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  1. ArchHamster

    Has Autopilot gotten worse recently?

    Sounds crazy, try rebooting your car. After almost every car update, something breaks in one of my two teslas. Usually it's something benign like spotify, the mic, or Bluetooth. Less commonly, it's GPS, or some cameras. After my last car update, NoA lanes weren't being visualized and I could...
  2. ArchHamster

    Ever Pulled Over for Erratic Driving?

    This is my biggest pet peeve with the fsd beta youtubers. They wait for their car to disengage itself or blatant traffick violations to disengage fsd. Imo they should be much more strict with fsd, not waiting for failures to disengage fsd but disengage the moment fsd begins to perform...
  3. ArchHamster

    There will be NO HW4 upgrade for HW3 owners

    Any speculation on a paid upgrade/retrofit? It seems like a no to me... imma be a bit mad if hw4 re-adds radar. Autosteer has never been as good as my radared y. He wasn't even willing to maintain the old radar. I bet after hw4 releases he forgets about hw3 and we stop getting updates.
  4. ArchHamster

    Refresh X audio stutter after the latest firmware update

    I'm not sure about stuttering but I get audio pops now with Bluetooth and spotify. Especially when the nav voice is playing.
  5. ArchHamster

    Phone key issues since latest app update

    I have a zfold4 on android 13 and can't pair either. Tried restarting the car, unpairing the phone, repairing, forgetting and reconnecting Bluetooth, uninstalling and reinstalling the app, sign out and signing back in. Nothing worked. Wasted an hour on this before I found this thread. This has...
  6. ArchHamster

    HW4 sensor suite and hi-res camera updates?

    Hmm, I wonder if that's why there was a increase from 10k to 15k in around 2021, to cover the cost of upgrading old hw3 when hw4 releases.
  7. ArchHamster

    Falcon Wing Doors Hit Wall Charger While Closing.

    Les236 pretty much answered but I'll throw in my two cents. To my surprise, my fwd and auto doors have never hit another car or wall on opening which is really impressive. It uses sensors in the door and on the rooftop to judge how to open and close. Importantly, not the cameras yet and I'm not...
  8. ArchHamster

    Tesla on Autopilot slams into stationary car (VIDEO)

    Freaking love autopilot as a term for adas and I wish it would catch on as standard jargon for all adas systems to both demystify aviation ap and hopefully encourage similar standards in the future after autopilot has matured. I think something many people don't appreciate about aviation...
  9. ArchHamster

    How Smart is the M3 for Accident Avoidance when using FSD?

    It's 50/50. Probably less. In general, don't expect fsd to avoid crashing, it will likely do something to make the crash less severe, but still crash. Here are some stories from my NoA experience. With my radar tesla I was merging onto the interstate, in my blind spot after the merge was a...
  10. ArchHamster

    Tesla on Autopilot slams into stationary car (VIDEO)

    Who is green even? It sounds like he salvages video footage from crashed teslas for some reason then reports them, so we don't even have a connection to the original driver telling us in his words what happened? It's really annoying digging through his tweets trying to find info on this. He...
  11. ArchHamster

    Tesla on Autopilot slams into stationary car (VIDEO)

    If autopilot failed, that's the biggest failure I've seen. Driver should have been paying attention, but that's neither here nor there. I didn't think ap/fsd could do this bad. In my experience it excessively brakes, I've never had it excessively accelerate, but then again I disengage way early...
  12. ArchHamster

    Botched XPEL Stealth ppf installation. What are my options?

    Thank you for the encouragement and feedback guys! I ended up going to Tennessee Paint Protection over on Seaboard Lane in Franklin, TN after talking to the owner, Jason. They seemed very knowledgable, eagerly agreed to give a second look at the car, as well as offered the advice of calling...
  13. ArchHamster

    FSD Beta Solved My Problem!

    I'm so hoping tesla doesn't remove this in a future update. No one follows the speed limits where I live, anywhere. Not even in school zones. It's always a minimum of 10 mph over if not more.
  14. ArchHamster

    Auto park and summon no longer works for me!

    Autopark has been broken for me since I assumed it had to do with getting things ready for no USS. Back when it was announced, I remember either people or tesla saying to expect these features to be disabled on fsd beta in the near future. I don't smart summon and my prayers go out...
  15. ArchHamster

    How does autopilot behave with and without radar vs Vison?

