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    Device Offline

    I have two homes with Powerwalls. Neither is on a wi-fi extender, and both drop off the network occasionally. They always come back, so I'm not too worried about it, and I assume it's a bug that will eventually get fixed.
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    SolarEdge Inverter Replacement

    Your installer "could" purchase a new one and receive it almost immediately. He could then use your warrenty replacement (When it eventually arrives) to backfill his inventory.
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    Potential Storm Watch Issue

    You sound like you have a lot of knowledge of how the system works. I also have a lot of knowledge of how the system works. My reason for starting this thread was to comment on the fact that, when in Storm Watch mode, the system automatically decides to feed grid power to the critical loads...
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    Potential Storm Watch Issue

    I don't see my whole home usage - The Tesla system only sees and reports what is behind the gateway, which are my protected loads. Unprotected loads are monitored independently with a Sense unit. There is no Powerwall energy being fed to unprotected loads - ever. That would be self defeating...
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    Potential Storm Watch Issue

    I have two 200 Amp Panels. One is connected to the gateway, and one is not. The one that is not connected to the gateway does not receive power from the Powerwalls - ever. Yes, the unprotected loads receive excess solar when it is available, but the unprotected loads remain on the grid-side...
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    Potential Storm Watch Issue

    I realize that the Powerwalls get their timing from the grid, but can you explain how circuits being powered by Powerwalls are not isolated from the grid?
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    Potential Storm Watch Issue

    About a month ago, while I was out of town, we had several severe storms. I lost a router, an ethernet switch, and even one of my inverters. All were behind my Powerwalls, and I thought it was odd that equipment behind the Powerwalls could be damaged. I have six Powerwalls, so my protected...
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    Solar Edge, .2 watt production, flashing green

    I lost one of mine last week during a storm. It's basically doing the same thing as you describe. Waiting for a technician to come out, followed by the inevitable wait for a replacement. I'm wondering if it's worth it to posses a standby inverter for these occasions.
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    Does Tesla not sell Gateways with less than 2 powerwalls

    I just completed a third party install in NC that only has one Powerwall.
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    Should I wait?

    Another option is to go with a local company. In my experience, they are very responsive, but more expensive. I have a second home in NC, and the local solar company met me on site the day after I called them, went through several designs over the next few days, supplied a quote immediately...
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    VFD Pool Pump Trips GFCI Breaker Intermittently After Tesla Solar+PW Install

    I had the same problem with the same pump. I replaced the breaker with one from Home Depot and haven't had a problem since. My house is about four years old, and I've had to replace multiple GFI's in the last six months. I think they're just getting old and they were probably a bad batch anyway.
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    Changing to electric hot water?

    I have a solar hot water setup, too, with a Sun Earth 45 kW electric hot water heater. I've never noticed slow heating. It's the perfect use of my excess solar energy.
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    Tesla App with Two Homes and two solar systems

    That's what I was hoping. Thanks!
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    Tesla App with Two Homes and two solar systems

    I have Solar and Powerwalls in my main house, and am planning to add them to a second home. Does anyone know if I can use the same app and simply toggle back and forth between addresses like I toggle now between home and car?
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    Email from Tesla - Powerwall uses 3G Cellular Please connect to Wifi or Ethernet

    The same thing happened to me - I played with it after getting the email, but there was no wi-fi option. An hour later, I checked again and the wi-fi option is there. I am still on 21.39.1, so there was no version change. When I click on it, my wi-fi network is there, and when I click on...
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    Software v21.35.x

    Talking about the Tesla app on IOS. The problem is resolved by swiping downward on the data page. For example, my home usage for yesterday will show consumption until about 6:00 PM, then zero for the rest of the evening, until midnight, when it starts logging data again. A simple "swipe...
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    Inconsistent Data from PowerWall Downloads Starting in August 2021

    I had this problem, too. The solution for now is to "swipe down" on the data page. You should see a spinning wheel, and then your data should update.
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    Powerwall and Gateway issues

    Thanks, that works. Didn't know you could swipe down.
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    Powerwall and Gateway issues

    I have the same thing going on. If you log out and then log back in, you should have all the updated data.
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    Software v21.35.x

    21.35.0 here. I don't know if it's related, but my app stops logging data after 6 PM, then starts logging data again at midnight. If I log out and log back in the next day, all of the data from the day before appears. I assume at least some others are experiencing the same. Unlikely that...
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    Competitors to the Tesla solar roof?

