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    Rubber Molding On Falcon Door - Warranty

    Had it happen on my 2018, ALWAYS garaged except when parked outside for work. Hand-washed the entire time. Two times, was denied warranty request at the service center as "cosmetic"... Then, when I let a hose drain on the roof and drops of water were coming inside the car, they honored the...
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    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    My 2018 had the problem, progressively getting worse. When the seal was essentially gone by deterioration, I ran water from a hose over the roof and had a couple of drips onto the back seat. Took a picture and reported water leaking. My SC in Rocklin covered it under warranty, even though they...
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    Anyone get the holiday update yet…..?

    Got mine today. Still wondering why my 2018 with upgraded MCU and FSD beta can't stream sentry from the car to my phone. And, of course, no blind spot repeaters...
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    Model X- Sentry Mode Live Feed?

    Same, 2018 with all necessary cameras and CPU update. Just got 2021.36.8.5 and NO Sentry Mode Live. I sure hope I get it!
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    Falcon Wing Door Glass Seal deteriorating

    Jmac3000...and others... please tell us how the arbitration process went. What evidence did you submit? What was Tesla's response? What was the outcome of the arbitration? It is pretty sad when a $100,000 car (I have a 2018) literally melts in the sun. Shame, shame, shame on Tesla. Looking...
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    Key fob low battery warning?

    First time...about 1 1/2 years into owning the car...got a warning. Second time (only about 6 months on the replacement battery), no warning at all. FOB stopped working. Completely. Thankfully, the phone was not in the car so I was able to open/keyless drive and I had a spare battery at...
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    12v battery issues

    2018 Model X. On Monday, get the 12 volt battery warning message. Set up mobile appointment for Thursday. Car driven short distances in the interim, and then plugged in for charging overnight. Thursday morning, car is bricked and dead in my garage. Luckily, mobile was able to change the...
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    Bluetooth profile doesn't store "Sync messages" choice

    This happens to me if I turn off the Bluetooth on the phone (which I often do when I'm in the house...)... when I get back into the car, I have to recheck the Sync messages. Does not happen if BT has not been turned off though.
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    Firmware 2020.8.1 Incoming...

    2018 100D Got my HW3 upgrade about a month ago. On my model, update notes indicate 3rd party chargers now displayed, Bluetooth improvement and voice command improvement. No reference to change in regen or range change. For me, the BT improvement is a great update alone. Having the car take...
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    How does the dashcam "recent clip" really work?

    This is definitely concerning. If we don't have video of an event...that's not a good thing. I am just wondering: Did you look for the actual accident clips in the "saved" folder? I thought I read that if there is a detected accident, the dashcam system moves the clips into "saved" so as not...
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    How does the dashcam "recent clip" really work?

    As I understand it, the "recent" folder contains the last hour's worth of driving. When the car is parked for a period of time, the system starts deleting these files until this particular folder is empty, readying it for the next group of clips. When you quick press the dashcam icon, the the...
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    Sentry Mode cancel due to system error

    Press down and hold the call button (mouth icon on top right side of steering wheel, above the right scroll wheel).. Say "Bug report. Sentry mode error".... This sends a bug report back to the mother ship.
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    Sentry Mode on V10

    Mine has done the same since the update. Can turn it on again via the app. I am putting in a bug report when I get back to the car today. Suggest everyone else do this same. It appears to be a bug.
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    Sentry Mode cancel due to system error

    Ever since the update, mine has done this every day after about 6 hours in the parking lot. I am going to put in a bug report to the mother ship today. Suggest everyone else do the same. Interestingly enough, I can reactivate Sentry Mode from the app to turn it back on...
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    Sentry continues to record at home

    That happened to me after an update a few months ago. I deleted and reset my 'home' location...and did a hard reboot...and the problem was fixed...
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    Sentry active at Home...???

    Even though the nav did still 'say' I was at home, I went ahead and deleted it.... The re-registered it as home. Selected disregard home and favorites (my home is my only favorite...) and it appears to be working properly again.
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    Sentry active at Home...???

