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    CA Waiting Room

    5/22/22, performance so was expecting a quicker delivery, but not this quick!
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    CA Waiting Room

    I got my trade-in text earlier today and found my VIN on the order page this evening... Delivery is estimated June 23-29, but I'm out of town until June 28 so hope I can get some say in the date LOL
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    2014 S85 Grey/Beige Leather Autopilot $60000.00 in Los Angeles County

    Make that UNSOLD! Buyer got cold feet, so it's still available... $58000, extended warranty is available for $4000 more.
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    2014 S85 Grey/Beige Leather Autopilot $60000.00 in Los Angeles County

    I've lowered to asking price to $58000...
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    2014 S85 Grey/Beige Leather Autopilot $60000.00 in Los Angeles County

    Title is clean, just need to pay off loan with Chase. One small fender bender, left rear quarter panel was repaired by Tesla authorized body shop, receipts available. Warranty is standard 4 years, 50000 miles, and 8 years unlimited for drivetrain and battery. I'm the original owner.
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    2014 S85 Grey/Beige Leather Autopilot $60000.00 in Los Angeles County

    For sale, Tesla Model S 85 30000 Miles "New" Gray metallic paint Tan Leather interior Piano Black Decor Body Color Roof Autopilot Enabled Premium Center Console Tech Package Very good condition inside and out Photosync Tint on all side and rear glass Delivered September 2014, VIN P52917 MSRP...
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    TeslaLog.com - Your hosted Tesla Data Logger - Announcement / Support threads

    LOL, So, i've been having a strange vampire loss of around 5-7 miles/night for the last several months... I realized after getting the email about getting a new token that Teslalog (which I completely forgot that I signed up for) has been quietly logging all my drives over that time... After...
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    How's your line?

    About 1 hour wait at 11:30am in Buena Park
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    Wiki Model S software/firmware changelog

    Was in for service today and was updated to 2.10.56.... No known changes yet....
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    Production X Configuration Has Begun!

    I read it as, LED accent lights, such as the fog lights, and turning lights, are part of the premium package. I think the LED headlights are standard....
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    "Car Needs Service, Contact Tesla Service" -- and park assist fix!

    So I had "Car Needs Service, Contact Tesla Service" pop up on my display a couple of weeks ago. Last week I brought my car in and they said it was an "SD Card fault"... I didn't know the car even had an SD card, but I guess it uses one to store maps (at least). I did notice that my maps were...
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    California teslas and HOV lane free?

    You can put the stickers on some clear bra film then affix them to your bumper... Legal, and won't damage your paint... Seriously, you put ugly license plates on your car, this isn't much more by comparison. Amazon.com: 3M Scotchgard Hood Bumper Paint Protection Clear Bra Film Vinyl Wrap Decal...
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    Firmware 7.0

    So today I tried to use the Autopilot on the blue route in the image. Bottom line, it's not really suited for these roads, and was confused by left turn lanes in combination with sweeping corners. In one instance, it jerked over to the right lane, then back to the left lane for no reason...
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    Firmware 7.0

    Yup, mine is downloaded and installing now....
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    EZPass not reading, getting hit with MAX TOLL per instance

    Can you mount your transponder on your parcel shelf or rear glass? I get a good read in California every time through the rear glass....
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    Porsche Mission E

    Quick footnote to this, they did mention 80% at 15 minutes, much like Tesla says 80% in about 45 minutes. It's always the last 20% that take forever right? Anyways, I'm keenly interested in this car and do hope it gets developed... 2019-2020 should be a good time for me to think about trading...
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    Car Seat Recommendations? Second Row, Front Facing.

    I have two Britax Frontier seats (forward facing harness to booster) for my 4 and 3 year olds... They are great, except they leave a big horizontal indentation in the headrest due to the way they are designed. I chose them originally because the top tether routes around the headrest... Oh well...
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    Cruise control on non-autopilot new car?

