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    what maintenance is needed or what problem to look for when reaching 4 years (50,000 miles) mileage ?

    I did a break fluid flush at Tesla, though they claimed its not needed - fluid is hygroscopic no matter what make the car is.
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    Tesla SSD coming February 2023

    They should enable map downloading for a given route at least.
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    New FSD beta testers (June 2022) - First experiences

    When the speed limits change on the road, very slow to react - speed changed from 65 to 45 and 35 over he cause of say 1/4 mile and it does recognize (as it displays the left panel) but the actual speed does not change - have to break or take it off autopilot to slow down. This behavior is...
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    Will I lose place in line

    Agree 100%. Tesla line is bogus, learnt the hard way with the 3.
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    Starting to feel like Cybertruck is going the way of the Roadster: Vaporware

    This is a Cybertruck forum, but on a recent 2800 mile round trip, total charging cost was $244 (model3LR). At over $6.50 for super unleaded in CA, 40 gallons will do 1200 miles @30mpg.
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    Loud (fan?) Noise from Frunk Area

    Rocks or debris in the fan, check my post sometime ago.
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    Where did tire pressure go? V11 Model 3

    Who so ever that designed and or approved it should be fired. Plain dumb. Sorry
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    Strange loud whirring fan noise from grill in the front

    Fan noise like a high pitched whine is normal. But a loud or grating sound is not. I had an unusual sound, took it to service and they charges $175 to diagnose the sound and another 200 or so to remove rocks or pebble from the fan blades!
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    8.1 kW system daily production?

    All my panels are facing south west (240 d). They put solar edge HD wave inverter. Thanks for all replies, made me less anxious 🤔
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    8.1 kW system daily production?

    Hi all, My 8.1 panels system is up and running since May but I never saw more than 7 kW at peak and mostly 6.7-6.5 or so on a bright sunny day, not counting cloudy days or smoke (average daily total 45- 52 kWh). Is this an acceptable number or not. I placed a service request and Tesla claims...
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    Most scenic/beautiful/unique Superchargers

    Having gone to multiple SC sites in west coast, thought it would be nice to see some scenic or interesting SC pics. We have been to Yosemite several times in the Tesla and stop at Groveland so decided to start the thread.
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    Tesla Hates Nevada

    Finally decided to go on 50 and charged at Cold Springs Station (used my CHAdeMO adapter). There is also another charger in Austin further down the way. Hope Tesla will consider a supercharger in Austinto get to Ely.
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    Chademo adapter

    Hi, I am in, send me the info.
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    How to charge powerwalls from grid with solar

    Hi all, I am new to solar, having gotten a new install last week- 8 kW with one PW. The panels are not turned on. However, when the team installed, the Power-wall got charged to 100% from the grid and last 2 days, it’s used up about 45% for peak time flow to the house. The “ storm watch” icon...
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    Hi, Do you still have the CHAdeMO adapter? I am in east Bay and can pick up. Thanks. GK

    Hi, Do you still have the CHAdeMO adapter? I am in east Bay and can pick up. Thanks. GK
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    Tesla Server Down??

    Same here, driving from Vegas to Reno and got the “ no supercharging” message and gave me a scare, but still able to charge and reach my destination!
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    I installed the new update yesterday and driving back on I-80 near Sacramento late afternoon on a straight road in the right lane, the autopilot kicked me out repeatedly as the sun was in my face. I was able to re-engage the AP after a slight turn and the sun was off a bit. This has not happened...
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    "USB too slow for dash cam" error message

    This has been happening lately with my 128 GB 300 MB / sec drive, that was working fine before. I unplug and reattach and the error clears for few days. Looks like a software bug.
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    Vendor Group Buy - Self Presenting Doors

    Interested if 600+/- for open and soft close for the front 2 doors only? possible.
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    Katzkin Interior

    Very nice, looks almost like factory install!
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    My range has dropped to 293 at full charge last few weeks, no change in my driving habits. Looks like they capped it so when the battery does degrade in 3-4 years, it will still show may be 290 at full and you feel good that it is stable!
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    Winter Tires on Model 3

    5 stars - excellent tires and driven in 6-10 inches of snow without chains and extremely stable, highly recommended.
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    Owners service experience

    I have over 25k miles in a little over a year with very few complaints, but service is a serious problem with Tesla. I hope they will improve over time, but so far appears to get worse than better at least in Bay Area. They find an excuse not to cover a service and want to be paid just to...
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    Ultimate driving machine !

