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    FSD Beta not working in low light conditions

    I’m having the same problems with on my May 2022 MYP. Works great during the day but get the errors described above when trying to enable it at night.
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    Model 3 - Vibration Noise from Steering Column Plastic Cover

    Hi everyone, I spent some time with my 2022 MYP yesterday. I was being driven mad by a rattling plastic sound when going over slightly bumpy pavement and/or turning and I was certain that it was coming from the plastic steering column cover. After all, if you squeeze the steering wheel column...
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    Phantom Braking… or is it?

    Yes, yesterday, I was heading North on I5 somewhere between Cardiff and Encinitas on AutoPilot with Nav set to 78 when the car all of a sudden braked hard. It really alerted my wife and kid. There were no overpasses, no cars in front of us, really no reason to do that. When I looked at the...
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    frunk open on the app no longer asking for confirmation

    Noticed the same thing too. I like it!
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    Road trip feedback with NAV on AutoPilot (Carlsbad, CA to Camarillo, CA)

    Regarding my comment above about auto lane change jerking the car back into the original lane - I just saw another poster’s message that said “I had a problem with auto lane change until I learned that you have to push the turn stalk all the way to the second detent and release. Previously, I...
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    Road trip feedback with NAV on AutoPilot (Carlsbad, CA to Camarillo, CA)

    Hello, I wanted to share my experiences with regular AutoPilot and FSD Nav on AutoPilot during two recent round trips from Carlsbad, CA to Camarillo, CA (I5 to 73 to 405 to 101). I have a 22 MYP. I used to have a 20 MXP w/ FSD but sold it early in the pandemic (I know, big mistake!) The first...
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    How dumbed down is regular Autopilot vs FSD?

    I owned a 2020 MXP with FSD and now have a 22 MYP without FSD. The MYP autopilot seems a little more “squirrelly” compared to my X with FSD. For example, driving South on the 405 near LAX with some of the curves. The X would stay centered with FSD but I find my Y drifts over enough in the...
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    MYP Estimated delivery date

    I am due to take delivery tomorrow. While reviewing the docs in the app, it said my car has 15 miles on the odometer. Just wondering if this is normal For a brand new car. What kind of mileage is on other recent deliveries? This all came together really quickly (see EDD changes above). I...
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    MYP Estimated delivery date

    OD was 3/11 Original EDD was May 1 - June 4 Then 5/30 - 7/4 Then 5/25 - 6/22 Then 5/23 - 6/6 Now 5/18 to 5/22 Paid full balance just now (5/19) so they better not push the date out! Ha!
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    Got my VIN today 444x. MYP blue, black seats. OD 3/11. New EDD is 5/18-5/22. San Diego county.
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    MYP Estimated delivery date

    Just got my VIN with EDD tightened to 5/18 to 5/22. OD 3/11. Blue MYP black seats. VIN 444x
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    My EDD narrowed down to 5/23 - 6/6 with an OD of 3/11. Blue MYP, black seats. San Diego county.
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    March 2022 MYP order

    My EDD updated a few days ago to 5/25 - 6/22. OD was 3/11. Blue with black interior. San Diego.
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    March 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    My EDD just tightened to 5/25 - 6/22 from 5/30 - 7/4. OD = 3/11 In SoCal. Blue MYP.
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    March 2022 MYP order

    MYP Blue with black seats (San Diego county) OD: 3/11 EDD: May 30 - July 4 (been like this for over a month)
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I gotcha. in California, you have to pay the sales tax on the entire purchase price...
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Not sure I understand - what would be the tax benefit?
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    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I ordered my MYP in blue with nothing else on 3/10 with cash selected. Original due date was May 1 - June 4. During this time, I added a trade-in but never completed it and their estimate was about $1000 low compared to Carmax so I removed the trade in from their portal. A couple days ago, it...
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    Door not shutting when walk away

    I have had my 2020 X since early December. I have the latest 40.50.7 firmware. A couple days ago, my driver door stopped shutting when I walked away. It usually shuts when I am maybe 5 car lengths away from it but I would be at least 10+ car lengths and would notice the door was still open...
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    crash avoidance outside of autopilot?

