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    Lucid Air Grand Touring vs Tesla Model S Plaid.

    Agreed with others, lack of cargo capacity kills the Lucid for me. Not to mention that the cost to value ratio simply isn't there from a performance perspective.
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    Towing 2013 model S with UHaul

    I towed a McLaren about 1,300 miles this summer with a Ford Ranger and a U Haul trailer. No problems whatsoever, just had to be careful loading and unloading and obviously careful driving. Model S would be a piece of cake.
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    I can no longer recommend Tesla. Their Service is the Worst

    Unfortunately the entire company experience, as well as the overall Tesla community, changed when the M3 started hitting and not for the better.
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    Model S Plaid All Season 19" Tire Options/Questions

    I assumed the all seasons would be more efficient than the summers. Interesting.
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    "12 Volt" Power Outlet in my Tesla Model S Plaid Has Burned Out 3 ~$1000 Escort Redline 360c detectors

    There was extensive conversation about this on the Plaid FB groups. Some detectors are more tolerant of the higher input, some are not. There is a list somewhere on the group of which ones are ok are which ones aren't. I believe that Uniden and V1 are both fine. I have run my R7 for 3/4ths...
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    Further discussion and analysis on why the yoke is not good

    Why in the world would you drive a Plaid on the track? That's like using a screwdriver to drive a nail. It may work but it is suboptimal. If you plan to track, do it in something other than a 5,000lb luxury car.
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    Plaid Regen is Great, Even More so in Track Mode!

    That was one of my favorite things upgrading from a previous S. The regen on the Plaid is much stronger than the older cars.
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    Plaid Radar Detector install with switched power

    I got this half a year ago for mounting my R7 in my Plaid and it is still going strong.
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    Model S LR refreshed radar detector windshield test

    If you search around you will see that there are a number of people, myself included, running the blendmount with no problems.
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    I have a Pixel 6 Pro running latest stable version of Android and latest Tesla App. The phone as a key behavior has changed for me in the last few weeks. Previously, while the range wasn't as good as the fob, the phone as a key worked pretty well 90% of the time or so. However, now something...
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    First no charger, now no key fob, what's next??

    This level of cost cutting on a 6 figure car is insulting.
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    Model S -> Taycan Review

    I test drove a Turbo S prior to getting my Plaid. The lack of one pedal driving was the real deal killer for me followed by the price and speed delta (both in favor of the Plaid), charging network, range, and space. Almost everything else was better: perceived and actual quality, driving...
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    What to expect from my refresh S

    I went from an AP1 car to a Plaid and the auto wipers are much worse so I assumed the the Plaid still used the Ap2+ vision silliness for the wipers.
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    Snippiness 2.0

    I should've clarified for the Tesla apologists such as yourself that I was talking about at no added cost. As I wrote it, you are right, Tesla did offer those things for extra cost later on. MCU2 was disingenuous as a later poster discussed. Keep on drinking the kool aid.
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    S/X Palladium Motorized Screen Tilt Kit

    As a long time Tesla owner I can unequiovcally state that Tesla doesn't give two craps about you after you have already bought your car and add a +1 to their quarterly sales figures. I cannot recall a single time that Tesla has retrofitted anything of that magnitude after delivery without the...
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    S/X Palladium Motorized Screen Tilt Kit

    I saw this. Wish I had it for novelty but I think after playing for a bit with it I would just leave it tilted towards the driver as I have it locked now.
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    Plaid Radar Detector install with switched power

    Another vote for the Blend Mount. Have one on this and one on my NSX and both work great.
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    S/X Palladium Motorized Screen Tilt Kit

    I did this using the DIY and love the result so far. A couple of notes: It took me probably 3 hours. This is about right as anytime I do a car project and there is a time estimate I usually double it for my slow self. My wireless phone charger had 3 plugs instead of 2 as in the DIY. The...
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    Wiki Matrix LED Headlights Retrofit Journey

    I am with everyone else. I would love the matrix functionality when it is activated assuming it works well. Aside from that, there isn't too much to get excited about imo.
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    Does anyone know how to remove the rear headrests in a Plaid?

    You are the man, thank you so much. Will report back.
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    Does anyone know how to remove the rear headrests in a Plaid?

    So I just noticed that my son's car seat is making an indentation on a rear headrest. I cannot figure out how to remove the rear headrests. I have moved them up and down but cannot get them to completely disengage and cannot find any sort of release button/hole as there are on other cars. Has...
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    2022 "Refreshed" "Refresh" Model S Headlights, Taillights Charge Port, Plaid Badge in the Flesh

    I hate to be contrary but my experience has been the opposite. Moving from Ap1 to Ap2 (basic, non FSD) has shown me that Ap2 works much better for my usage. It is much more stable on curvy sections of interstate/highway that would cause Ap1 to disengage, especially at higher speeds. It is...
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    2022 "Refreshed" "Refresh" Model S Headlights, Taillights Charge Port, Plaid Badge in the Flesh

