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    Both rear doors won't unlock

    The rear doors were working fine this morning but now both rear door handles remain in the open position and the door is locked from the outside. I've tried rebooting the car (paddles on steering wheel and a hard reset from the settings menu) but it hasn't solved the problem. The rear door...
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    Consumer Reports: "The Model S isn't a very good primary car"

    Wow! I'm very surprised to hear Consumer reports make such a statement. Since I've purchased my Model S 11 months ago, I've wracked up approximately 34,000 miles with very little in maintenance costs incurred. In the last 11 months, I have not owned nor driven an ICE vehicle. The car is simply...
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    Tesla moments

    I’ve had my car for three weeks to the day and have had a few minor Tesla moments that left me with a smile but today had me laughing and smiling throughout my commute this morning. If you’re a child of the 80’s you’ll understand this but when it happened this morning it reminded me of the...
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    highest VIN number in production?

    My car (VIN 53256) went into production today. My delivery specialist said it went into paint today with general assembly scheduled for tomorrow. Four days from now I'll be picking it up first thing Monday morning at the factory. My excitement cannot be contained. People are already asking...
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    Gas stations are dangerous!

    Yesterday I stopped at the gas station to fill my car up, something I do three times a week and I pull up next to big turbo diesel dodge ram pickup. Because their are big rigs going back and forth it's pretty noisy but I noticed the dodge pickup's engine is running. The driver inside hops out...
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    HPWC Installation Cost

    I just installed my unit about 3 weeks ago. My buddy who's a licensed electrician installed the HPWC for me. Parts were about $200 at Lowe's/Home Depot with about 5 hours of labor at $30/hour. I did not have to run very much wire since the panel was within 6 feet of where I wanted to install...
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    Firmware 6.0 (beta version discussion)

    My point of posting this article was more to discuss Tesla collaborating with Apple in bringing new functionality to the car. While I think it's cool that you can use an apple device to interface with your car, I think by them working together shows a lot of promise as to what is in store for...
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    New IOS Supercharger App For Model S

    I liked this app so much I downloaded it before I even received my car. Which unfortunately isn't until Sept 18th. I really like the fact that this community is conscientious of other drivers/people. It's quite refreshing in this day in age. I can't say the same is true in my 23 years...
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    Firmware 6.0 (beta version discussion)

    Great article about new functionality between Tesla and Apple Great article about Apple and Tesla and tighter integration allowing drivers to start and drive their car from an apple device. I don't know if I want to drive my car like a video game but it would be cool if I could replace the key...
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    500 mile battery *soon* out of Graphine?

    That looks like a scene from The Graduate. A bit before my time but a definite classic!
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    Gas stations are dangerous!

    These videos validate why I always look for the gas cutoff switch when I go to a gas station. I worked at a gas station when I was a teenager so I'm always cognizant of safety but when I pull in to fill up I don't always see fire extinguishers but if you're paying attention, the gas cutoff...
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    Somewhat redundant and mostly warm climates, active SC construction sites.

    I didn't think about it but you're right about the grapevine. The only site running through the middle of California that is in the permit process is Manteca. Other than that there is nothing running down 99. Chowchilla and Visalia would be optimal spots connecting the planned Manteca site in...
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    Supercharger - Truckee, CA - Donner Pass Rd. (LIVE Aug 2014, 11 V2 stalls)

    Great interactive supercharger map. Link within That's awesome! Visual confirmation is always better than speculation. By the way, there's a great interactive map created by one of the Tesla forum users. Teslarati links to it as well. The map shows the Truckee supercharger is still under...
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    $76 for gas last night...

    I share your pain! I go to the gas station 3 times a week spending at least $60 a pop. It kills me! I can't wait for my Model S to arrive. I have 27 days, 20 hours and 40 minutes until delivery but hey.....I'm not counting or anything. S85 | Ordered: 21-June-2014, Confirmed: 24-June-2014...
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    Had to cancel :(

    Wow! Congratulations! I wish I knew about that deal a month ago. My girlfriend just bought an ICE. We live in Brentwood 20 miles from San Joaquin Valley. She has credit issues too but $260 a month is a great deal! It's a shame Toyota couldn't make a go of the RAV4 EVs.
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    Complicated (?) commute question(s)

    I don't take delivery of my Model S for another 29 days, 12 hours and 10 minutes....but hey I'm not counting so take what I say with a grain of salt but with over 22,000 charging stations in the US, I'm sure you can find one on the way to your destination where you can spend 20 to 30 minutes in...
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    Tesla warranty now has 8 year/infinite mile battery & drive unit warranty retroactive

    I haven't received delivery yet but this Company just earned my business for life. This should detract all the naysayers and critics that the products this company puts out isn't top notch. Elon Musk is changing the auto industry one step at a time. S85 | Red | Panoramic roof | Tan Nappa...
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    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    This whole conversation reminds me of SNL's "The Californian's" skit. https://screen.yahoo.com/californians-drama-off-405-000000032.html
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    Superchargers in Northern California (location speculation)

    Manteca supercharger Hi all, this is my first post. I'm a new soon to be owner expecting delivery next month. I drive through Manteca regularly from the East Bay to the central valley for work so I've been very interested in a supercharger in the Manteca area. I thought people would be...

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