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  1. dagug

    Tires Model Y Long Range 19 Inch Wheels

    I live in the land of ice and snow so a good set of tires for the winter is an absolute must for me. I used to always swap wheel/tire for my winter setup but it's always a hassle and invariably leave on my winter tires longer than I should... When I consider the cost of new rubber + new wheels...
  2. dagug

    tesla ppf vs xpel

    I have a full wrap of XPEL stealth PPF. At the very least the lower back corner of each of the passenger doors gets absolutely dinged up by road debris. Front mudflaps and PPF in those sections are a must IMO. Similarly the front gets lots of rock chips over time (as with any car really). I...
  3. dagug

    Tires Model Y Long Range 19 Inch Wheels

    I'm on Vredestein Quatrac Pros. Technically they're a Grand Touring All Weather tire but I find them just fine in terms of performance for regular road usage. The reason I got them was for their wet/snow performance. They are 3 snowflake rated. For a relatively lower cost tire (or any cost...
  4. dagug

    Can’t find vehicle

    hrmmm... is your car running?... ....better go catch it! (i'll see myself out)
  5. dagug

    rubber pads of rear door pockets have wrinkles - do they look normal?

    Definitely not normal. That said, its just a rubber mat laying on the bottom. Lift it up and reposition and youre good to go.
  6. dagug

    7 Seater 2nd Row End Cap Issues

    uggg I had this issue. They had to order new seats and reinstall. Still have a lingering issue where if anyone sits in the center seat, you can hear the motors continuously try to latch. The motors will randomly try to actuate every 1-5 seconds... No warnings anymore and seat seems solid but...
  7. dagug

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

  8. dagug

    Phone key suddenly no longer paired?

    Not sure if this is the exact same thing but has anyone with this issue tried to simply open the tesla app again on their phone? I've noticed that if for whatever reason my tesla app closes, it shows I'm connected via bluetooth to the car but the key won't work because the tesla app isn't...
  9. dagug

    New delivery - missing close windows on lock

    I believe they removed the feature due to the window "recall". Of course, I never had any issues with my windows prior to the "fix" and now after the update, my windows automatically roll back down every other time thanks to "Phantom Limbs" in the window...
  10. dagug

    Tirerack Vredestein Quatrac Pro 255/40R20 back in stock

    Just FYI in case anyone was looking to put on new tires before the weather starts getting colder (at least up here in the north anyways)... Verdestein Quatrac Pros in the OEM size for 20" inductions (255/40R20) are now back in stock at tirerack as of today. I've had them on backorder for months...
  11. dagug

    Windshield tinting for heat rejection without rainbow effect?

    I know you're asking for pics but I don't have my car nearby at the moment. From what I have seen, the passenger windows comes stock around 20-25% VLT. I think most SUV's and minivans will have stock rear windows anywhere from 20-50%. 70% looks clear just like stock front windows/windshield -...
  12. dagug

    Tesla Model Y Rear Door Paint Damage

    I've got 14k miles with PPF, flaps, and ceramic coating. No paint issues on the door though the plastic trim underneath is definitely sandblasted so I would have had the same issues as everyone else here if I didn't get the paint protection on from the start.
  13. dagug

    Doors....not seating

    As I recall, there was another similar thread recently where someone was having issues with the doors closing and misalignments. The fix was for a mobile tech to come out and adjust the striker plate on the door. It realigned the doors properly and consequentially the door was easier to open/close.
  14. dagug

    seat belt irritating driver's neck in Model Y, remedy?

    Literally :) I'm 5'9" and I have the belt adjusted all the way down and it's JUST barely in my comfort zone. I can tell that if i were any shorter, it would bother me. My wife is shorter though and she's never complained about it. Somehow her seat is adjusted well? Or maybe she's just not...
  15. dagug

    Wrap / Coating / ?

    If you get some scratches and wrap it after the fact, you'll be basically encasing those scratches. The matte film will somewhat muddy it up so it's less noticeable but it'll still be there and you'll probably still be able to see it. I'm assuming if you go with the regular film (glossy) it will...
  16. dagug

    Wrap / Coating / ?

