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    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Got my VIN yesterday, 96,702. P3D- white/white, EAP/FSD Was scheduled for delivery on 9/25 and it was moved up to 9/22 (car arrived at 9/18, check your here if you have a VIN Delivery Receipts - United Road).
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    Has anyone broken through the contracts/paperwork "freeze" yet?

    For me it was the next day once we picked a delivery date (cash, no trade).
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    Radar Detector

    I have had one in my Model S since 2013. And no EVs don't trigger them ...
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    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Made my payment and delivery is schedueld for Sept. 25th!
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    P3D white interior (no performance upgrade package) VIN updates

    Got contacted by Tesla tonight to start the delivery process to Austin Texas. Previous owner (2013 Model S 60), day 1 reservation holder, ordered 6/27/18, paying cash with no trade in. P3D- white/white. No website update.
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    Why I Won't Be Ordering EAP and FSD

    Tesla’s new Autopilot hardware upgrade will be free for owners with the $3,000 to $5,000 ‘Full Self-Driving’ package Elon says only EAP + FSD get it.
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    Chrome delete in austin

    Austin Detailing has a $899 package I am looking at when mine arrives.
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    2013 Silver/Grey Model S60 For Sale for $36,500

    No, but I heard later that there is an entry in the internal Tesla repair guide on what to do when there is meowing comiong from the motor compartment ....
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    2013 Silver/Grey Model S60 For Sale for $36,500

    182 ideal miles at 89% SoC (set it to the top, but it was at 89% when I first got in this morning)
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    2013 Silver/Grey Model S60 For Sale for $36,500

    VIN is: 5YJSA1CG4DFP04018 I will check the SoC at 90% tomorrow morning. (90% is the top of 'daily', right?)
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    2013 Silver/Grey Model S60 For Sale for $36,500

    I am selling my Silver/Grey 2013 Model S 60. Options: Grey Leather Obeche Wood Matte Decor Tech Package Sound Stiduo Package Active Air Suspension Parcel Shelf Supercharger H/W (free lifetime of the car) The car has some dings and wear on the inside but is in overall good condidion. Cermic...
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    Model 3 Handover Event -- July 28, 2017

    if al else fails, live blogging of the event here: Tesla Model 3 Launch: Live Coverage
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    Official "what's your drink" Model 3 reveal thread

    Blue Dream IPA from Oskar Blues x2
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    Cat stuck/rescued from Tesla Model S motor

    That is me in the video, she crawled in through the rear passenger wheel well and into the motor compartment. Since we could not lure her out (only 6 weeks old) all we could do was remove the areo sheild to get her out. She is doing great (took her to the vet yesterday) and her new owner is...
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    Texas Legislative update: Please help out if you live in Texas

    Here are some photos from the hearing, sadly I had to leave before Elon spoke: http://www.flickr.com/photos/griswell/sets/72157633210102073/ It was standing room only for 3 hours as we waited:
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    Texas legislative issues/Operation Silent Thunder

    So a bill has been introduced in the current session to address this issue: ftp://ftp.legis.state.tx.us/bills/83R/billtext/html/senate_bills/SB01600_SB01699/SB01659I.htm It is up for public testimony on Wednesday, 4/3/13 at 8am in the transportation committee.
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    Cleaning windshield.. Be careful of static electric!

    I keep one of these in the glove box to dust the dash with, no screen freak outs yet: http://www.dollargeneral.com/product/index.jsp?productId=12579593&CAWELAID=1226257124&cagpspn=pla I also use a lintless towel to clean the screen with just friction.
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    Front Plate Mount installed - screw into nose?

    See here for months worth of debate/options: Front License Plate Solutions
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    Front License Plate Solutions

    Just an update on mounting the front plate lower over the grill opening. At the Austin Service center today I asked about issues with blocking airflow when installing a front plate as shown here: And he said it should not be an issue. The lower grill provides airflow for the cabin...
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    Austin Gallery now open at the Domain

    Go for it. Telsa just used one of mine on their Facebook page too! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151489078297801&set=a.398080447800.166146.18790602800&type=1
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    Austin Gallery now open at the Domain

    Here are my photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/griswell/sets/72157632953851305/ Including my favorite, one of him mid-signature in my car:
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    Austin Gallery now open at the Domain

    And Elon should be stopping by ... https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/310079304602107904
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    Vulnerable to crosswinds on highway? NOT!

    I have noticed a lot more sensitivity to side winds on the freeway in my Model S then my Audi A3 (the small hatchback) but I figured it was just do to the much larger Model S having more cross section for the wind to act on. How it would compare to a car of the same shape, I don't really know.
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    Model S Destroyed in EV Safety Training Video

    Here is a super cut of just the Model S destruction parts. As much as it pained me to leave the wailing guitar background music in, I did so you can hear the Model S creak and groan: https://vimeo.com/61130510
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    Unofficial Metallic Silver Photo Thread *Not 56k friendly*

    Photos of my silver 60kWh are here: Tesla Model S 60 kWh - a set on Flickr A few favs:
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    Impact of cold on range, performance, battery life?

