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  1. J

    Model S 19" wheels with Michelin X-Ice 3 winter tyres/tires in Twin Cities MN

    Set of 4 19" base silver wheels for Model S fitted with Michelin X-ICE 3 winter tyres and second generation TPMS sensors. The tyres have between 6.5 and 7.5 mm of tread remaining out of the original 8.7 mm. Asking price $800 or nearest offer. Pickup or meet halfway within 60 miles of Minneapolis.
  2. J

    Firmware 7.0

    No, a regression - the distance scale on the energy graph is off by a factor of 2. 25 km on the graph represents only 12.5 km of driving.
  3. J

    Model S REST API

    Mine died on June 5 and within 5 minutes of upgrading to 2.4.239.
  4. J

    Tesla warranty now has 8 year/infinite mile battery & drive unit warranty retroactive

    Can't go much more than 9 million miles in 8 years...
  5. J

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Cool MN summer resulted in best month ever at 149 Wh/km or 239 Wh/mi. Lifetime cumulative: J in MN 305 16752 MN 60 19 7/31/14 Monthly: Month Odo Wh/mi Tyres Apr '14 13484 307 GY RS-A2 May '14 14471 266 GY RS-A2 Jun '14 15557 258 GY RS-A2 Jul '14 16752 239 GY RS-A2
  6. J

    WiFi Sensitivity Decrease?

    So here is the proof that the "Tesla Guest" WiFi SSID at service centers is hard coded to show 4 bars signal strength, while all others are hard coded to only show 2 bars, regardless of the actual signal strength.
  7. J

    Model S REST API

    Long poll interval is still 2 minutes for me.
  8. J

    Tesla's new Lathrop, CA facility

    +1 Seems pretty obvious.
  9. J

    Model S Software/Firmware wishlist

    How did you verify this?
  10. J

    Firmware 5.9

    Over Christmas the update to 5.8 killed my left rear door handle. This time 5.9 killed the right rear door handle. Also tow mode behaviour changed and does not follow the instructions on screen or in the manual. To disable you now have to touch Tow, then touch and hold the red button for 15...
  11. J

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    Lifetime J in MN 320 12039 MN 60 19 3/30/14 Monthly: Month Odo Wh/mi Tyres Jul '13 1741 270 GY RS-A2 Aug '13 2424 256 GY RS-A2 Sep '13 3514 267 GY RS-A2 Oct '13 4444 268 GY RS-A2 Nov '13 5964 306 Nokian R2 Dev '13 8277 327 Nokian R2 Jan '14 10351 377 Nokian R2...
  12. J

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    J in MN 320 12039 MN 60 19 3/30/14
  13. J

    Lifetime Average Wh/mi

    It's been a while since I checked in. This darned winter weather is smashing all hopes of getting close to jerry's numbers. J in MN 319 11407 MN 60 19 3/1/14
  14. J

    Most Superchargers Visited

    It might also be interesting to track (in a separate thread / wiki) how far away from their home people have ventured. For example, I went 1134 km / 705 mi by crow or 1524 km / 947 mi by road.
  15. J

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    You must be looking at the wrong indicator. Charging at 40 A from 240 V is 9.6 kW, which means it will take 1 hour to reach 10 kWh, not 1 minute. 5 kWh after 30 minutes is exactly right.
  16. J

    Firmware 5.8.6/7/8/9/10

    I've had this issue on the driver side since 5.8.6, but it only happens when cold (below -15 'C). Putting it back in reverse, waiting a few seconds, then back to drive seems to work. More likely a hardware problem considering it is temperature related, but definitely only started when I left...
  17. J

    Decreasing rated range.

    Everyone is so fixated on range, but range is absolutely irrelevant. Range is not a physical property of the battery. Energy stored is a physical property. It will be much more useful to compare the energy put into, or removed from the battery, to the change in state of charge. Example...
  18. J

    Bad Audio Noise Error -- Test Audio files included

    What happens when you set the bass level to 0 dB? -3 dB?
  19. J

    Positive Noodles Response - New Supercharger Eau Claire, WI, ICED by NOODLES @[email protected]

    +1, but since they work there, they're going to be there much longer than you.
  20. J

    SB 6272 and HB 2524 to prevent new Tesla stores in Washigton state?

    It is very important that legislators understand that this is not about jobs. Almost every service center employee came from a dealership. Over time dealership employees will simply migrate to Tesla stores and service centers. Rather, this is about access to compelling cars, the ownership...
  21. J

    LPP questions/discussion

    I agree 100%. The Focus Fusion Society is setup as a 501(c) exempt organization, although they are behind on their 990-N filings. This gives those of us who are not millionaires the opportunity to contribute and at least get a tax deduction. I don't think any of us will live long enough to...
  22. J

    Firmware 5.8.6/7/8/9/10

    Firmware 5.8.6/7 Still trips for me, so I have now adjusted my scheduled start time to avoid the trip (always between 06:15 and 06:30). As far as I can tell the only thing that was fixed is the case where charge current increased to 30 A when you selected something less than that. And maybe...
  23. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    So, did you restart the cabin heating every 20 minutes or so from the the phone app, or VisibleTesla, or something similar? Or are you saying it stayed on by itself for over 2 hours? I have never seen the battery heater turn on when it's above freezing in my garage. In fact, based on the...
  24. J

    Eric Lerner of Focus Fusion

    And yet H-B ignition still has not been achieved. The DoE FES Science budget is limited ( $170M current, $138M for 2014 ), so it seems reasonably that they would only fund projects that have the highest probability of success. And no, it will not disrupt the fossil fuel industry overnight...
  25. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    Can you be more precise? My experience is that heating the cabin with range mode off, either on- or off shore power, will only heat the battery to the point where regen is zero, but without the regen disabled message (presumably zero degrees Celsius). In a 50 degF garage there is not much if...
  26. J

