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    Do I need permit for Tesla Wall Charger if I already installed a permitted 14-50 Outlet?

    Is this inside the garage or outdoor?
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    Tesla Total Loss - Looking at Options, everything murky, looking for guidance

    The newer models also have the lithium 16 volt battery
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    215/50R18 Tire?

    Martian has an 18x8 in the mw05 version.
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    Anybody come from a sports car to Tesla?

    I went from a 718 Cayman GTS to the model 3 last year. The Cayman is more fun and more special as you see much less of them out there. I mostly just drove it to work and back so I didn't really used it's full potential. I like the Tesla more in that you don't need gas or oil. Don't need the...
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    What is the best way to change my calipers to red?

    Paint it yellow if you want people to think you have carbon ceramic brakes.
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    Electricity Cost Spikes

    My utilities locked in high prices for natural gas. Hopefully that wasn't too long term because the price of natural gas cratered from where it was at. https://finance.yahoo.com/quote/NG%3DF?p=NG%3DF
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    Electricity Cost Spikes

    .13 per kWh in Colorado
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    New tires at 21,000 miles

    It was more in the sense that if you have to use the regular brake, you are stopping to quickly. Even then I try to not put too much regen at once either.
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    New tires at 21,000 miles

    I have a performance but 99% drive it in chill. I avoid the actual brake if I can. Hoping my tires last a good while. Will see.
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    fast food in a model 3

    I use a lunch bag/food bag for carrying takeout food. I put it in the back seat and put a seatbelt around it. This way the food never spills. And if it did, it stays inside the container.
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    High electricity usage for charging

    I use a chargepoint charger. With the app it states exactly how many kwh I use per month. If ever my utility bill jump way to high, I can compare with the chargepoint and see if the vehicle is the cause or eliminate it as the cause.
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    Vendor OFF-ROAD (aka Snow mode) for Model 3

    Anyone test this on snowy/icy roads yet?
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    Steering wheel turned right 45 degree every time the car is parked.

    Upon exiting the vehicle the tires are off 45 degrees or sometime after?
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    Can Tesla still drivable when charging cable is cut? [No]

    They should of at least tried to make their way into the trunk and use the manual release instead of cutting the cable.
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    Phantom motorcycle gang showing on model 3 screen

    I know I have summer/winter tires on the side of the garage where I drive in, and sometimes it showed a tractor trailer because maybe how spread out the wheels are. I haven't seen that recently though, but maybe I ignore it mentally now. Do you happen to have bicycles in garage?
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    Brake Brandishing [burnishing]/My wheels are trashed

    I burnished my brakes. I only heard about the burnish feature after I did them. I used track mode and turned off regen. They are burnished but I don't use them. I do try once a month or so to give them a solid squeeze and keep them clean and ready for when I need them.
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    Martian Wheels MW03 - New discussion thread

    Martian came out with 18x8.0 mw05's. The weight is about the same as a Titan 18x8.5. Advantage for martian are the slimmer tires you can put on. For me these would be winter tires for next winter if I decide to go that route. If my beater car lasts, I will just continue to use that...
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    Battery Draining while parked at airport, advice needed

    I would Uber to the airport if that is a choice.
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    Keep phantom drain under control

    I normally lose a percent a day or so leaving the car in the garage. Since Tuesday it has stayed at 52% state of charged. I check it once a day and hasn't moved. Might drive it Sunday if the roads are clean.
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    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

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    any permanent battery degradation driving in extreme cold?

    I will use plan departure for winter so the battery warms up first.
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    any permanent battery degradation driving in extreme cold?

    If I leave my AC 240v/40amp charger hooked up when it's below freezing, Tesla will warm up the battery first and then charge up or must I select departure time for that to happen? Thanks.
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    any permanent battery degradation driving in extreme cold?

    Kyle Conner was supercharging at -10F. Different results where some supercharger brands didn't work in the cold.
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    any permanent battery degradation driving in extreme cold?

    Thanks for the tips. Since I don't have to go anywhere the next couple of days. I'm just leaving the car in the garage. Outdoor temp was -10F at one point and the garage was 38F. Even though 38F should be fine with charging, I left the car unplugged so it wouldn't be able to. Coldest night...
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    Auto = Awful, a Climate Complant

    I'm trying out auto again since they added the fan levels. Will see how long that lasts before I change it back
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    any permanent battery degradation driving in extreme cold?

