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  1. Homer

    Is the 3 as buggy as the S or better?

    I tend to think it’s more software than hardware. I haven’t had to reboot to fix Spotify in the 3 but regularly needed to in the S on pre-version 10 software. For example, the S would lose the Tesla Spotify login after almost every update. I’ve had 4 or 5 updates for the 3 and not had this issue.
  2. Homer

    Post delivery FSD purchase for Model 3 not available online

    I want it from day one.
  3. Homer

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Me too! P3D+ with white. I checked this morning and had no VIN but checked again when I saw this post and now I have 5YJ3F7EB1KF517XXX
  4. Homer

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Wow I hope that’s right. Fingers firmly crossed!
  5. Homer

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    Are you sure your delivery date is still August? As soon as I changed my red/black M3 to a red/white, the delivery date changed to September and every other post I’ve read on the topic of updating to the white interior in Australia also refers to the delivery date changing to September.
  6. Homer

    Model 3 Accessories

    The shipping was weird. When I first bought the Jeda pad + spacer the international shipping was a flat rate USD$50. Then when I cancelled that order and made a new order with the pad + USB hub + spacer the international shipping came to USD$18. I think they might have a problem with their...
  7. Homer

    Model 3 Accessories

    Just in case in helps, I added the USB Hub to my Jeda but, in order to do so and save some shipping $, they advised to cancel the order and re-order the combo. Which I did. Also the $15 discount coupon for the free “spacer” (the thing to support plugging in an older device, should you have one)...
  8. Homer

    Model 3 updates including LR and white paint

    My Tesla contact says it looks like I was the first to add the white after she gave me the heads up that the change was live. :)
  9. Homer

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I don't think local Tesla team members know for certain but a couple of owners, including myself, have been told, separately and by different local staff, that they think orders will open tomorrow or Thursday. Just to be clear, I'm not making a prediction either way. But I am feeling hopeful. :)
  10. Homer

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    When I returned my 2016 Model S to Tesla last month as part of the resale value guarantee, I asked whether I also needed to return the HPWC or whether it would work with my Model 3 when it arrives. They advised that it would be the same HPWC so I could just keep it. I am wondering whether I...
  11. Homer

    NRMA fast charging network

    "Our first charger is already in place in Western Sydney, outside the NRMA’s new office at Sydney Olympic Park." Source If anybody is out that way, it'd be good to know what sort of connection they require. This network could be useful as it rolls out this year.
  12. Homer

    Repair Costs - Grrr

    Yes that's the one. Ron's a great guy. Loves cars generally and loves Tesla cars in particular.
  13. Homer

    Repair Costs - Grrr

    Is that quote from a Tesla authorised repairer? I recently scraped part of my rear quarter panel which required the Tesla authorised repairer to weld some cables onto the panel in order to pull out the dents and then repaint it. The total cost was $1,000 which was the same as my Tesla Insurance...
  14. Homer

    Queensland Electric Highway

    Thanks! That's an annoyingly expensive adapter to carry...
  15. Homer

    Queensland Electric Highway

    I've read every post in this thread but I still don't understand what I need to plug into this network in Qld. Is it a CHAdeMO cable, or a Type 2 to Type 2 cable, or either one?
  16. Homer

    S90 total charge

    I would be concerned. The temptation to update a spreadsheet every time you charge your car should be addressed by a professional. ;) But, seriously, my P90DL used to show around 416km typical range on a full charge when new and, now that it's 18 months old, only gets to around 405km at the...
  17. Homer


    No offence, but in Tesla world I don't think somebody who bought a HW2 car in 2016 would be considered an "early adopter". The actual early adopters made a considerable leap of faith years before that and we should all be grateful to them. :-)
  18. Homer

    Tesla Model 3 in Australia

    I got one of those and I reserved, I think, on the second or third day after the announcement. My S was booked in for a service anyway so I didn't bother lining up on the first day; just waited until I was at St Leonards a day or two later.
  19. Homer