    I would like the new headlights whenever the matrix functionality is enabled but I am much happier with my radar.
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    Key fob battery keeps dying

    Same here, never had the problem with my P90D, one of my Plaid fobs eats batteries even though it is rarely used and is stored away from the car.
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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    As an update, I drove the P90D to wash it yesterday as I have several different potential buyers and anticipate it won't be with me much longer. I am going to miss that thing. It is such a great car and offers 80-90% of what the Plaid does at half the price. Even "older" Teslas still feel...
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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    I love my cars and also have a 2017 RS7 that I have tuned to 700 hp. I still love that car but never drive it and when I do I wish I was driving the Plaid. For me, the benefits of DDing an EV are legion. If you appreciate all of the tech stuff, there is even more benefits. RS7 feels like it...
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    How much would you pay for the Matrix Lights?

    You would give up your radar and have gimped AP. I would much rather have more functional AP than matrix headlights that don't even have matrix functionality enabled yet.
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    FS: Tesla Model S 19" OEM Tires Pirelli PZ4 255/45R19 285/40R19

    I want to vouch for this guy. I bought the rear tire as I ran over something and destroyed mine. KJ shipped same day so I could get it quickly and everything came as promised and in brand new condition, just like he said. Thank you for the smooth transaction.
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    FS: 2021 Model S Refresh 19” OEM Tires in PA—$900

    If still available, are you willing to sell just one tire?
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    FS: Tesla Model S 19" OEM Tires Pirelli PZ4 255/45R19 285/40R19

    If still available, would you sell one tire?
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    2021 Refreshed Model S 19" Pirelli P-Zero OEM Tires for Sale

    If still for sale, willing to sell just 1 tire?
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    Plaid center console light turns off when fully opened?

    Do tell. I have a 22 Plaid (November 21 build) with this issue.
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    FS: 2016.5 Model S P90D (facelift) 68,xxx miles

    Yes, there is a warranty on battery and drive unit until mid 2024 so there is still over 2 years of warranty left. Feel free to call or text at (731) 298-0343 for a quicker response as I don't check this every day.
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    Bouncy Suspension Model S

    As an additional data point, when comparing my 22 Plaid to my 16.5 P90D MS, the suspension is so much better on the newer car. I have not had any of the bouncing reported in this thread. I use auto around town and comfort on AP activation. I have 19 inch wheels which undoubtedly helps with...
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    FS: 2016.5 Model S P90D (facelift) 68,xxx miles

    $59,900. Someone buy this car before my wife kills me.
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    Is the online estimated lead time accurate for the Plaid ?

    Call and talk to a rep. There may be an inventory car that matches your spec. I did that and the rep waived the shipping fee to ship the car to my nearest Tesla store 1,500 miles away. Went from EDD 8 weeks away to picking the car up in a week.
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    Supercharger - Destin, Florida (speculation)

    Please please with sugar on top. Destin has needed this desperately for years.
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    Can we have a separate Plaid/refresh section?

    I wish, would save me time scrolling through threads and trying to decipher if the topic of the thread is an older S or a refresh.
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    Has anyone used a parcel shelf lifter on a refresh S?

    I had a shelf butler by Norm on my 2016.5 S. I very much miss the functionality on my Plaid but am concerned installing something like that would harm the trim over time on the Plaid since the shelf is now secured magnetically and as a result there is more resistance to overcome to lift the...
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    FS: 2016.5 Model S P90D (facelift) 68,xxx miles

    To even it up with Autotrader price drop to $61,900
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    I am about to drive my Tesla down to Chic Fil A while listening to Joe Rogan. Good day.
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    Motion sickness Plaid

    To be fair, the times I felt queasy I was letting someone else drive and launch the car. I was fine driving it.
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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    Reading stuff like this before I picked mine up made me scared but so far so good for mine. I am sorry your experience is not the same. I printed out the checklist from the Plaid pickup thread and was prepared to reject the car but the panel gaps/paint/etc have been great so far. The front...
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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    It is hard to truly say since I just got the car and it is in the dead of winter but the range is significantly higher. The heat pump certainly helps with the consumption when it is cold.
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    Motion sickness Plaid

    I am in the same boat (motion sickness sometimes from roller coasters and picked up a Plaid). Just don't punch it from a stop and you should be fine. I have done 2 back to back launches and it made me pretty queasy. The rest of the driving experience, including punching from a roll, isn't bad...
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    regenerative braking modes on Model S Plaid

    Track mode has stronger regen than normal.
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    FS: 2016.5 Model S P90D (facelift) 68,xxx miles

    Price drop to $62,000.
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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    Pretty much. Sometimes when I am just cruising along I think "I wouldn't trade this for a round steering wheel." Then comes a tight corner and I am back to reality.
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    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    Buried deep within one of the Plaid braking threads was an indication that some part had changed for the November and newer Plaid builds. I believe there was speculation that it helped pedal feel? All I know is that my 22, which has a November build date, has perfectly acceptable brake feel...

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