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  1. Vanteer

    Lost cameras

    I have had my cameras go dark, and all functions that require cameras did not work such as cruise control twice now over the past 12 months. From my troubleshooting it was a corrupted dash cam USB card. Both times took a reformat and two button reset, and an overnight deep sleep. In the AM...
  2. Vanteer

    Resolved: GPS + Autopilot + cruise control + cameras not working. Bonus problem: rapid battery drain

    This post is just what has happened to my M3 for the second time. First time back in May 2021, then just yesterday. Both times the two button reboot did not fix it. I also read the post of corrupt USB drive being the root cause. This seems to be what triggered my cameras going off line...
  3. Vanteer

    Should I get white interior?

    Went with white, love it, very happy with my choice. Never was a fan of black interior.
  4. Vanteer

    If you had to do it again, would anyone NOT get the white interior?

    For sure, love the white. I have noticed some sun glare, but nothing that would change my mind. I am not a fan of black interior.
  5. Vanteer

    Opening the charger port with button on the charge handle no longer works!

    I am on I have also noticed an increasing amount of time that the button on the handle of the UMC does not open the charge port. Definitely worse when the car has gone to sleep. If I plug it in as soon as get home, (when the car is fully awake), it opens right up. Just now...
  6. Vanteer

    Topping off Tire Pressure - Valve Stem Blow Back

    No gunk in the tires. Schrader valves all tight. Car is parked in the garage, changes of vandalism very slim, but good thought. I wonder if any of the sound dampening material could have effected the closing of the valve. Two out of the three the blowback was less than a second. The third took...
  7. Vanteer

    Topping off Tire Pressure - Valve Stem Blow Back

    Stock tires. I have used this air tank and hose for many years. This was not the normal slight little puff when removing the push on filler end. I have filled my tires hundreds of times over my 50 years of filling tires. I have a few hose ends, I will try a different one next time. I could feel...
  8. Vanteer

    Topping off Tire Pressure - Valve Stem Blow Back

    I decided to check my tire pressure today, usually check it every 2-3 months. I keep the tires at 40 lbs, and my car indicated 38/39 lbs, so time for a slight top off. I got out my air tank, and 3 out of the four tires I got blow back, as if I had removed the Schrader valve. Two of the 3 shut...
  9. Vanteer

    Hit & Run Southern California / Pasadena - Ameriprise Insurance / Tesla Service?

    Thanks for wrapping up the saga. Glad it worked out. We have Connect insurance also. How we never have to file a claim, but seems in the end, all worked out.
  10. Vanteer

    Anybody noticing phone as key not working as reliably lately?

    Yes, definitely an issue for me, and has been worse since the last few updates. I guess I will try the remove/unpair and see if that helps.
  11. Vanteer

    Model 3 Multiple Issues

    I have noticed my iPhone7 not unlocking when I am by the drivers side. Seemed to have started 3 months or so ago. For sure worse than in the first 5 months. Tesla app is always “open”, location always, Bluetooth on, bg app refresh on, cellular on. 75% of the time now I have to remove my...
  12. Vanteer

    Reserved Model 3 LR. Talk me out of upgrading to a M3P!

    I will go against the majority. I am 100% happy with my LR Dual Motor. Happy with my 18” wheels, no way do I want to deal with 20” wheels and potholes. I love the acceleration when needed, but unless there is a new person in the car, I really do not floor it from a dead stop anymore. Sure...
  13. Vanteer

    Deep Blue Metallic PPSB touch up paint

    Seems to me the price of the official PPSB touch up paint is pretty expensive. The kit from Tesla is $55.00, and it does not contain a quick Pen type applicator to do quick touchups of very minor super small rock chips. I purchased the kit for future larger repairs, but did not want to open...
  14. Vanteer

    Update 24.6.9

    Yea, finally walk away door lock has option to exclude home. No more need to remember to switch to garage profile. Backing up side cameras while backing up, also a nice addition. Now if we could just activate front and side cameras while parking.
  15. Vanteer

    Broken Windshield - Model 3

    There was a hairline 4 inch scratch top left side that was visible from the inside when the sun was at the “right” angle.
  16. Vanteer

    Broken Windshield - Model 3

    I had mine done under warranty as there was a defect in mine. The Carlsbad SC did a great job. They needed it overnight and gave me a loaner. It was in February 2020.
  17. Vanteer

    AP Question for NEW M3 owners

    I wonder how many clicks that switch wheel was designed for. 120 clicks per hour..........
  18. Vanteer

    TeslaCam save feature

    How about an automatic save whenever there is an impact/accident. Most of your basic dash cams have that feature. Having to remember to honk or push the dash cam icon may not be the first thing on my mind after an accident.
  19. Vanteer

    Garage door opener

    Just what I did. But I used a strip of Velcro. Easy to remove to replace the battery. I put mine bottom left. Drive up, reach under. Push the button, door opens.
  20. Vanteer

    Trying to learn why I get Phantom Braking (video)

    I experience this last week. As you can see I the picture, there was a tow truck stopped on the left side of the freeway. Car did an abrupt slow down from 70mph. I had read about this behavior, so I was somewhat prepared to punch the go pedal and override the breaking. Still kinda freaked...
  21. Vanteer

    POLL: Aero Wheels - On or Off

    I like the look with them on. My brother, on the other hand, took his off as soon as he got home.
  22. Vanteer

    Cannot clean Model 3 windows for the life of me.

