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  1. jrmnet

    CarPlay solution for Tesla by Michal Gapinski using Raspberry Pi with Android

    It is interesting there are so few reviews on Amazon for theT2C product, only 3 at this time. You would think as much as you hear from people clamoring for Apple CarPlay in a Tesla, that there would be quite a few more reviews - especially since it is only $99 at this time. All I can think of is...
  2. jrmnet

    Driver Profiles and folding down rear seats - SEXY buttons maybe?

    For us, the passenger seat is almost always forward enough to not be an issue. Also, for comparison, our other car that is much older and smaller and has the drivers seat very far back - does not have this issue.
  3. jrmnet

    Driver Profiles and folding down rear seats - SEXY buttons maybe?

    I have a typical car loading scenario that I'm looking to find a solution for. This involves loading a bike through the trunk with the seats down. Here is what I usually go through. Walk up to car and open driver's side door If profile was set to my wife's profile, it switches to mine. She...
  4. jrmnet

    Window Control Failed

    My theory is that it could be related to this new recall notice where windows might not stop rolling up when obstructed: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/rcl/2022/RCAK-22V702-7969.pdf Maybe the quick fix from Tesla was to disable venting until a more permanent fix can be pushed out?
  5. jrmnet

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    Maybe the charge/no charge is location dependent. The thought being that in areas where Tesla wants more FSD activity they decide to not charge for the upgrade.
  6. jrmnet

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    I guess I need to do a socal trip
  7. jrmnet

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    I wonder if this coming under goodwill is tied to basic warranty? My basic warranty ended early June of this year - is yours still active? Other than a different service center in Cali, I'm not sure what else is different.
  8. jrmnet

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    Good luck, hopefully it goes through.
  9. jrmnet

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    Tried and failed. They would only do it for the 1K charge. Has anyone with EA been able to do this successfully without the charge?
  10. jrmnet

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    I have Enhanced Autopilot, the local service center will only do the change with the 1K charge. Fred, do you have just regular Autopilot or Enhanced Autopilot?
  11. jrmnet

    HW3.0 upgrade for basic AP owners now free?

    Subscribing, will try as well. 2018 M3LR w/EA.
  12. jrmnet

    Small front display for Model 3/Y - Fits inside AC slot (pics, vid and info)

    I really wish someone would make one of these where the indicators turn orange or red if someone is in your blind spot, ideally even if your blinker was NOT on.
  13. jrmnet

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement - Extra $600 charge to recalibrate?

    Now that I have the car back with the glass replaced, I tried autopilot and the car seemed to hug the right side of the lane. It did it to the point where I was not comfortable using it (this was within the first 25 miles of getting it back). The next time I tried it (now with about 50 miles on...
  14. jrmnet

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement - Extra $600 charge to recalibrate?

    After talking with the shop, honestly I'm not sure who's right, but the shop is adamant that some type of calibration had to be done by them prior to the 50 miles of driving - although they did not elaborate on the specifics. This is a shop about a block away from a service center, with people...
  15. jrmnet

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement - Extra $600 charge to recalibrate?

    Well, I just heard back from Tesla service. They say that calibration will happen automatically after driving 50 miles after the windshield is replaced, and that I should reach out to the repair center to clarify exactly what was done in the name of calibration.
  16. jrmnet

    Model 3 Windshield Replacement - Extra $600 charge to recalibrate?

    To add to this, I just had my windshield replaced in the SF Bay Area, and there was a line item for $313 for calibration (camera I assume) with a note: "Includes Test drive for Auto Pilot". It does seem extreme, but from this page...
  17. jrmnet

    Vendor Teslogic — Mobile Instrument Cluster for Tesla Model 3/Y

    Teslogic, I'd like to say that I appreciate this solution that you have come up with. Out of all of the great features that this supports, for me the most important item is the blind spot monitoring. The stock blind spot monitoring on the main Tesla screen is less than ideal and what you have...
  18. jrmnet

    Vendor Dashboard for Tesla - the better app for your Tesla

    Looks like you have a server error fro the app site, tried to send you a DM, but couldn't.... Server Error in '/' Application. Access to the path 'G:\PleskVhosts\sg57productions.com\httpdocs\content\cache\combined_Metro_438D269404B605E838256D2AF7B060BD.css' is denied...
  19. jrmnet