    If one drives an electric vehicle in extreme cold weather like -14F, is there any permanent negative affects on the battery, or is that only in extreme high temperatures? I have an ICE vehicle as well, so I could drive that instead for the couple of extreme cold days coming.
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    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    I just drive carefully and never get curb rash. Most of the cars I driven are with 0 driver assist and no cameras. I even parallel park and had no issues.
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    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    When I had I didn't drive it below freezing to avoid damaging the tires. On my M3P I got the performance all-season, but use another car with Nokian HP10s for bad winter weather. If I only had the M3P it would have at least winter tires.
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    Telsa w/h per mile vs true w/h

    So what I meant was actual 300 miles of odometer was used.
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    Telsa w/h per mile vs true w/h

    I am keeping monthly tabs on how much the Tesla vehicle says I used in the trip odometer vs what the chargepoint monthy stats shows. For the month of November, I used 300 miles or range. Tesla shows that I averaged 265 Wh/mile. Using charge point it shows I charged up 112 kWh for the entire...
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    We need "Off-Road Assist" for snow driving

    With the S3XY buttons, one can reduce regen to 50, 25 or none and works on chill mode. They are working a way to change FWD/RDW bias settings. If only Tesla will add their interface.
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    Reuters: "Tesla readies revamped Model 3 with project 'Highland' -sources" [projected 3rd quarter 2023]

    Glad I got my Tesla without these new enhancements coming. Probably keep my car for the 4 years and see what other EVs are out there.
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    Filling tires using 12v

    https://www.tesla.com/ownersmanual/model3/en_us/GUID-7F07443D-5107-4A5A-A9F1-E02FF14E4A9A.html Note For vehicles manufactured after approximately November 2021, power inverters plugged into the low voltage power socket must support 16V DC input to function.
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    Filling tires using 12v

    This is the link on the radar detectors being burned out in plaid cars. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/12-volt-power-outlet-in-my-tesla-model-s-plaid-has-burned-out-3-1000-escort-redline-360c-detectors.279261/
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    Martian Wheels MW03 - New discussion thread

    wow, terrible they are missing the bore hub. Did they correct this for you? my mw05 worked perfectly. However if I ever decide to get winter rims for my car I think I will go with Titan so I don't run into the same issue as you. Plus I like having a different brand for winter rims.
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    Software Update Download gets stuck at 50%

    I had that issue previously, but it doesn't happen anymore. Hopefully it won't again.
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    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    https://www.wheelhero.com/blog/learn-about-summer-tires-temperature-range/ I drove summer tire on my Porsche only when it was above freezing, but you do lose traction so had to be careful when making turns.
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    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    I swapped out my wheels immediately after delivery. I have 19" forged rims with P Elect all-season tires. This is just for cold weather. I use a cheap gas car with Nokian HP 10s for ice and snow driving. Worked nicely in that ice we had last night. Plus if any minor accident and it's just a...
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    Longer to charge at home in colder weather?

    If you discount battery charging and preheating batteries to charge. Also discount heating the cabin, With cold temps, say 20F. Are batteries less efficient because of the battery chemistry? Batteries need to be a certain temperature for 0-60 performance?
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    what's the "best" model 3 to get right now - what should I do with my post write off insurance check?

    I think the 2022 models that have the Ryzen chip, right before the sensors were removed.
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    Mounted wrong size wheels - they’re now permanently stuck to the car. Disaster [resolved]

    I would try a body shop. If they can handle wrecks and smashed in wheels they should be able to handle your situation.
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    Heater Not Working Properly on both my Model 3 LR's

    The heat issue is very likely software, as I had the issue before and others have. Tesla service told me to switch it to auto. The heat worked better but you can't blast the fan with that set. I have been ok with it so far. but haven't tried manual again with the fan on high. I will try it...
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    Reached a goal - under 200 wh / mile

    I have 19 mw05 martian wheels with P Zero All Season Plus Elect tires
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    Reached a goal - under 200 wh / mile

    Are you driving a standard range plus? I'm driving a performance and right now I'm at 250 average.
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    New owner… I wish someone would've warned me

    The newer Z06 are quicker if that's your thing. I drive the M3P but I keep it in chill. More of a contest on how low I can keep the Watts per mile.
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    Heat issues while driving only

    Yeah, must definitely be software with lots of people having issues, hoping for an update to correct this.
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    Heat issues while driving only

    Got a message from the Tesla service saying to put the HVAC in automode. I'm going to try that if I leave early enough tomorrow while it's still cold.
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    cruise control not changing speed

    It still didn't adjust even after a long while even going up hill. So I did what I read others have done and tap on the speed limit or speed max on the display. it lowered it and went pretty quick.
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    cruise control not changing speed

    I set the cruise control on a 65 mph speed zone. and it does the 5mph over that I set it to, therefore it's cruising at 70mph. When I drive it to a lower speed zone like 55mph. The cruise control does not adjust down. Is there a setting for this to make it lower automatically?

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