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  1. bandido

    Latest Tesla Updates-Brakes next?

    Plaid now showing red calipers on the Tesla website...
  2. bandido

    Does the Model S now come with Red Calipers

    I noticed on the Tesla website, that the calipers are now showing as painted red? is that new or just my imagination? I am still half expecting Tesla to add the Carbon Ceramics to the Plaid as included option?
  3. bandido

    No supercharge in bitter cold

    Sorry I did not notice what station this was associated with, Tesla? Did you call them? With EA this is common, not so much with Tesla. Were other Teslas charging fine?
  4. bandido

    Tesla S - can I use this cable for charging using Dryer

    As others have said, the main issue is the current draw through a dryer plug. I used a dryer plug for 2 years on my first Model s before getting a wall charger. If you use an extension cord/adapter, the Tesla charger will not "know" you are on a 30 amp circuit. The Max continuous you would...
  5. bandido

    Tesla Matte Glass Screen Protector Model S/Model X Abstract Ocean

    Let me check shipping cost, what is your zip code? Todd
  6. bandido

    Thoughts on Yoke from Plaid owner

    Who makes that wheel? have not seen that one before. Thanks!!
  7. bandido

    Charging at non-Supercharger station

    You will have multiple Supercharger options and the app is not the issue, but if I understand correctly, it sounds like you are concerned the ownership transfer may not allow you to supercharge? If that is the case, I would speak directly with Tesla if possible to make sure supercharging is...
  8. bandido

    Any hints as to when the rear screen will do more than climate control?

    I am long time Tesla owner, multiple Model S since 2015. The promise of functional rear screen needs some help. The idea of a functional rear screen for gaming, streaming, etc and separate bluetooth audio has been discussed since before the refresh was released. The location of the screen is...
  9. bandido

    Kids complains about rear screen.

    Unfortunately another example of Tesla making big promises and gradually/ or not delivering. The promise of a functional rear screen for gaming, streaming, etc and separate bluetooth audio has been discussed since before the car was released. The location f the screen is terrible, but it would...
  10. bandido

    Tesla Plaid Round Steering Wheel

    It says that is heated, how does this compare to stock? Does it heat all the way around or just the "yoke" grips? Thanks!!
  11. bandido

    Wanted Black OEM Arachnids (2012-2020)

    Sorry they were sold...
  12. bandido

    My tesla is stuck (completely shut down by malfunction) in my building’s indoor parking …any suggestions on towing it out?

    When my main battery pack failed, the very, very skilled tow truck driver hooked a cable to my rear suspension and placed plastic pucks under all four wheels and dragged it out of my garage on those plastic sliders.
  13. bandido

    Model S 2022 - charging door does not open if pressed - normal?

    What charger were you using to charge/open the door? Interestingly, there is something "different" about the charge door protocol for mine as well. I am on my 4th Model S with same Gen 2 wall charger. Every prior car has opened no problem, but now I have to hold the charge button for 10-15...
  14. bandido

    Anyone use the CCS from South Korea on Refresh Model S?

    No, this is just a straight through adapter.
  15. bandido

    Anyone use the CCS from South Korea on Refresh Model S?

    I used mine as well. I was at a 150KW station at ~60% state of charge, pulled 114kW-254 A, 442V. Takes getting used to the Electrify America interface, but it worked. I would be "nice" to you charge port, the cable has some weight to it hanging down...
  16. bandido

    2021 Model S with Plaid badge

    New plaid graphics rear badge dealer part number?
  17. bandido

    Anyone use the CCS from South Korea on Refresh Model S?

    wow, that looks pretty solid!! I thought the adapter was only supposed to go to 300 amps? Any noticeable heat issues or trouble putting the adapter in and out, etc? Do you have old or new charge port? Thanks!!
  18. bandido

    Anyone use the CCS from South Korea on Refresh Model S?

    It seems that the Tesla South Korea CCS adapter should fit in the Model S smaller charge port. have seen the pix and it looks like it should fit without issues. Anyone use it yet with Chargepoint or Electrify America stations? Charge rate? Any issues?
  19. bandido

    Embarassing: how do I delete my Sky Force Reloaded profile

    Before starting a mission, when choosing ships, shields, laser, etc, select the "a" on the other controller and it should add in the second ship. Only one will control the menu, etc.
  20. bandido

    Latest Tesla Updates-Brakes next?

    Interesting! I always thought that the calipers were different, not just painted? I do miss the paint...😁😁
  21. bandido

    Latest Tesla Updates-Brakes next?

    I am not trying to start a rant, but I am curious how many people want to take bets that the "new" carbon ceramic brakes will start to appear on the Plaid Model S? I think it is very strange that for the first time in Model S history, the same brakes are on the standard and performance car...
  22. bandido

    MagSafe Charger for Model S/X

    Yes, that is this the phone I used with this charger. I did get a more powerful 12 plug in USB C lighter adapter to get fast charging 12-15W. You also need a magsafe compatible case. I use the Spigen Mag Armor.
  23. bandido

    Cross Country Road Trip!! Tips?

