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  1. Texas Flood

    Unable to play music in Apple music

    I did some troubleshooting this afternoon, but it did not resolve the Playback Error. I checked whether Apple Music worked in both my and my wife’s profile, logged out in both profiles, turned off the Apple Music source, and powered down the car. Essentially I tried to remove every vestige of...
  2. Texas Flood

    Apple Carplay with a WIFI Box

    T-Mobile is my phone provider. I did not use a SIM directly in the T2C. To their credit, they did reach out to me on Amazon. Unfortunately they did not read the careful troubleshooting report I put together and kept responding with notes copied from the online FAQs. I finally responded that the...
  3. Texas Flood

    Apple Carplay with a WIFI Box

    I just packed up the t2c to return it. I never got the CarPlay dialog to come up. When I’d go to Settings>General>CarPlay, the device would appear on the available cars list but only showed a spinning icon next to it, and would eventually time out. I looked at every FAQ and read all the Reddit...
  4. Texas Flood

    Unable to play music in Apple music

    Updated from 44.30.5 to 44.30.10 yesterday. Apple Music worked fine on .5, but reports a connection error on .10. I logged out of AM and back in, and rebooted the car - neither helped. Like other posters, all my music and playlists are visible, but tapping anything results in the spinning arrow...
  5. Texas Flood

    MYP won't auto connect to Wi-Fi. "Unable to obtain IP address" error when manually connecting to wifi. Only a hard Reboot auto-connects successfully.

    I had to reboot it last night to get it connect, but it may have been related to a larger scale internet problem I had. I had to reenter the WiFi credentials on several other devices before they’d reconnect.
  6. Texas Flood

    MYP won't auto connect to Wi-Fi. "Unable to obtain IP address" error when manually connecting to wifi. Only a hard Reboot auto-connects successfully.

    FWIW, my Model 3 had the same behavior the OP described with my AT&T fiber router as well as the DHCP error on occasion, forcing a reboot. Since updating to 2022.36.x, the car has consistently connected to the 5 GHz network without needing to be rebooted. I’ll update here if the behavior changes.
  7. Texas Flood

    Finally! Service History!

    The older service history on my 2018 Model 3 has never appeared in the app. The oldest entry on mine is from June 2019, when I bought some cabin air filters at a service center. I had a few mobile service visits before that to correct some minor trim issues with the vehicle. I’ll be joining you...
  8. Texas Flood

    New Map Update NA-2022.28-14046

    I got the map update a couple days ago. When sitting at an intersection earlier, I noticed that the map correctly had a stoplight icon on the intersection that I was at. I hope that thesis a precursor to replicating the CarPlay feature that tells you to make a turn at the n-th light.
  9. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Brinkley, AR

    There is now a brand new Sonic with a dog park right next to this supercharger. We just ate lunch there while charging for the long leg to Miner and it worked perfectly from a timing standpoint.
  10. Texas Flood

    Supercharger Station Price Increases

    I’m in Northfork near CLC Blvd and Space Center.
  11. Texas Flood

    Supercharger Station Price Increases

    I just repeated a trip I did two months ago, leaving from home in Clear Lake City (Texas) at 100%, stopping at the exact same charger in San Marcos, and charging to the same level (78%). Tesla has changed their pricing model in Texas from $ per minute to $ per kWh. In August, the charge cost...
  12. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Hood River, OR

    The downside to this location is that this parking lot gets pretty full. I was in Hood River for a couple weeks this summer. I went to the Safeway a couple times and had to park in the spots along Cascade. I drove by on several more occasions and it looked just as crowded. Too bad they didn’t...
  13. Texas Flood

    Alert warning: "Vehicle may not restart. Service is required" Code BMS_a035. "Electrical ...."