    It does appear to be a bug with the latest update. Anyone who experiences this should put in a bug report so it gets fixed. Thanks all.
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    Sentry active at Home...???

    Got the 2019.24.4 update and now Sentry Mode is active at Home. Have checked address setting for Home - it's accurate. Have rebooted the MCU. But Sentry activates every time I walk passed the car while parked in the garage. Never did this before. And, yes, I checked the settings and Do Not...
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    Flaky Sentry Mode...any insights?

    Good to know I'm not alone. I sent in a bug report and an email to [email protected] on this issue. Perhaps if many of us did this they would prioritize fully stabilizing the Sentry Mode recordings...as they can be absolutely critical if needed. I would be screaming mad if I had an incident...
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    Flaky Sentry Mode...any insights?

    Sentry mode is great….if/when it works. Mid 2018 Model X; 2019.20.4.2 All 3 cams are fine when recording during drives. When parked with Sentry on, way too many drop outs… especially on the side repeaters. Many times they are either pixelated or they just drop off completely after a few...
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    Rusted Brake Rotors

    One year old silver X. While washing today, noticed all four rotors were rusty. Ugh. It was a distraction to the shine of my squeaky clean car. Why? Why? Why? Oh. Duh. I hardly EVER use my brakes. Over the year, I have learned the magic of one pedal driving and very, very rarely apply the...
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    Great dash/Sentry viewer program for Windows

    Can download it here NateMccomb/TeslaCamViewer
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    Great dash/Sentry viewer program for Windows

    TeslaCam Viewer has been a project of Nate's for over a month now. He keeps improving it. He has now gone above and beyond. This IS the viewing program to install on a Windows machine. It's awesome. We need to support his ongoing efforts and donate via PayPal. Nice work, Nate. Thanks from the...
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    How to really align falcon doors?

    SC or mobile tech can align so the door handles are perfect. If the top glass piece is off from level, they can take that glass off and put in shims to make it level. I had a mobile tech who used to work on the Model X line in Fremont do this and it fixed it all! Ask the SC. A good mobile...
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    Got the update today...same release notes... Anxiously awaiting Advanced Summons!
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    View Tesla Sentry Mode & TeslaCam Video on your iPhone

    If you put the car in park...no...the USB plug is still active. If you completely power off the car...then yes...the WiFi can be activated. However, the button you have to push to activate it is so close to the plug that you have to pull it out of the USB anyway. So that isn't a viable...
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    View Tesla Sentry Mode & TeslaCam Video on your iPhone

    Unfortunately, the SanDisk has to be unplugged before activating its WiFi capability. That being said, if you use a SanDisk Connect Stick, there's a new IOS app, SentryView, that will allow you to see all three cameras at the same time while reviewing footage. This provides a MUCH better way...
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    2017 MX Sentry Mode (Sound)

    Hitting the glass with a fist (thump, thump, thump) didn't work for me. Shaking the car diidn't work for me. Slapping the glass with open hand on the top/mid level of the windshield activates it every time on my X.
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    Sentry Camera Image Corrupted

    I'm on 2019.12.1.2 Please make sure to log a true 'bug report' so they know about the problem.
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    Sentry Camera Image Corrupted

    I have noticed this too...usually left repeater. Yet the recent videos are perfectly clear. So it appears to be a software bug as opposed to a failing repeater cam. Hope Tesla can fix this. Let's all start putting in bug reports so the Mother Ship knows about the issue....
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    Trunk height

    I keep my lab in a soft crate in the back. Works nicely and no dog hair all over the car! LOL....she's been crate trained since puppyhood. My crate is 22" high and she doesn't seem to mind. I think 31" is going to be too high to get it into the back... however, it looks like it would fit in...
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    Making Sentry Mode even better

    If you have an Iphone, the "Stats: For Tesla Model S/X/3" app will turn it on every time you park, UNLESS you exclude a location using geolocation. Works well. Very convenient. And a great app! Does lots of other things too. And always getting better.
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    Update 2019.12.1.1 and then now another update available