    If you're lazy, get it wrapped with PPF and ceramic coated. PPF is marginally self healing and can mitigate very minor scratches (aka kids) and ceramic coating makes washes significantly quicker. Since you are happy to do machine washes, the PPF/ceramic will somewhat help to protect against...
  17. dagug

    Just curious if anyone has personalized license plates?

    not mine but someone in my area with a tesla has RIP GAS
  18. dagug

    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    Reality check - you might not like it but the fact is that the feature is no longer there so you'll have to either cope with it, move on, or deal with the consequences (child vomit). Like I said before, I too wish they would bring back the option to adjust regen - I see no good reason why it...
  19. dagug

    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    There's nothing wrong with wanting adjustable regen settings - in fact, I do want that setting as well and it probably isn't too difficult to implement. I've commented before that they should include more settings or even have a slider bar. I also understand not everyone has the same physical...
  20. dagug

    Extremely hot temperatures inside the cabin

    I highly recommend ceramic tint on all windows (not roof) and like @Icehedgehog88 says, tint the windscreen with 70%. It's visually clear so no obstruction of your view in any way, but goes a very long way in rejecting heat and keeping the cabin cool. In terms of best bang for the buck, ceramic...
  21. dagug

    Tinting, but not the roof or windshield?

    I've heard that tinting the roof does little to nothing. There is already a heat rejection application on the roof from the factory so any additional tint will only add marginal benefit in terms of heat rejection. For all the other windows, definitely tint but seems to me a sunshade is a better...
  22. dagug

    Matte carbon fiber dash/door trim replacement comparisons

    Other than the finish, do you find the quality of the weave to be roughly the same? Also, do you have a link to the aliexpress one you ended up going with?
  23. dagug

    Anticipated Y handling vs 3

    I would go for the Y. Like others have said, the low center of gravity affects handling the most so the difference is minimal between 3 and Y in that regard. Very little body roll in the Y to begin with. But you'll definitely want those winter tires... the OEM ones are absolute trash in the...
  24. dagug

    Harumio requesting Tesla user name and password account

    Oh interesting - I wonder if there's any free ones near me as well. Are they usually in parking lots for stores/work or something? I've only ever seen paid chargers but admittedly haven't looked very closely
  25. dagug

    Harumio requesting Tesla user name and password account

    I'm curious, how necessary do people find these adapters? Obviously everyone's personal usage will dicate that but I'm interested to know if people are buying it "just in case" or if they have actual plans to use the adaptor regularly? We tend to regularly travel med-long ish distances but often...
  26. dagug


    Ahh my mistake! Yes I was thinking of the shield version. I didn't realize there was a normal non-rubberized version. I think the glitches SpicyPaneer was talking about was those issues from about a month or two back. I had problems with the OEM USB stick so it was an issue with Tesla software...
  27. dagug

    Rear hatch glass heat rejecting tint

    awesome! hope you enjoy your cooler car!
  28. dagug


    I'm actually using the original USB stick that came with the car. I don't feel the need to store hours of footage of people walking by my car in the parking lot ;) But I do know that the T7 comes with a rubberized outside shell which I would imagine provides some friction and probably won't...
  29. dagug

    Anyone notice their regen braking affected by 2022.20.6?

    There's an easy solution to all this... release an update which provides more regen options. I can't imagine it's very difficult as it's just a software setting which they've already released in previous builds... snow mode (no regen) > low regen > mid regen > high regen > perpetual energy mode...
  30. dagug

    Rear hatch glass heat rejecting tint

    1500 is crazy expensive! 680 is a pretty good price. Since you're looking for maximum heat rejection, you might want to check out XR Prime +. I think the 49% is for their Black line which I think is more geared towards those who want that deep all black look (vs a slightly more charcoal gray...
  31. dagug

    Rear hatch glass heat rejecting tint

    Ahh sorry to hear it! It's interesting how Cali doesn't allow tint - but I always see the most extreme tint jobs coming out of Cali. The only other US locations that probably could use tint more would be Texas or Florida! It's a shame they don't allow it. You're of course welcome to do whatever...
  32. dagug

    recline switch not working

    A while back I had an issue where the rear seats were stuck. The service center ended up replacing the entire rear driver side seat. After bringing the car home I realized the recline switch wasn't working (no motor actuation sound). The shoulder button works and I can slide/lift the seat just...
  33. dagug

    Rear hatch glass heat rejecting tint

    Not that I've noticed. I haven't sat in the trunk and looked specifically for those issues but from regular usage as viewed from the driver's seat, I've not perceived any distortion issues like that. Honestly, that window is so small and when you're seeing out the rear view mirror... the...
  34. dagug

    Rear hatch glass heat rejecting tint

    I highly recommend you do 70% on the windshield as well, especially if you have the need to use the screen. The tint alone will probably net you a similar or better result as you would get with the screen (because most films block 95%+ of infrared heat), except it will work even while driving...
  35. dagug

