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  1. darthvdr

    Is the huge front windshield going to be too hot for summer?

    In the past few days, we have had warmer weather and do feel the heat coming through when the sun is directly overhead. I will also be getting Prestige Photosync on the windshield and the rest. It has worked wonders with our P85+ S, so we will stick with this as it is a proven tint for us.
  2. darthvdr

    Model X Window Tint Pictures

    I am planning on getting window tint on the new X. We have the midnight silver and white syntec seats. What are some of you getting? Lets share pictures. This is ours with no tint yet. Wife wants 55% Photosync and I want 35% Trying to decide.
  3. darthvdr

    Double vision (ghosting) at night through windshield?

    My wife noticed it first and it is giving her a headached when driving at night. Fortunately we do not go out much after dark. This is a problem I hope Tesla addresses immediately
  4. darthvdr

    Traded the P85+ for the XP90D

    Well, we did it. Had some great memories with the P85+ along the entire California coastline. It was a pleasure driving all 42,000 miles on electric power. Hope it goes to a great home. The S was a great leap forward for us to a green household and when my wife saw the X at the launch...
  5. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    rfmurphy81 - I had the same issue. On our P85+, we went with Photosynch 35 or 45 all the way around (at my age I really do not remember the number). Well, whatever the number it was, we chose the same so it was consistent. On our Accord, this too was a challenge because we loved how effective...
  6. darthvdr

    Clear protective film kits for the X

    Very nice to see sponsors here providing good information.
  7. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    We really like it especially in the back windows for extra privacy with the 20% on Ceraluxe.
  8. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    I too went with Photosynch and very happy with it. It is the best film out there and it does cost a pretty penny. For us, this was a retirement gift to ourselves, so we splurged a little. Little did we know that we handed the car down to our son and his family. They have little ones so I am...
  9. darthvdr

    Clear protective film kits for the X

    Thank you dwebb66. My configuration is nearly identical to yours with the exception of the black leather. I guess we are just getting a bit anxious. At least you are over the hurdle. ;)
  10. darthvdr

    Sitting in 3rd row and watching for 2nd row seat

    My retired colleague came over today with his X and I wanted to try out the 3rd row seat. So I made my way there, sat down and pulled the 2nd row back. I immediately noticed that my right foot was in the way of the pillar that scoots the seat back. Anyone else notice this? Seems to be a...
  11. darthvdr

    Clear protective film kits for the X

    dwebb66 - I noticed your VIN at 1239. Mine is in the 900s, but stuck with some problems, which Tesla would not tell me what the issues are. Did you have any delays in terms of production issues?
  12. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    If you want to go darker, this is a very good option using Ceraluxe. The technology is similar to Photosynch and made by the same company as well, so you know it is a very high quality and stable product. I had the Ceraluxe 20% put to rear and 45% on the front and their 75% to the windshield...
  13. darthvdr

    Clear protective film kits for the X

    We will be taking delivery of our P90D in 2 weeks. It has been in queue for quite some time due to some issues. Hopefully to get it without having more issues. First to do is photosynch tint on all windows and the film for whole car. I will be using Premiere in Fremont. They did our previous...
  14. darthvdr

    Beware, don't cook your dog (or kids)

    This is not a bad issue at all. If you compare it to the Model S, they still do not have any rear AC for the jumpseats in the hatch area. Now that is a serious hazard.
  15. darthvdr

    How many people are taking delivery of their Model X in March?

    Ours will be ready in 2 weeks. We can't wait. Congrats to everyone being patient. It is worth it.
  16. darthvdr

    Did you purchase the Tesla Extended Warranty for extra 4-years/50K miles coverage?

    It depends if you see yourself owning the car past 50,000 miles. We bought it because this car is expensive to repair. 50,000 miles really is not much. I turned my neighbor to Tesla and he did not buy it. The screen recently went out and he was just a few hundred miles past 50k, and Tesla...
  17. darthvdr

    New Tesla Delivery Center? + super chargers!

    This is great! No more waiting in line at the factory. :tongue:
  18. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    We are hopefully getting our X by January. Once we take delivery, it will be going to Premiere for the full wrap and photosync.
  19. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    I did the same as you. All windows and the top pano. From what I have seen on this thread, those who went with Photosync are very happy and same for those who got other tint brands. I was an engineer from a PV plant and I brought some samples of Photosync, Huper and 3m to compare. If I were...
  20. darthvdr

    Vendor Paint protection film - the difference at premier

    As testament to Premier, I was at TMC Connect and somebody from Xpel asked me why I don't have the film on the car. I had Premier install it to the entire car, so I chuckled and didn't want to make the guy feel bad so I did not say anything. I would not consider using any other company for...
  21. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    After having Photosync for two years now, I can report back to all and say I am as happy as the day we picked up the car from Premier. Initially, I was concerned on how it looked and whether it is better than the other major brands. From looking at their specifications and comparing it to what...
  22. darthvdr

    Can I Make Multiple Payments Between Ordering and Delivery?

    Does anyone know what the maximum amount they will take from a credit card? Would love to get points for the Model X purchase.
  23. darthvdr

    What's your 90%?