    Thanks all. What I excpected, but was not clear on the web site.
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    Cruise control on non-autopilot new car?

    Just curious, if I were to order a new MS without autopilot, does it come with normal dumb cruise control? Site doesn't make clear if it has it or not. Parents want one, but won't really use any of the auto-pilot features as they drive pretty locally. Thanks.
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    Why am I the only one who got a S70 - not a 70D

    You're in LA? Don't worry, I'd have gotten a S70 if it was available when I bought last year. In fact, except for one case, I've never gone below 50 miles range in my 85... The only edge case for buying the 85 is I drive to Flagstaff from here a few times a year, and the I-40 stretch from...
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    Thank goodness our side mirrors are so big... Got hit, but no damage

    So my wife was driving my Tesla down Hawthorne Blvd. today in Torrance when some bozo (CA 6CSA482) didn't see her on his side and hit her. Luckily, the person only knocked the side mirror in. My wife was too afraid to confront and decided to back away, but what should you do in this...
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    Mount Transponder - Toll Roads

    Try mounting on the rear glass. It works 100% for me in California for Fastrak.
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    Buying a Tesla for all the wrong reasons?!

    Well, short sellers of the stock have quite a bad taste in their mouths this instant.... :)
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    Tesla will not upgrade the 40 or 60kWh Model S to 85/90kWh (confirmed)

    When Tesla canceled the S40, they could have just canceled your order or forced you to upgrade to a S60 for 10k more. Their preorder contract allows either party to cancel the order. You do understand they did you a big favor by selling you a software limited S60 at a loss, right? Bottom...
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    Tesla will not upgrade the 40 or 60kWh Model S to 85/90kWh (confirmed)

    Didn't they sell the S40 at essentially a loss? That's why you have to pay $10k for the firmware upgrade to S60? My point being though physically the same, the actual cost to do what you propose would by 10K more for the S40 due to you paying 10k less at purchase?
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    Anyone downgrade from 85 to 70D?

    I'd sure recommend a S70 (D optional) in a warm weather climate now over the S85, but would I trade my S85 in? No, probably not. Still quite a capital loss on the S85 to sell now. I'd be happy to drive mine for quite some time and wait for the next gen S.
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    CA FasTrak Transponders

    Wow, that's news to me... Did you call 511 to get connected? I've never had any luck with talking to them. Anyways, I say this in any So-Cal Fastrak thread that comes up -- I found that mounting on my rear glass (or just velcro to the underside of the parcel shelf) works 100%. I've driven...
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    Tesla replacement parts now 66% cheaper. Bumper Cover was $1200 now $320

    A bumper cover cost $1200 before? That's outrageous! Well, I'm glad they are lowering their OEM parts prices... The bumper example of $320 is definitely reasonable now.
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    80MPH Shake

    May be a temporary flat spot, but if the tires were inflated correctly at 45-50psi, it shouldn't develop that quickly... Nevertheless, if it doesn't go away after a few days, definitely bring in for a rebalance. Any reputable tire shop will do... Tesla Service would be overkill for this job.
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    Looking for community input on Model S Options

    I'd say yes to the Premium Interior, just for the auto tailgate. I can't believe they didn't make auto tailgate standard for this class of car -- I can't imaging having to reach up and slam the tailgate myself everytime I use it (and as I read what I just wrote, I realize what a spoiled brat...
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    Which is worse? 100% SOC or nearly empty?

    While it's possible to do this, why not stop at Harris Ranch for a bathroom break and top off? Then you don't risk running out. It's not a major detour, I do it all the time going to/from Fresno...
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    FasTrak toll road transponder in nose cone?

    It didn't work for me there.. I only got license plate reads on my statement. Also pretty tight and I'd worry about water.... Well, if it rained at all here!
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    FasTrak toll road transponder in nose cone?

