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  1. vrykolas

    12V battery replacement, whos had to do one?

    Thanks again! I re-opened the frunk and reconnected that hose you mentioned! Very easy once you know where to look.
  2. vrykolas

    12V battery replacement, whos had to do one?

    Where does that hose connect? I see it drains out just to the under side of the car, but I didn't see where the other end connected.
  3. vrykolas

    Different Approach to Tires on my P90DL Model X

    I didn't have any problems with Crosscontact for 30-40k miles. Then replaced due to low tread depth. Maybe your sample is just an outlier
  4. vrykolas

    Different Approach to Tires on my P90DL Model X

    I went the same route with my X90D non-Performance. I went with a cheap Chinese 'Sentry' brand from discount tire. So far so good in near-freezing and rainy roads in Dallas. And they were only $100 at Discount tire ($150 after tax & warranty). They have the same specs as OEM (or better), and...
  5. vrykolas

    Tire Wear experiences?

    I'm just chiming in to agree. Also have an X. Had fronts replaced from an accident, but tear contisilents should get about 40k miles which is better than I expected from the forums. I also try to keep air pressure above 43-44 psi and NEVER lower suspension
  6. vrykolas

    Recommended USB drive for dashcam

    For those trying to use really big USB/flash drives, be aware the documentation states the filesystem needs to be FAT32 OR FAT. The max partition size allowed by FAT32 is 32GB. So even if you put a larger USB in, you can only "use" 32GB of the space.
  7. vrykolas

    PPF installer recommendations in DFW area? Or Texas

    If you want nothing but the best quality installer with the best skill, look no further than Speedshield
  8. vrykolas

    12V warning

    I also drove with it on for about 1.5 weeks. Service said you can drive on it for 2-3 weeks with no problem. The main cause (according to mobile service tech) was it was not driven for 6 months (due to an accident; it was charged periodically). He said the best way to keep the battery healthy...
  9. vrykolas

    What should my ideal charge percentage be?

    Many places recommend storage to set at 50% and keep plugged in.
  10. vrykolas

    Flip NEMA 14-50 possible?

    Based on this thread, I just went to my garage and flipped it myself. I'm not the most handy person (as my wife can attest), but it was pretty easy with a screwdriver. Just make sure to turn off the breaker before doing anything electrical. Luckily I had enough slack to do it easily.
  11. vrykolas

    PPF installer recommendations in DFW area? Or Texas

    I used #1 Car Paint Protection Film & Clear Bra Installer in NTX | Pro-Tect Mobile twice. Once for our X and previously for our 2014 Honda Odyssey. They did full front + headlights for $1100 and they come out to your house (mobile service). Definitely get your headlights covered so they don't...
  12. vrykolas

    Plano Service Center coming soon

    I've heard now from multiple Dallas SC technicians that the Plano Service Center is nearing completion. They mentioned times to be open ranging from early to late summer 2018. The location is supposed to be next to Classic BMW on Dallas North Tollway and Spring Creek. I'm not sure exactly...
  13. vrykolas

    If you fast charge, Tesla will permanently throttle charging

    I drove from Dallas to Philadelphia and back in summer 2017 supercharging the whole way. We have a 90D since December 2016 and we're still not limited. We have >21,000 miles.
  14. vrykolas

    Car Needs Service - Low 12V Battery

    I had a loaner X100D that had a 12V problem where car wouldn't drive after 500 miles. Luckily we were at home and they towed it to nearby service center and have me another loaner. That would have been extremely disappointing of we just bought it brand new
  15. vrykolas

    What's the record for longest service/loaner period?

    My record is 5.5 months. 4 separate loaners (had to switch out for various reasons). Main reason was our car was in for body repair of front-right fender & wheel/suspension area.
  16. vrykolas

    Alignment in DFW area

    I've had Firestone lifetime alignment t in the past with other cars with mostly good feelings. Just make sure to tell them when you go in to NOT do a multi-point inspection so they don't try to sell you on other items. As for Tesla alignments at Firestone, I have no opinion so I'm also...
  17. vrykolas

    Envy and justification to own a model X

    Not that it's a reason I tell friends publicly, but I also had a reason to use it to "vote with my wallet" for electric vehicles. I did the same reasoning for when we bought our 2007 Honda Civic hybrid. But our main reason (especially my wife's) was for safety.
  18. vrykolas

    look out tesla? is this for real yet?

