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    Bluetooth Not Connecting Automatically

    lol thanks! yeah I eventually figured this out too! If I’m supercharging and plan to chill in the car I turn on Camp Mode before I close the door to also keep the car from shutting off.
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    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Literally just reserved an R1S. By the time I get the car maybe the Sony-Honda EV will be out and I cancel that reservation because I want to be able to play the PS8 while waiting in the drive thru at In n Out. I have a Model 3P 2020 that I will trade in towards the R1S. No need for me to own...
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    2022 Blue MS Plaid - Mods Journal

    Wow the satin DBM with the refreshed glossy black appliqué looks great.
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    Early '22 Exterior Refresh Tracking (Lights, Charging Door, Appliqué delete)

    totally agree. If the appliqué was body colored it’d look like Tesla was just painting over the vestigial organ we know it to be, a half assed attempt at blending it in/hiding it. But painting it black gives it some design intention. Looks better black than body colored imo. Of course the...
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    Gloss black appliqué instead of body color. And Plaid badge. Looks pretty nice
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    Yeah it would’ve been so much better without the appliqué bar which looks completely pointless.
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    "Refreshed" Model S model VIBRATION tracking and information thread!!!

    Thanks this is good to know. I monitor this thread every day to see if there’s been a engineering resolution. I’ve never driven a Plaid so I don’t know if it’s a deal breaker for me come December time when I buy a new car. Just based on some reports I’ve read here, it sounds annoying enough to...
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    I Ordered a Taycan

    I’m strongly considering getting either the Taycan GTS or 4S over the Plaid this December. The Plaid has a lot of cargo space and the hatchback makes it so versatile. Also I go on a lot of road trips so the Supercharger network is a major advantage to me. But I plan to keep my Model 3...
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    2021+ Model S and Model S Plaid Refresh Issues Thread

    I’m relieved that you’re physically ok. Heads need to roll for this.
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    Refresh Model S Review First Impressions - Very Lengthy

    You’re a great writer. Thanks for this review, it was a pleasure to read.
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    Early '22 Exterior Refresh Tracking (Lights, Charging Door, Appliqué delete)

    Nice! I’m holding out a lot of hope that the 2023 model year will be more polished since that’s when I’ll be buying (Dec 22 is when I plan to place my order). Here’s what I hope to see on the 2023 model. They’re deal breakers for me. 1. Fix for the vibration issue 2. Refreshed headlights and...
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    Bluetooth Not Connecting Automatically

    I have the same issue with Bluetooth not automatically connecting to my phone for audio purposes. But also when I shut the door it seems to disconnect Bluetooth altogether. It won’t even detect the Tesla app on my phone. Pressing the screen doesn’t wake my Model 3. The only way I’m able to...
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    Tesla is testing new tail lights for the Model S refresh.

    This would check off one item on my wish list for the 2023 model year because I plan to order a Plaid in Dec. 2022. The current styling where the trunk trim “penetrates” into the tail light has aged badly imo. This looks much better.
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    The Red Room (Superior Color ofc)

    Love the red with the white interior. My favorite color combo. Have you had any problems with the white interior being too reflective on bright days where it obstructs your vision? I’ve read folks say that sometimes it reflects off their driver side window, requiring them to roll down their...
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    Model S Plaid vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs my Model 3 Performance (after having driven all three).

    This information is so useful. Thank you! I love my Model 3, it’s a fantastic city car. But the Plaid acceleration looks like a lot of fun, the hatch back is big plus (I’d upgrade to a Model 3 hatchback in a heartbeat), and to me the Model S is a more handsome vehicle. Plus I drive to/from...
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    Model S Plaid vs Porsche Taycan Turbo S vs my Model 3 Performance (after having driven all three).

    I know this is a very subjective question, but I was wondering what it’s like to move from a car the size of a Model 3 to a Model S? Does the Model S feel boat-like, or too big, when you’re driving around downtown Seattle? How does it feel when you need to street park or pull three point turns...
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    Silver Plaid S; not a wrap, maybe a re-paint?

    Looks like a satin silver wrap to me. Regardless I think it looks great. And if it is a wrap I can’t wait to get one for my future Plaid. Thanks for sharing these pictures!
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    Is it crazy to go with the 21" Arachnids in the Chicago area?

    The DAErik YouTube channel posted a video showing the damage a fist sized rock can do to the refresh 21” wheels if you drive over one. Might be helpful.
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Michael Jordan Two PPF installers and a detailer all did double takes when they saw “Michael Jordan” displayed on the screen. Maybe relevant: funny ESPN commercial from way back
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    Ordered my MS Plaid

    Chrome trim.
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    I’m curious if they’ll implement shifting functionality that can be controlled using the scroll buttons. The front display will show the modes (PDRN) and you scroll through it. If you’re in Park or in Hold mode, up-scroll will be D, down-scroll will be Reverse. That way it’s just one turn of the...
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    New 2021 Model S Unveiled January 27, 2021

    Happens to me in parking lots all the time. A car starts backing up from their spot without seeing me and I have to quickly throw it in reverse and move back a few feet. Sure I could honk but I’d rather be proactive whenever possible and move out of their path.
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    How long would you wait to get the redesigned Model S?