    I am sure there are lots of threads and opinions and threads, but the true basics are good planning. Do not try on your first road trip to hit a charger with on 3-5% in the battery, could get you stranded. A Better Route Planner is a great app and website that will help you plan and add some...
  24. bandido

    First Software Update

    I had a call with Tesla regional tech advisor and she said it takes 4-6 weeks as many have said for first update. I had a Feb 5 delivery and first update was March 12. 2022 Model S Plaid. Went straight to 2022.8.2
  25. bandido

    Tesla Matte Glass Screen Protector Model S/Model X Abstract Ocean

    Brand new, Abstract Ocean, never installed, fits 2012-2020 Model S, also 2016-2020 Model X. I ended up getting a new Model S. This the Matte Glass version. $25, buyer to pay shipping.
  26. bandido

    Tesla Cubby Drawer- 3M Carbon Fiber front

    Lightly used, RPM Tesla, fits 2012-2020 Model S, also 2016-2020 Model X. I ended up getting a new Model S. I have both handles to match brushed aluminum or titanium finish. $35.00, buyer to pay shipping.
  27. bandido

    MagSafe Charger for Model S/X

    This is 3D printed IPhone holder for MagSafe compatible phones and cases. I printed it from PETG and it works great. You need to avoid super high temps in direct sunlight. I can sell without the apple charger if desired. Needs to have OEM Console from ~2016-2020...$30, buyer to pay shipping...
  28. bandido

    Model S Plaid V11 Energy App missing

    I recently spoke with a Tesla service region person. They said Palladium aka refresh S and X does not yet have this function, but "they are working on it". She was well aware of the absence, but update or eta. I miss it as well!!
  29. bandido

    Want to Buy 21” Arachnids (Black, 2021+)

    OEM Black Arachnid wheels and tires. Phoenix Area
  30. bandido

    Wanted Black OEM Arachnids (2012-2020)

    OEM Black Arachnid wheels and tires. Phoenix Area
  31. bandido

    WTB 21" Arachnids (Local Bay Area Preferred)

    OEM Black Arachnid wheels and tires. Phoenix Area
  32. bandido

    OEM Black Arachnid wheels and tires. Phoenix Area

    Excellent condition! FORGED lightweight OEM satin black. Staggered setup, 265-35-21 rear, 245-35-21 front. TPMS included. Just took them off car. I have new Tesla and they do not fit the 2021-22 Model S. Near new Michelin pilot sport 4 all season performance, all tires between 8 9/32...
  33. bandido

    The Yoke Experience

    How is the horn access? Everyone talks about the shape, but what if pedestrian is about to step off curb in front of your car? Little neighbor kid running , or car changing into your lane? Everyone is instinctively able to adjust to using your right thumb instead of hitting the middle of the...
  34. bandido

    Embarassing: how do I delete my Sky Force Reloaded profile

    Lol, I had the opposite problem. Game was running laggy and I rebooted car while game was running and I lost all my progress, around level 7. I was very sad...😭😭. Fortunately, I am back to 6 already. That being said, I scroll wheel rebooted during game and poof, my profile was gone. Give that...
  35. bandido

    Since we are posting crash stories…Plaid S Idiot

    I think the take home message is that the Plaid is very fast. The average Tesla owners prior car was unlikely a Mclaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or Bugatti, more likely Acura, Lexus, etc. Few have likely ever owned real performance cars, yet alone a 9 sec car with average brakes and...
  36. bandido

    MS Lease Turn In Fees

    I returned my lease last year pre-pandemic and had similar issues. They miscalculated my mileage and charged me the disposition fee. It took about 10-15 phone calls/emails until they were able to do the proper math. The actual issues… Issue#1, I purchased a new Tesla which should have resulted...
  37. bandido

    2019 Raven Performance or new LR?

    I have a 2019 Raven Performance and I think the range, new interior and hopefully quality improvements are also a consideration. I have not driven the new LR, but if it feels even close to mine, warranty, the newer tech, battery, screen sound system and gaming level interface need to be a...
  38. bandido

    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 vs Pilot Sport 4

    Do you have the 21's? I really am curious about the ride quality between the 4s's and Pilot sport AS4's in the 21" model. From the Michelin website "6 Years / 45,000 Miles Half mileage for rear if different size than front" vs only 30,000 miles on the PS4's. In reality, anyone with 21"...
  39. bandido

    Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 vs Pilot Sport 4

    I am needing to replace my current Michelin Pilot Super Sports on 21" arachnids. I have the 21's and love the look, but not a great fan of the ride or the treadwear. I was able to get ~20k miles of medium to hard driving in Arizona. I am curious if anyone has driven the new Pilot AS4's vs the...
  40. bandido

    MagSafe Intall with USB-C 30 watt port

    I will try and grab some pix of mine, but I found the files on Thingiverse. Magsafe tesla Dock Files
  41. bandido

    RattleGate - How high does the Conspiracy go?

    Not sure if your initial post is real or a joke? Any rattle removal/source info is helpful. I was just in a well used rental Chrysler Minivan and the smooth quiet interior embarrasses my car😠🤬. I have multiple rattles I cannot track down and the car has been in 3 times for rattles. Tesla is...
  42. bandido

    It's official!!! Tesla is about innovation, NOT luxury! :)

    Agreed, but Tesla needs to at least try and keep up with “day to day” innovations. Shunning advancements because you did not come up with them is odd for a tech based company. We may have have the best drivetrain, but still no surround view camera, no Car-play equivalent, no-cross traffic...
  43. bandido

    MagSafe Intall with USB-C 30 watt port

    I just 3d printed a new holder for the magsafe, now have it working great with my 12 pro max. Definitely faster charging! I am using 3 Aukey 30w flush mount USB C. I will try and post some pix, but clearly a speed upgrade so far...

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