    I am also upset with the delivery state of the front windshield. I had two issues with mine. The "stuff" stuck on the windshield seems to be some sort of plastic. Our first 3 hr drive to the mountains was fine on the way up, but driving back into the sun, the crap on the windows was bad. I...
  23. Vanteer

    The front license plate question.... (poll)

    I am pretty sure I will use the OEM version. The black on the blue looks ok to me. Not as nice as no plate, but not worth spending $120.00 to me. But I still have a few weeks to contemplate.
  24. Vanteer

    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    Good to know. I plan on keeping track of how often I think to my self, “this would store much nicer in the frunk instead of the trunk, but I really do not want to open it because it’s such a pain to close......”. I fully agree with your thoughts on having to take extra care and the mental pain...
  25. Vanteer

    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate!

    I am passing on these for now. I was interested in the frunk unit, until I watched the video for the frunk install. That’s quite a wiring harness, and seems between the motor and controller, there could be lots of extra work if any of the parts become defective. I wonder how that would...
  26. Vanteer

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    Yes, as shown in my sig. 2020 Picked up 12/27/19.
  27. Vanteer

    MASTER THREAD: 2019.40.50.x - Driving Visualization improvements, new voice commands, Camping Mode

    IPhone 7 iOS 13.3, 50 or so contacts, reboot on sort. Only normal characters in the names.
  28. Vanteer

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Well last time posting in this thread, as the wait is OVER!!!! Ordered 11/14. Delivery was set for 12/27. That was today. And I have to say, it was a great experience with the staff at the Carlsbad CA, location. Appointment was for 10:30am, we arrived at 10:20. The care was detailed and...
  29. Vanteer

    California, The Land That Time Forgot

    Ordered 11/14. Delivery was set for 12/27. That was today. And I have to say, it was a great experience with the staff at the Carlsbad location. Appointment was for 10:30am, we arrived at 10:20. The care was detailed and waiting for us on the delivery floor. I went out on the floor and...
  30. Vanteer

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Merry Christmas to me. VIN on manage page this morning. Picking up at Carlsbad DC on Friday at 10:30am. Ordered on 11/14.
  31. Vanteer

    California, The Land That Time Forgot

    Merry Christmas to me. VIN on my manage page this morning. Picking up Friday at 10:30am. Ordered on 11/14.
  32. Vanteer

    California, The Land That Time Forgot

    Got our text at 8:30am today saying that our M3 is due to be out of the factory on 12/24 (ordered on 11/14). Set up delivery time for 10:30am on Friday 12/27 at the Carlsbad location. Wife and I are getting excited. No VIN for us, but text said 1 to 2 days before its due to leave the...
  33. Vanteer

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I ordered on 11/14. Delivery set for 12/27. When we placed the order, my SA told me that the $100.00 order fee would show up as a $100.00 payment on the final paperwork. And true to his word, when my page was updated a few days ago with my final payment due amount, it now shows up on my order...
  34. Vanteer

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Yes its happening. Ordered on 11/14. Just got text to set delivery. Picking up at Carlsbad 12/27 at 10:30am. Supposed to be coming off the line on the 24th. Exciting times.
  35. Vanteer

    7k miles. New motor put in and now need gear box fluid service. Anyone had similar experiences?

    I have been trying to figure out just where in my profile I find this “signature” field. Let me know, I would be happy to add my car’s config.
  36. Vanteer

    Scheduled Departure Charging

    What about us solar flat rate customers? My rate is the same 24 hours a day. Be nice if there were an option to ignore peak rate times. If I plan to start my trip at 10am, I would like my car to finish charging at 10am.
  37. Vanteer

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I am in Oceanside CA. Delivery site is the Carlsbad location. My Delivery Manager has been in touch via email, and when I asked her today about delivery status her reply was: "Hi Bob, We anticipate your vehicle to be delivered the week of Christmas. Thank you for your patience!" Ordered on...
  38. Vanteer

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I went on Nov17th. I thought it was worth the time. Helped me decide that I did not need to spend the 7k for FSD.
  39. Vanteer

    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered our Blue Metallic with White Interior on 11/14. Hope to get our VIN and delivery date this week.

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