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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Bought my first call yesterday and sold today for 1500$ profit. Since it was my first dip into options I took the (small) win early, expecting the job report tomorrow might have a negative impact on the market so I can buy again. Or I'll just regret selling :p
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Added a couple shares and call 930 June 21. First time I buy options so fingers crossed it goes well :rolleyes:
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    I have nothing to contribute here, even though I religiously read every days. But I'll say this : suck it TslaQ ;)
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Not gonna lie, I'd love to see that just to see the ultimate meltdown from TslaQ on Twitter.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Not only that, wait to read the replies he gave in the comments. Racist, homophobic, the whole package.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Back to green ! This stock is crazy
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    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    20+ min without a M.Spiegel tweet, must be a record.
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    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Insane quarter from Tesla ! You mean 317 ? ;) edit : still popping!
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    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Big moves in AH !
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    TSLA Market Action: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    Dear lord, I went through his Twitter and and it reads like M.b Spiegel's account. All he tweets about is to bash Tesla
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    Model S range and interior update imminent?

    I like it a lot, and that's coming from a current gen X owner. "Garbage interior" is just your opinion. About 60% of the voters on the Electrek poll prefer it over the current interior.
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    Tesla Software Forum Needed!!!

    X and 3 owner, I agree. I often find myself navigating multiple forums (most often the S) to read about an update.
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    Big News coming ? Tesla extends for only 2 weeks - Model S/X free referral Supercharging

    Yeah... Me too, I remember missing on it by 2 weeks. But that's how it works with Tesla and the 90D is still amazing :')
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    2018.26 3bbd9fd .-

    I wish :p
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    Software Update 2018.24.1 12dd099

    I guess it's a matter of opinion but I absolutely love it too. A lot more modern looking and it actually feels like a refreshed UI
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    Bluetooth Echoing

    Anybody got a word from Tesla regarding this issue? It's really frustrating, and muting every time someone speaks is just a band-aid. I think this issue was introduced on 21.9, anybody on .24 can weigh in on the status?
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    FSD upgrade option disappeared from My Account

    Same here... :'( I guess they really have something coming up 'soon'. Maybe need to replace some hardware too for us on 2.0 (hence a price increase?)
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    Bluetooth Echoing

    Oh, so this is not just me. This happens when I call my wife while she's in her Model 3, I can ear myself in echo. I guess it has something to do with the latest sw, because I don't recall having this issue before.
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    Software Update 2018.21.9 75bdbc11

    Thanks! No buttons to request software update yet in this release?
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    2018.21 0fa48d9

    That's disappointing... Hopefully those can be retrofitted
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    2018.21 0fa48d9

    Gently applying a small pressure up or down so that AP detects your hands on the wheel. It's not strong enough to disengage autosteer or move the car, but its enough to stop the nagging.
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    2018.21 0fa48d9

    I'd personally be fine with increased nags if they were also giving us some good with this update (aka, the E in EAP.....). Oh well... I've only been waiting since december 2016, I guess I'm expecting too much ;)
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    Where is the enhanced autopilot?

    They all have the same hardwares
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    MB Sales guy's anti-Tesla sales pitch

    A friend went to Chevy to get a Volt, I was with him, and the salesperson told us "It's faster than a Tesla". I told him 'wait what?' and he added "from 0 to 30!". We ended up talking all about Tesla and he said it was his car goal to get one ;_) I think all the salespersons are trained to deal...
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    General Discussion: 2018 Investor Roundtable

    How in the world do they end up with 330wh/mi? Are they flooring the car uphill?
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    Apple Car Play?

    There has been countless thread about this but like pretty much everyone I would love to have carplay/Android auto. With so much screen real estate and a car so tech oriented, it's a shame we can't have a decent infortainment system. It would also probably save time and money to tesla by not...
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    Costco Insurance "Ameriprise" has the best rate for MS

    Thanks for the info, I tried a quote from Ameriprise but they came out 20% more expensive than Travelers for us. Those cars are expensive to insure :rolleyes:
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    Slacker question

    When I did it a year ago it was by emailing [email protected] p.s: When picking up our model 3 I asked the delivery specialist if I needed to ask again for the slacker logins to enable 320kbps and he said there was no need to do that anymore because it was enabled by default now (I...
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    Need to be a US-Citizen to get Loan Approved from CU's?