    Tesla Wall Connector: Configuring charging speed

    Yes, you can adjust it in the app. There's a toggle thingy that shows up after you plug in. You can adjust charge limit and amperage.
  36. dagug

    Electric Requirements

    My apologies - I did in fact mix up some of your comments with that of the other guy. I still believe that in time, car efficiency will increase, battery capacity will increase and charging throughput will increase alongside all of it. It's my belief that more consumers who opt for lower...
  37. dagug

    Matte carbon fiber dash/door trim replacement comparisons

    Ohhhh, a Shyamalan twist in the saga of your quest for the ultimate CF dash. Curious to hear why! I've been looking to get a CF dash replacement for quite some time now but I've gone back and forth from wanting to get a cheap vinyl overlay to affordable cap to top quality replacement and all...
  38. dagug

    MYP Updated Door Panels

    I appreciate it - but it's too late now. I've had the car for nearly a year now and I've since bought a new pair myself. It's all good - was just goofing around :) It seems somewhat random who gets what. Par for the course for Tesla really lol
  39. dagug

    Electric Requirements

    You do bring up some good points but let me clarify the points I'm trying to make: I'm almost certain that home charging with a wall charger was never at 80A... Perhaps what you are referring to is the car's max ability/rate of power "ingestion" (for the lack of a better term). Or perhaps I'm...
  40. dagug

    Electric Requirements

    Yes, I when I refer to the max allowable charge by the hardware, I mean it as in the maximum charging rate supplied by the wall charger (not the maximum capacity of car). I've edited my post to clarify. When I mention future needs, I mean the capacity for future vehicles (and charging hardware...
  41. dagug

    Electric Requirements

    I don't see how installing infrastructure to support the maximum allowable charge rate provided by the hardware is "silliness". In fact, I believe the opposite... bottlenecking yourself just to save a couple bucks is true silliness. Especially in the OP's situation where they already have 100...
  42. dagug

    Electric Requirements

    I agree with this... mount it where you will be using it. Don't try and save a couple bucks on a thousand+ dollar install and be forced to live with an inconvenient solution forever. Also, get the 60 amp breaker, not the 50 amp. He is probably suggesting 50 amps because the cable required for...
  43. dagug

    MYP Updated Door Panels

    You got both in southern Illinois?! You're lucky. I literally live in what is called the "snow belt" in Cleveland (which, for those who don't know, borders Canada, the land of ice and snow) and I only got their tiny "scrap" bit of PPF... would have much rather had the mud flaps!
  44. dagug

    Rear hatch glass heat rejecting tint

    I don't think the rear has heat rejection but I could be wrong on that and don't have any data/sources to back that up... That said, I have 20% on my rear glass and can see just fine out the back without any issues whatsoever - day or night. 70% is basically clear (factory "clear" glass usually...
  45. dagug

    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    If you have a complaint and want things to change, then look first to your own behavior and actions. I'll tell you the same thing I tell my 5 year old son... If a solution exists and you choose to be stubborn, then you have no one to blame but yourself for whatever happens...
  46. dagug

    Need help isolating rattle

    When you hit the brakes hard do you feel the car trying to lurch forward? Alternatively when you hit the gas hard, does it feel almost squishy like the car is trying to squat down? Those are usually typical signs that you've got a damaged strut - though... 2500 miles is significantly early for...
  47. dagug

    Need help isolating rattle

    Have you tried checking if you're missing your control arm nuts? If your steering feels like something is loose and you're getting a knocking sound while driving, it seems to me this could be a potential culprit... Maybe a shot in the dark but worth checking either way now that it is a known...
  48. dagug

    What’s the consensus on factory mud flaps and PPF

    What do you mean by the "lower door"? Are you thinking to only put PPF on the top half of your doors?! That is going to look extremely awkward in a month or two of winter when that seam line gets highlighted by dirt and grime. You'll have a dirt pinstripe running across your entire door...! Not...
  49. dagug

    Mud Flaps (Again)

    I agree rear flaps do nothing to protect your paint, however, they are not entirely useless. 1. They are mostly cosmetic and make your car look more balanced front to back 2. They prevent some of the spray behind you which helps with visibility for the car(s) behind you. Why does this (sorta)...
  50. dagug

    Got the OEM mud flaps installed….and now

    Yes, seeing as you're in Texas, I wouldn't expect you to have that issue. I should amend my comment to apply to those in regions with a lot of snow/salt. I had factory partial PPF on the doors and it only took a few months of Cleveland winter to create a noticeably dirty line around the edges of...

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