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    iPhone 14 Pro

    thanks for all the insight; eventually had to sign out & sign back in to the app for it to work. Such is the digital life.
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    Model Y Mud Flap Saga

    How does one keep these on the car in the winter? I lost all of mine, one by one, in a 3-4 week period.
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    Recommendations for 20” induction OEM replacements for all-seasons

    Will probably need to replace OEM tires for the 20” inductions & want to stay with current tire dimensions (keep seeing 255/45/20 mentioning shimmy). Live in Northeast Ohio, so snow is a solid consideration, but not so much to have dedicated snow tires. Any insight on Pilot Sport All Season...
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    Vote for Michelin CrossClimate 2 tires for Tesla Model Y

    Has anyone ever had experience with Conti DWS? We may need to replace the tires (20” inductions) & are trying to look at options that keep the original dimensions, despite my propensity to curb.
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    Front OEM mud flap re-install problem

    I do not have an answer but am following as I lost all of mine between the two snowstorms
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    20" Induction tire replacement with Michelin Pilot AS4 275 /35 R20

    Am curious as well. Live in a snowy area and concerned about the stock 20" tires in the winter.
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    Big New Update

    Is it updating to this new update?
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    265/40R20 Fits!

    Good to know. Did you keep these for winter as well or just for fair weather?
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    Brand new Y! Must have accessories ?

    The Tesmanian mats have higher sides, both along the doorsill, behind the pedals, and along the center console.
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    Current Delivery Times

    Congratulations from a fellow Clevelander!
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    Current Delivery Times

    You can remove the FSD…did that for my demo.
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    Wiper Blade Replacement Tesla Model Y

    Does one have to use the OEM blades or are others, such as the Bosch, OK?
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    Tesmanian Floor Mats

    Received ours late last week. Let set out over night; very little smell, fit like a glove, and have already come in handy with the rain we've had. Pleased with fit for mats, cargo, frunk, & trunk.
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    Screen resets when reading user manual or using the browser.

    Message from my SC regarding this issue: “Hello, your vehicle was remotely look at, you can view the invoice right in your app under service, for ease, this is what the tech found: Reviewed vehicle logs and infotainment logs from July 6th 11:00AM - 11:30 AM. Verified the owner's manual popup...
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    Owners Manual crashes Tesla's computer

    Same with me(MYLR, 18.2) My mobile service rep told me that if it occurs, to hit the right steering wheel button, say "report bug", then place a service appointment. He said that that lets them know to look at that information at the SC to see what the issue is or to report back to Tesla. The...
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    Screen resets when reading user manual or using the browser.

    Not doing any of that and crashing. Just sitting in my car with it off. Only thing is that I was listening to music over Bluetooth. Sent bug report.
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    Owners Manual Crashes Model Y Software?

    I've had this happen 3-4 times since 6/12. :mad: I've had to do a soft reset for each of these events. The service tech could not replicate at mobile appointment, but said if it happens again, give voice command "report bug" (press right steering wheel control) and then place a service request...
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    Screen resets when reading user manual or using the browser.

    I've had this happen 3-4 times since 6/12. >:( The service tech could not replicate, but said if it happens again, give voice command "report bug" (press right steering wheel control) and then place a service request with details of what you were doing/looking at for this. This will allow...
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    2021.4.18.10 Sentry Mode Fix For Non Radar Cars Out!

    Press the right steering wheel control and say "report bug" or "bug report". Then, open a service ticket in the Tesla app. (This is per my mobile serviceperson from yesterday). They can capture and review the information at the SC.
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    New Official Tesla Model Y trunk storage bins

    Somebody upthread recommended putting it in the freezer for an hour to help it contract a smidge.
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    2021.4.21 is installing

    Lucky! I can’t even get it to download 18.3! Keep us posted.
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    Tesmanian Online Store No Response

    Hoping their next batch of floor mats ship soon. Ordered and then they went out-of-stock. Hoping they ship soon.
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    2021.4.21 is installing

    Still running .2 with a radar car…
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    Tesla Apple Watch apps

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    Ohio waiting room...

    This just showed up in Cleveland: 2021 MYLR 7 seater AWD White/White/20" Inductions https://www.tesla.com/inventory/new/my?arrangeby=relevance&zip=44106&range=200
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    Confirmed that I got the 82.1 kwh pack in my MY LR AWD

    Where did you purchase the dongle & harness?
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    Current Delivery Times

    We ordered our wall charger and received it in about one week earlier this month. That said, we had ordered some other items earlier in the month and they all shipped about the same.
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    Pictures of all of your MY accessories while waiting for delivery

    Agreed. Like the back seat vent covers.
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    Newbie questions: wireless charging, camera recordings, must have accessories

    My husband's iPhone 12 Pro Max with leather case charges (as does iphones 10, 11, and 12). I purchased the following: 1. sliding console organizer for the front cubby, which I find is very helpful (Amazon) 2. under-the-front-seat vent covers given how large those vents are. (Amazon) 3. full...
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    Current Delivery Times

    There are two in Cleveland right now on the website...see if one is a match.
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    Ordered Model Y on June 15th - VIN same day

    Congratulations & welcome to #teamblue !
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    Model Y Screen frozen and Climate Auto Changed to Max Speed

    I had similar episode while browsing the owner's manual of all things; occurred twice on 4.18.1 the same day as delivery and then later in the week. 4.18.2 updated and I don't believe it's happened since. If it occurs again, I'll put in a ticket (mobile service coming next Wed.)
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    Model Y Vs Deer

    So glad you’re safe. Poor MY.
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    Tesmanian dog seat cover for Tesla Model Y

    Thanks for the info and for sharing Peanut! She's adorable.
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    How long before delivery did you install wall charger ?

    Received my MYLR on 6/12, received Tesla wall charger 6/20, just reached out to an electrician. Doing fine with porch charging.
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    Model Y 2021 Rear Door PPF Came with vehicle.

    My MYLR5 (VIN 174XXX) did not come with the PPF and/or mudflaps. It does have radar & passenger lumbar.
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    My first day notes on my model Y

    As for the trays, my mother-in-law’s 2020 MYLR came with one for the armrest cubby but my 2021 MYLR didn’t. Wonder if I can claim one?
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    All season tires

    Do the Quatrac Pros fit on the 20” rims?
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    2021.4.18.3 just dropped....

    Me as well. That said, my car is a radar version, so I wonder if that’s why I’m behind.
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    Opening owner's manual crashes Tesla M3 computer.

    Had the same thing happen twice to my 2021 MYLR since taking possession this past Saturday. Glad to hear it's an issue & hoping for a quick fix.
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    Tesla Apple Watch apps

    Curious as to which you preferred, either from user interface or just ease. Thanks!
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    MCU & Screen reboot while driving

    I’ve had this occur thrice now when parked & browsing the owner’s manual.
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    No Cluster Screen

    I thought I would but I really don't. Adjusted rather quickly.
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    Lumber Capacity?

    That is impressive.
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    Pictures of all of your MY accessories while waiting for delivery

    All of the above. Much less glare and don't see the fingerprints (Spigen matte). Very easy application.
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    Model Y Quality

    I received my demo DMB/Black MYLR 5-seater (passenger lumbar and radar, VIN 174XXX) this past Saturday. Impressed with the fit and finish and actually was better than the two Ford Mach-E's we considered. It also was better than my MIL's 2020 MYLR, which we initially thought was stellar. We...
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    Vendor Floor Mats

    When will those retail mats be posted?

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