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  1. Petrlol

    My Model Y smells, does it happen to yours?

    I had to do my Model 3 a year ago, and just had to do the Model Y last week. The model 3 wasn't easy, the model y is a bit redesigned and it's super easy to do now. No more HV lines and the bolt is at the bottom instead of buried up top. On the 3 I used Tesla filters, on the Y I used the ones...
  2. Petrlol


    Couple things. 1.) If it's a recently new car, clean the inside of the glass. It takes a months for everything to offgas, and the inside of the glass fogs SUPER easy. I had the same issue with my model 3 and y when they were new. 2.) In rain I normally set HVAC to manual, 73 degrees, fan speed...
  3. Petrlol

    Still No Document About Loan Payment

    I had similar problems. My SA finally emailed [email protected] and they were pretty quick to iron it all out...
  4. Petrlol

    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    It was doing that when I was down there. I didn't need to charge, but sometimes it would show the number, sometimes it would show just the bolt. Other times it would show temporarily unavailable. I saw people charging when it was "unavailable" though. Maybe it's a connectivity issue back to the...
  5. Petrlol

    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    They're completely online now. Showing the number available and everything. Oddly enough the app shows 11/11 not 12
  6. Petrlol

    Supercharger - Pigeon Forge, TN

    Any updates this week? Any sign of that transformer? Coming down in a week or so, would be a nice stop.
  7. Petrlol

    I see so many model Y owners having issues. Would you buy again?

    I do think the ride is a bit rough. I'm on the 19s, not a fan of the tires. I had some alignment issues (steering), and panel alignment issues that were just ... w/e. Really though there is no way I'm going to another ICE. And doubtfully, a different EV unless they make major headway in...
  8. Petrlol

    Let's See Your Charging Setup

    Pulled 100amp to the garage and have just been using a 14-50 for the last 2.5 years.
  9. Petrlol


  10. Petrlol

    Rear USB C Ports not working

    I have an anker USB-C to Lightning, and it's wonky on the rear ports. It works, but takes a few times to get the iPad to start charging. I don't know if it's the car ports or the fact USB-c to Lightning, I guess everyone has the same issue?
  11. Petrlol

    How to make in Favorite in navigation?

    This is correct... And also a horrible UX
  12. Petrlol


    Anyone figure out how to login to Twitch? Am I just missing an obvious login button? I've tried going to the webpage from the browser but it just launched the Twitch app. Tired if watching ads on streams I'm paying a subscription to.
  13. Petrlol

    New TAPTES Mats - Anyone try them?

    I've had mine for a week they're nice. No real complaints other than I wish Tesla made all weather mats like they did for the 3.
  14. Petrlol

    Rugged Textile floor and rear mats now available on Tesla shop

    Of course I literally yesterday gave in and purchased Taptes from Amazon. Should be here Monday. I've been waiting for Tesla's. That said, what is Tesla thinking!? The official ones seems worthless. No lip at all, and the dead pedal isn't covered at all. Guess Taptes it is. The trunk mat from...
  15. Petrlol

    Model y- super charge authentication

    Your friend can borrow a 50k car and you're concerned about at most $50?
  16. Petrlol

    Aero Wheel Cap Kit

    Not sure with wheel locks, but the 3's kit does work on the Y.
  17. Petrlol


    Just closing the loop on this. This apparently was a coincidence. 2020.44 wasn't the cause. Service replaced the camera this morning. All is well now.
  18. Petrlol


    Disregard the bikes. The spots are there regardless. Never had this issue before the update. Including a drive 30 minutes before the update.
  19. Petrlol


    After the update my backup camera has some weird pink dots on it. I cleaned the cam but it didn't change it. Anyone else? Tried a reboot. Trying a power down without ssd now.
  20. Petrlol

    Extension cord (gauge) for charging M-Y

    10ga is the way to go. Also you can use it for high power tools on the rare occasion. I use this on trips and at in-laws. Works great and SJTW rated. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B078KDZBBX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  21. Petrlol

    Always carry the key card

    Also if you have an android phone you can tap the phone on the outside column instead of a keycard and it will unlock the car just like a key card. Useful for when the bluetooth connection is being stupid, which seems to happen to me about once a month at random. Not sure if the tap to unlock...
  22. Petrlol

    Gen 3 HPWC 48amps

    Thanks, I'm just going to chill with the mobile connector for now I suppose, maybe wait it out to see if it gets better, or get a gen 2 on ebay if not. Don't really want to go 3rd party charger.
  23. Petrlol

    Gen 3 HPWC 48amps

    So not as many responses as I'd hoped for but 12/16 no issues and 4/16 some or constant issues. 25% issue rate isn't exactly great... Thanks for those who provided feedback!
  24. Petrlol

    Air noise from driver front windshield?

    I had the noise. It took them 2 days but our service center was persistent. I didn't have to push, they'd try something and test drive and hear it and try something else. They finally fixed it. Comments from the invoice (no charge): Concern: Wind noise - customer states driver door seems to...
  25. Petrlol

    Any after market for Hitch Cover Plate?