    Elon talks a bit about the cold and the Model S battery pack here: Interview With Elon Musk On Tesla Model S Performance In Cold Weather - CleanTechnica
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    Headlight Eyelashes Accessory

    I have seen these in the wild (on a VW Bug). I think of them as the female version of 'truck nuts' ...
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    60 kWh quarter mile

    Thanks for posting, sorry I missed it.
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    Stock or aftermarket paint armor?

    Here is my thread on getting Venture Shield paint film after market: Photos of Venture Shield Paint Film Installed
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    Photos of Venture Shield Paint Film Installed

    I had my front bumper and whole hood wrapped in Venture Shiled paint film at Sunbusters in Austin yesterday. I think it turned out really well. Here are some photos I took: http://www.flickr.com/photos/griswell/sets/72157632828330769/ The total was $1200. They covered: whole front...
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    Model S - Window Tinting

    Here is my 60 kWh Silver Model S with Formula One Pinnacle Ceramic Tint, 35% up front and %15 in the rear: Installed by Sunbusters in Austin, Tx: http://www.sunbusterstint.com/ For $399 (with tax).
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    Installing a Passport 9500ci radar detector / laser diffuser

    Peter, Thanks for the incredibly detailed walk though! Amazing job.
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    Model S Photo Gallery

    Here are my photos of my 60 kWh Silver Model S. http://www.flickr.com/photos/griswell/sets/72157632789897013/ Here are a few favorites:
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    Front License Plate Solutions

    These are actually heavy duty zip ties with UV protection for indoor and outdoor use. I would think they should hold up for a few years at least, and they are easy to change.
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    Front License Plate Solutions

    As much as it pains me, I have mounted the front plate on my Model S. I really love the look without it but driving around with a reason to be pulled over at anytime just does not work for me deep in the heart of Texas ;) I went the zip tie route and came up with a way to mount the plate...
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    Has anyone removed the front bumper yet?

    Please document it. I want to hardwire my radar detector (just power from the fuse box in the frunk into the cabin and then up the A-pillar to near the rearview mirror.
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    Has anyone removed the front bumper yet?

    Try this post: Procedure for exposing the nose cone charging lugs for the 12V battery - Page 3 Edit: also some info here: Finally, photos of what's behind the one piece production models nose cone
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    Escort Passport 9500ix issues with Model S

    So strange, what is the last 4 of your VIN? When did you take delivery? I am wondering if that did change the coating...
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Orientation

    Thanks, I found it from someone else on this forum :) Here is a shot of it installed:
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    Model S subsite and design studio being updated

    I had no idea we got cornering light. My Audi A3 (2006) had steerable headlights which were very cool and I was going to miss them on the Model S. Much to my surprise, while driving the Model S at night around the neighborhood just for fun, I noticed that when I came to a stop and turned...
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    Escort Passport 9500ix issues with Model S

    Yeah try moving it up, that is where the gap in the coated is supposed to be located. I am going to let me installer find the best place to tap. Others have gone from the fuse box in the frunk, thought the firewall into the footwell of the passenger then up. I did some looking around and...
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    Escort Passport 9500ix issues with Model S

    Interesting. Where is your 9500ix mounted? I have mine just to the right of the mirror mount as close to the headliner as I could get it. I seem to be able to pick up GPS fine there. But I am starting to wonder if they stopped coating the window with the RF blocking film that others have...
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    NEMA 14-50 Plug Orientation

    My 14-50 (which came with the house) was installed upside down. I simply shut off the cirucut, removed the front plate, unscrewed the plug mount and flipped it over. Reinstalled the mount and plate. Super easy, depending on your outlet housing (mind is a junction box in the drywall). I also...
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    Model S 60kw vs Audi S4 vs etc

    I am coming from a 2006 Audi A3 with the 3.2L V6 and Haldex AWD, not quite a S4 but of the same lineage. The 60 kWh Model S blows my old A3 out of the water. No comparison. My A3 was fast and I drove it hard, but the Model S is on an entirely different plane of performance, even at the 60...
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    The high-pitched whine during acceleration...

    My new 60 has a slight whine under full power. Less noticable than the beta 85 I test drive (my video is earlier in this thread).
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    I got a surprise call on Saturday morning from the drive saying he was 45 minutes away. He dropped it off soon after (so much for "it's going to the Austin Service Center"). It is amazing. Everything I'd hoped. The 60 kWh has plenty of power and I think is a great choice. I am coming from...
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    Tesla Owner's Delivery Story, Factory Tour, and First Impressions

    According to this post: 60 kwh vs 85 khw - Page 5 I had a plan to actually weigh my 60 and a similarly optioned 85 to find out for sure ... maybe I should go though with it.
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    Tesla Service Center - Austin

    Update on the Austin Service Center; my 60 kWh is being shipped there (after a factory delay with a keyfob issue) next week and I am set to pick it up there (even though it has not opened yet).
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    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    Update: Called this morning and the car shipped yesterday to the Austin Service Center. They were very apologetic that I was not notified of the delay. Should be ready to pick up mid next week!
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    First 60kWH delivery notice or email - who will it be?

    Be warned to take that date with a grain of salt. I was given a date a week and a half before too, but that day (today) came and went with no word from anyone. I had to place multiple calls to Tesla and UPS to find that the car was being held at the factory for a keyfob issue (after being...

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