    Superchargers in Australia

    "...it's right next to Supercheap, which means you will get some Supercheap clientele coming up to you..." This is so Australian. Love it! :-)
  20. Homer

    Supercharger - The Star, NSW

    I hope the word is on the money, because that's just around the corner from me. It would be very convenient.
  21. Homer

    Elon Musk, I owe you an apology

    I agree, though of course I could be biased too. A friend who lived in London for many years but who now calls Melbourne home (though he's currently working in Sydney) tells me that Sydney drivers remind him of London drivers — the roads are so congested that drivers here have worked out that we...
  22. Homer

    I may have crashed the Knockrow (Byron Bay) supercharger

    I arrived at Macadamia Castle this afternoon just after 2pm en-route to a local resort. There was an X in, I think, 3A and an S in, I think, 1B. I chose 2A. I plugged in and the car started to charge but, as I walked away, I heard a small "bang" sound from near the grey cabinets behind the...
  23. Homer

    8.1 in Australia

    Given they require a multi-factor authentication just for a lane change it probably means those same regulators may take quite a while before they'll allow us to have fully self-driving cars... :(
  24. Homer

    Noisy Model S wipers since new?

    I think you're right but, for the avoidance of doubt, I am suggesting that if you have noisy wipers just ask the SC to replace them instead of waiting for your 12-month service.
  25. Homer

    Noisy Model S wipers since new?

    My car was in for its first 12-monthly service yesterday and I reported the squeaky wipers. They told me they have Bosch wiper blades which are allegedly better (i.e. quieter) than the factory ones and they switched them over at no cost. I haven't tested them yet. So maybe the tip is just to ask...
  26. Homer

    NRMA v InsureMyTesla (Marsh Advantage)

    FWIW, that premium seems high to me. What excess did you choose? With a $1K excess, NRMA and IMT were both around $2.5K for my ~$300K MS.
  27. Homer

    Noisy Model S wipers since new?

    My wipers are very noisy too - squeaking as they move over the glass. They came on the other day during light showers and the kids asked what the noise was. I was wondering whether the rubber might have dried out because I haven't had the car out in the rain very much?
  28. Homer

    NRMA v InsureMyTesla (Marsh Advantage)

    I know there have been a few similar threads recently but, put simply, my insurance renewal is due and NRMA (current insurer) and InsureMyTesla have quoted almost exactly the same premium, with the same excess. The respective PDS documents have taken the typical insurance company "confuseopoly"...
  29. Homer

    AP seems a little "wobbly" after 17.6.15

    I had a similar problem on the Federal Highway last year, despite it being a very nice road with very good lane marking. That was quite a few versions ago and, at the time, I put it down to the number of turns at high speed.
  30. Homer

    Loan car disappointment

    I understand the disappointment and I'd feel the same if this happened to me for a service appointment but try owning a Ferrari or something similarly exotic - I've never had a loaner car with a cavallino on it. I think the Model 3 will make a very nice loaner car once they are producing enough...
  31. Homer

    Auto-park rim rash

    +1 to this. I've never scratched my rims - either with or without Autopark - but I do monitor Autopark closely and probably hit the break to abort it 50% of the time. I think I'm overly conservative on this but...perfect rims.
  32. Homer

    Roadtrip Planning - Time at Superchargers

    Yeah I didn't really think I had to plan the stops for charging purposes - it was more to work out when we'd arrive at each point so I could plan the breaks for the kids plus also determine where we'd spend the night (i.e. how far we'd get). They do need an SC on the GC. Absolutely. But so long...
  33. Homer

    Roadtrip Planning - Time at Superchargers

    Thanks @NovoCasGreeny - I really appreciate the tips on the changes to access conditions at Cassegrain and the picnic area which, as you suggest, I did spot last time :-). I need to find a portable cooler to put in the back to keep some wine nice and cold... ;-)
  34. Homer

