia Pike

    I think Delaware might be getting another Supercharger. I found these plans to renovate a Wawa...
  2. MrRandyB

    Music skips on bumps

    Does it skip to the next song or just buffer and return to the same song? I know the iPhone has a shake to shuffle feature - maybe prime music has something similar or the phone is skipping to the next track.
  3. MrRandyB

    Service Center - Wilmington, DE

    I am thinking this may be a software thing I and my wife both have model 3's, and we have both experienced this as well. Both times the drivers side.
  4. MrRandyB

    Will Tesla continue to change/improve EAP?

    I believe when they moved Autopilot to standard they also changed the price for FSD to $6K - so basically the same
  5. MrRandyB

    Model 3 fog lights different on early vs new builds

    My lights look like OPs - I wonder who gets or when they started the bottom light line? I have May 2018 LR RWD
  6. MrRandyB

    Musk: V10 wide release "hopefully end of august" after early access

    Curious about this as well - my wife has SR+ and would love spotify Blog - Introducing Software Version 10.0 This says: "Streaming Media & Browser Support Coming to all Model 3 Vehicles To take advantage of the advanced media features in Software Version 10.0, we are also enabling browser...
  7. MrRandyB

    Infant rear seat headrest mirror

    I used one similar to the one above - just tightens and loops around the headrest JJ Cole® 2-in-1 Car Mirror and Tablet Holder
  8. MrRandyB

    Spotify finally coming to US Tesla vehicles?

    Seems odd that it would just be "not a priority", seeing that European cars have spotify integration already and apparently the code is already in place
  9. MrRandyB

    Price increase on charging adapters?

    You are likely looking at the Canadian website - I am still seeing the same pricing
  10. MrRandyB

    Editing driver profiles, and side mirrors question

    Just get into your profile and then make the changes you want and a save button will come up under the profile name Hit this and it saves your changes Also - when in your profile and shift to reverse you can set up the mirrors in a reverse position that you like, click save under the profile...
  11. MrRandyB

    Supercharger: Chesapeake House (I-95, MD)

    I have used this location before with no issues
  12. MrRandyB

    Model 3 rear handles overly recessed?

    Probably the little plastic stopper fell out
  13. MrRandyB

    Model 3 trade in value...?

    I am in the same boat - I think you have to compare it to a new car rather that what you paid for it. Tesla has been making more standard and lowering prices all around A brand new 2019 Model 3 Long Range Black FSD is only $55,900 and they come with new computer and $3,750 tax credit So...
  14. MrRandyB

    2019.16 Update

    I am getting this quite often in 2019.12.1.2
  15. MrRandyB

    Moved to Germany and decided not to bring my model 3

    Does this car have FSD?
  16. MrRandyB

    What defines acceptable battery condition?

    I think he meant to say RWD - rear wheel drive
  17. MrRandyB

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Looks like you are on the Canadian site - also Autopilot is standard now
  18. MrRandyB

    Rear defrost distorts window when on

    Happens in mine too even when no water. Mine is tinted I figured it had something to do with that
  19. MrRandyB

    Rear defrost distorts window when on

    Do you have tint on the window?
  20. MrRandyB

    2018 EAP people, should we buy FSD for $2000 before next Monday?

    On their website - Autopilot Enhanced Summon is listed under autopilot If I have Enhanced AutoPilot and not Full Self-Driving Capability will I get Enhanced Summon? Where my car will navigate more complex environments and parking spaces, maneuvering around objects as necessary to come find...
  21. MrRandyB

    Need help, just won a Tesla S on eBay

  22. MrRandyB

    After 1 year, and the thought of "upgrading".

    85 kWh Performance Model S 5YJSA1H1XEFP53858 | Tesla
  23. MrRandyB

    Model 3 Nature Pictures

    Great Smoky Mountains
  24. MrRandyB

    glass roof - production change (July 2018)?

