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  1. samcarney

    Salvage Roadster Sport in IL -- any interest?

    Is there any information about the ESS? Max Range? SOC now? Bricked?
  2. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    1979 Corvette 100% original. 1- owner, 1- driver, 32k miles. Before the electric bug it me.
  3. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I finally got around to installing the the JdeMO kit on my Roadster 2.0. Charging at a Nissan dealer. Thanks Bob Rorhman Charging on the Illinois Tollway
  4. samcarney

    Tesla "store" in Colorado.. clueless?

    The standard radio in 1.5 and 2.0 Roadsters was a Blaupunkt unit. The upgrade was a JVC NX-5000 with Nav.
  5. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    ravng you will need 2 female and 1 male connector along with the specific pins for each connector. I used Mouser Electronics there was NO Minimum order for these parts. BTW: you will only need a Y-cable if you want to connect OVMS and JdeMO to the DIAG port together.
  6. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Mark, unfortunately the OVMS screen did not video well in the bright sunlight. However i can tell you that having OVMS available during my charging sessions was invaluable. The ability to monitor the pack temperature during charging definitely eliminated any concerns I had with overheating. OVMS...
  7. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I did not record temperature for this charge session. Previous tests resulted in a 5-6 degree Celsius increase during a 30 minute session. Ambient temp was 15 C, cell temperatures never went beyond 30 C.
  8. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Stefan, I will provide more detailed info in future posts. I suspect that a 1 hour charging session will provide 150 miles of charge. The the amperage was beginning to decrease as the battery reached >60% (standard rate). Near the end of my 45 minute charge the amperage had decreased from 120 to...
  9. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    The location of the ChaDeMO port has not been finalized. The JdeMo mounting, CAN bus wiring, and ChaDeMO port are still in the Beta prototype stage. Our objective is to get the first JdeMO Roadster on the road for some real world testing, while the final production assembly details are...
  10. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Somewhere in San Diego Feb 18th, 2016
  11. samcarney

    Open Vehicle Monitoring System

    Thanks for the update Mark. I'm eager to upgrade to OVMS V3 when it is released. I'm confident it will be as robust as V1 & V2, and with additional functionality. Can't wait!!
  12. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I can answer that for Tony. The charge inlet will be behind a"flip-up" license plate. We don't have a photo yet, more details soon.
  13. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Thanks m0rph I see the area were the snow gets in. The "undertrays" on my 1.5 and early VIN 2.0 are metal. Maybe not aluminum but definitely NOT plastic.
  14. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I'm confused about the "snow dam". I have not experienced this condition? Isn't there an aluminum sheet that covers that area? The entire bottom of the Roadster is covered. How does the snow get in there?
  15. samcarney

    What would you change about your model S?

    A dedicated button for the Homelink.
  16. samcarney

    Convert MC240 to J1772?

    I think you will find this a good source for the parts you are looking for. Tony Williams EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging Products
  17. samcarney

    Daytime Running Lights Mod

    This is the thread with the lights in the quote Roadster Headlights in HID LED Upcycled - please order with weblink
  18. samcarney

    Two Thirds of Early Model S Drivetrains May Fail By 60,000miles

    2012 VIN #1260 with 38k miles including three 2400 mile road trips. No problems...Amen.
  19. samcarney

    Open Vehicle Monitor System (OVMS) - Technical Discussion

    I thought it might have been caused when I went from the Android app to the iPhone 5s.
  20. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I was along for the initial test. Tony's "Quick Charge Power" team was very impressive. I am not supplying the 2.0 as it is in Michigan. Gigi and I plan to drive down for the Dec 20th meetup. Snowing in Michigan, it's good to be back in SoCal.
  21. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Yes Dennis. The initial test was spectacular. The Roadster charged at 400+ volts and 125amps for nearly 30 minutes, with no errors or heat issues. For sure, more testing is needed but this was a great first effort with a Roadster 1.5.
  22. samcarney

    Not confident this is a good road trip vehicle for me...

    36k miles including 3 round trips from Chicago to California with 19's no flat tires. Had a loner with 21's while my car was in for service I hit a pot hole on Lake shore drive, BAM 2 flats after 10 miles. Ditch the 21's!!!
  23. samcarney

    Roadster 3.0

    Traction is not an issue with 40/60 rear weight bias and Roadster's 900+ pound battery sitting over the rear wheels. I have yet to spin the wheels on launch... no matter how hard I try. P.S. That's on a dry road with TC disabled. Wet road? That's a whole different animal.
  24. samcarney

    Roadster 3.0

    Agreed, 60-65 mph will return ideal miles.
  25. samcarney

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    Excellent point about the network and even at a more relaxed 30 KW the charge rate will be close to 100 CMPH.
  26. samcarney