    This is the drive inverter assembly, which is an electrical component that converts the DC power stored in the battery to AC for use by the drive motor. There’s always the possibility of “infant mortality“ with any electronics and you just got unlucky. FWIW, I had this failure occur on my 2018...
  14. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Houston, TX - 9633 Westheimer Road (Service Center)

    Looks like there may be a wiring problem: Supercharger cabinet fire
  15. Texas Flood

    Can someone explain this screenshot

    FWIW, I live in Houston and I get similar notifications with a 60+ degree outside temperature, the car in the garage, both summon standby and sentry mode off, and my phone asleep without anyone touching it. It happens around 10% of the times that I charge overnight. I have assumed that it is the...
  16. Texas Flood

    Gaps In DashCam Video

    I had a car ever into my lane and was lucky to avoid an accident. When I reviewed the video later, the gap happened when the car was crossing the line. There was enough information to show that the car was in the next lane before the gap and in my lane after (with me on the shoulder), but any...
  17. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Webster, TX

    It now appears on the Tesla supercharger web site map.
  18. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Webster, TX

    It also appears on the map in the car.
  19. Texas Flood

    Rear seat large dog cover

    I’ve got this one: https://www.amazon.com/Meadowlark-Protection-Doors-Headrests-Waterproof-Protectors/dp/B07NBVTLSD
  20. Texas Flood

    Leave car plugged in at home when not away for a few days?

    I chose to leave mine unplugged while away for 16 days because we occasionally have violent thunderstorms here in Houston, plus we’re in the tropical storm season. I charged it to 70% and it lost a total of 30 miles of range (so 10%) over that time. I checked it with the app four times during...
  21. Texas Flood

    Front windshield tint rainbow??

    No, I live in Clear Lake and had a local place do it. The end result is good but it took a couple tries to get it right, so I’m not sure I’d recommend the place.
  22. Texas Flood

    Front windshield tint rainbow??

    Funny = I have the same film and Maui Jim sunglasses.
  23. Texas Flood

    Front windshield tint rainbow??

    My windshield is tinted and I don’t see any rainbow effect until I put on polarized sunglasses. Even then, it is not noticeable looking straight ahead. It is slightly noticeable looking at the sides of windshield, and most noticeable looking upwards. All that being said, after a couple of weeks...
  24. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Webster, TX

    Drove by a half hour ago. The stations don’t appear to be active yet - the Tesla logos are not lit - but I didn’t try plugging in. Kudos to the Rudy’s patrons - the lot was pretty full but there were no vehicles parked in the SC slots.
  25. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Giddings, TX

    On my way back to Houston from San Antonio in May, the traffic was backed up onto the freeway from the Luling Buccees. I was glad the supercharger wasn’t there!
  26. Texas Flood

    Sunroof tint

    I tinted the sunroof and rear to 20% since I had noticed my head getting pretty hot here in Houston last September when I first got the car. While the ceramic tint works perfectly to reduce the heat, I wish I’d have tried the sunshade first. In the daytime, the visibility through the roof is...
  27. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Webster, TX

    I ate at Rudy’s today. No significant change.
  28. Texas Flood

    Why no chargers in San antonio

    FWIW, there are several ChargePoint and Tesla destination chargers in SA. The City of SA Houston Street parking garage has two free ChargePoint chargers on the 9th floor and roof. The garage costs $10 per day but is much cheaper than the hotel parking in the surrounding area. I stayed at the...
  29. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Webster, TX

    Sorry, the men working are in drsnooker’s photo. The area is more built up in Darmie’s photos, and is now enclosed.
  30. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - Webster, TX

    Ran by today. The only significant difference is that there are a set of cabinets surrounded by a fence in the area where the men are working in Darmie’s photos.
  31. Texas Flood

    My TeslaCam video in Electrek article

    The video shows that the lane is clearly marked as a center left turn lane, so this makes sense. My friend’s jury duty was on a Farm-to-market road in a rural area, so that may explain the judge’s instructions. All this being said, I have seen people pass in the center lane here in Houston and...
  32. Texas Flood

    My TeslaCam video in Electrek article

    In Texas, passing traffic in the center lane is legal if the lane is clear. I had a buddy who got called to jury duty for this exact scenario, and the judge instructed them to pay attention to what the law says versus what they think it should say. TRANSPORTATION CODE CHAPTER 545. OPERATION...
  33. Texas Flood

    Supercharger - San Antonio, TX

    I stayed in downtown SA over Memorial Day weekend and parked in a city garage with two free ChargePoint stations. They worked just fine and I never had issues getting access despite the garage also being used for the theatre where Hamilton is playing, Not knowing access would be okay ahead of...

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