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  1. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    Just a note: For your outlet installation, give the electrician the Tesla instructions for installing the Nema outlet. Tesla's different instructions for different outlet types allows the Tesla mobile charger chassis to hang down rather than being above the outlet. (Then, talk with the...
  2. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    The old Tesla cable organizer looked like that, but it didn’t come with the chassis holder. I had the old Tesla one at our prior condo and liked that there was that slot to holder the end of the charge cable. I don’t know why Tesla redesigned it. Here is a picture of my old set-up at our old...
  3. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    Just a note: With your outlet oriented that way, the mobile charger chassis will be above the outlet. Previously that was a problem, but Tesla has solved it by selling a chassis holder. It comes with the new version of its cable organizer bracket (just a bracket to hold the cable when not...
  4. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    Are you planning to charge at home? If so, will you install a 240v outlet? If so, you’ll need to buy the Tesla 14-50 or 6-50 adapter, depending on your outlet.
  5. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    I am behind in my reading of posts on this thread, so this may have already been mentioned -- You are likely NOT able to delay your purchase beyond Sept 30th if you are offered the car before then. Keep in mind that Tesla only books a sale when title is transferred to the purchaser (unlike car...
  6. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    I had 240v outlets installed in our garage and use the mobile charger with the 14-50 adapter. That adapter does not come with the car, so you need to purchase it from Tesla. Also, ask the electrician to install a high quality 14-50 outlet. Tesla has installation guides for each adapter. See...
  7. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    In 2019, I bought a demo M3LR since it matched my order. It has been perfect from the start. And I got a decent discount on the purchase price. (Unlike ICE vehicles, where abusing the engine early may cause future problems, I don't believe a demo of a Tesla is a real problem.)
  8. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    This is what the TireRack site is really good for: Search tires by vehicle, then select optional size (19") and then in the Category selection, select All-Season from the applicable category (Touring, Performance, Winter/Snow). Here is the link for tires for a 2021 Model Y Performance...
  9. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    I used TireRack for snow tires mounted on wheels for another car, years ago. Their website is quite easy to navigate and you can find tires/wheels for your particular model. The downside is that they drop ship the package to you or your installer, although their website helps you find an...
  10. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    When I placed my order, it gave me the choice of delivery at Tampa or Orlando. (I selected Tampa, which I believe is 10 minutes from the airport.) We will keep the car in Sarasota. It seems like Tesla just has a showroom in Sarasota, which is not labeled a "car dealer" for "In-store pickup" in...
  11. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    I have a red M3LR (wth a MYLR on order). I was in a minor accident on the highway a few months ago -- An accident happened in front of me, I stopped short, the car behind me didn't. The only damage was to my rear bumber cover. I got the body shop (a shop both Tesla-certified and insurance...
  12. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    We just bought a house and had a whole home generator installed. The electrician included the 110v outlets in the garage (to be able to open the garage doors as well as charging the car) but indicated that while it would be fine to use the 110v outlet in the garage to charge the car when the...
  13. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    I must admit that while I have been reading this thread for many weeks, I cannot seem to keep up and read every post/every page. So, apologies if this has already been posted/noted. Just saw this: Tesla quietly ups vehicle deposit price from $100 to $250 during AI Day event
  14. Gordon87

    Two things really holding me back

    This article also discusses why radar was removed: https://venturebeat.com/2021/07/03/tesla-ai-chief-explains-why-self-driving-cars-dont-need-lidar/
  15. Gordon87

    Current Delivery Times

    I believe you are correct. We recently ordered blue with black interior and the black induction wheels, and that’s what our picture shows.
  16. Gordon87

    Just got my 14-50 plug installed

    Just installed my cable organizer — one part to hold the cable and a cradle for the connector.
  17. Gordon87

    2018 Model 3 Question

    I bought a 12/2018 build Model 3 LR AWD (not Performance) in March 2019. It has been great. I purchased it new with FSD. When the 3.0 computer was available, they did a mobile appt and came to me to swap out the 2.5 computer. It was very easy.
  18. Gordon87

    Leaving car in garage.

