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  1. puffdaddy

    M3 performance tire replacement questions

    I had Discount Tire order/install the 255s with no issues. I have the wheel selector in the car set to the track wheels since (which came with 245s) as they are the closest to my setup. Don't know if it makes any difference, but the car is happy so I am too. @gearcruncher yes the straight line...
  2. puffdaddy

    M3 performance tire replacement questions

    Yes, PS4Ss Better grip and looks. No difference in noise that I can tell. Haven't had much range testing as it was nearly time to install winter set. The slight increase in sidewall height help with scraping (or lack thereof) with my MPP Sports at recommended height. A little bit of rim...
  3. puffdaddy

    M3 performance tire replacement questions

    No noise difference here...went to 255/35 and love them!
  4. puffdaddy

    M3P Wider Tires on Stock Ubers?

    Nope. MPP Sport coilovers at recommended ride height. I have about 1 finger gap above the tire. The spacers were only for looks (I already had them). I've heard no issues with others running the 4S without spacers, but didn't try. You can tell it's lowered from the second image. If the wheels...
  5. puffdaddy

    M3P Wider Tires on Stock Ubers?

    I got the 255/35-20 PS4Ss installed last weekend (thanks to nail shortening the life of my Pirellis). WOW, Couldn't be happier! The turn in isn't as crisp, but once in the corner they load up with nice feel and grip like crazy. PROS Better comfort over small, sharp bumps (coilovers smother...
  6. puffdaddy

    Max size tire on 2021 M3P Uberturbine wheels

    Yup. They are 9" so the wider rubber fits without stretch
  7. puffdaddy

    Max size tire on 2021 M3P Uberturbine wheels

    I just got the 255/35-20 PS4Ss installed this weekend and it is FANTASTIC! The steering is slightly less direct (expected), but there is nothing that was ruined. ...different strokes
  8. puffdaddy

    Max size tire on 2021 M3P Uberturbine wheels

    Different strokes... I want more sidewall than stock but the 265/30 is smaller diameter than stock. It's not going to be stretched so it will look better, but I want more impact protection (potholes, not sidewall).
  9. puffdaddy

    What did you name your Tesla?

    Ginger...yes, it's red
  10. puffdaddy

    M3P Wider Tires on Stock Ubers?

    Make sure they overall tire diameter isn't too tall. Manufacturers have some variance in diameter, in the same size. Some have had rubbing with the upper knuckle on that size (Michelin PS/AS4 is one). Stay at 27" overall and you should be fine (PS4 and Conti DWS06+ are popular) Check Tire Rack...
  11. puffdaddy

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Looks GREAT! Nice to have something besides split 5 spokes... Specs, Spacers?
  12. puffdaddy

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Great looking wheels! Curious... why a smaller tire (by almost 1/2")?
  13. puffdaddy

    [Experience] Multiple warning messages

    I thought I had updated this... Anyway, it was the front right wheel speed sensor getting pinched on the compression of dips. I put MPP coilovers on the car and reused the push in clips that hold the sensor wire. I should have used zip ties since it came loose. Haven't had a problem since they...
  14. puffdaddy

    Looks like they are removing stalks from the 3/Y

    You can do that now with the Model 3...as long as it's under 5 MPH. I use it every time I back out of my driveway. I have a side-load garage on a corner in a busy subdivision. I can't see cars coming around corners until I'm in the road. As soon as I am in my lane I flick the stalk, while...
  15. puffdaddy

    Should I take out a loan or pay with cash?

    Can you afford the payments on a 4-5 year note? If so, how disciplined are you? Pay cash to save the interest and have the peace of mind of not having a payment. Put the equivalent of the payment in savings/investing every month. If not, you shouldn't consider it since it would take more than...
  16. puffdaddy

    Will these wheels fit a 2022 Model 3 Performance?

    They will fit, but will look tucked into the wells. The offset is about the same as the performance wheels while they are 9" wide. It may not matter to you on a winter set, but I had the V1 19" OEM sport wheels (which were +40 offset) and didn't like the look. 35mm Offset might not be too bad...
  17. puffdaddy

    255/40ZR19 on 19x9.5 too stretched?

    I have seen many posts about keeping it within 2% of stock overall diameter to avoid problems. 255/35-20 is a popular upsize for the Uberturbines (I'm considering it on my next set). It equates to 27" as well
  18. puffdaddy

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    This car ROCKS! I went to the Hoosier National Forest today after tweaking the MPP coils (sport settings) and was amazed how well it turns in and GRIPS! It still rode pretty good on the way there. If you're ever in So Indiana (near Louisville KY) head south on scenic hwy 66 for a fantastic road...
  19. puffdaddy

    Will value of used performance model increase or decrease?

    I bought my '22 3 Performance the end of last year and Carvana will give me more than I paid for it now (9000 miles). The MSRP has gone up 4k since I ordered and will probably continue to go up in the future. They can sell all they build so they can price them however they want. No car is a good...
  20. puffdaddy

    Still having problems with USB Sentry on 2022.20.8

    I had problems with mine until I kept sentry mode on all the time (not to exclude home). It was dismounting every time I got in the garage and failing to remount unless I pulled the drive and reinserted it. It's been 3 months
  21. puffdaddy

    MPP Coilover installation verification

    That is definitely lower than the recommended setting from MPP! They say to shoot for 4" battery height to ground to make sure you are still get the full range of damping from the shock. Raising it an inch would be a necessity it you have any speed bumps or steep driveway inclines. Have you...
  22. puffdaddy

    Unplugged Performance Front Fascia Nightmare

    Sounds like you are stressing over it.. It's just a car part, and not worth the grief. Cut and RUN
  23. puffdaddy

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Better: looks handling ride quality aerodynamic efficiency Lose it all for an off CHANCE that you MAY have a warranty suspension issue. Was an easy decision for me...NO REGRETS!
  24. puffdaddy

    What Did You Do With Your 20” Uberturbines?