    I've had a lot more time with fsd beta since writing the other post so I have more to say about FSDb vs VO vs Radar, but my opinion on VO and Radar remains the same. It was a toss up. Sometimes it would be better on radar, sometimes worse. In both VO and Radar, the tesla would leave too much of...
  16. ArchHamster

    FSD Ripoff or Not?

    At a risk of keeping this thread going. I think it depends. I was reading a thread the other day about someone buying a 60k pair of headphones, and loving it. They justified the cost by comparing it to luxury watches. What I'm trying to say is 'worth it' drastically depends on the values and...
  17. ArchHamster

    Botched XPEL Stealth ppf installation. What are my options?

    I'm not happy with it at all, but I more just want it fixed than to punish this shop which did such a poor job. I'm hoping I can find someone who can either safely redo the front bumper or just apply two 1 inch by 6ish inches of ppf strips where the first shop poorly removed the ppf. Maybe redo...
  18. ArchHamster

    Botched XPEL Stealth ppf installation. What are my options?

    I haz some pictures to share. I hope I'm sharing these right, the first has an annotation showing the area on one side of the bumper with ppf which was half hazzardly torn off, he did the same to the other side of the bumper despite it not needing such treatment, maybe he hoped i wouldn't...
  19. ArchHamster

    Botched XPEL Stealth ppf installation. What are my options?

    That is really impressive, you said it comes off with just hot water? The first thing I tried after seeing the horrific adhesive residue left behind is a towel soaked in 175°F water and the adhesive did not seem to care at all. Do you have any tips on removing this adhesive residue the installer...
  20. ArchHamster

    Why I am losing faith in Tesla’s Autopilot (Autosteer)

    Totally wish there were more comprehensive reviews of adas systems. Right now, the only way to really know is to try them out yourself which is expensive and time consuming. Out-of spec review tries with their hogback challenge but fails with a weird scoring system and testing all adas in the...
  21. ArchHamster

    Botched XPEL Stealth ppf installation. What are my options?

    Nashville, TN. I'm just going down the list of installers on the xpel site. I'm new to all of this, so I'm not exactly sure the best way to sift out the bad apples from the good ones. The holes are on the inside of the left and right walls around the front vent of the car if that makes sense...
  22. ArchHamster

    Botched XPEL Stealth ppf installation. What are my options?

    So, I have a new model x which I went to get wrapped with xpel stealth, ceramic coated and tinted. This is my first time getting such work done on my car and I'm not a happy camper. The tint has tons of bubbles and particles stuck between the tint and the window and there was a lot of the ppf...
  23. ArchHamster

    Why I am losing faith in Tesla’s Autopilot (Autosteer)

    You and me both. I have a radar y without the radar removing update. Autosteer is near perfect on my y, not really usable on my vision x but has become a lot better on fsd beta but still not to radar y levels!
  24. ArchHamster

    Loud is the New Slow – Looking Ahead

    That's something which has been on my mind since first setting foot in my tesla. While speed sign readings has become worse in fsd beta, with normal fsd reading speed signs was like 90 percent accurate. It feels like with minimal additional support from government we could have all new cars...
  25. ArchHamster

    Marques Brownlee tests FSD on real roads. Calls it “stressful”. Requires multiple disengagements.

    I think he should have disengaged more. I blame the naming for this, "full self driving." When people who don't read a lot about fsdb hear fsd, they think you should be able to turn it on and pull out an iPad and stop paying attention. I've driven a relative around who I found out after the...
  26. ArchHamster

    Steam integration for Model S built after Feb 2022 only?

    Weird question but how do you know if you have a car built after mid Feb? I don't see a screen showing ram or storage specs.
  27. ArchHamster

    Buying a used Model X instead of new Model Y?

    That's the thing about owning an expensive luxury car. When you (not you specifically, the general new theoretical luxury car buyer) don't own one, you just think about all the neat new features. The self opening doors, falcon wings, air suspension, etc. You think about your more affordable car...
  28. ArchHamster

    Buying a used Model X instead of new Model Y?