    Citizen : no. I guess some CU might need you to have a legal status that cover the length of the loan ?
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    Software Update 2018.16

    I was expecting something new with this update, but I guess we have to wait a bit more. Maybe there are some improvements not specified in the release note though...
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    Software Update 2018.14

    The update cycle has been quite steady lately. About one every 2 weeks or so. Can't wait to see what's in store for this year :)
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    Buyer beware. Buying a CPO Tesla feels like a SCAM.

    It's insane that they would leave you hanging with a car in such condition. It's a big 180 from my experience with the service centers. If I had to guess, this post will trigger someone to contact you soon and get it fixed. (It's a shame it had to come to this though)
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    Can we all sign this SPOTIFY Petition - PLEASE?

    late to the party but I signed. It's such a pain to have to use the phone when we have all this real estate with the mcu.... And the audio quality would be better without Bluetooth involved.
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    How Much Would You Pay for MCU2 Retrofit?

    This exactly. Same price range for me.
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    Recommendations on Southern California Tesla Certified Body shops please

    I used Pride Auto Body, they replaced a few panels on my X. The one on Oxnard in Van Nuys is the one taking care of Teslas. My experience with them was pretty good, they even redid my chrome blackout on the part they had to change. Pride Auto Body Auto Body Shop 15106 Oxnard St
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    No front plate in SoCal - worth it?

    Hey, I don't have my plates, I figured I'd wait to get a ticket before putting them on. It's been over a year without one so far but I rarely park on the street.
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    I guess my message sounded like I was bashing Tesla, but that's actually not the case. Even though as a buyer your car is quickly not the latest and best, I enjoy this approach from Tesla making rapid and sudden changes. My point is, Tesla has done retrofits in the past and might do some in the...
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    MCU2 - Retrofit

    I went through the whole thread hoping for someone to have some good news, but it looks like we're out of luck. Unfortunate, that's an upgrade I'd gladly pay for :( In a year of ownership that's 2.5 AP and MCU2. I'm most likely gonna lease my next Tesla....
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    Got this update as well. For the little commute I did, I can only say that it seems better and smoother than .76. for me the .76 update was a huge step back for autosteer usability. I can also confirm that it took a longer time to install than previous updates.
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    Navigation System

    My wording was unclear. They need to allow for a native Waze app to run on the screen (App from the car replacing the current nav, or app mirroring). Not some limited web version.
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    Navigation System

    Tesla really need to allow waze or at least google navigation instead of their own. The current navigation is extremely limited and that's a shame for such a car.
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    Need opinion on Model S vs. Model X

    Exactly my experience. MS loaner at first is really fun, but I was so glad to get back the X after service. Autopresenting doors are the option you didn't know you needed so much. I also missed the Falcon wings doors for the car seats.
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    Model X sales versus other large luxury SUV's

    Does it work properly with the garage door closed ? The clearance should be better. Howver, I think Tesla should allow to save an override by location. You should clearly be able to open it up.
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    Firmware 8.1 by the end of January '17

    As much as we like Tesla, we have to admit that some sort of app mirroring or carplay/android auto would be awesome.
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    It should work, that's weird :( Maybe your car is calibrating ?
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    1- that's correct. Not enabled yet 2- auto headlights works, auto high beam doesn't 3- that's correct. Not enabled yet 4- autopilot = TACC + autosteer. Both are enabled, TACC up to 80mph, autosteer on highway only up to 50mph. If you have the latest FW, check your configuration tab in the car to...
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    New .25 tacc hw2

    I found TACC to be smoother in this release and it seems like it's using regenerative braking more often than before. Now, this brings us to the often discussed need for complete and detailed release notes... So we can stop guessing what has been improved or not. I understand the need for easy...
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    New Update

    My take so far: - TACC seems to use regenerative braking more. This result in smoother stopping. - TACC still detects parked car on the side as a stopped vehicle and apply brakes. - Autosteer is still barely usable IMO. Curves are not handled properly. It also steer too close the edge of the...
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    Model X sales versus other large luxury SUV's

    I'm sorry but no. I could just as easily tell you how the FW doors were an important factor in my buying decision (2 kids), how they work flawlessly so far (even is tight space, or garage) and how Tesla worked hard to iron the out since the initial issues, how they are covered under the warranty...
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    New Update

    I certainly hope they didn't ;) I'll also leave this here : Based on Elon latest tweetstrom, we should expect a focus on improving HW2 before getting 8.1 (which he said should be available in "a month or so"). He also said that they are "almost there" for AP1 parity. I guess that's...

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