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  1. Amyshubby

    First road trip (finally)!

    Thank you all for the helpful comments. We are going to rejoin AAA. Really looking forward to the trip. Just found out one wrinkle- second vaccination is the afternoon before we leave! Slightly concerned about side effects the next day but my 17 year old is not upset about the possibility of...
  2. Amyshubby

    First road trip (finally)!

    I'm planning my first long road trip at the end of the month (Long Island, NY to Orlando) with my long range Tesla model 3. As a background, I've had the car for 18 months. Put on about 11,000 miles in the first 6 months then transitioned to working from home. Put on 2000 miles in 12 months...
  3. Amyshubby

    Experiencing regenerative braking issues after 1 year

    I've started to see it for really short periods when I first start my day but it goes away pretty quickly. It might have something to do with the fact the car is garaged and I warm it up before I leave (at 80%).
  4. Amyshubby

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Does using the defogger warm the battery up differently (or better) than just turning on the heat?
  5. Amyshubby

    Considering Model 3 or Prius prime limited

    But you need to factor in the rebates. I owned a 2016 Prime Advanced that was also stickered at 33k. After the federal rebate, NY point of purchase incentive, Toyota discounts I paid about 24k. I was thrilled to get 19k from Tesla after two years and 50k miles! Answering the OP question-...
  6. Amyshubby

    Experiencing regenerative braking issues after 1 year

    Thanks for the responses. I'm in NY so I guess I'll experience this soon enough.
  7. Amyshubby

    Experiencing regenerative braking issues after 1 year

    I'm a little confused as to why this would happen. I fully understand why a car at 100% has nowhere for the energy to go, and I also know the battery is less efficient in the cold. However, it I'm charged to 70% and the car is producing energy, why can't it go into the battery? Is it just...
  8. Amyshubby

    Question about handicapped modifications

    I'm going to bump this up one time in the hope someone has dealt with this modification.
  9. Amyshubby

    Question about handicapped modifications

    Has anyone modified their Model 3 to allow for hand controls? I have a friend who can't use his legs and uses modifications on his current car to allow acceleration and braking using hand controls. The self driving (limited as it might be) would obviously be a big help as his arms get tired...
  10. Amyshubby

    My one month update posted on Facebook

    My understanding (and people on this board probably have more knowledge on the subject) was that the model 3 got top scores across the board and (in total) outscored every car ever tested but the agency doing the testing doesn't rank vehicles which is why they didn't want Elon Musk saying the 3...
  11. Amyshubby

    My one month update posted on Facebook

    Anyone else think their friends think they are too obsessed with their new car? I decided to just post my update on Facebook: "It's been more than a month since I bought my Tesla model 3. Most of you who know me know how much I love electric cars and I was looking forward to getting this car...
  12. Amyshubby

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    The fact that they might have made a change as they were switching over to MY2020 doesn't mean they made a change BECAUSE they were switching over to MY2020. As has been repeatedly explained, changes can happen at any time. Tesla doesn't wait for a new model year. You could wait for a 2020...
  13. Amyshubby

    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    Mine (picked up end of September) has them and I didn't realize it until I read this post!
  14. Amyshubby

    Short Commute - Trickle Charging OK?

    I guess everyone's situation is different. I drive about 75 miles round-trip and can charge for free two hours a day at work which adds about 50 miles. I supercharge for free on Sunday (right near my house) and my SOC drops about 25 miles a day. If the battery level drops below 50% then I...
  15. Amyshubby

    Favorite Floor Mats?

    Just ordered the Maxpiders. Considered the Taptes but turned off by the practice of encouraging people to post links to their website in exchange for a discount (i.e.- promote the company before you even know if you like the product). I don't tend to be the person to buy the most expensive...
  16. Amyshubby

    Should I Just Wait 'Til Q1 2020 to Order?

    +1 Exactly what I was going to write. The "fit and finish" problems seem to be the exception now, not the norm. Also, I was back and forth on my decision (I've had the car for three weeks) and every time I drive it, it makes me happy!
  17. Amyshubby

    Cute story

    My six year old neice visited last night. She's a huge Frozen fan (we always sing together) so I was really excited to show her the new Caraoke function. I put on "Let it Go" and we sang together... ... for 30 seconds until she stopped the music and asked me to make the car fart.
  18. Amyshubby

    Autosteer is not beta, very much alpha

    Even if I hadn't read the manual, I can't imagine I would ever trust any car on autosteer in a construction zone. I've only had the car for two weeks so others (who seem to love the feature) can give better real world replies but I do a lot of highway driving (at least two hours a day) and...
  19. Amyshubby

    No VINs in October?

    Right now it's just rumors. It makes sense that after an end of quarter US push Tesla would focus on catching up other markets that had to wait. As someone mentioned, they make a lot more cars per week now. Let's see how long before they shift back to US deliveries before being too critical.
  20. Amyshubby

    Anyone getting 2 Years Free Supercharging/Upgrades

    Under my account where it previously said something like "pay per supercharge" it now says "free supercharging enabled"!
  21. Amyshubby

    Tesla Model 3 Vampire Drain (aka loosing mileage when stationary)

    I googled it. I see older Model S had some issues. Has anyone confirmed the same unit is being used in the 3? Perhaps there was a design flaw. Claiming it might be on purpose without evidence is unfair.
  22. Amyshubby

    Tesla Model 3 Vampire Drain (aka loosing mileage when stationary)

    I can't imagine watching YouTube and Netflix for a few hours a month while charging or waiting in the car is really going to have that much impact.
  23. Amyshubby

    My experience

    I googled "model 3 delivery checklist" and a bunch came up. I printed them all out and combined them (although they were mostly duplicitous).
  24. Amyshubby

    My experience

    I'm not registered on the Tesla website yet so I'm apparently not cross posting! :D
  25. Amyshubby

    My experience

    I don’t know the etiquette but I’m cross posting this on this website and the Tesla owner forums because I think it’s important for people to get firsthand accounts of the Tesla ordering and delivery experience. Also, I’m guessing many people had the same thoughts/reservations I did when...
  26. Amyshubby

    Tesla Service Centers

    Any updates? I live three minutes from that location and I'm picking up my model 3 on Tuesday in Manhasset! Would love a service center walking distance from my house! :)
  27. Amyshubby

    Tesla offering free supercharging on Model 3's

    Is there a way to confirm if you received the free supercharging other than relying on what you were told by the sales rep?
  28. Amyshubby

    Rejected 4 cars, was told they would not request more cars for me

    Ugh- no ability to edit my grammar mistakes. Got "their" vs "there" wrong. That's going to drive me crazy the rest of the day!
  29. Amyshubby

    Rejected 4 cars, was told they would not request more cars for me

    Some of these responses are really unfair (and condescending). Everyone has to decide what's important to them. I've always driven Toyotas (Last few cars included a Prius and now a Prius Prime) and I'm used to cars that never break or have issues (I know every manufacturer has some issues...
  30. Amyshubby

    AutoPilot braking and Overpasses

    That doesn't sound charming at all.
  31. Amyshubby

    Tesla Service Centers

    That's great news! I live minutes away from that site and it was first announced more than a year ago! It still isn't listed on the Tesla site under "coming soon". Any indication of the time frame?
  32. Amyshubby

    Talk me into ordering a Model 3 / case of FOMO

    Comments like this just discourage people from posting. Although most people don't have nearly as long a list, some of us do have valid concerns similar to the ones the OP named. I'm also considering a new model 3. I currently drive a Prime so the gas savings would be minimal. I'm aware of...

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