    Stupid Question: Emergency Charging on a Gas Generator

    I have charged my Roadster and MS 85 with a portable generator. It works best when the generator is plugged into the house and I plug the car into a NEMA 14-50 outlet. This confirms the grounding issues previously discussed.
  27. samcarney

    Storage Mode - urgent-ish issue

    I have experienced the same 20% or lower in Storage Mode. I don't trust it to initiate charging. I use OVMS to enter Standard Mode. Charge to 50% then go back to Storage Mode. OVMS is essential for your peace of mind. When you cannot physically touch your darling Roadster tucked away somewhere.
  28. samcarney

    Storage Mode - urgent-ish issue

    My 2.0 gets the same message while plugged in Storage mode every night at Midnight. Thanks BartJ for identifying the #1173 error.
  29. samcarney

    Dumb questions thread

    "It's nice but can it go on the highway?" My response. "Get in".
  30. samcarney

    Roadster 1.5 Owners Wanting 3.0 Upgrade

    Count me in also.
  31. samcarney

    Who's gotten a speeding ticket in their Tesla?

    67 MPH in a 55 zone. A Michigan State trooper thanked me for stopping and being courteous. He commented that my Roadster could easily outrun his Mustang GT pursuit car. I agreed but explained that I could not outrun his Motorola. We both laughed. But I still got the ticket!
  32. samcarney

    How high can you get your estimated range?

    I got 175 Estimated with 125 Ideal while drafting a semi at 65 mph.
  33. samcarney

    Manual to power steering modification?

    The Roadster will feel like it has power steering in the snow. However unless you have M+S tires the front wheels act more like skis than wheels. Been there.
  34. samcarney

    Charging practice

    Congrats on the Tesla upgrade. Loose the extension cord. Your Tesla will protest at the very sight of an x-cord. LOL :)
  35. samcarney

    6-15 Adaptor not charging.

    Tesla makes a 6-15 adapter for the Roadster. It is 240 volts @ 15 amps. Tesla Gear Shop Universal Adapters - Available in North America Only
  36. samcarney

    Roadster 3.0

    Anytime, glad to share the experience. Road trips in the Roadster are not for everyone. But with a little planning they can be a lot of fun. Go Electric!!
  37. samcarney

    Winter tires in the summer

    Although they are considered all season and not winter tires. Continental DWS Extreme Contact tires have something similar. (D)ry, (W)et, (S)now.
  38. samcarney

    Roadster 3.0

    I am also anxiously awaiting the 3.0 upgrade. But with your existing battery, Phoenix to LA is still very doable. My Roadster has 38K miles and standard charges to 175 Ideal miles. Last December I drove LA to Chandler AZ, and back. It took 2 charging stops, Cathedral City Tesla store, and...
  39. samcarney

    HELP A STUDENT! Where does the Roadster Engine Sound Come From?

    Just to clarify electric motors are not engines. Engine definition a. A machine that converts energy into mechanical force or motion. b. Such a machine distinguished from an electric, spring-driven, or hydraulic motor by its use of a fuel. i.e; ICE internal...
  40. samcarney

    70D vs. 85 in HP and zero to sixty

    I suspect there is less intervention from traction control with all wheel drive.
  41. samcarney

    100% battery and charging cable

    Good point. I don't unplug from the wall daily either. The Roadster and S85 14-50 plugs stay connected to the receptacle most of the time.
  42. samcarney

    100% battery and charging cable

    I have used 14-50 receptacle almost exclusively for 6 years on my Roadster. I use a different 14-50 receptacle on my S85 for nearly 3 years. I cannot say that there is a problem with wear, overheating, or reliability. However I have seen HPWC's in "the wild" that seem to be loose fitting and...
  43. samcarney

    OVMS Installation

    I Agree with Mark. On my Android app. It gives me the time in days, minutes, or seconds since the app was online to the car. When it changes to "Live" the SOC will update. The wake up command only affects the temps, and tpms as Mark stated. Thanks for the thanks simonog but I was mistaken.
  44. samcarney

    May 16 - Tesla Owners rally in St. Joseph, MI

    I have shared the Michigan Tesla Owners Club post with the Tesla Owners Club Chicago. I'm hoping for a good turnout. https://www.facebook.com/teslaownerschicago
  45. samcarney

    OVMS Installation

    Try "waking up the car" to get a status update. Just a guess.
  46. samcarney

    OVMS Installation

    Thanks again Mark, after saving it is displayed as a HEX file. I confuse easily.LOL
  47. samcarney

    OVMS Installation

    Thanks Mark, One more question. When I go to GitHub and click on the roadster firmware update, I get a text file, instead of the HEX file. I have updated my OVMS with Picket2 several times over the years. Any idea what I'm missing, am looking for the file in the wrong place? Can you provide a...

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