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    Texas Hold Up!

    Uninstall your app, then reinstall. That will sometimes help. Also, later if you have any problem connecting, turn on Airplane Mode, then turn it off. That would re-establish the connection.
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    Aftermarket Wheels on Model 3

    Yes, VFS-2 in Satin Bronze.
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    Does the Model 3 come fully charged on delivery?

    Brentt, let your delivery specialist - the person who is scheduling - know you'd like a 100% charge as you will be driving out of state immediately. They should relay that to the local center you will be taking delivery. You can also charge while you are having the orientation. Where and when...
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    Model x repainted classic brown.

    Always thought brown would look great on the X. But then, I am partial to the color.
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    NUMMI: this american life

    I've listened to the original story and need to go back again. Like an above poster, our Tesla is the second vehicle from the facility. Unlike that poster, we had an awesome experience with our 1988 Chevy Nova. The dealer was the best, actually only, dealer experience we ever had. One of the...
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    Tire repair

    Anyone have a reliable place to repair a tire on a Sunday? Have a nail in the tire and found it, just want somewhere where they know how to put it on a rack properly. Thanks.
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    Dangers of flammable oil

    Another recognition of the danger of flammable oil. Fiery Oil-Train Derailments Prompt Calls For Less Flammable Oil : NPR
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    RIP Insight (again)

    Sad story but really not surprising. It's Official: Honda Kills The Insight Fit EV
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    Headlight Eyelashes Accessory

    Shark is beta testing a new theft deterrent. Probably along with Teri TOO FUNNY: The Best Car Alarm Ever! Do You Think It Can Work? - YouTube
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    Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

    Think I'll go for a drive in your namesake to celebrate. 8 Things You Didnt Know About Nikola Tesla | The Rundown | PBS NewsHour
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    Defending Tesla has ended a Friendship of mine

    The point is we don't need to be around negative, toxic people. The subject doesn't need to be Tesla, politics, religion, just anything you care about. Tearing down something you are passionate about to build himself up is something that only brings you into his negative realm. A true friend...
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    Humor: one security option

    Thought this one was a better alarm than some of them out there. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=331364683685034
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    Dog and Pony show

    Thanks, Jerry. Those will be a great start. Anyone have others? Would like to find a quick environmental impact perspective.
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    Dog and Pony show

    My son's elementary school will have their Earth Day celebration next month. I asked them if they wanted an electric car on display and they jumped. i know some folks have posters and other informational things for Cars and Coffee. Was wondering if you could share photos of what you have so I...
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    A better idea from Cadillac?

    Well, maybe for 1951 before innovation and thinking outside the box was quashed. I always wondered about those land boats and those tiny post-war garages. 5th Wheel Driving On A 1951 Cadillac - YouTube
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    USB ports and Cigarette lighter

    No problem. Similar to still calling the accelerator a gas pedal. Old habits die hard.
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    How do you deal with valet?

    Yes, Dallas can be tricky. So many valet only places. I just can't bring myself to that point yet. It would be one thing if I do the ding but not some snot-nosed kid who thinks he's a hotshot driving fancy cars- which are fairly common around here. I would suggest calling ahead and asking...
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    Help Tesla Diagnose Electrical Noise in Speakers

    Getting this intermittently and am trying to narrow it to something in common. Thought it may have been related to interference with the neighborhood gate which I cannot get to connect with Homelink. Have had it while driving in a low-lying area in a neighborhood as well. Both mobile phone and...
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    Fuddy Duddies vs. The Future

    Fuddy Duddy is a relative term. It cuts across age, social, income and cultural designations. You get all sorts of people excited about what Tesla represents and you get those afraid of the future and change. It is fun to see the excitement in those who get it. I would do no less in checking...
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    Anyone have a window randomly roll down?

    Seems to have happened to a few people. Rear passenger window won't roll up | Forums | Tesla Motors
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    Our 7-Year-Old Hopes His “Tesla Flat Stanley” Can Visit Every Supercharger

    Monsoon, my son thought Flat Stanley is a great idea. Here is Waco, Texas Supercharger in the Collin Street Bakery parking lot earlier today. - - - Updated - - - Such a nice day, we thought we'd cruise over to Corsicana, Texas Supercharger. It is also in a Collin Street Bakery parking lot...
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    Coast to Coast Roadtrip with Superchargers?

    Just completed yesterday and a father and daughter. See First Transcontinental Superchargers-only Road Trip: it's happening NOW!! and the real time journey was followed at Heading cross country! | Forums | Tesla Motors Congratulations to Jill and John on a trip for the history books well done!
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    First Transcontinental Superchargers-only Road Trip: it's happening NOW!