    I'm a bit confused... some random mom asked you to bring your bunnies to a party and now you want to start a business but you then need an expensive electric suv to start said business? I know you said mommy and daddy are paying for the car but maybe either settle (most people would not...
  29. ArchHamster

    How does autopilot behave with and without radar vs Vison?

    Hey there! I have a vision only model x and a radar y without the radar removing update. Both fsd, and I drive both on a similar route with similar conditions but I've owned the radar Y for longer so I have more experience with it. Phantom braking is much, much worse on vision. I experience...
  30. ArchHamster

    2022 Model X auto park does not work

    Interesting. My autopark in my x only pops up like 20 percent of the time. Were you getting error codes in your car notifications? Or was poor autopark performance the only indicator? Let us know how it performs after the repair!
  31. ArchHamster

    Summon won't always stop.

    Thank you. Are you on fsd beta too? Have you had experience with the fob? Push and hold or push and stop settings. Or some combination? Away or on wifi? Ask the latter because I feel like there may be a internet/satellite handshake that may need to happen to verify keys and that's why I've only...
  32. ArchHamster

    Snippiness 2.0

    And I'm calling you, a troll out, when it's due. I'm not interested in arguing with you and I'm not going to feed you anymore. Please stop derailing this thread.
  33. ArchHamster

    Summon won't always stop.

    This is the refresh x on fsd beta with the mail fob since the fobs no longer come with new x's. I'm not sure what wireless protocol it uses to communicate with the car. I thought I remembered reading in the manual that continuous press wasn't compatible with fob initiated dumb summon but I went...
  34. ArchHamster

    Summon won't always stop.

    Man, don't be a troll and try to start something. It's reactions like this to every. Single. Issue. A tesla owner reports which gives us fans an arrogant and unwelcoming reputation. I like teslas like the rest of us here, more than like, I bought two of them in the last year. FSD for both paid...
  35. ArchHamster

    Summon won't always stop.

    I believe you have to have push to stop enabled to use dumb summon with the fob. When I experienced a similar issue it was on the y and back before the app had some latency updates which is why I'm considering enabling the hold to dumb summon setting for the app again and going back to the app...
  36. ArchHamster

    Summon won't always stop.

    I'm on fsd beta It could be a bug related to using the fob. I'm considering going back to the app after this. Totally forgot the door handle trick. It's weird that I experienced this twice, both times in a parking lot. I wonder if there is some internet handshake which has to happen...
  37. ArchHamster

    Summon won't always stop.

    It happened to me, it can happen to anyone. I don't use smart summon. I've tried it 2 times and both were disasters. Sadly, I am a heavy user of dumb summon which this post is about. The version where it goes forward and backwards and that's it. I didn't learn the first time it failed. I...
  38. ArchHamster

    Phone key question...

    Fob is love, fob is life. Order two.
  39. ArchHamster

    Refresh Model X: keyfobs

    order placed! Thank you!!!
  40. ArchHamster

    Issues with new Model X just delivered

    Yes, documented everything with pictures, now squeak free!
  41. ArchHamster

    Issues with new Model X just delivered

    New model x owner too. Your issues are "within spec" for a tesla. Their customer service is awful and will avoid taking responsibility for anything. My x was delivered with scuff on a trim piece. I documented it on delivery. They told me it was my fault but they'd repair it for free. Seriously...
  42. ArchHamster

    Refresh Model X: keyfobs

    No fob on store. All gone. Very sad. Got Y fob on store. Is great. More responsive than the app for dumb summon and opening the frunk/trunk when walking up to the Y. Can blindly press a button. Can't do the same with the app. Plz sell fobs, we love fobs.
  43. ArchHamster

    Refresh Model X: keyfobs

    New X, no fob. Am sad. Fob Y great, want fob X. Why no fob.
  44. ArchHamster

    Model Y Performance to Model X Plaid, impressions and thoughts

    I feel like model Y is the gateway drug for Model X. I just did a similar upgrade myself.
  45. ArchHamster

    Refreshed 2021+ Model X and Model X Plaid waiting room

    After 15 months of waiting, finally took delivery of a white on white 5 seater Model X. Much more pretty in person and overall pretty happy. Not so happy I paid for this car in full and they wouldn't let me inside the car before purchasing. Luckily, very few defects. The right FWD made an awful...

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