    Last year, I had a problem with Sentry Mode active when my car was plugged in while I was out of town, where it stopped the car charging until I had someone do a reboot. So when I am out of town, I turn off Sentry Mode. Of course, subsequent software updates may have fixed the problem, but...
  19. Gordon87

    Test drive completed...not sure...

    I was going to reply with a longer post but I think you get it. I'd summarize it as -- With other premium cars, one is purchasing “premium” interiors – fine leather, fancy switchgear, etc. With this car, one is purchasing high-end tech. The best feature of the car, in my view, is the seamless...
  20. Gordon87

    My car doesn't notify for any software update

    I have a 12/2018 build and just got that update a few days ago. Your car is up to date. Even when there is a newer update, not everyone gets it at the same time.
  21. Gordon87

    SpaceX F9 - Comm Crew DM-2 - LC-39A

    Sorry if this has already been posted. SpaceX docking simulator: SPACEX - ISS Docking Simulator
  22. Gordon87

    2020.16.2.1 killed my LTE connection

    Sorry to hear it. I was surprised mine resolved on its own.
  23. Gordon87

    2020.16.2.1 killed my LTE connection

    I downloaded 2020.16.2.1 when I wasn’t sitting in the car. A few days later I took the car out for the first time after installing the update and the car didn’t have cell connection. We went grocery shopping and when we finished, the LTE connection had reappeared. Not sure if driving the car for...
  24. Gordon87

    WOW...(sad face) its earth day.

    And this Here’s how lockdowns have improved air quality around the world Although with oil prices so low, when self-isolation is significantly reduced, will things get worse quickly?
  25. Gordon87

    WOW...(sad face) its earth day.

    In honor of Earth Day, the Earth is realizing some benefits... Himalayas Visible For The First Time In 30 Years In India | CleanTechnica
  26. Gordon87

    Upgrade to FSD $4,000

    I purchased in late March 2019. I bought AP for $3,000 (the car was a 12/18 build, so the invoice price didn’t include AP in the base price as it does now) and $5,000 for FSD. By the time I placed my order in early March 2019, EAP was no longer an option. So, $4,000 for FSD seems like a good...
  27. Gordon87

    "Full self driving" Question....

    I am not aware of any hardware changes for FSD on the Model 3, so I would assume the same for the Model Y. Buying FSD after your car purchase may be at a higher price. One possibility (but I don’t know that this will work) is to ask to add FSD before your purchase but after you get assigned the...
  28. Gordon87

    I’ll get roasted but here goes anyway

    i keep a clear plastic keycard holder with key ring in the car, with my keycard in my wallet. You can get a holder on Amazon.
  29. Gordon87

    Model 3 acceleration boost

    I read where the acceleration boost affected the front motor more than the rear motor, so it wouldn’t really work for an SR+ the same way.
  30. Gordon87

    Please....some clarification of the Federal tax credit for a Tesla purchased in 2019

    The $2,500 limit is in Part II (the credit for business/investment or a credit from a partnership or S corporation). Individual owners fill out Parts I and III, but skip Part II. No $2,500 limit for individual owners. Instructions for Part II: Next: If you did NOT use your vehicle for business...
  31. Gordon87

    Question re Model 3 annual brake caliper maintenance

    I read on a thread a reference to this annual maintenance item from the Maintenance Schedule / Service Intervals: “Clean and lubricate brake calipers every year or 12,500 miles (if in an area where roads are salted during the Winter)” I set up a service appointment and just received an...
  32. Gordon87

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    I agree about the frunk mat, but if you are going to get a frunk liner, it probably doesn’t matter. I got frunk and trunk liners as well as interior liners, as my first accessories.
  33. Gordon87

    Michigan Customers are Screwed!

    Thanks for the head’s-up. I will check with my SC about the brake calipers soon. How long did this service take? I’m trying to determine if I could wait for the car if I scheduled an appointment and brought the car in. The Tesla app should notify you when maintenance service is recommended...
  34. Gordon87

    14-50 or Tesla Charger

    I have no reason to believe it is less robust than a 14-50 outlet, and Tesla built it contemplating that users might need to change out adapters to plug into different outlets while traveling. So, I would expect it to be more robust.
  35. Gordon87

    14-50 or Tesla Charger

    My thinking: I unplug it rarely and my car came with multiple different adapters for different outlets which I assume means that Tesla designed the UMC to be able to handle unplugging different adapters since one might need a different adapter while on a trip. From what I read, the 14-50 outlet...
  36. Gordon87

    Recommended type of outlet?