    Omar Sultan posted on the Tesla Motors Facebook page under Recent Posts by Others. There is a photo of Jill, John and other Tesla owners who met them at Hawhorne. Only 3 likes so far. I posted a comment: "Congratulations Jill and John! It was thrilling reading your story as you made this...
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    Pics of people taking pics of Model S's

    On Wednesday 1/22 I was picking my son up from his elementary school early for an appointment. Came out to a district itinerant IT guy and the custodian looking and the car and the IT guy snapping photos. Would have gotten one of him but the custodian says "there she is!" as I came around the...
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    The Cannabis car

    An updated story on the Kestrel. The Worlds Made Entirely From HEMP | Collective-Evolution The material is strong, lightweight and renewable. Ford thrived industrial hemp for car bodies in the 1930s. Guess that was the basis of the better idea from Ford.
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    Anyone know where this plastic is from?

    Couldn't find exact part but according to LG Chemical LUPOY GP-5206F General Purpose PC/ABS Alloy, 20% Polymer Alloy, Weather Resistant, Flame Retardant This material is described: Among the characteristics of LUPOY polycarbonate resins are excellent mechanical properties, high heat...
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    Tesla Garage art / surveillance

    Does the camera have GPS? They might give up on stealing the Tesla and take the nice looking (by the way) wall art as a trophy. I could see this on one of those stupid criminal stories somewhere.
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    Jingle-bell type sound coming from under the car when going over some bumps

    This type of sound can drive one insane. You just have to be relentless in the search for the cause. In my previous vehicle, I kept hearing a "jingle bell" sound over bumps and around corners. My son is in elementary school with lots of crafts so I found a stray jingle bell in the console...
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    Dallas area body/paint protectant?

    Thanks since I would like to get a couple quotes from different places. Did you have full body coverage? About how much and how long did it take?
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    Landmarks map

    Ran across this landmarks of the continental US map. Very similar to the Supercharger map so might doable in the near future. The time-lapse video is interesting, too. Time-lapse: Drive Across America in 5 Minutes PictureCorrect
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    Dallas area body/paint protectant?

    I had earlier asked about a particular vendor in the area. Does anyone else have recommendations for anyone other than Speedshield? What product did you get and how was the service? Ballpark cost and how long to complete? Thanks.
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    Speedshield in Addison, TX

    Any other body/paint protectant providers anyone recommend looking into for comparison?
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    Model S on the Bachelor

    But there is a Tesla! She is the Duck Duck Gooser at 2:06.
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    Speedshield in Addison, TX

    I have heard glowing reviews of Speedshield in Addison and the work done by Trey. Anyone willing to speak of their particular experience? Do they also do any paint correction before the Clear-bra? What about other products that may protect paint and body? About how long did it take to get an...
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    Cool Texas custom plate available

    I agree Jerry33. I have thought up several really spot on plates but I'm not filling the state coffers any more than necessary. Chris, PLUG N is very nice. What did you go with eventually?
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    My Tesla Model S P85 Accident - Is it REPAIRABLE or TOTALED?

    I would also think with a tight rein on parts and distribution, parts would be less desirable to be bought and sold through questionable sources and easier to track. Would that cut down on black market (chop shop) and thereby make the car even less desirable to steal? Would think insurance...
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    Model S Nature Pictures

    At a local lake A few days after delivery in November.
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    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker - Q1 2014

    Delivery date should be 2014. Time runs slowly now but totally worth it.
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    NHK looking for Los Angeles area owner

    Certainly quite a twist on Iditarod.
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    Collective noun for Model S?

    It can get complex. Some groupings have multiple nouns, even differentiating between types. For example, geese have multiple different collective nouns depending on whether they are on land, flying or flying in close proximity. - - - Updated - - - A stealth of Teslas?
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    Collective noun for Model S?

    Correct Bonnie but that thread was before Model S was on the road. Should it be the same as Roadsters or should there be some differentiation?
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    Collective noun for Model S?

    A whisper of Teslas?
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    Random Model S sightings

    JohnEC in post #2121 above shows a photo with a handsome group of Model Ses. What would be a great term for a group of Tesla Model Ses? "Group" seems inadequate. A related thread was discussed on Collective noun for a group of Teslas but that was pertaining to Roadsters and last visited before...
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    Collective noun for Model S?

    On a recent post on the thread Random Model S sightings - Page 213 (Number 2121 from John) a photo shows a handsome group of Model Ses. What would be a great term for a group of Tesla Model Ses? "Group" seems inadequate. A related thread was discussed on Collective noun for a group of Teslas...
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    Dallas County, Texas Tax offices

    I have read thought the "Texas registration issues and how to navigate them" thread. Lots of great information. I was wondering if any Dallas County owners could recommend a tax office location and the name of a person who was particularly knowledgeable and helpful? Thanks.

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