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    WiFi RPi - AutoSync Music Folder - 99% Automated

    Thanks to Preventing duplicate cron job executions - Benjamin Cane Updated the auto-syncing script (rsync-2d.sh) so multiple instances don't run every minute if several files need to be copied that may take longer than one minute. The script still fires every minute but if it finds this trace...
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    WiFi RPi - AutoSync Music Folder - 99% Automated

    I liked TeslaUSB using a Raspberry Pi (RPi) for how it works seamlessly fully automated, but I just couldn't wait for it to boot up every-time, every-drive to hear a song playing. I decided to switch to a 'wireless sync with manual trigger' approach. This method retains the immediate...
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    Agreed. But, it must be tied to the trigger point. Both in the map and being able to skip to that time in the video.
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    Track Tire/wheel Set Advice

    Went with 18x9.5+35 Dekagram Type A on P3D-. Reused stock lugnuts with a non-impact socket, carefully... An impact socket would have been impossible to use. Maybe a good theft deterrent? lol 73.1 to 64.1mm hub ring on order. Installed without them for now. The bigger M14 studs just being in...
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    Track Mode Request - Limiting Power (Due to Lack of Charging Options)

    Here you go... install this door stop between accel pedal and floor. Need more speed? Just shave it down!
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    P3D_Stealth gets Track Mode V2 too!

    Why doesn't Max Front + Max Rear = Max Total Power in that chart?
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    Where can I purchase Tesla Model 3 Tire Pressure Sensors

    Thanks! These are $75 now.
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    Track Tire/wheel Set Advice

    DiscountTire's website won't let me order the Hypergram for a TM3 anymore. Says it doesn't fit... Does anyone have an idea? I guess I can try to call them later.
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    P3D horsepower?

    ^what?! Wow. The 'power' update came once I put snow tires on. So I haven't been able to test it. Even in the dry it hits traction control.
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    Brake pads fused to discs

    I wonder if they went for a hard ride and parked without a cool down.
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    Yeah, it's weird how they always have a few straggler P3D- cars that people like myself have gotten to buy. I thought it was a one time thing towards the end of Q3 2019. But they seem to be available sporadically. Some weird forecasting error? 'whoops, we built too many with the better motor and...
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    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    To quote the original source code that seems to have stemmed this discussion, Tesla is readying a new option, internally … - teslamotors - Reddit `content: "Improve your 0-100 km/h acceleration from 4.6 seconds to 4.1 seconds with an over-the-air update."` That seems like it was meant for a...
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    Common Issues?

    F/R mudflaps for the Model 3 are inexpensive and work really well. I would put low profile mudflaps on any daily driven car. The ones for the Model 3 cost ~$30-$40 on Amazon.
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    AutoX class question

    Is it true that you can legally run 0.5" wider wheels in BS? If so, 18x9" should work with 265mm tires.
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    Spacers: yes or no?

    20/25mm F/R fit without issues with the stock 18" wheels/tires. I recommend the 7075-T6 material for spacers.
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    Battery Degradation; Sailing & Touching a Shore

    At 7:05 PM (EST), I'm seeing the battery bar full @ 100%, but only indicating 280mi. But, it still says 30mins of remaining charging time. That's almost a 10% degradation from the original rated capacity. I wonder if the indicated range will rise through the next 30 mins. 7:35PM (EST), still...
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    Winter Tires on Model 3

    Don't know. I don't have a good controlled test before/after. Also, the temperatures have dropped quite a bit since needing winter tires, so who knows how much that contributed. My daily drive is 1/6th the total advertised range so I don't know exactly how much worse these tires are for...
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    Battery Degradation; Sailing & Touching a Shore

    http://www.ti.com/lit/ug/sluubd3d/sluubd3d.pdf Here is the reference manual for a Ti BMS chip (bq78350-R1) and it recommends doing a 'qualified discharge' to re-calibrate the Full Charge Capacity (FCC). Read Section 9.1.6 and 9.1.7 for further details. Also, the magnitude of FCC Learn Up or FCC...
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    Windows are fogging up constantly!