    I used the MiaSole product, which looks very similar, and I'm pretty happy with the look.
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    Tesla Energy App inaccuracy

    I was recently updated to 21.20.6, which is my first time with the new look. What I am seeing is that at around 6:00 PM, all reporting (Production, Consumption, and battery usage)drops to zero, then at midnight it starts reporting again until around 6:00 the next day. As far as I can tell...
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    Brand new system and baffled with energy usage

    I think you're correct that your usage is higher than it should be. 150 kWh in one day is very high, even with pool and AC. How often is your pool pump running? I run mine about 7 hours a day this time of year, and reduce that somewhat during the winter. Do you have a separate cleaner pump...
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    Tesla canceled Solar Phone and Web consultation

    If you look for alternatives, and with a metal roof, you might want to look at self adhesive panels, like Mia Sole. More expensive, but they look great. Your metal roof will need to be a "true standing seam" roof, rather than one of the less expensive alternatives.
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    Competitors to the Tesla solar roof?

    Another option is a metal standing-seam roof with adhesive thin film panels.
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    Solar panels on standing seam metal roof

    Probably around 2 inches.
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    Solar panels on standing seam metal roof

    I've never seen any shade from the seam. The seam only protrudes about two inches, so it would have to be a very low sun, on a flat roof, at a 90 degree angle, to produce shade. I produced 101 kWh's today - pretty much the max for this time of year. The summer heat in SC, along with a high...
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    Solar panels on standing seam metal roof

    They are owned by a Chinese company that has had some accounting "issues", but I'm told by my installer that they're still in production and he can order product. There is a company called SunFlare (I think) that is supposed to soon produce an identical product. It really is an elegant...
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    Solar panels on standing seam metal roof

    I have a metal standing seam roof and installed thin-film self adhesive panels from Mia Sole. They look great. Most people don't even know I have solar. And they function as advertised. They have several available lengths, so you can fit them around roof components. My 22 kW system will...
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    CT reads negative, is my gateway wired wrong?

    I think one issue is that many installations get finished at the end of the day, when solar is at a minimum, so it is not possible to see how everything works. The installer may get the app working at 5:00 PM, and everything looks nice, but you may not be producing, charging or discharging, so...
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    Energy Monitors? IotaWatt? TED? GEM? Sense? Other?

    I use Sense to monitor my unprotected loads, and I agree with the above. It works well for bigger loads, and I don't need it to tell me when any given LED light bulb comes on. It's pretty simple - You connect it and it pretty quickly begins identifying devices based on AI. I can't say...
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    Why is using gas not looked at as a grid usage?

    I had the benefit of designing my home. The electrical service is separated into two 200 amp panels, both fed by the grid, but one with 22 kW of PV and five Powerwalls. For all intents and purposes, the PV panel is "off grid", feeding all essential circuits, including master bedroom heat pump...
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    Today is the shortest day of the year... how was your production?

    12/21 - Partly Cloudy - 42.0 kWh 12/22. - No Clouds. - 52.1 kWh
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    How to set PW's in winter?