    Tinted - vin under 20K - delivered May 2018
  25. MrRandyB

    Goodbye regen, I'll miss you

    Can't you preheat the car in the morning to also preheat the battery and have at least most regen available
  26. MrRandyB

    Charging Requirement and Options

    This site give you a good idea of the adapters that Tesla offers for the most common outlet types and the speed they will charge your car Model S/X/3 Gen 2 NEMA Adapters
  27. MrRandyB

    Charging Requirement and Options

    I should add I was using the UMC with a normal 5-15 outlet I thought most refrigerators use normal 5-15 outlets too, if you have a 5-20 or something else it can go faster and there are other adapters for the UMC you can buy to fit these other outlets The other most common is a 14-50, for...
  28. MrRandyB

    Charging Requirement and Options

    The best I have gotten with the included UMC is 5 miles of range added per hour, so empty to full would be 62 hours The best I have gotten with the HPWC is 48 miles of range added per hour, so empty to full would be 6.5 hours
  29. MrRandyB

    Pennsylvania EV Rebate

    Low-income chart appears to be tied to an additional rebate of $500 that is available on all vehicles if the applicant meets the low-income requirement of a household income that is below 200% of the Federal Income Poverty level. Low-income chart does not appear related to the original...
  30. MrRandyB

    If you don't pay for Autopilot, do you get *any* safety features?

    Autopilot Standard Safety Features These active safety technologies, including collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking, have begun rolling out through over-the-air updates Automatic Emergency Braking Designed to detect objects that the car may impact and applies the brakes...
  31. MrRandyB

    If you don't pay for Autopilot, do you get *any* safety features?

    Autopilot safety features are standard
  32. MrRandyB

    10,000 miles

    Service manual states: -Rotate the tires every 6,250 miles (10,000 km) -Brake fluid replacement every 2 years -Motor & Battery coolant replacement every 4 years
  33. MrRandyB

    Accent Headlight

    Do we call the 800 number or the service center to get this initiated?
  34. MrRandyB

    Renting a Tesla, Miami to Orlando

    Check Turo - Turo car sharing marketplace | Find a rental car alternative or earn money sharing your car It is a peer to peer car rental app Like air b&b for cars, a quick search show 22 Teslas available in Miami in early December. Find unique cars for rent nationwide You can work it out with...
  35. MrRandyB

    Cruise Not Available

    Mine did the same thing a while back, I had no EAP no cruise and a few other things, all related to what they called the convenience features I think it was. When I called into support they said something had not booted up correctly. They told me to power off the car and let it go into a sleep...
  36. MrRandyB

    Allowing someone to unplug you?

    Maybe you can put in a request to add an option for the port to be unlocked at a certain battery level, but then that leaves you open to also being able to lose your J1772 adapter
  37. MrRandyB

    Allowing someone to unplug you?

    Will the charge port open with the button on the end of the Tesla wall connector when the car is locked and the key not near?
  38. MrRandyB

    Allowing someone to unplug you?

    That is smart thanks
  39. MrRandyB

    Allowing someone to unplug you?

    I am also interested in the opposite, leaving the charge port available not plugged in I was charging at a J1772 charger in a parking garage and when I returned parked next to me was a Chevy Volt The Volt had the charging port open so I unplugged myself and plug him in Is there a way to leave...
  40. MrRandyB

    Accent Headlight

    I am seeing this in mine also - what are the steps to get a ranger to fix? Do you go through the app or call in to the service center or call Tesla direct?
  41. MrRandyB

    FS: 2018 Model 3 LR RWD

    Check out Sell Us Your Car | Give Me The VIN | John Clay Wolfe, I have heard of people getting really good offers from them
  42. MrRandyB

    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

  43. MrRandyB

    Supercharging costs discrepancies (Display vs Bill from Tesla)

    I had heard that the cars update in 3kWh periods. So if you charge 10kWh, the car will show 9kWh until you hit 12kWh. If you stop the car does not update but the final bill is exact. Not sure how true this is or if it makes sense but I read this somewhere and it may account for the change...
  44. MrRandyB

    Phone Call Echo

    I got 2018.26.1 on Friday and the echo seems to be cleared up. I had the echo before, I think on 21.9
  45. MrRandyB

    FSD after purchase software upgrade now $5000?

    My upgrade screen is still showing $4k
  46. MrRandyB

    Does anyone charge from a regular wall outlet?

    I did this for the first 2 weeks of owning the car. Mine charged right around 5 miles of range per hour. So you can charge like 6pm - 6am and regain 60 miles or basically the days usage overnight. It is just when other things come up that you wish you could charge faster. Such as giving...
  47. MrRandyB

    What was your maximum charge rate at a supercharger?

    Sorry - lets try that again
  48. MrRandyB

    Tesla Referral Program

    That is interesting, maybe they did not get the memo. Fred got confirmation from Tesla - Tesla announces new round of referral program and there is no mention on the referral site - Referral Program

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