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    DCU not being fixed rate anymore?

    Correct, see snip from loan docs ...
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    Garage door opener

    With the door closed, disconnect it from the chain and try to lift the door. The door weight should be balanced by the spring - if it feels heavy you need to have a garage door repair person either tighten or replace the spring. If the springs are ok then perhaps there is something in the...
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Margin - delaying sale of those vehicles until Q1 allows startup costs for the Shanghai Y to be spread across the full Shanghai Y Q1 production rather than across a few hundred units delivered at end of Q4. Tesla must believe that the reduced sales numbers in Q4 are better than reducing Q4 margin.
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    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    Elon mentioned no more fluid circulating between cells in the new architecture, instead a paste that hardens into a solid that turns the battery structure into a stiff structural member. If taken at face value this means either passive thermal management by transferring thermal load to the...
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    Does it intelligently coast?

    My blunt answer: Tesla AP today makes no attempt to coast. The car will coast only during periods of time in which the drive control algorithm is not requesting a change in speed (whether due to driver or AP input). In traffic, AP constantly applies power or regen rather than allowing a...
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    3/Y seem to wake up/unlock charge port now by pressing J1772 release button

    Yes, the car is always locked at the office. I have not been there since mid-March and cold weather. I would typically open the Tesla app and start climate control while walking out of the office and disable sentry mode to avoid generating an event when I approach the car. Maybe this woke the...
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    3/Y seem to wake up/unlock charge port now by pressing J1772 release button

    I've had a model 3 since November 2018 and don't recall ever needing to unlock the car to disconnect the Chargepoint charger at the office. I press the button on the handle, charge port unlocks, then remove the handle and adapter.
  8. K

    Model 3 Phone Charge Cable Swap Thread

    Have: Micro-USB, Tesla original Need: USB-C, Tesla original Location: Westmont, IL Willing to mail swap.
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    Receiving FM radio with HW 3.0 in Drive-in Theatre

    All Tesla's are/were sold with FM radio. The only ones that lose FM are early S and X who voluntarily choose to upgrade the MCU to the latest hardware version. This is separate from the FSD computer.
  10. K

    Anything I'll miss upgrading to "just" a M3 SR+ from Audi A4?

    Another idea is to locate a used medium range (MR). These have premium interior, a bit more range than SR+ and RWD.
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    Does the model 3 have an IOT garage door opener app?

    Try loading mychamberlain.com in the Tesla browser.
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    Hunter Road Force balancing in northern NJ

    While waiting for recommendations from Tesla owners, you can find nearby shops using Hunter's locator. GSP9700 Locator
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    Hill Hold - Different for Uphill vs Downhill

    My observations based on AWD built Oct 2018, standard regen, creep off: On level ground, hold activates with only ounces of additional brake pressure after coming to a stop, and sometimes with no additional brake pressure. On a downhill slope, after coming to a stop I need to apply 30-50 lbs of...
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    Garage door opener alternatives

    Disclosure: My vehicle has homelink. I have not subscribed to eve for tesla, but did create a free login. I work for Chamberlain on the myQ team. You can add bookmarks to the Tesla browser. There are 2 star symbols on the top right of the browser. One displays saved favorites, and the other...
  15. K

    Garage door opener alternatives

    $4 - 5 per month EVE For Tesla | Premier Dashboard Experience For Your Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model III | Powered by Evolved Vehicle Environments
  16. K

    AWD efficiency boost with 2019.24.4?

    Stage shallow and don't worry. Car has to travel 1 foot or so to break the first timing light.
  17. K

    Tesla Model 3 Winter Tire Package questions...