    22 kW System 5 Powerwalls Critical loads include: One Heat pump, Electric hot water heater, Electric ovens, Refridgerator, lights, TV, Cable Self powered mode set to 25% The critical loads average about 35 kWh per day this time of year, and at best I can produce about 52 kWh, so I go for weeks...
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    Tesla Battery install questions

    I have 400 Amp service with two 200 Amp panels also. I have configured my panels so that one panel is protected by solar and five power walls, and the other panel is unprotected. For the record, it was a lot of work to get the right circuits in the right panels (electricians, brief outages...
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    Get some Sense... [sense monitoring solution]

    I have two 200 watt electrical panels. One is protected by my Powerwalls, and therefore monitored by the Tesla App, and the other is unprotected, and monitored by Sense. I like the Sense. I don't need it to pinpoint individual devices. I know my usage well. I mostly use it to monitor and...
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    Tesla Reviews

    I do not have Tesla panels but do have 5 Powerwalls. My experience is that Tesla responds to calls within a few minutes, they monitor the Powerwalls performance, and their app is very good. I previously had batteries from a competing manufacturer, and they have since gone out of business, so...
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    Should my car charger be backed up by my powerwalls or not?

    I have done both. I had a 1410 outlet run from both the protected panel and the unprotected panel, and I switch back and forth, depending on how I want to charge on any given day. I m in net-metering area, so it doesn't really matter how I charge, but I like the flexibility of being able to...
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    Considering going with backup only vs self powered

    I'm in a similar situation - 22 kW system, five PW's and net metering. In the beginning, I used the PW's to power overnight, but eventually we would have cloudy/rainy weather and the batteries were not able to recharge completely, so I would end up with batteries hanging around 45% charge for a...
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    PSA: Tesla Solar Roof will not work on variably sloping or arcing roofs

    We are ultimately going to go with a metal roof and use thin film stick on solar panels as an alternative to balance aesthetics with solar. I have a metal roof with thin film, and it looks and works well.
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    Cool sunny day generation lower than expected?

    Also, it depends on the orientation and angle of your panels. Your system should be most efficient when the solar angle matches the angle of your panels, especially if your panels are south facing. When I only had south facing panels, my peak production rate was in March and September, but the...
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    PV Gateway reporting 'NO SERVER'

    Yes, this happened to me, too. Complicating matters for me is that I just (today) had an additional Powerwall installed, Then, as soon as the guys left, and I went out to run errands, the gateway stopped reporting. When I got home and logged onto the gateway, it was off, so I clicked the...
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    Powerwall capacity not utilized?

    That's good to know, but I didn't get that message. All looked normal when it happened to me.
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    Powerwall capacity not utilized?

    Yes, I made the suggestion to them that, if they have the tools to detect this, they should be reaching out to the customer.
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    Powerwall capacity not utilized?

    Have you checked your battery breakers? Not the switch on the batteries, but the actual breakers they are connected to? My four batteries were installed in October. I noticed it would occasionally show jumps in the SOC, like from 55% to 90%, and then back to 55%. Like you, I didn't think I...
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    Powerwall discharging while in 100% back-up mode

    I have this problem, too, and reported it about two weeks ago. I am stuck on 43%, so no matter what I set the app to, I discharge to 43%. I was also told it was a wide problem. Forty three percent isn't so bad, so I'm not too worried about it, as long as it eventually gets fixed.
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    Solar Credit in Illinois - Docs needed?

    I don't believe I provided any of that to my accountant. I prepared a spreadsheet that documented my costs, and he used that to complete the state and federal forms. I will be doing the same this year after some modifications in 2019.
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    Powerwalls Discharging in Backup-only Mode

    I reported the problem today and it has been elevated to tier 2. Apparently, it's a know issue, so I'm not alone. I'll report back on the resolution.
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    Powerwalls Discharging in Backup-only Mode

    Ok, let me ask the question this way: Has anyone made any changes to their configuration in the last few days and, if so, have they taken affect correctly?
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    Powerwalls Discharging in Backup-only Mode

    No, what I'm saying is that the Powerwalls are discharging into the protected loads no matter what I have the configuration set to. It says it's in backup-only mode but continues to power the protected loads. It seems to be stuck in a previous setting, which would have been 30% reserve in...

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