    I had a 14-50 outlet installed, but had the electrician use 60a wiring so I can more easily upgrade to a Tesla Wall Connector in the future.
  37. Gordon87

    14-50 or Tesla Charger

    That’s what I did — I had a 14-50 outlet installed, but with 60a wiring for possibly upgrading in the future. Also, I purchased a second 14-50 adapter, so I can leave it in the car and just unplug the Tesla charger (leaving the 14-50 plug in the outlet) when I take a trip, which I’ve only done...
  38. Gordon87

    Orange Color on Sunroof when Wet

    I have a Dec 2018 build. Mine has it only on the front glass. I like the effect; wish I had it on the rear portion as well.
  39. Gordon87

    Tesla told me my test drive is not happening because they have no cars!

    My answer might be different at the end of next year, but since the US tax credit expires 12/31/2019 for Tesla buyers, right now it is more important to prioritize deliveries to purchasers this year and delay test drives until new cars come in early next year. The 2019 customers waiting for...
  40. Gordon87

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    A third party BMW update is way more and bifurcates the warranty. Noelle Performance Tunes F90 BMW M5 to 850 Horsepower
  41. Gordon87

    Blog Tesla Software Update Includes New Autopilot Features

    On Sunday, I used NOA for the first time since installing 40.2.1. The lane changes were much smoother and quicker than when I was on pre-40. software. Overall, a very noticeable and welcomed improvement.
  42. Gordon87

    Blog Tesla Software Update Includes New Autopilot Features

    Does anyone know the size of this update? I just checked my Tesla app and it says I have a software update and instructs me to connect to wi-fi to download it. I’m on 36.2.1 now. I don’t have wi-fi where I park my car. I can either wait until Monday and head to the Service Center to do the...
  43. Gordon87

    Illinois Infrastructure Plan Would Raise EV Registration Fees to $1,000/yr

    My theories: (1) They knew most people wouldn’t realize the price went up from $34 (for the next 2 years) to $251 (for 1 year) until they went to renew and wanted to give people time to renew at the new rate and/or (2) they realized that they couldn’t handle all the renewals by 12/31/2019 so...
  44. Gordon87

    Illinois Infrastructure Plan Would Raise EV Registration Fees to $1,000/yr

    Correct. They all expire 12/31/2019. I purchased mine earlier this year at a pro rated cost.
  45. Gordon87

    Illinois Infrastructure Plan Would Raise EV Registration Fees to $1,000/yr

    Not really. I got the same letter, but I had ordered my 1-year renewal sticker the day before and the charge was $251 because I was ordering a 2020 renewal sticker. I assume this accommodation was for two reasons: (1) The cost increase was so large that they wanted to give people a longer...
  46. Gordon87

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Check out the last pic in this article. A little paint may go a long way to change the look. (Usage is another thing, because the sail panels seem structural.) Tesla Cybertruck: a look at beautiful different colors as Musk confirms matte black - Electrek credit: I mocked up a matte black...
  47. Gordon87

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    But then there is this: Leave the Tesla Cybertruck alone
  48. Gordon87

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    That might not work. Here is an interesting article on structural issues when a truck is not body-on-frame. Here’s why the Tesla Cybertruck has its crazy look – TechCrunch Also, one key advantage of the rear design is it allows the moveable truck bed cover to be built in.
  49. Gordon87

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    Someone else agrees with me. i just saw this review. You may hate Elon Musk, but the Cybertruck is good | Inverse
  50. Gordon87

    This truck design had better be a joke....

    I like the design, although I understand that it is way out there. To me, it seems like a different approach than the Model S, which was to show how a traditional looking four door sedan could be electric and expressive. This truck shows how a truck can be reimagined to include the best...

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