    Lane departure warning is still there in 12.1.2 I guess there is an added subset to this when NOT in autopilot, per the announcement just released by Tesla. But in my update, there is no toggle to turn on or off. I assume it's on if I keep the lane departure toggle on.
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    Update 2019.12.1.1 and then now another update available

    AP 2.5 Ordered in March....delivered in June 2018.....
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    CPO Model X inventory

    I love my 2018 X. I have never loved a car before. This one is different. LOL.... And I will never drive anything but an EV. I'm 61 years old. My two daughters are following in my footsteps...both ordering Ys.... Go TESLA.
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    Update 2019.12.1.1 and then now another update available

    OK...update complete. Reports as 2019.12.1.2 So it did "advance". Update page shows prior info re: lane change without confirmation and 150kw peak charging. Web browser is Chrome v. 73 on Linux.
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    Update 2019.12.1.1 and then now another update available

    Got the update and installing now. If it is a rollback, Tesla is doing it for a good reason. I will report back after the install.
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    String of issues with 7 months old Model X

    Seriously though...how was the airbag nonfunctionality determined? Inquiring minds want to know...
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    String of issues with 7 months old Model X

    "The steering wheel airbag is not functional. The guy mentioned something about the airbag harness that has an issue, and the whole steering wheel/airbag needs to be replaced. At that stage, my wife went ballistic when she learned I drove a car without airbag for over 6 months. Right now, her...
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    Problems opening the charge port with the home cord button

    Had this issue appear with 2019 updates. Just got 2019.12.11. We will see if they've fixed this problem. Definitely software. Prior to first 2019 update, never happened.
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    What options exist for hiding the giant screen?

    Totally agree! I love the big screen...but I would even more love to be able to toggle it on and off. On my daily drives, it offers absolutely nothing to the driving experience....
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    Making Sentry Mode even better

    Just send me a notification on the phone when the system goes into Alert State. I'll be happy! Streaming to the phone can come later. Love that we are collectively just making our cars better and better.
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    Making Sentry Mode even better

    Do you have the properly formatted (FAT32) USB plugged in with the required TeslaCam folder? If so, the 'Hal screen' only comes on when motion is detected around the car. Walk close to the car...around the front and the two side repeater cameras. The screen should be activated...at which point...
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    Falcon Wings

    For all of their hubris (Elon's word, not mine...) they are still incredible to me. This is the way you should get into the back seat of any car. Period. Love them.
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    Making Sentry Mode even better

    Sentry Mode rocks...and I'm sure it will get better and better over time. But for now, I see a simple fix/enhancement: Send me a notification to my phone when Sentry Mode starts SAVING DATA to the USB drive. I know I get a notification if/when the actual alarm is triggered...but that's almost...
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    2019.8.5 Charger Handle Won't Unlock Door

    Mine stopped working on 2019.8.3. Got 8.5. Still didn't work. Then, for last couple of days, worked. This afternoon, didn't work. Still on 8.5. Buggy at best....
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    Alignment Issues

    Appears fairly minor. I had similar. Fixed by mobile service quite easily...
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    How does the dashcam "recent clip" really work?

    New123... I don't have a BlackVue, But I can tell you that new Teslas have a dashcam function built in, using the camera hardware already on the car. It's new. It's developing. Right now, it's what I'd call "primitive"... but it does work. And it is a work in progress. Will it ever be 'better'...
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    How does the dashcam "recent clip" really work?

    Thanks for the observation, Animorph. It looks like it's designed (currently) to delete the last hour's files once an hour of nondriving has passed. Humm...that would explain what I saw when I looked at the files. Seems like something that should be changed. The last hour's video should stay...
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    How does the dashcam "recent clip" really work?

    Interesting jboy210. Thanks for that info. Mine is a 2018 100D, manufactured in June 2018. Maybe it is working properly...? I wonder what 'triggers' the deleting of the earlier files, rather than just an overwrite when the next trip begins. Seems like it shouldn't delete anything until it...

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