    45k miles on the odometer - 2 years ownership. 90% charge brings me to 225. 100% at 252.
  24. darthvdr

    Battery aging / degradation over time

    I have 45k miles now on a 2 yr old P85+. Rarely supercharged and rarely go beyond 90% unless for several road trips. Charging rate of 28amps and staying around the 75% mark. Recently had a road trip to Southern California and at 100%, I am at 252 miles now.
  25. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    From my research and this thread, it seems the price of Photosync is comparable throughout the west coast. For us, we do not regret it a bit. Well worth the extra $$ for photosync we spent on our $130k +
  26. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    On our +, we used Premier in Fremont as they are highly regarded and from what I can tell, they have tinted more Teslas than anyone around. I did a lot of research initially as I posted this many pages ago on this thread. On the color side, I did not like the brown look to 3M and there was...
  27. darthvdr

    Tesla Battery Swap Program Invite - Pros and Cons?

    I hope they do not scrap it as we were hoping to give it a try in our road trip in late July.
  28. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    I echo your experience with photosync. We have had it on the car through 100 degree weather and we typically only need to have it on level 1 or 2 set at 69 degrees F. My wife is a dermatologist and I used to be in the PV industry, so we are extremely technical when it comes to numbers. My wife...
  29. darthvdr

    Vendor New Tesla Keyed and Vandalized

    This is so upsetting and makes me think about where I park my cars from here on out. I do believe in karma though. Premier thank you for sharing the photos. You guys did a great job on the paint protection and photosync on our P85+. We also love the screen protector you put on for us...
  30. darthvdr

    Frunk Dent Prevention Strategy

    It only takes one time for someone not knowing this procedure. We let our son take the car on a road trip with his family and received it back with the crease on the hood. It was my fault for not telling him, but I also think that this is a design flaw on Tesla's part. It only takes one lapse...
  31. darthvdr

    (Calif) Need recommendation: Bay Area, bent rim repair

    Hi Joseph, can you fix bent rims? I have two 21s that are bent.
  32. darthvdr

    Video; P85D vs P85 all out....

    Really contemplating upgrading to the D, but that means a $40,000 hit in just a little over a year on the +. Wife said I'm nuts, but aren't we all? Especially for the Insane mode!
  33. darthvdr

    2 Sets of Wheels with TPMS

    Thank you gentlemen! Exactly what I was looking for.
  34. darthvdr

    Model S - Window Tinting

    We were turned onto Ceralux last year for our '14 Honda Accord Plug-In. Thought we were interested in getting Photosync, we just couldn't justify it for a $45k car. So we opted for the next best thing, which was introduced to us by Premiere Mobile. First of all, Premiere Mobile is a first...
  35. darthvdr

    P85D range and highway battery performance

    I think that Tesla should add an option to allow entering the # of passengers in the vehicle so it may then calculate the added weight of the vehicle on these longer road trips. Would be extremely useful.
  36. darthvdr

    Next-gen REAR seats no longer available for new orders, please post feedback on yours

    Anyone having issues putting child seats to the NG seats? Looks like the bolsters may cause an issue that angles child seats.
  37. darthvdr

    2 Sets of Wheels with TPMS

    I was wondering if it's possible to have two sets of wheels (19"s / 21"s) with TPMS calibrated to the car. How does this work? Would we be able to just swap out the wheels / tires or do we need to calibrate the set each time we have it installed?
  38. darthvdr

    cruise control saved my butt today

    I try to not use the screen unless I have to. We customized the steering buttons to work for us so we do not have to tap on the screen when we are on the road.
  39. darthvdr

    My solution for busy superchargers

    What I like about Chargepoint is that I can see if the ports are occupied. It would be a great idea if Tesla can incorporate this into our Nav system so that it shows if there are open stalls.
  40. darthvdr

    Trip to Carmel

    We stayed at Intercontinental and they have a L2 charger at no charge. You just need to let the valet know.
  41. darthvdr

    Anybody gone Bay Area to Tahoe yet?

    The temperature and grade took a big hit on range!
  42. darthvdr

    Disappointed by Poor Interior Quality

    Tesla certainly is trying to provide more luxury appointments like the premium center console. Future cars, I believe, will have richly appointed interiors to address this concern.
  43. darthvdr

    17" Screen Protector

    I have the same screen protector placed onto the screen several weeks ago and should be the same one by techiesjc. Works very well with reducing almost all fingerprints. My wife uses a lot of lotion on her hands so the screen always had fingerprints on it. Now, I don't see them anymore...
  44. darthvdr

    Trip to Carmel

    Any known hotels in the Carmel or Monterey area with a L2 charger?
  45. darthvdr

    Trip to Carmel

    Thank you! We have the +, but wasn't sure if the hills impacted the range enough for me to be concerned. We did a trip to Tahoe once and that was a bit stressful due to the elevation. Appreciate the advice!
  46. darthvdr

    Trip to Carmel

    My wife and I are planning a short trip to Carmel in the MS. Anyone made this trek from the Bay Area? Did you need to charge on a round trip? TIA
  47. darthvdr

    HOV Sticker enforcement on I 680

    Did you run over your iphone to get the iphone 6? :)
  48. darthvdr


    I have heard many good things about Glareshield and the fingerprints have been driving us nuts. My wife uses a lot of lotion on her hands so our screen gets very splotchy. I met another gentleman at the charging station and he had Glareshield on his car and was nice enough to let us look at...
  49. darthvdr

    Any "D" orders been assigned a VIN yet?

    I am trying to convince my wife so I can "confirm"

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