    Depends on which aftermarket wheels you go with...On Ebay, the Ubers in new condition are going for around $3000 (minus fees). If you go 19" flow forged you should be able to get a full set, with tires, since the wheels and tires are cheaper in the smaller size. If you want 20s it would be...
  25. puffdaddy

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Nice concavity! Wheel specs?
  26. puffdaddy

    Need some help from anyone with a brand new Model 3 Performance and question on diminished value

    I got a quote from Carvana, out of curiosity, last week. 22 Model 3 performance with 9500 miles. They offered me 63,500. Sounds like that was a pretty strong quote from what I see here. I'm not selling, but was frustrated by a failed wheel speed sensor and thought I'd check
  27. puffdaddy

    New Apex Race Parts Forged VS5RS Wheel

    You get my vote for best looking 18" wheels! Sorry Volk fans...
  28. puffdaddy

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Titan T-R10s? Seems like everyone goes with the T-S5s, but these got my attention. Not sure about the 34 offset though (same as stock). How flush is the fitment? Looks 🔥
  29. puffdaddy

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Look like Signature SV104 in brushed bronze
  30. puffdaddy

    I have a lemon in Missouri/Kansas

    I wasn't wanting to argue (been on enough forums to know it's pointless), but my situation is very similar. I DO have a service appt , but it's over 2 weeks out. If they found the fix for his it would give me an idea what to expect. This thread mentioned the same errors as mine (7 errors...
  31. puffdaddy

    I have a lemon in Missouri/Kansas

    I wanted to know if/how they fixed it, that's all
  32. puffdaddy

    [Experience] Multiple warning messages

    Me too... 22 M3P. Happened the first time after hitting a dip in the road (that I've went through 100+ times). The second time, in the same day, was going over railroad tracks. I'm curious if they will come to me to fix it since the SC is over 100 miles away. I'm a bit worried about warranty...
  33. puffdaddy

    I have a lemon in Missouri/Kansas

    I know it's a long shot since this is an old thread...I'm having the same issues with my 22 MP3 @8500 miles. Any resolution?
  34. puffdaddy

    Tesla M3P 2020 - Spacers = Vibrations

    On the upside, you can get the proper offsets for the stance you want.
  35. puffdaddy

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Had Plasti Dip and it was coming off the front badge so I took it off. I also wanted to do a paint correction on the minor swirls from closing the frunk (stupid design...). didn't like it deleted so I cut a badge at work in 3M satin black vinyl. Perfectly matches the window trim. Easy to replace...
  36. puffdaddy

    Tesla M3P 2020 - Spacers = Vibrations

    When you take the wheels off, do you have any stud marks on the pockets on the back of the wheels? Some have mentioned varying pocket depths on their wheels so the studs hit the wheel and keep it from seating fully (causing the vibrations you mentioned).
  37. puffdaddy

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Definitely metallic red 22 Performance
  38. puffdaddy

    Washing Model 3

    I'm OCD about clean windows and this is the best method I've come across (from my MX-5 forum TBH). Just water and no chemicals. I'd tried so many glass cleaners and these simple towels work better...
  39. puffdaddy

    FS: 19" TSS Tsportline Matte Black Wheel Set. North NJ

    Guessing by the tire size, 19x8.5 +35 square?
  40. puffdaddy

    Window tinting questions, costs, and pics

    What model # covercraft did you get? I've had great luck with them in the past, but a Miata or BMW M2 won't fit
  41. puffdaddy

    Preconditioning question

    As a side note (since you have already decided to turn it off in the summer), I had mine set to precondition weekdays until recently. This is my first summer owning a Tesla, so I thought, why not have it desired temp year around? Well, I injured my arm at work and am off for several weeks. I...
  42. puffdaddy

    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    @SMTEZZY That's the best looking black 3 I've ever seen. I'm not a Volk fan either so that's saying a lot...
  43. puffdaddy

    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    Sorry, no. They are off the car now so I can't easily get more either
  44. puffdaddy

    Leave my 3 stock or be a little different?

    Best money spent on these cars IMHO is coilovers. Greatly improve looks, handling, AND comfort. Win, win, win BTW, not a fan of the pillar delete...
  45. puffdaddy

    Winter Wheel/Tire Set for M3P

    Just an FYI.. the tires won't have to be dismounted and rebalanced if you are only changing the TPMS sensors. The tire stays in the same position since they only have to break the bead on the face of the wheel to access the sensor. I had mine done for free at Discount Tire (I've done a lot of...
  46. puffdaddy

    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    Here is my 3 Performance with my winter setup with 19" V1s (before I lowered it...)
  47. puffdaddy

    19" Sport Wheels with tires Model 3 Version 1 W/BLUETOOTH TPMS

    I have a set of version 1 (better looking than V2, IMHO) 19" Sport wheels with Yokohama Advan Sport A/S+ tires in 235/40R19 tires. The wheels are near mint. A few very minor nicks with no repairs, curb rash, or bends. Clean inside and out! The tires are in great condition with 2 @ 7-8 32nds and...
  48. puffdaddy

    Window tinting questions, costs, and pics

    I know Clear Bra Indy does windshields... Many places are afraid to work on Teslas even they aren't much, if at all, different than ICE vehicles (suspension, alignment, tint, etc). If they use a soak shield rope they won't have any water getting past glass level down into the electronics. If...

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