    Great info - to take it further, what if you are driving down the highway or city street with AutoPilot on or off and someone driving next to you decides to swerve into your lane (they don't see you for some reason). I thought I saw videos online a year or two ago where your Tesla will detect...
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    Supercharger capacity reality??

    Hi MXNYM, yes! I am 100% newbie! Thanks for explaining that to me. As a newbie, it just seems like Tesla could make things a little more clear. I think they need to focus on these things if they want to go mass mass market. Things like: - Supercharger true capacity - call it 150kW shared...
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    Supercharger capacity reality??

    I guess it’s just sort of unsettling when going on a road trip and all you see are SoCal SuperCharger locations reporting 0 or 1 open spots out of 20+ spots for 100 miles. Then when you get to the Supercharger - and you all know we all pick the 150kW location over a 72kW location because we...
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    Supercharger capacity reality??

    2020 MX Performance with 600 miles.
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    Supercharger capacity reality??

    I see 72kW stations and I see 150kW stations. But my experience so far has been pretty bad. The Carlsbad supercharger is rated at 72 but typically is lucky to deliver 32kW. The Westlake Village station was a war zone with cones blocking a 1/4 of the faulty charger spots and then another 1/4...
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    anyone get 2.5 upgrade to 3.0?

    I drove an overnight try me loaner X a few months ago with version 9 software and I believe MCU 2.5. My 2020 has MCU 3 and I have to say what an immense improvement it is. The visualization on the dash is amazing. I drove by a row of cones and it displayed every single one. All the vehicles...
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    Clicking sound after last update

    How does app connectivity work when you turn off always connected? Can you connect to the car with your app whenever you want? My 2020 model was making the clicking noises every 15 minutes or so when I was working in the garage all day last weekend. Drove me nuts!
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    2020 Model X firmware

    I ordered my MX Performance 6 seater on Halloween and it was a 2020. I believe the 2020’s started a few months prior but not sure.
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    Model X clicking, humming...

    Hi All, I have had my MX Performance for about 2 weeks. I was doing a lot of work in the garage this weekend and it seemed like the X would make clicking noises ever 15-20 minutes followed by a high pitch hum for several minutes before it went quiet. It repeated this cycle dozens of times...
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    New front seat design now shipping!

    I too was worried about the new seats having driven the previous X seats (albeit just overnight) as a trial loaner. However, I can’t tell any difference. The new seats just feel right to me. No pressure points anywhere. It’s like I don’t even think about my comfort because I am so comfortable.
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    Camera alignment and artifacts

    Hi, took delivery of my MX last week. I have been playing around with the Sentry mode and while reviewing footage from the front camera, I noticed two things and I am wondering if these are normal? 1. The camera is capturing part of the housing: 2. There are numerous white or black...
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    New front seat design now shipping!

    I love the new seats. My only comparison was the overnight loaner X they gave me about 1.5 months ago that had the old seats. I found those comfortable too. These new seats fit me like a glove (I'm 6'1 185lbs). The headrests do not interfere. I can tilt my head back about 1-2" before the...
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    New front seat design now shipping!

    The service center rep, Josh (3yrs with Tesla) was AWESOME. The first words out of his mouth after congrats was that they found a problem (#1 above) that they will fix whenever I want to bring the car back. Loaner will be provided - said there is a chance that it may be gas (they reimburse for...
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    New front seat design now shipping!

    Hi All, I picked up my Model X performance today. There were three problems that will require me to drop it back off at Tesla sometime in the next month. 1. The driver A pillar had a really bad paint job. It looked like the A pillar metal was joined/welded underneath the paint but not sanded...
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    New front seat design now shipping!

    Sorry, meant to say that I will report on Sunday afternoon my impression of the seats. I drove a loaner X about a month ago for a day and thought the front seats were extremely comfortable. I hope they haven't changed too much (unless it is for the better!!!)
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    Tesla delivery times

    I ordered my blue with black seats 6 seater LD with FSD MX on 10/31/19 and was notified yesterday it will be available for pickup in SoCal this Sunday.
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    New front seat design now shipping!

    I ordered my blue with black seats 6 seater LD with FSD MX on 10/31/19 and was notified yesterday it will be available for pickup in SoCal this Sunday.

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