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    Prevent frozen door handles (suggestions)

    At least 30 - 45 min if it’s very cold
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    Using a full car cover in winters

    Driving in winter gets salt and sand on the car. If you put a car cover on top of that you will get scratches. Once it gets on the cover it will still scratch the clean car. Modern cars are made to deal with winter.
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    Model Y bumper almost ripped off in pooled water

    Once the water is over the wheel centers your really endangering your wheel bearings, if they are not 100% filled with grease then water gets in and rusts those bearings. I would never go in that deep. Plus electricity and water are not good together 😂
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    Model Y Performance Fremont build 537xxx

    Thanks for the pics. Nice to be able to see the new stuff.
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    Alert warning: "Vehicle may not restart. Service is required" Code BMS_a035. "Electrical ...."

    Unless your car has New York plates on it that sales tax you paid was paid to CT for the plates put on your car. Tesla NY is hooked into CT DMV that’s how they get the plates, paperwork and collect the tax. Don’t worry CT can waste the money as well as NY tho.
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    Update And Cellphone

    make sure your Tesla app is the newest then reboot your phone. Reboot phone once a week keeps it from getting stupid.
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    Pumping gas is HARD!

    I love to pull up to the gas pump in the Tesla. People paying attention are looking puzzled. 🤔Then I take out the gas cans for tractor etc.
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    Minimizing Whr/mile

    It’s a free country So do what you like. As a difference, I bought the car partly because it’s very quick, I drive 75+ on the highway. I love 1 pedal to move through twisty roads quickly. Nothing crazy. Been driving 45 years and never crashed a Car or the Harley. I only Look at the trips to see...
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    What did you name your car?

    Stela. See what I did there?
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    Premium Connectivity Yearly Plan $99

    switched. Thanks for the $20 savings per year. I’m all in.
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    Model Y suspension plate

    If your wheel comes off like that at any even 25 mph speed it takes the fender with it, tears up the tire and wheel cover. I see the broken part but that car barely moved once it did. The images just don’t go with the story. 🤔 Maybe it got jacked up on the suspension component and it broke...
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    Regenerative braking on icy roads need to turn off

    Only thing to do is take it easy on the go / no go pedal. Car is really good at going straight in slippery condition, but you still need to keep a close eye out. I got a very big wiggle the other day on ice patch. Woke me right up. Tires do make a big difference.
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    I think Elon took care of this with his tweets. "Starts with a T Ends with an A ESL in the middle." “For reasons unknown, @potus is unable to say the word “Tesla”” Biden hates non union busines. Maybe because they don’t make political contributions, but I’m not sure why. this is why he never...
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    How to make my phone key work model y, new iphone 13

    such a nice way to say Read the manual. Nice. 😂 Making sure app can run in the background is also key. I never have to open phone. If its needed time to reboot.
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    Former Audi A8 owner now owns MYP

    I would say that model S is a closer competitor to the Audi A8 high end luxury car.
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    Bad news for those who delayed until 1/1

    Curious about this. VP Harris sound bite said “rebates for electric cars made in America with union labor” but Tesla’s not union. So I wonder how this will work. I bought 2/21 so I’m not in it anyway. 🤔
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    Regenerative braking reduced warning

    Thanks for the info. Interesting. This is what I was thinking. Live in CT. Car is outside. Been 25-30 most mornings last few weeks. Warm it almost every day. If you don’t regenerate level is low. Takes 4% battery if it’s not plugged in. A lot But I charge at work so… Sometimes you can see...
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    Heated Steering Wheel - Normal?

    temp goes up and down.
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    This will not end well for BMW

    Well. i think Tesla,s idea turns out to be better. Wife and I have iPhone 12 Pros Her new Subaru loses connection after about a week I have spent hours on this. Car Play. Blown it all away phone and car and redone. Does not work. She keeps saying can’t play music can’t make calls. This never...
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    Another Price Increase? 11/11

    This is the definition of supply and demand. High demand price goes up. Inflation also. Too many $$$ chasing too few goods. Economics 101. I needed a new car in Feb 21 glad I bought then. Never had a car worth more with 10k miles on it than what I bought it for. Luck rather than skill. Tho. 😂
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    iOS 15 - phone key keeps disconnecting

    I would suggest the new Tesla app if you haven’t installed it yet. I have less issues since upgrading both
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    Anyone else having to reprogram their side mirrors constantly?

    I have seen the same thing. Problem solved 👍
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    How’s the sound system in Model Y?

    all the files are on my iPhone 12 with 500gig storage. I just stream them off the phone. Just hit play in music when phone is selected in the music area of car and it will stream them. It will show on screen what’s playing.
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    Price Increase! Base Y price up $2,000 to $56,990...

    Bought late Jan 2021. Only car I ever owned that went up in value. Not the quick 20%+ hit when you drive out of the dealers lot. I like this feeling. Luck more than brains. My old lease was up.
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    How’s the sound system in Model Y?

    I have over 4000 lossless files. Im impressed with the sound. Much better than my Avalon with Jbl Premium. EQ is helpful.
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    Anyone else having to reprogram their side mirrors constantly?

    Mine drift downward over a couple of days. I’m sure they are not returning after lowering when in reverse. Kind of a pain.
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    Did the blind spot monitoring just got worse

    Just drive way faster than the flow of traffic. Then no one is coming up behind you. It’s all in front. 😳
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    Why did Tesla remove option to disable regenerative braking?

    Regen maximizes range. It also reduces the need to brake to almost zero. I am amazed at how steep a hill it can be going down and still actually reduce its speed. My model Y will never need brake pads. My dad taught me to drive and said drive with the gas not the brakes. Just get used to it...
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    Would you still buy a Model Y now if you could do it again?

    I would buy another for sure. No quality issues so far. 3000 miles. Quick, quiet, user friendly tech. Love telling it what to do.
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    What will you name your Model Y?

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    I'm an idiot - Homelink

    Thanks for the tip. I bought it. Perfect for my situation. Saved $276

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