    The Rimac is amazing car (both versions). I have no doubt Rimac can make an awesome car, but their trajectory seems to be top-end hypercars at a very high price. I've read they also are planning to be EV parts suppliers to some manufacturers. It's great to have Rimac in the discussion, but...
  19. vrykolas

    Recently improved streaming when choosing specific songs?

    We just have the default(Plus? Definitely not premium)
  20. vrykolas

    Dallas Service Center damage while in-service >$30k, Tesla won't cover diminished value!

    @Xcelerator Thanks for the useful feedback & details. It's been 5 months without our car. Luckily they had Tesla loaners in stock. I can't imagine paying on our auto loan for that long and being in a non-Tesla rental. (yes, I realize this is #FirstWorldProblems)
  21. vrykolas

    Dallas Service Center damage while in-service >$30k, Tesla won't cover diminished value!

    They told me it was a 3rd party that ran the light. However, when Tesla called they were very apologetic and said they were going to take care of everything and "make it right".
  22. vrykolas

    Dallas Service Center damage while in-service >$30k, Tesla won't cover diminished value!

    Good idea. I had thought of that. My wife was pushing for replacement, I tried initially because of my concerns with frame damage. But I really can't (out of principal) pay anything out of pocket for this situation. We did have one loaner X100D that was *very* close to our configuration. I...
  23. vrykolas

    Dallas Service Center damage while in-service >$30k, Tesla won't cover diminished value!

    Although it was a difficult decision to post, someone on this forum offered to escalate this issue. So hopefully things go well. ----------- @cbdream99 Unfortunately no offer to buy ours. It's December 2016 AP2. It took ~5 months of negotiating/arguing just to get to 45% of diminished-value...
  24. vrykolas

    Dallas Service Center damage while in-service >$30k, Tesla won't cover diminished value!

    This situation is beyond exasperating, and I've been holding this story for >6 months, hoping Tesla would make it right. But due to Tesla service's lack of responsibility & service-quality I'm forced to make this public. I'm hoping SOMEONE at Tesla sees this and can help fix the situation asap...
  25. vrykolas

    Looking for charging options on trips between Fort Worth & Wichita Falls

    At least there's a "plan" to have a supercharger in WF by end of 2018. We'll see if that actually happens
  26. vrykolas

    Recently improved streaming when choosing specific songs?

    Has anyone noticed recently that the built-in Streaming service has improved when trying to play a specific song? When we got our X in December 2016, I knew it was kind of hit or miss when requesting to play a specific song. For example, it might play that artist, but not the specific song...
  27. vrykolas

    "Charge port open" error/bug?

    I have a late-VIN X loaner with a curious problem. Anyone with this strange behavior? I've tried both reboot options from steering wheel with no change. I'm using SW 2017.50.2 Initial symptom is it would not supercharge or charge at home. Then I walked away and noticed it started charging when...
  28. vrykolas


    YMMV, but I always try to schedule service with a Tesla loaner. I've had a few ice rentals with Tesla before, but I refuse to do that anymore. I've only had a few minor warranty work visits, so I can afford to wait for a Tesla loaner.
  29. vrykolas

    Three-position dynamic LED turning lights worth it or not?

    Our X doesn't have them, but we're in a loaner X with them and I *love* them. My wife on the other hand doesn't even notice the difference. So I guess it depends. Either way, it's not enough benefit that I see so I wouldn't pay for them.
  30. vrykolas

    Solar installations in Texas

  31. vrykolas

    Silver Model X Exterior Photos Only

    Here's ours when we first got it:
  32. vrykolas

    the original Continental tires are

    How much were these Pirellis at discount Tire (each tire alone before anything else)? I'm seeing they are $188 each without any add-ons.
  33. vrykolas

    Can you take a loaner out of state?