    They do, $200 each for the wheels, did not ask about tpms or caps. Walked into local parts department and asked. Don't know how easily parts department can be reached via phone.
  18. K

    Garage door opener alternatives

    You might call and ask if this fits the Model 3. https://view.info.chamberlain.com/?qs=169d8aa116ca2dad5ae728cc9e75f83bb7b1fea547e0bef5ae1a3005c7a62f2580212fbbbb6f15b93fe0b254a45db41efbe4736c7ffc63081b14ed8c64d63408505a29a660d43ae1b9316fcfec3513c3
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    WiFi & captive portals

    Once you have signed in using the correct spoofed MAC address your car will connect to all of those xfinity hotspots. Somewhere in your xfinity account you can see the list of learned MAC addresses - you are limited to 7 or some similar number. You may need to repeat the process periodically...
  20. K

    WiFi & captive portals

    You may need to log into a friend's wifi to get the Testa MAC address. Your friend will then need to log into the router to find the list of connected devices. My Model 3 MAC address starts with 04:4E. You will need to screenshot (or copy/paste) the MAC address to a laptop that will later...
  21. K

    WiFi & captive portals

    Xfinity / Cablewifi works by comparing MAC address to an allowed list. You can connect to them by finding the MAC address of your Tesla, spoofing that MAC address on your computer/phone, then logging into the captive portal on that computer.
  22. K

    NEW Tesla Model 3 18" Aero Wheels And Tires $699

    I will offer $900 shipped to 60559 if the wheels and covers are not damaged.
  23. K

    2017 "CPO" Long Range RWD 40.5k vs 2019 New LR AWD 52.4k

    How long will you keep it? '17 should have free supercharging and premium connectivity included for life. There have been running changes to suspension and seats, too. LR is more efficient on the road, AWD accelerates faster from low speeds. If you add FSD to the '17 then it will be upgraded...
  24. K

    Anyone getting close to 150 kW?

    Does onboard nav now select optimal supercharger stops to minimize trip time, or did you still need to manually choose more stops for less overall charge time? Over Christmas break nav wanted me to charge for an hour at Effingham to reach Chicago.
  25. K

    Tesla, TSLA & the Investment World: the Perpetual Investors' Roundtable

    The eyes are to protect infants, not cars. Add a parallel set of eyes at bumper height to protect your car.
  26. K

    Garage door opener alternatives

    If you add myQ, you might also try EVE for Tesla in the browser. Subscription needed.
  27. K

    Recommend an Android phone that works >99% with phone key

    100% reliable, instant door unlock since November 2018 Model 3 purchase: Galaxy S7 Edge Pixel 2 Nexus 6 running LineageOS 15.1 Unreliable, annoying, often needs airplane mode toggle or unlock via app: Nexus 6 on stock OS Nexus 5x on stock OS Maybe the Android 8 bluetooth stack is better suited...
  28. K

    Bouncy / Hobby Horse Ride

    I have an October build AWD on stock 18s. Ride on local streets is awful. Suspension is wonderful for performance driving and soaking up larger bumps. But at 35mph driving over tiny cracks that I don't feel in my A6 2.7T with sport suspension, the 3 bounces like a tractor. Everything in the...
  29. K

    Annoying referral issue

    Same scenario here. Early November delivery. Clicked referral link a week or so before delivery, signed in, no apparent change in the reservation. Referrer saw no pending referral. Forwarded referral link to delivery advisor and he said he would make sure it was applied. At delivery, advisor...
  30. K

    Winter tires for 18” Aeros

    Are Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3 in size 235/45/18 available in the midwest? Local Discount Tire told me they were sold out of production for the season - maybe they wanted to upsell something else. Amazon link in first post also indicates out of stock.
  31. K

    Set of 4 18" Aeros for Model 3, near Westmont, IL SC

    Will consider bare wheels, or with TPMS, tire and cover. Traveling (slow response time) until Tues evening.
  32. K

    Model 3 Reservation Failed through PayPal

    They found my reservation today, I received the confirmation email.
  33. K

    Model 3 Reservation Failed through PayPal

    I placed a reservation just before the delivery event. Never received a confirmation. Tesla is researching, I have given them the date, credit card transaction number, etc. In a few days the payment is due and I will be forced to dispute the charge if Tesla cannot find my reservation.
  34. K

    List of Homelink Garage Door Openers That Work

    The HomeLink technology standard was updated about 4 years ago - so you should be OK using any recent opener from major brands. For Chamberlain / LiftMaster look for Security+ 2.0. And pester Tesla to integrate with MyQ so you don't need HomeLink or a clicker.

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