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    Discussion : All discussion regarding Model 3 and Tax credit in model 3 subforum

    I'm interested in purchasing a 2023 Model 3 LR in Red with added 19 rims. Will this likely push the MSRP past the $55,000 mark? If so, does that mean I won't qualify for the $7,500 tax rebate slated for next year? I know the base Model 3 will qualify but my heart is on the Long Range model.
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    Price increase? [posted 06.16.2022]

    What happens to M3 LR owners who put a deposit before the price change at the lower price and are still waiting for delivery? Is that price "locked-in" or will they now have to pay the new increase in price?
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    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    @puffdaddy This is EXACTLY what i was looking for (even with the red color)!!! Would you happen to have any more pictures of this setup!!???
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    M3P: Old 20' Sport Rims/Tires vs. 20' Uberturbines

    Nice… When you say better, are you also referring to the ride comfort? Also, any difference in range with the PS4S tires? Thanks
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    M3P: Old 20' Sport Rims/Tires vs. 20' Uberturbines

    Sorry about that and your right… I think I’m leaning towards settling for the 19 OEM Sport Wheels (older version) on the M3P
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    M3P: Old 20' Sport Rims/Tires vs. 20' Uberturbines

    A friend of mine told me that the new 20' Uberturbine rims/tires are much harsher on ride quality than the old 2018-2020 M3P's that came with the 20' Sport Rims. Is there any truth to this? Thanks.
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    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    Totally agree. I hate the new 19' sport wheels, but I also am not a big fan of the M3P '20 Ubers (heavy as F), so the old style sports wheels 19' are the best of both worlds for me and I don't want aftermarket 19s either.
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    New M3P on 19' OEM Sports Wheels?

    Does anyone have a picture of a current M3P but with the 19' Sports Wheels (Version 1; 2018-2020)? I've been searching for this setup but can't find any picture. Thanks!
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    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Hey guys, so I keep reading about this and there's 2 thoughts: 1) People say M3P gets poor range solely because of either driving habits and/or heavy OEM tires/wheels. 2) People say M3P get worse range because it has a more aggressive rear motor and/or software which makes it more difficult to...
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    Long-range or Performance

    So. I'm still stuck in this dilemna where I can't decide between the LR or the Performance. I was leaning towards the LR since I felt it would be a better drive, but when I calculate the cost (see below) it almost comes out to the same price as the Performance (only $2k less) which leans me over...
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    Newer M3P: Can you swap 20' Uberturbines rims/tires for 20' Sport rims/tires?

    @Linderwood Interesting, so why does Tesla through its own site state that it is NOT compatible? Is there a reason behind them doing so? Also, on another note, I just want to make sure, can I really swap the 20' Uberturbines on the M3P with either the 19' or 20' factors Sports Wheels???? 19"...
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    Newer M3P: Can you swap 20' Uberturbines rims/tires for 20' Sport rims/tires?

    If you have a newer refresh M3P with the OEM 20' Uberturbine rims/tires, can you swap those out for the OEM 20' Sports rims/tires that were found on the older Model 3 Performance vehicles? I am dumbfounded because when I checked Tesla's site for the older M3P Sports rims it said This package is...
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    Better Range: M3LR w/ Performance Boost or M3P with smaller 19' rims

    Does anyone know which one of these 2 would net the longer range? Or would they be even? A) Model 3 LR OEM 19' Sports Rims plus Performance Boost which I'm assuming will B) Model 3 Performance but instead of the heavy 21' rims you swap them out for similar sized OEM 19' OEM factory sport rims...
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    Better resale value: Model 3 LR or Performance?

    Anyone know which Model 3 holds a better resale value between the Model 3 LR vs. Performance? I looked online but it hard to figure because you dont know what the sold price goes for instead relying on the listed prices. Thanks!
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    Acceleration boost upgrade, no software update needed?

    Hey guys, newbie here first post.... If you purchase the Acceleration Boost option for the Model 3 LR does that mean you will be limited to the number of times where you can use the faster Sport mode option? Or do you have an unlimited amount of times you can use it? Thanks!

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