    Five Electric Cars That Want to Kill Tesla

    An FCV is a hydrogen car in the same way that a gasoline car is a gasoline car and a diesel car is a diesel car. Only a BEV can be an electric car. Trying to call an FCV electric is just another attempt to confuse the public, and to perpetuate the relevance of the oil companies (the only...
  27. J

    Eric Lerner of Focus Fusion

    The similarities I saw at first glance: 1. Promising a breakthrough well beyond current state of the art. 2. Relying on private funding since the DoE won't touch them with a 10 ft pole. (Seems LPP applied for DoE funding for an x-ray source, but haven't yet found evidence that they received...
  28. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    I suspect they were trying to hit the numbers listed at the top of this map. Elon Route Map Which means drive the speed limit +/- what's required to arrive at destination with an empty battery, and only charge enough to reach the next SpC. But, due to the 6+ hours lost in the CO snow storm, and...
  29. J

    Why do Li-ion Batteries die? And how to improve the situation?

    I supercharged in Mishawaka at -2 F after an overnight cold soak. The battery first warmed for several minutes, then charge power slowly increased to 30 kW and stayed there for the remainder of the charge. This is for a 60 kWh battery.
  30. J

    Drivetrain Behavior Near Neutral

    I have it on mine, and it makes a rather loud (to me) clunking noise when you switch between accel and decel or vv. It is particularly annoying in the parking lot at work where there are multiple closely spaced speed bumps. SC manager heard it, and the loaner we tried did not have it, but he...
  31. J

    Canadian Superchargers

    The red dots on the map are at Belleville and Brockville, not Kingston. So if they are building one at Kingston, then the map doesn't have much predictive value. Also, while the one near Ottawa would help for the Kingston to Montreal segment, the Mississauga (family home) to Kingston leg is...
  32. J

    Elon in Munich on Jan 30, 2014

    I don't buy this argument at all. The typical 300 to 500 mile range in an ICE car has NOTHING to do with long distance travel, and everything to do with not having to go to a gasoline station every day.
  33. J

    Canadian Superchargers

    No, Kingston is poor choice, and not useful for a 60. Belleville and Brockville are the better choices. I think putting it in Kingston proves that the 401 is not a priority. Hopefully they will come back in 2017 or later and add more SpC between Toronto and Montreal.
  34. J

    Eric Lerner of Focus Fusion

    I did some work an a Tokamak as a grad student, so am certainly curious. But at first glance it sounds a bit like EEStor. Will have to read more.
  35. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    Yes. A 60 can do the trip, but it cannot take the shortcut from Flagstaff to Blanding. Also the Barstow to Kingman segment will require modest speeds due to the 1000 ft elevation change. Weather is not an issue - the spacing is close enough in the cold climate region.
  36. J

    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Early Volts had a motor bearing failure. The noise only occurred during regen, and sounded like a band saw. So I believe it.
  37. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    @gg_got_a_tesla Yes, we only plugged in after they left. They asked us to park the cars next to them for the pictures and video, though.
  38. J

    Decreasing rated range.

    Yep, it is. It is below 40% that it starts curving. I bet if you calculate your 0 miles SOC you will get something higher than the known 7% or 8%. For December I got y = 2.2x + 30.4 with R^2 = 0.985, but that gives a 0 miles SOC of 14%. y = 0.0052x^2 + 1.62x - 15.7 with R^2 = 0.0988 gives 0...
  39. J

    Most Superchargers Visited

    Now at 7 after adding Albert Lea. #DriveFree.
  40. J

    Decreasing rated range.

    The relationship between rated miles and SOC is not linear, but approximately quadratic (it looks like a bow). I have no idea why. I would've calibrated the SOC calculation in such a way that rated range is linearly proportional to SOC. If VisibleTesla has a logging function, then you can...
  41. J

    Elon in Amsterdam

    Unsprung mass
  42. J

    Decreasing rated range.

    As part of my efforts to meet the #DriveFree team, I did two back to back range charges. The first one ended at 190 miles, the second at 194 (even though the battery was colder). So I think the added range from balancing is not reflected after the first charge, but only after there has been...
  43. J

    Speculation: Elon to meet crew from rally in New York???

    Remember that the original plan was to arrive Saturday night, but then they lost 6+ hours going through Colorado. They might've lost some more time elsewhere since.
  44. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    Ok, quite possibly the media invited themselves. I removed that from my post. Anything else? Can you explain?
  45. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    I know you are a little bruised, and I would've been too, but this was fact as of 2 am CST this morning. I discussed this in detail with one of the crew members. Obviously something happened to change their plans / minds at Mauston. It could be anything: engineering wanting them to validate...
  46. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    They are running on the Michelin Primacy MXM4. They considered having the Denver SC bring out Pirellis, but decided on snow chains instead for the mountain passes.
  47. J

    Tesla Model S Dashboard with position and 40 variables. Would you like to have one?

    VisibleTesla allows you to retain control over your password and hence Tesla account.
  48. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    Couple of notes: 1) they are NOT skipping any superchargers (except for the short cut from Flagstaff to Blanding), so did stop in Worthington, where they accidentally charged to a higher SOC than needed. 2) The goal is to arrive at each SpC with 4% SOC to maximize charge rate. At Albert Lea...
  49. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    No, that is Vexar in the pic. I only counted 9 people, but it was like a tornado passed through.
  50. J

    Tesla Cross-Country Trip

    Just leaving Albert Lea.

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