    This is EXACTLY my issue as well. I was driving in an icy snowstorm a few weeks ago, and I HAD to keep the 'full' front defrosters on so the wipers would keep working. I would like to stay in 'auto' temp control mode but get to select where the air comes from. In the winter, I would always...
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    Winter Tires on Model 3

    I've put about 500 miles on my Continental VikingContact7 tires and they are much quieter than expected. I did have a chance to try it out in icy conditions where some parts of Pittsburgh had several roads closed due to ice. These tires are as good as I expected them to be. I was easily able to...
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    Winter Tires on Model 3

    Contrary to some beliefs, the clamping force (and friction) of the wheel against the brake rotor (and hub) is what allows for the necessary load handling capabilities of all wheels. If you think thousands of pounds of force are supported by the small cross-sectional area at the 'top' of a wheel...
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    SCCA autocross champion

    Cool, looks like there wasn't more than a tenth separating the top 5 drivers. I think our TM3 will continue in BS for 2020. Also, I didn't see any Model 3s in the 2018 results, so it's interesting that it won its first time out!
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    Drunken TACC

    Exactly, the PID tuning is horrendous. They should drop the D coefficient almost entirely, or at least limit it to only affect drivetrain friction differences, or use a secondary function to determine D based on available traction over the past few seconds/minutes, etc. I hope this shittiness...
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    SCCA autocross champion

    Can someone please link to the official results for this year and prior? Wanna compare times and see how much faster it was versus other cars. I'm wondering if the P3D may get moved to AS from its current BS classification. Or, on the other hand, if BS will get a worse PAX index. I don't...
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    Vendor Official Signature Wheel Gallery | Fitment Q&A Thread

    Lovely! BTW, I (civilian) used to AutoX at Whitehouse Airfield around 2004-2005 with lots of guys wearing 'Fly Navy' badges on their cars. We always made sure to do a FOD walk afterwards :) I like all kinds of military aircraft, but the ones used by the US Navy are most fascinating to me...
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    Winter Tires - Continental VikingContact 7

    For anyone that may not be aware of what options are available for winter tires these days, I've decided to go with the Continental VikingContact 7. No 1st hand feedback yet. Pittsburgh doesn't get many days where the roads are too bad, but I like having the peace of mind. I got them in...
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    Who has winter tires?

    Continental VikingContact 7 test ans review of the Continental ContiVikingContact 7 | AllTyreTests.com
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    1st Snow day for my Model 3 SR+ and for the season - lost control and bumped into divider

    LOL, nope! I'm guessing you've never watched WRC cars race on snow stages?
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    1st Snow day for my Model 3 SR+ and for the season - lost control and bumped into divider

    Wow, what an idiot, and a dishonest SOB! This 1st post of yours is trying to deflect blame to the car due to "something wrong with traction system". Yet, in the following 3 posts in this thread, you acknowledge it was your inability to predict road conditions relative to the tires you CHOSE to...
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    Are XL Load Tires Mandatory? (Blizzak WS-90 vs. X-Ice Xi3)

    Continental VikingContact 7 appear to be far superior in icy conditions and are available on TireRack with Model 3 compatible load ratings. Continental VikingContact 7 test ans review of the Continental ContiVikingContact 7 | AllTyreTests.com My reason for this is that it is easy to predict...
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    Seat cover for post workout?

    Yeah, wear a rainsuit before you get in the car. Protect more than just the seat. Also has the added benefit of keeping your body temperature from changing too quickly.
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    Deep Blue Metallic - Show me pictures of your car today!

    20mm/25mm 7075-T6 wheel spacers on stock 18" wheels with the Aero hubcaps removed.
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    Hill Hold - Different for Uphill vs Downhill

    OK, I see your points about not wanting Hold to engage when letting gravity creep you down a hill in momentary stop conditions. I'll have to look closer at the screen to confirm that it wants you to only 'press the brake pedal' to disable hold on a decline versus the message to 'press brake OR...
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    Hill Hold - Different for Uphill vs Downhill

    Yep, exactly. And resuming forward drive using the accel pedal on a decline is much jerkier, as a result. Can anyone think of a reason why Hold won't activate with only few ounces of additional brake pressure after coming to a stop, during all slopes? How do we submit a bug/feature request to...
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    Hill Hold - Different for Uphill vs Downhill

    I'm using 'Standard' regen. But below 4-5mph, you have to apply the friction brakes to stop on a decline. And when you apply the minimum amount of brake needed to stop on a decline, the Hold mode does not engage. You have to apply significantly more brake than needed to stop the vehicle on a...
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    Hill Hold - Different for Uphill vs Downhill

    When I come to a gentle stop going uphill, the Hold mode activates without me having to do anything. However, if I come to a gentle stop going downhill, I have to apply significantly more brake to engage Hold mode. I'm sure this is intentional but I can't think of any reason why the car...
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    G Force for Tesla Model 3 Performance (0-60mph) and other Models

    Another area this information is useful is for those who buy those ridiculous 'all weather' floor mats because they have a 'high edge' to contain the melted water in the winter, lol. I wonder how 'gingerly' one has to drive their car with a puddle of water in their 'all weather' floor mats to...

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