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    PHEV hump...

    I was talking to an owner of the new Range Rover PHEV recently. He does a 30 mile commute each way, charging at home and plugging in at the office. All electric. Engine only used when hooning around at weekends, holidays etc. How is that not a GOOD THING?
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    VAT on business purchase?

    No, to be able to reclaim VAT you'd have to convert the vehicle to a 'van'. If you have passenger seats HMRC will simply assume a portion of the use will be private.
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    Autopilot worth the money?

    You appear to have strayed onto the UK forum. Anything related to driving in California bears no relation to UK road conditions.
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    Autopilot worth the money?

    I agree that £5700 is too much. I also agree that TACC should have been routinely included in the purchase price of a £100k + vehicle and perhaps leave the rather problematic 'auto steer' feature as an option for when it becomes reliable. For me it was just the cost which stopped me opting for...
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    Bodyshop recommendation

    Don't laugh but for minor damage check out the local Chips Away agent
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    Model X Winter Tires

    Coincidentally, I've been running the Tesla 19" wheels with Pirelli Scorpion tyres package for over 1000 miles. I've posted the following summary recently on Speak EV so re-posting here is probably breaking rules - but here goes anyway! I am UK based so this may of limited relevance here. At...
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    Towing...actually Airstreaming...with a Model X

    Looks complicated! In the UK and Europe we just use a simple ball and socket arrangement, a 50 mm ball hitch on the car and a tow hitch on the caravan, boat trailer etc. which usually has a built-in stabiliser clamping arrangement. There are two main brands; Winterhoff and Alko. Operation and...
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    Tesla model x 20 inch wheels but what tires

    I've just fitted the Tesla winter wheel/tyre package, with Pirelli Scorpions on 19" wheels. Ride is definitely more comfortable but the most noticeable difference is the reduction in road noise. Handling appears to be unaffected.
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    Tesla Referral Program

    I have to say I really don't understand the objection to posting a referral code. Who suffers? As for it being an embarrassment - why? It's going to be useful to someone, a prospective new owner about to place an order, perhaps. I ordered my Tesla, some 9 months ago now, without a referral...
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    Width Restrictions

    My satnav wanted to take me over this bridge across the Wye, just of the A470. I chickened out and reversed back to the main road when I realised the Model X just wouldn't fit between the posts, although more 'normal' cars were getting through OK. I don't know the width but it's probably less...
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    On the brink of buying Model S!

    I bought my Model X without a referral code so paid full price. I'd sort of heard of it but I didn't understand what it meant so went ahead and ordered without. It was over a year ago and I hadn't done any 'social media' or owner forum research. The dealer should have advised me about it but...
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    How terrible is your DAB reception?

    My dab radio is not too bad on the whole although it obviously disappears in rural areas. FM on the other hand is crap, noisy and too slow to retune on the move. As for the satnav...........I don't know quite where to start but having a system that depends on live internet reception is a huge...
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    New Update 2017.28 c528869

    i've just noticed that easy entry (the feature that gives 'one touch' operation of the 2nd row seats) no longer works. I am assuming this is a bug in the new software update. Possibly only affecting 7 seat cars as I've not seen this reported anywhere else. And yes, it IS enabled in settings.
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    MX - SW v. 17.17.111

    I'm on 17.26.76 since Saturday. Model X 90D, AP2. But don't hold your breath, it's just an auto brightness feature for the display. Where is the auto rain-sensing feature for the wipers?
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    17.17.4 all easter eggs found

    Version 17.26.76 installed on Saturday. I am on HW2. It's an automated brightness feature for the display, nothing else. Strange that they can waste time and effort on this, which nobody (as far as I know) has asked for, yet rain detection and auto wiping seems beyond their capabilities...
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    Construction Started at Telford M52 J4

    From Birmingham to North Wales best go further north and use the Warrington SC just off the M56. Then it will be Chademos (Ecotricity) on the A55. If heading into mid or west wales, good luck as there are no SC's at all and none planned. The Ecotricity at Shrewsbury services works well (40...
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    Wiki UK and Ireland Supercharger Site News

    I sincerely hope they DO NOT decommission the Warrington SC's at Park Royal. They are perfectly placed for me, travelling from e.g. Manchester into Wales, and I am sure for the many others I see there. The new Burtonwood site is welcome for sure but would necessitate diverting through Liverpool.
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    Delivery issue and loaner car policy

    That's also my understanding My X was booked in to Stockport and they gave me dates when a replacement car would be available. As this was a two week wait I assumed this meant I would get a Tesla. No, a stinky Mercedes smoker is what I've got, courtesy of Enterprise! Just hope I get my X...
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    100D Performance Testing...

    It's 'brake' not 'break'!
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    Forward - Reverse

    I have no problem with the forward-reverse thing but it does require a 'stop and think' moment in tight spaces. A far worse problem for me is the use of the right stalk button as the 'park' brake. Coming from a Landrover Discovery, this where I would instinctively go for the screen wash! Not...
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    Where would you like to see a new Supercharger?

    OK, then I have a challenge for you. I work in West Wales on a regular basis as a building inspector. Plot me a route from my office on the Wirral, to Aberystwyth (overnight stay) then several forays into remote locations in the hills and then onto Fishguard and Haverfordwest (overnight stay)...
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    New finance terms

    You need to ask what APR your quotation is based upon. You can only compare quotations between different finance companies and banks if you know the APR. The Tesla 3.9% 'campaign' was for March only.
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    By this I mean an automatic volume control for the sound system. Most vehicles adjust the volume automatically to compensate for higher noise levels at e.g. motorway speeds. The Model X doesn't seem to have this feature, or am I missing something?
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    Model X Interior Design

    The visor can be angled to block out the sun pretty much anywhere where it is likely to cause glare! A problem I have is reflection in the screen caused by the sun on the top of the dash, even though it's dark grey Alcantara. I would consider polarising sunglasses but the last pair I had (now...
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    Time from "in production" to UK delivery

    I've just had the same update so we must be on the same boat- probably! I am being told delivery in late March now, by the DS, although 'my tesla' still says March/April! So possibly the Iowa or Kentucky, that narrows it down so ill see if I can track them.
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    Where would you like to see a new Supercharger?

    Aberystwyth. This would open up west Wales to Tesla owners, an area where there aren't any other rapid chargers - at all! There is a large retail park near the main transport hub. I can't remember the name but it would be ideal.
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    New finance terms

    S_B. I'm not willing to name individuals in what was a private correspondence but I strongly suggest you ask about the "3.9% campaign" before you agree to anything. I've given you and others on this forum a head's up on this so it's up to you to negotiate the deal. I'm buying the X as a...
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    New finance terms

    From Tesla sales. First by phone yesterday, then confirmed by email. It is described as a "3.9% APR Campaign". I signed up to the offer straight away. It's possible that it's only for HP and not PCP, but I don't know as PCP is of no interest to me.
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    Model X Insurance UK

    Maybe the Tesla tracker can be hacked? Just how secure is Tesla's operating system, including the app, from a determined attack e.g. by Russia, or ISIS? I've had a quote from NFU for when the X arrives and there was no mention of needing a third party tracker.
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    New finance terms

    I have recent confirmation that the APR for hire purchase has changed from 5.9% to 3.9%. The GMFV promise has also been withdrawn because of "strong residuals on our cars". The APR change represents a significant reduction to the monthly payments for my new Model X 90D, which I am financing...

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