    Vendor Tesla Model S++ with Fuller Self Driving (Beta) #NuggetsAcquired

    Looking forward to seeing more vidwow of this in action. This isn’t related to comma ai in any way, is it?
  20. jrmnet

    Model Y roof rack - replacement end caps

    I purchased some from ebay last summer and they worked fine. I used them while I was waiting for the service center to get replacement caps in, which eventually did arrive. Regardless, the ebay ones worked fine - they even had the same number etched in on the underside, and were virtually...
  21. jrmnet

    Lucid Air - panel gaps, or is this by design?

    I saw a Lucid Air the other day, and on the roof there appears to be a piece in the back that is a separate piece from the rest of the roof? Is this just by design, or is it functional in some way? I had to zoom in to get a pic of the region that I'm talking about, so it is not that clear. In...
  22. jrmnet

    Solved: wind noise

    That's good to know. I noticed most of the noise from the drivers side, but that could be from me not being the passenger often. Tesla charged $210 for it. Even though I think they should have corrected it as a goodwill item, I'm glad to have had it corrected.
  23. jrmnet

    Solved: wind noise

    We have had 2 2018 M3s. The first one was quiet, the second one was very noisy. I took it in to Tesla - the first time they did the standard window reset adjustment with the special window click keypress routine. It didn't change a thing. I brought it in a second time to complain, this time they...
  24. jrmnet

    Carpet Seams

    This is an old thread, I found it when searching after noticing this for the first time on my car. I think every other car I have ever owned, even going back to models in the late 60s - the floor carpet has always been a single piece. It seems kinda janky that they put it out this way. At same...
  25. jrmnet

    Glare from side repeaters in blind spot camera?

    Mine (M3 March 2018) looks really bad. Service center responded to my service request that it is normal. The flashing is so bright at night that it interferes with viewing the road even without glancing to the display. Will push again to get them replaced. Now I understand why they held off for...
  26. jrmnet

    MYLR vs Mach-e vs RAV4 Prime

    Just for a point of reference, I took a look at Carmax to see what they have for a 2021 RAV4 Prime SE. Currently there is only 1 available nationwide there, and it is 51K (before tax and delivery) with 4K miles. I know that all used car prices are up, and I didn't check to see what options it...
  27. jrmnet

    Teslacam viewer slow (30 seconds) with Samsung SSD T7 500 GB

    I formatted the drive in the car. If I remember correctly, it did NOT create the TESLACAM folder, and I had to add that in when I connected the drive to my laptop. I'll try it once without the hub. I wonder if it is possible to upgrade a 2018 M3 from USB-A to USB-C, does anyone know if Tesla...
  28. jrmnet

    22 Lucid Airs on the 101 northbound

    Ah, that would explain it.
  29. jrmnet

    22 Lucid Airs on the 101 northbound

    What's the word for a group of Lucid Airs? I was out for a bike ride this morning, and as I passed the San Carlos airport (around 11:30 AM), I saw a Lucid Air going northbound on the 101. Then another, and another and another. In total I counted 22 of them, a majority had the gold paint. There...
  30. jrmnet

    Sentry mode missing

    Same issue here on 2021.32.10. Formatted drive, viewer would not work. Brought the drive to the laptop, added the "TeslaCam" folder, put it back in the car, now it works. Argh, lame. What's odd is I tried formatting the drive a half a dozen times before this until I tried to create the folder...
  31. jrmnet

    Problems with dashcam

    Similar issue here. First time I've formatted since going to 2021.32.10. I tried formatting in the car and with the laptop. If formatting in the car, I at least get the dashcam icon right after formatting. If I click the viewer, the viewer starts to launch, appears to crash, and the dashcam icon...
  32. jrmnet

    2017 Model X 90D ∙ FSD ∙ MCU2

    What's the price?
  33. jrmnet

    1.49% loan for 60 months at Stanford credit union

    That works out to $69/month to own an M3 Performance, not bad at all!
  34. jrmnet