    The LivingTesla tool does a great job. After a few on times removing it and putting it back, I can do it in under 20 seconds, and that's without removing any of the clips from the cover.
  26. Petrlol

    Gen 3 HPWC 48amps

    I've been contemplating getting a HPWC for 2 years now, and frankly the posts here an on Reddit are terrible for the 3rd gen. All I see is overheating, reduced charge rate, flashing red lights, Wi-Fi provisioning issues, bad batch that needs replaced, caused by firmware, etc... How many people...
  27. Petrlol

    Excessive vibration after service

    What tire is it? I know the 3 had it on the 18s. I have 19 contentential on the Y. Please tell me I don't have foam again.
  28. Petrlol

    Excessive vibration after service

    You said they did a rebalance since the wheel was off. Did they actually do an alignment? Have them check the alignment. Here is my factory alignment - before and after. Tesla did the alignment at the service center and gave me this:
  29. Petrlol

    Trailer Hitch questions.... Model. Y

    I mean actual autopilot with lane keeping.
  30. Petrlol

    Trailer Hitch questions.... Model. Y

    Also just of note, if trailer mode is on you lose autopilot.... ugh. I really wish they had a bike rack mode that allowed it to still work. You can have autopilot if you leave trailer mode off, but then you get it yelling at you about something close to the rear as you described.
  31. Petrlol

    Trailer Hitch questions.... Model. Y

    I think you can turn on trailer mode in the menu. It will show as a red icon since it doesn't detect the lights, but shouldn't warn. I bought some led lights and wired to my bike rack, since the bikes basically perfectly blocked the tail lights and turn signals.
  32. Petrlol

    Steering Wheel slightly off...took to SC...and now?

    Could be, but honestly my factory alignment was garbage. If they set the wheel straight and aligned the car, I'd be happy with that - Better for your tires. That's what they did for me. I haven't checked maximum turning radius in both directions, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's somewhat...
  33. Petrlol

    Homelink installed?

    Hmm in Android it's under controls - not summon. It used to be under summon, but they moved it out.
  34. Petrlol

    Pretty stoked about this powered frunk

    Is there news for an option that will allow it to close without everything else? Just being able to open it normal and set it down then have it auto pull it down would be awesome.
  35. Petrlol

    Homelink installed?

    I had it on my 3, so I had to get it for the Y. I don't have auto-close but do love auto-open. I have it set to maximum distance, and the door just finishes going up when I'm at it. 2 years of that, and I couldn't stand digging through the console to get the remote out in the Y. Also when...
  36. Petrlol

    AutoPilot Almost Killed Me!

    Welcome to phantom braking. It sucks. Sadly you just learn to know where it may do it.
  37. Petrlol

    Dot on tires

    Small flat head screwdriver. Just scrape. Did it on my model 3 and model y Takes about 2 minutes per tire.
  38. Petrlol

    Performance Boost Available

    Ugh this doesn't help me hold out. I can hear my wallet screaming from the other room. Must resist.
  39. Petrlol

    Performance Boost Available

    I'm here with the popcorn waiting on 0-60. My Y feels sluggish compared to my old 3 AWD.
  40. Petrlol

    New tail lights and towing

    2020.36.12 fixes the issue!
  41. Petrlol


    Didn't have 11 but 12 fixed the trailer lights with the factory hitch and the new tail lights!
  42. Petrlol

    New tail lights and towing

    That's the plan, I just ordered $40 worth of light supplies to attach to my bike rack. It'll be here tomorrow. Hopefully it works, but that reddit thread has me worried.
  43. Petrlol

    Blind Spot Monitoring - Red Cars

    It's only if you turn on your blinker and your going above 5??? mph.
  44. Petrlol

    New tail lights and towing

    I lost you somewhere in there. I have the new tail lights, and a factory installed hitch. If I'm reading reddit correctly, it sounds like the turn signals will work but the brake lights won't?
  45. Petrlol

    New tail lights and towing

    Can anyone confirm this? PSA for towing : TeslaModelY Basically they're saying if you have the new lights your turn signals on a trailer don't work. I'm about to wire some lights to my bike rack because the bikes block most of the rear and it's not going to work if Tesla has jacked it up.
  46. Petrlol

    Trunk closing but not locking..

    Isn't that the dumbest design? Like how did that pass functional testing? Let's do a whole new hatch on the Y then put a piece of vinyl that blocks it...
  47. Petrlol

    Model Y Trunk Lighting

    I replaced the ones in my 3 and figured I would need to do the same for the Y. I found that the Y one is different than the 3's and is plenty bright.
  48. Petrlol

    Door and Panels not aligned properly

    Highly depends on location. Our SC is great and fixed a whole list of things for me no questions asked. Including adjusting a door that looked similar to yours.
  49. Petrlol

    The Y rear is ugly

    You can tell his cover had been opened a few times. On mine I really had to press them into the gap at the top, but they did work. I would imagine a flat head screwdriver would mar the plastic terribly. Not a great design by Tesla on that cover. Also my cover doesn't color match that well. :(
  50. Petrlol

    Customizable trunk open height for home v/s elsewhere

    Yeah mine feels stiff as well - doesn't seem to be hurting anything at the moment.

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