    We discussed this earlier in another thread... The conclusion is if the windshield doesn't work for you, the rear glass does work. I just put mine on the parcel shelf and it scans fine here in SoCal. Nose cone and front windshield were impossible for me.
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    FasTrak Transponder - Windshield Location

    You won't ever need to change the switch. It works fine on 3 on the OC and 91 toll roads. I'm pretty sure it'll work well on NoCal bridges too. I'll test that next month when I'm up there.
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    Supercharging to reduce ownership cost of a Model S.

    That was exactly the conclusion I came up with as well. If you can reasonable charge at home, supercharging really isn't worth it... Well, unless you're trying to get away from the family or job :tongue:
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    FasTrak Transponder - Windshield Location

    Here are pictures of my location. I'd like to mount on my rear glass but i'm afraid to mess up my photosync tint...
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    FasTrak Transponder - Windshield Location

    Basically, the bottom of the rear tailgate glass, on either side of the speaker grill... Can't take a picture now as I'm out of town but I can post after the weekend...
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    FasTrak Transponder - Windshield Location

    I did this today and it worked better than ever... I just used the velcro to stick it on the parcel shelf (it holds reasonably well) on the left side of the speaker, towards the back of the tailgate glass. I only tested on the 110 between 91 and 105 as I didn't actually need to go that way, but...
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    Tesla owners in central California? Exeter, Visalia, Tulare, Porterville, Fresno?

    I would love to have a supercharger along CA-99 somewhere as right now my drive to Fresno has to go through Harris Ranch... Hope your rumors are valid!
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    Tesla Real HWY Range and EPA COMBINED Range.

    I really thing your calculations are off somehow... I've driven from Barstow to Kingman (209 miles, around 7000 ft of up and down elevation changes) and had 20 miles to spare driving an average of 70 MPH in my S85. I didn't take any extreme measures to save energy, AC was on comfortably, music...
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    Dash screens are blank, ODO is zeroed out

    Yes, I think it was some sort of Map update according to the previous post. Kinda like the recolored traffic lines in Google Maps, I think some data gets updated for the various apps silently. Scary that a simple map update can crash the infotainment though...
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    Noise level

    My dad has a '08 LS460L... I have the S85. My ears tell me that the LS460 is actually quieter, especially at highway speeds. The Tesla lets in quite a bit of road and wind noise, and I'm sure the Lexus has more insulation for the cockpit. The Tesla isn't loud or annoying at 80mph by any...
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    FasTrak Transponder - Windshield Location

    Thanks for the advise. I've tried that exact position, as well as the driver side, upside down like you, and have had 1/10 successful reads. Maybe I'll stop by and exchange my transponder and hopefully get a stronger one. - - - Updated - - - I've gone through the 73 with it set on 3 (in our...
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    REFUEL 2015 - Friday June 26

    OK. Thanks. I went ahead and got permission from the wife and pre-registered for the event. See y'all there!
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    FasTrak Transponder - Windshield Location

    This is a pre-autopilot windshield. I have yet to find a good place for my Expresslanes Fastrak on my autopilot car. It's really frustrating as I can't drive on the Metro Expresslanes without paying the toll in my Tesla. No, you can't get a license plate version for Metro.
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    REFUEL 2015 - Friday June 26

    Ooh, I'm gonna be in town around then... Maybe I'll need to drive up instead of fly... Does anyone know the typical schedule for the day? I'd only participate in the beginner class and track time... and if possible, I'd like to drive home to LA on Friday evening... Thanks!
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    Car & Driver Instrumented Test: Model S 70D

    That's a pretty spot on review... I still don't understand why they compare to the S-class... I always viewed this car is competing in the 4-door coupe market-- CLS, 6 series Gran Coupe, or A7...
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    Car is sleeping during the day today? Visible Tesla and Phone App won't connect?

    Yup, thanks for the feedback... My car's back online now too, and VT 0.28.01 still works (thankfully!). Per VT, I lost my connection just before 9:30am PDT... and I came back around 2:30pm PDT.

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