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    Back from renting an ICE - M3 wins hands down except for blind spot warning

    I've driven a lot of cars and the M3 is quick but it's not the best driver car. It's weighs too much to be a good handler. Even you have very sticky tires, on certain conditions the tail will break lose on you and the car will take away your controls unless you have track mode enabled...
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    P3D+ fastest 0-60 for cars under 60K?

    GTRs have launch control and tune-able with a few bolt-ons. It's designed for racing. P3D, even at max output won't beat a GTR. Even at stock form it is close to 600HP. P3D's closest competitor are cars like the Audi S3, M3, and CLA45 AMG.
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    Leaving plugged into 110V at airport garage?

    Overcharging, higher voltage charging, and hot climate charging is more worse for your battery than leaving it charging. Tesla has a built in charging management system as long as you set it to not overcharge it's fine.
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    AWD Speed upgrade vs M3P

    That speed difference is not gonna make a huge difference. The real difference is the track mode if they would ever add that as a feature or not since the Performance model supposedly have more cooling fans to keep the motor cooled.
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    Tesla Wireless Charger Order Delay?

    Just get a Gen 1 Mobile Charger that has a 240v adapter. I think those wall chargers are a waste of money. Much better to have a mobile charger and it charges at the same rate too if you have the right numa adapters.
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    I really hate the wiper controls

    Of all the cars I've driven many $25k cars have very precise intermitten controls down many intervals of adjustment. I really hate how many clicks and screen touches I have to make to adjust a simple wipe. The main problem is not rain, it's fog and frost that the sensors cannot detect. I'm...
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    Does dual motor make a big difference in terms of power, enjoyment, etc?

    The main reason I got the DM model because it has better dependability. If say the rear motor dies, you are SOL. If you have the DM, it can still work with one motor and the good thing about Tesla is that unlike ICE cars where in AWD setup, if the driveshaft or differential is breaks you may...
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    Uber with a Tesla

    Don't use a car that is worth more than $10k to drive for Uber / Lyft. The depreciation will eat all of the income. A Tesla Model 3 loses about 2-5% for each 10-15k mi driven. If you had a 19' M3 sticker for $43k, after that 30k mi, it's worth about $34-36k. If you drive for Uber and say you...
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    Sentry mode USB

    They should make or add USB slots in the frunk because it is more secure. You can't open the frunk without control of the car. Anyone who knows where your usb port is right now can break the window and just yank out the drives and the sentry is as good as none.
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    Renting out your Tesla on Turo is a bad idea, did the math..

    When you rent your car out, Turo offers insurance coverage for different fees if you chose to and have different levels of coverage. You can opt out and use your own insurance. I believe in an event of a car accident, the victims can sue you and Turo. Then it will depend on Turo and your...
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    Renting out your Tesla on Turo is a bad idea, did the math..

    In order to make $2k a month you have to have a really desirable car. I don't think M3 can charge more than $150/day anymore. Too many people listing SR/SR+ M3 with Performance wheels for $70/day. Say you make $100/day and get about $600 a week, after the fees you keep about $450/week. If...
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    Renting out your Tesla on Turo is a bad idea, did the math..

    I see all these folks renting out their Tesla for like $100-400+ a day, I also thought about it but did the math and different situations. I can't do it unless I'm getting $2000 a month for my Model 3 LRDM. For Model S, it may have to be atleast $3k+ a month to be worth letting someone drag...
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    Suggestion for temporary car until Model Y deliveries begin.

    Get a Highlander or RAV4 Hybrid. I still drive my Highlander a lot because it is so reliable and saves gas too. That's the one reason I didn't get the Model Y and got the 3 because my Highlander Hybrid is so rugged and easy to maintain.
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    FSD license should be tied to owner not vehicle

    When I bought my used Tesla Model 3 with FSD. The Tesla worker allowed me to test drive the car before I drove it home. The previous owner was still connected to the car and had all of the owner's settings on it. So I got to keep the Spotify and Netflix settings. Not a big deal since I also...
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    Recommendations of Shops that Can Install Power Lift Gate on Model 3?

    I would wait for the Model Y to be released because it has power lift-gate and the components will be available afterwards or someone will copy them. I've had them on many recent cars and find them often not work properly due to weather or over time the needed to be serviced.
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    What to do about NYC public garage gougers?

    NYC is financially conscious. Everything has to cost an arm and leg to get done. There has to be a financial incentive for the government to do X and Y. There's no financial incentive to be environmentally conscious here unless they can make money off. If you don't recycle that's a fine the...
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    Supercharger- Springfield, NJ - Cleveland Place

    Springfield and Summit area are really not great for big SC station. The traffic at Springfield especially Rt 22/23 is very dangerous. The Summit area is very dark at nights and during rush hour lots of choke points and dangerous turns. There are some areas with deers. I much rather they put...

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