    At least for Dallas SC rental cars, they give first tank free. After that you have to pay. The rental agency also will charge you for toll fees (if applicable). For Tesla loaners (of course no gas), and it seems that toll fees are included/not-charged.
  34. vrykolas


    I'm in an AP1 X P90D loaner. I'm averaging about 400Wh/mile with 22" tires. It's still high compared to my X90D with 20" tires (which I averaged ~340Wh/mi). It DEFINITELY has less range than our 90D. I'm so glad we bought a 90D instead of P90D (we need the range, not performance)
  35. vrykolas


    Dallas, TX - visited SC a few times for usually minor things: Cadillac XTS (nice enough, but not a Tesla) Lincoln MKZ (looks nice, but not great; not a Tesla) Tesla Model X P90D (almost every option; very nice, 13k miles) I try to only do service now if they have a Tesla available (which ever...
  36. vrykolas

    screen discoloration

    I also just found this same issue on my December 2016 Model X. I already have an appointment to fix/replace it.
  37. vrykolas

    Multi storey car parking in a Model X

    Oops. Sorry. Didn't realize this was a UK/Ireland specific thread. Sometimes I get over exuberant and search for new threads to read
  38. vrykolas

    Multi storey car parking in a Model X

    Many times in different parking garages in the US. never had any problems (so far)
  39. vrykolas

    1300+ miles road trip AP observation

    I had a ~3000 mile (4800 km) from Dallas to Philadelphia and back in August 2017. I had similar thoughts/conclusions. I'm "guessing" I had about 60% AP2, 20% TACC, and 20% manual drive. Basically yes, when there are 3 lanes, the middle lane seemed to work best. Otherwise, in 2-lanes left lane...
  40. vrykolas

    Supercharger - Arlington, TX

    I stopped by during a Ranger game. It had some people charging, but it was no problem finding a spot
  41. vrykolas

    Can one avoid the transportation charges if they pick up car at other locations

    From everything I've read or seen, the answer is No. It would be great if someone could prove me wrong.
  42. vrykolas

    Day Trip!

    Good recommendations so far. Here are a couple more: Check for local Texas (or South Oklahoma) festivals: (search by a radius around Frisco/Dallas and even by time-range). We like wine festivals (where we usually stay the night). But we've checked out the Bluebonnet festival in Ennis or the...
  43. vrykolas

    Massive data uploads since 2017.34 2448cfc

    It's Google wifi (app & device) which allows easy/automatic teaching of data usage per device in real-time or over a period of time
  44. vrykolas

    Tesla Air Conditioning

    I've had other vehicles that had low refrigerant pressure (I'm not an AC expert but I know the symptoms). Other cars were cooling but just not very fast or very cold. They somehow recharged the refrigerant and it worked like new. Have the Service Center run a diagnostic check on AC system. They...
  45. vrykolas

    Tesla Air Conditioning

    I've used our Model X in the middle of Texas summer with 105F (40C) and up to ~80-90% humidity with 6 people. The AC had no problem cooling the car except maybe at the peak of supercharging (but most of us got out during a stop anyway). I did find the default air-speed for the rear was...
  46. vrykolas

    NDEW no more test rides?

    I'm registered for the Dallas NDEW event, and I have not received such notice/warning about giving test drives.
  47. vrykolas

    Model X: what's your best wH per mile

    For ~100 miles stretch, I hit about 290 Wh/mile. I was not intentionally drafting, although I did follow behind some cars/trucks periodically. Average speed ~75-80mph on highways with TACC. Temp was ~80F on relatively flat roads. My lifetime average is 350 Wh/mile. X90D, stock 20" rims/tires.
  48. vrykolas

    Supercharger - Waco, TX

    I've seen up to 110KW at Waco, but only for a short period. If things are going well, it hovers around 80-90KW for a while. When I was last there it only hovered around 52-62KW (depending on stall). Not sure if reduced charging speed is related to construction. I've seen it filled with 6...
  49. vrykolas

    Supercharger - Waco, TX

    I figured this deserved a new thread for an existing supercharger since it is now under construction for expansion (photos attached). I stopped by Monday evening of 14-August, 2017. I was driving back to Dallas from San Marcos, Texas supercharger and noticed the Waco supercharger had a "reduced...
  50. vrykolas

    Software Update 2017.28 C528869

    I am really starting to agree with this point, and it should be emphasized more to all. An "adjustment" period is definitely seeming real. I've noticed this the last few updates. And I'll get a good chance to test AP2 HW on a 3000 mile trip from Dallas to Philadelphia and back (in 6 days)

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