    For the Plaid+, I was planning to wait a year from its first day of release before ordering. It would replace my Model 3 Performance (2020). But I might wait until they upgrade the Fremont paint shop so that they can offer different colors. Who knows how long that will take. By then, the...
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    Curb Rash-- it's so humiliating

    I had my pregnant sister try driving my Model 3 this past weekend. I could not stress more emphatically to her how easy it was to curb the wheels on this thing. I made it sound like life or death that she not curb them. Poor sis was so paranoid that she was leaving like 6 feet of space between...
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    Need help cleaning black seats

    the Clorox wipes worked like a charm. Thanks again for the tip!
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    Need help cleaning black seats

    I have those too! No idea where they came from but since they’re on the passenger arm rest I think it was left by my mom . I tried cleaning it off with ONR but no luck.
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    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    I’ve fallen head over heels for the chalk color exterior/red interior combo on the Porsche 911 Turbo S cabriolet (992). I think that color combo could look really classy on the Roadster. Here’s a video showing off the color combo. Since watching the video this morning I’ve specd out that...
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    Happy New Year ☹️ — bumper damage

    The person who hit you and ran is a piece of sh!t. Sorry :(
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    Which color do you prefer your Roadster 2020?

    Red! I’ve always wanted a sporty red car.
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    Is my steering wheel supposed to look like this?

    Your steering wheel has tan lines.
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    So I have a small rock chip, and my PPF....

    Either that or you sell the car, take the depreciation hit, and put 250K down on the Roadster Founders Edition. I see no other solution.
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    So I have a small rock chip, and my PPF....

    I also got a chip days leading up to my PPF appointment. My installer applied some touch up paint. If you look up close for it you can find it but from a distance you really can’t.
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    I like my 3, but...

    I will happily trade up to a 2023 Model 3 if they give it a design refresh! And a sportback (It would cannibalize Model Y sales so I don’t think they’d ever do it).
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    Optimum No Rise and Wax - Trying to avoid swirl marks

    Thank you for detailing your car washing process! It's one I plan to use. Can you recommend a pump sprayer? I've looked at a few on Amazon but comments from customers often say that its not suitable for rinsing a car. But I guess if you're just rinsing the tap water off with distilled water...
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    Vendor Crazy Customized Red Multi-Coat Model 3!

    Could you send me a quote on painted red calipers?
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    2020 P3D+ Seat Issues

    I can't compare the feeling of the cushioning because this is my first Model 3, but I do have the same stitching issues on the rear seats of my 2020 Model 3. I was annoyed with myself for not noticing it during my delivery day inspection, but in my defense I had to inspect the car in a...
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    Thoughts on roadster deposit

    50K is a good chunk of money, even for those that can afford the Roadster. That 50K can buy you about 116 shares of TSLA (based on last Friday's closing price). Elon said that they plan to cap production to 10,000 units per year. If I knew demand for a $200-250k car was high and I wanted to be...
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    What kind of changes or improvements do you hope...

    I was thinking about what improvements Tesla could make to the Model 3 to make me want to upgrade from my 2020 Model 3 stealth performance to another Model 3. In addition to improvements in overall build quality and sound insulation, I’d buy another if there was an exterior design refresh that...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Here's a voice control bug I encountered today: "Set fan to 2" It sets it to 10. The software correctly interprets my voice command. It just sets it to 10 for some reason. Reproduced it 3/3 times.
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    M3 due to arrive today, 580-mile trip tomorrow: Am I crazy?

    Bring a pee bottle. If it’s 3 am and your supercharger isn’t anywhere near a public restroom or a Denny’s, and you fear getting the stink eye at a gas station, the pee bottle will come in handy.
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Thanks for the honest assessment dfwatt. I was already wary of doing the task myself but this seals it. I’m going to get them professionally installed. Didn’t even think of the dangers of the Model 3 sliding off. oof you may have saved me an arm and a leg. Literally.
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    MPP AWD/Performance Coilover Impression and Installation

    Other than rotating the tires on my 1999 4Runner and changing air filters, I have zero experience working on cars. Would you recommend a person with no experience working on car suspensions to install these themselves or would you encourage them to get it professionally installed. Do all 4...
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    Unable to login Youtube

    thank you! I had the same problem and your solution worked for me. In my case I logged into Medium using my Google credentials and when I launched YouTube I was auto logged in. Before, i was unable to sign into google, something about an unsupported browser.
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    Front right panel protruding slightly. Normal?

    I noticed my right front panel protruding slightly, enough to find it abnormal looking. I pointed it out to my Delivery Advisor who without hesitation noted it, took a photo, and then added it to my Due Bill. Is this common to Tesla Model 3’s? Or do your panels come together more flush? The...
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    What Kind of Car Did The Model 3 Replace?

    Replaced two cars. An Infiniti Q50 2014 with 39K miles and a Toyota 4Runner 1999 with 305K miles. The stealth Performance is my first ever new car.
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    2020 model year 3D Maxpider

    Thank you for the tip! I mentioned it and they were kind enough to give me the $160 price!
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    I’ve never purchased a new car before. My stealth performance appears to have 50 miles on the odometer according to the MVPA. Is this normal for a new vehicle? edit: never mind. Read this informative thread where it says that showing 50 miles on the MVPA is standard. Acceptable amount of...
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    If I can have the same positive experience tomorrow for my delivery I will be over the moon.
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    LR AWD Performance (Stealth TM3) Waiting Room

    Did they note these fixes on a "due bill"? I'm trying to prepare a polite response in the event they refuse to note any fixes on a "due bill". Because I don't have faith in Tesla to fix these problems unless I have something in writing. I just hope I don't have a combative delivery adviser.

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