    Roadtrip Planning - Time at Superchargers

    That sounds sensible. I'll probably just spend about 30 minutes at each stop, except at Port Macquarie where we'll have some lunch (Cassegrain will be closed so I guess it'll be a picnic on the lawn...). When I did this trip last year I was pretty nervous about making it to Port Macquarie - as...
  35. Homer

    Roadtrip Planning - Time at Superchargers

    Awesome. That answers the question!
  36. Homer

    Roadtrip Planning - Time at Superchargers

    Thanks but the kids are going to need to stop every couple of hours anyway so I thought it would make sense to stop at every SC. But I guess what you're saying is that it doesn't really matter whether we spend 15 minutes at Newcastle or 30 minutes as we'll make it to Port Macquarie even if we...
  37. Homer

    Roadtrip Planning - Time at Superchargers

    Last year we drove from Sydney to the Gold Coast by charging fully at Port Macquarie and topping up overnight at Coffs Harbour. The full charge at Port Macquarie took over an hour but we were having lunch so that worked well. Now we're planning the same trip again over Easter but this time...
  38. Homer

    AP seems a little "wobbly" after 17.6.15

    I have not seen this issue recently reported on the forum so I'm wondering whether it might be happening just on our roads but, since updating to 17.6.15 (the "performance reductions removal" update) yesterday, my car is noticeably more "wobbly" on corners and even on some straight local roads...
  39. Homer

    New app is out for ios

    The charging slider seems even more frustrating in the new app - there seems to be higher precision/resolution and so it's even harder for me to be sure I've exactly nailed 80% or 90%, etc. I can't understand why Elon allows this because by all accounts he's on the spectrum as well.
  40. Homer

    Model X Launch In Oz

    Oh and there's also a price rise coming sometime tomorrow, at least for the X.
  41. Homer

    Model X Launch In Oz

    Agreed. I'd like both too. The S seems more fun because it's smaller and slightly more agile but the X seems more practical for a family. In my case two cars would be excessive as we barely drive one car due to where we live in the inner city.
  42. Homer

    Model X Launch In Oz

    I test drove a Model X at Martin Place this morning. It drove like a big Model S. It definitely feels like an upgrade because it has the doors and a couple of additional settings over the S. I think I want one...
  43. Homer

    Latest OTA update has vastly improved maps

    How accurate are the new amenities listed for each supercharger? The one at St Leonards is showing a food icon. They aren't counting those little packets of bickies next to the coffee machine as worthy of a food icon, are they???
  44. Homer

    Model X Launch In Oz

    Will said they will have a car to test drive from, I think, January 23. Perhaps it's a different car or perhaps they've been given a date for certification. Either way, they are taking bookings. Edit: I should add that the test drive offer I received was specifically for Martin Place.
  45. Homer

    Model X Launch In Oz

    I haven't received that email but I did get a call from Will at Tesla last week to book in my test drive next month.
  46. Homer

    What is unlimited lifetime supercharging worth?

    And, as I was saying to Will at Tesla today, it also depends on how long you plan to keep your <= April 2017 delivered Tesla and whether you ever plan to upgrade. For me, the pace of change means I'll want a new Tesla (or other brand...) maybe every two or three years so it doesn't make sense...
  47. Homer

    Tesla for Rent in Canberra - cost now known

    In my experience, though admittedly I've never rented with Thrifty, if you book a "premium" car through Hertz or Avis - such as a BMW, for example - you always get the car you've booked. It's not the same as booking a "Category x" car where several different models fit into the category and you...
  48. Homer

    SYD - BNE Supercharger Route

    I think that's a classic response from a social team. Don't commit to anything, because you don't know anything, and you're not really allowed to bother anybody who does. So instead, answer the question with a question to turn it into "engagement". I wouldn't read anything into it.
  49. Homer

    Spotted in Australia and New Zealand

    Nobody has spotted The Homer yet and, like myself, it is definitely pre-facelift.
  50. Homer

    How did your V8.0 update go?

    You're welcome Xwing. :)

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