    Edmunds: Tesla Model 3 Is The "Ultimate Driving Machine" | CleanTechnica
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    Supercharger - Incline Village, NV

    Mire progress electronic connections in place.
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    Supercharger - Incline Village, NV

    The digging started again! (picture today) When will be finished is anyones guess
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    Tesla extending "Early Access" program to all FSD buyers prior to March 2019

    Got the early access email earlier. 20.4 .1 came yesterday, but don’t see any “advanced summon”.
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    Powder Coating Aero Wheels - Any Cap Issues?

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073SR3Q9J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Made in Germany! The red Tesla logo bought on Etsy
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    Black Center Caps?

    https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B073SR3Q9J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 these fit perfectly and made in Germany!
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    Powder Coating Aero Wheels - Any Cap Issues?

    The shop that did my powder coating said that the job he did is "thicker/harder " than the OEM, plus the OEM coat is covering only the face of the wheel. I asked him about putting on and off the aero cover - said shouldn't be an issue. So far I noticed very little if any drop off both local and...
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    My not so aftermarket wheels, that I can put the aero cover if needed...but yesterday’s 200 mile trip from Tahoe to east bay I got 182 wH/mile ( with AC @ 74 and 90-104 out side temps) which is only minimally up from 175 that I normally get in winter (on Nokia’s R3) with aero cover
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Michelin Cross Climate+ we’re rated high, https://www.tirerack.com/tires/surveyresults/surveydisplay.jsp?type=GTAS&width=235%2F&ratio=45&diameter=18&tireSearch=true&filter=y
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    ? Tesla fire, SF

    don't know if this was posted earlier, but the story says Model S and the picture in the story is a Model 3. Tesla Model S catches fire while parked in San Francisco garage - LeftLaneNews
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    Model 3 seats are horrible compromise decision

    I also feel they should have included at least a thigh extension. Did anyone try installing aftermarket Recaro seats?
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    Should I buy HW3 now or wait for hw4?

    Don’t worry about tomorrow and enjoy the ride today....
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    Wow. Just got $5,660 price reduction on a LR RWD Model 3!

    Fantastic steal of a deal I paid 59k or the same!
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    This Can't be good... screen issues with 2019.8.4

    Having similar screen freezing or complete blank and auto rebooting in the past week on 8.5 never in the past. Looks like 8.xx bug
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    How to Install Bag Hooks in the Trunk of the Model 3

    The nut in the body panel is "flimsy" and has a cut out that bends even with minimal force - something to keep in mind.
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    CCS Charging options for Model 3

    I am not sure if this has been reported already, but I was reading this AM about the CCS adapter ? First look at Tesla’s highly-anticipated CCS adapter
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    Hi, I want mono color strip in the same location ! Can you share the supplies needed and where...

    Hi, I want mono color strip in the same location ! Can you share the supplies needed and where you tapped the power. Thanks very muck.
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    July 2018 build month. Are you happy with your M 3?

    July 2018 and 15000 miles later :)
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    Thread of all hub-centric aftermarket wheels for the Tesla Model 3.

    I was also looking at some wheels that require the hub centric rings and wonder if any members used them and would share their experiences.
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    Supercharger - Incline Village, NV

    Shopping at rally’s and peeked to check on the supercharger and all the equipment and even the trench is gone!!
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    Regen not kicking in?

    yes I did, but this started before I had them. This is the bay area and "cold temp" is not a factor (was working fine in similar temps before)
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    Regen not kicking in?

    Hi all, for the past few weeks I noticed that the 3 is not slowing down like it used to and keeps rolling and even gains speed on a downhill ramp like an ice in neutral! I checked the settings and no change -standard regen. Tried rebooting, no change. Any suggestions? BTW, just got 48.12.1 and...
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    how to mute radio/music during directions on navigation?

    There is a separate volume adjustment for the NAV when the Nav is active and you can raise the volume there (settings)
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    Winter tires for 18” Aeros

    Yes, with aero cap on, will remove before heading into mountains to put the chains on( if needed).
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    Winter tires for 18” Aeros

    To follow up with my new winter tires - Nokian R3s installed few days ago, having a severe “howling wind” kind of a noise between 25-50 MPH driving on city roads which is very annoying. Never had that sound with snow tires before. Wondering if it is Nokian related problem or other brands also...

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