    Visualization issues - 18 wheelers and other large trucks

    Per Tesla rep, after running diagnostics on my 3, all cameras are working as expected within spec. Hopefully a future update fixes this.
  35. jrmnet

    Model Y roof rack - replacement end caps

    Do you know how I can get a hold of them? I had a service appointment for something else, and I inquired about getting replacement end caps for my Model 3. They said Tesla only carries whole new roof racks and not the end caps. I need new ones for the rear. The only other option I've seen is...
  36. jrmnet

    Visualization issues - 18 wheelers and other large trucks

    Thanks, this is good to know and I suspected as much. I remember early on the dancing cars was a big issue, and for me it has been mostly resolved except for the issues listed above which seem similar. Actually there is 1 additional issue UI visualization issue I experience on a regular basis...
  37. jrmnet

    Visualization issues - 18 wheelers and other large trucks

    Yes, I'm more concerned with scenario #1 as far as safety is concerned. However with scenario #2 if a large truck in reality did start to drift into my lane when at the rear quarter panel position, my mind would probably be trained to ignore it assuming it was just the UI quirk. I do hope...
  38. jrmnet

    Visualization issues - 18 wheelers and other large trucks

    I recently did a trip on a highway with a large number of 18 wheelers and other large trucks. Here are 2 issues that I have run into (M3LR 18,hardware 2.5) 1. 3 lanes in the same direction, where I am in the far left lane (#1) and a truck is in the far right lane (#3). I signal to change into...
  39. jrmnet

    Teslacam viewer slow (30 seconds) with Samsung SSD T7 500 GB

    I could try it once without the hub. My drive is basically brand new, I'd be surprised if it had many bad sectors. I did schedule a service appointment for it earlier, and they said that I should really stick to one of their tested drives, and they expected that it was slow because of the amount...
  40. jrmnet

    Autopark Is laughable [auto park not used in this instance]

    I've used it many times for parallel parking, and have yet to see it fail. I've only had a couple of chances to try it with perpendicular parking at a mall and both times it worked as expected. One place where I would expect the "P" symbol to show up is at perpendicular spots for superchargers...
  41. jrmnet

    Tail Light Retrofit- AMBER turn signal

    Nice mod. Can I ask where that rear valance with the extra brake light is from?
  42. jrmnet

    Teslacam viewer slow (30 seconds) with Samsung SSD T7 500 GB

    I have a Samsung SSD T7 500 GB drive that I use for the Teslacam (2018 Model 3). When launching the viewer, I have 30 seconds of a blank viewer before I can view any clips. I believe I formatted it with the option provided in the Tesla UI. Previously I had a 128 GB Samsung thumb drive, and I...
  43. jrmnet

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Excellent post, thanks for putting this together! I'm amazed that it took 7 months to get up to where it is now for you.
  44. jrmnet

    Sold Car to Carvana Experience + Used Tesla Purchase Experience

    I saw a 2018 LR on there once, called about it to find out if it had enhanced autopilot, FSD, or neither. Call center said nothing in their system would indicate that, just that it says “autopilot”. Couldn’t find a way to get them to snap a pic of the screen to check it either. Price was decent...
  45. jrmnet

    FS: 2018 Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD

    Can I ask what it costs to add FSD to it while you still own it?
  46. jrmnet

    [Site no longer works]Got tired of using Tesla.com and EV-CPO to search inventory, so I built my own

    Site error, searching for a used Model 3.... Request failed with status code 502
  47. jrmnet

    Model Y - Hands On

    Silversmith, thanks for all of the details you've posted so far. I am curious to know the tint level on the front and rear passenger windows as well as the back glass. If you have a chance to stop at a tint shop, they can easily check it with the hand held meters that they have.
  48. jrmnet

    2019.40.50.7 installing now

    I was also on 50.1 (hardware 2.5) and voice recognition went way downhill whereas prior to that it was awesome. Installing 50.7 now.
  49. jrmnet

    Why Tesla can build in America, but Apple can't?

    As I understand it, Apple hardware manufacturing is cyclical and labor intensive. When a new iPhone is about to be produced, they need many new workers (I assume in the thousands) to be instantly available for assembly work. That is something you just can't do in America.

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